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Polygon systems: the ultimate shaft-to-hub connection.

Polygon shaft-to-hub connections can transmit twice the torque of involute splines in the same shaft diameter, due to the elimination of stress concentration risers. Three-lobe polygons are self-centering and provide perfect concentricity, as they are precision ground on centers, with the shaft bearing diameters, using one set-up. They can be ground after heat treating, for absolute minimal clearance and backlash. Zero backlash connections are manufactured using taper polygons. Four-lobe polygons, with close to zero backlash, slide smoothly under torque loads. Company specializes in machining polygons on customer's parts, or manufacturing parts complete.

Stoffel Polygon Systems Inc.; 914-961-2000; Fax: 914-961-7231;

Circle 385 or

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Title Annotation:OEM MARKETPLACE
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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