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Polydeck debuts revolutionary Kwikdeck system.


Either single- or double-crowned decks are the standard for producers using wire cloth on their vibrating screens. Although wire cloth has a low up-front cost, it typically wears out quickly and presents safety and maintenance issues that result in a higher cost over the life of the media.

But producers have been hesitant to try the more cost-effective modular synthetic media option because it would require laborious and potentially costly frame modifications. And what if they are not satisfied with the performance of the modular synthetic option? They would need to reverse the installation process, resulting in more cost and loss of production when reinstalling their crowned deck frame.

As a solution, Polydeck developed Kwikdeck, a revolutionary patent-pending system that enables producers to quickly and easily convert a single- or double-crowned deck to modular rubber screen media with absolutely no frame modifications.

The entire installation process for each 4-ft. section takes about 45 minutes and utilizes existing bucker bars and side retention rails. Since the modular screen panels contain no latitudinal steel insert, for non-standard deck widths, the panels can be cut to fit on-site.

The Kwikdeck system gives producers who currently use wire cloth an opportunity to try modular synthetic screen media with absolutely no risk if they are not pleased with its performance. The Kwikdeck system can be removed, the bucker bar rubber and wire cloth reinstalled and the deck is back to its original condition. Polydeck noted that some producers will appreciate the versatility the Kwikdeck system will give them by providing a longer wearing screening option on an as-needed basis.


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Publication:Rock Products
Date:Apr 1, 2017
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