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Effects of process conditions on tensile strength and crystallinity of polymeric parts fabricated using ultrasonic vibration-assisted injection molding. Liu, Ying; Zhao, Xueli; Hua, Weijian; Yu, Tongmin; Zhao, Danyang; Jin, Yifei; Zhu, Tieli Report Jul 1, 2022 6610
An Investigation on the Activation Energy and Thermal Degradation of Biocomposites of Jute/Bagasse/Coir/Nano TiO[sub.2]/Epoxy-Reinforced Polyaramid Fibers. Fayaz, H.; Karthik, K.; Christiyan, K. G. Jaya; Kumar, M. Arun; Sivakumar, A.; Kaliappan, S.; Mohame Jun 23, 2022 2864
The effects of nanoclay and carbon nanotube co-addition on properties of an amorphous polyamide/maleated styrene-ethylene-co-butylene-styrene blend. Damman, Suzana; Steffen, Teresa Tromm; Becker, Daniela Report Jun 1, 2022 5515
The effect of the titanium dioxide nanoparticles on the morphology and degradation of polyamide 6 prepared by anionic ring-opening polymerization. Semperger, Orsolya Viktoria; Osvath, Zsofia; Pasztor, Szabolcs; Suplicz, Andras Report Jun 1, 2022 5429
New color-stable polyamide for electromobility. May 13, 2022 182
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 5, 2022 4192
Development of PA6/GO microspheres with good processability for SLS 3D printing. Wu, Bozhen; Zhu, Kaiqi; Wang, Fancheng; Wen, Xinghan; Li, Minpei; Yang, Yuhao; Yang, Jintao Report May 1, 2022 4571
Optimization of Mechanical Properties and Manufacturing Time through Experimental and Statistical Analysis of Process Parameters in Selective Laser Sintering. Korycki, Adrian; Garnier, Christian; Nassiet, Valerie; Sultan, Charles Tarek; Chabert, France Apr 29, 2022 9375
Effects of Operating Conditions during Three-Layered Polymeric Balloon Catheter Extrusion. Jin, G. B.; Wang, K. S.; Hua, W. J.; Jin, Y. F.; Qin, P.; Bian, J. Y.; Dai, G. H. Apr 7, 2022 6441
Efficient polymerization and crystallization kinetics coupling of polyamide 6 synthesis for liquid composite molding process modeling. Han, William; Govignon, Quentin; Cantarel, Arthur; Schmidt, Fabrice Report Apr 1, 2022 7888
Catalyzed Michael addition, polycondensation, and the related performance of Diels-Alder self-healing crosslinked polyamides. Chen, Shuo; Feng, Yu; Zhang, Zhi-Yuan; Li, Xiang-Yuan; Zhang, Jun-Ying; Zhao, Jing-Bo Report Apr 1, 2022 5537
Asahi Kasei forms strategic partnership with Genomatica. Mar 15, 2022 193
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Mar 9, 2022 20872
Preparation and characterization of polyethylene glycol/polyurea composites for shape stabilized phase change materials. Wang, Renzhang; Chen, Liufang; Lei, Qian; Shi, Junhua; Chen, Changzhong Report Mar 1, 2022 6456
BASF Expands Offering of Polyamides and Polyphthalamides in Europe. Mar 1, 2022 259
Advances in Nanostructured Polyamide-Based Chemical Sensors. Khanyile, Nokuthula Feb 22, 2022 7934
AMSilk's engineered silk implant coatings can prevent infection and reduce microbial adherence up to 99.7%. Feb 22, 2022 244
Enhanced thermal conductivity of polyamide-66 composites with mesocarbon microbeads through simple melt blending. Wu, Bozhen; Yang, Yuhao; Li, Mingpei; Zhu, Kaiqi; Iqbal, Zoya; Li, Yulin Report Feb 1, 2022 3671
BASF Expands European Production for HMD and PA6.6. Feb 1, 2022 1565
Structure and morphology of thermoplastic polyamide 6 elastomers with different soft segment content and their foaming behavior using supercritical C[O.sub.2]. Li, Xiuping; Lai, Jun; Wei, Jiedong; Peng, Xiangfang; Wu, Jianming; Geng, Lihong Report Jan 1, 2022 6081
Post-extrusion process for the robust preparation of highly uniform multiphase polymeric 3D printing filaments. Gancheva, Teodora; Li, Youjian; Pilon, Daniel; Gauthier, Matthieu; Akbarzadeh, Abdolhamid; Favis, Ba Report Jan 1, 2022 4467
Spidroin-Based Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering: General Approaches and Potential Stem Cell Therapies. Zhang, Qi; Li, Min; Hu, Wenbo; Wang, Xin; Hu, Jinlian Dec 20, 2021 12379
Chemically bonded PA66-PTFE-oil-cb composites as novel tribologically effective materials: Part 2. Nguyen, Thanh-Duong; Gedan-Smolka, Michaela; Kamga, Lionel Simo; Sauer, Bernd; Emrich, Stefan; Kopna Report Dec 1, 2021 2799
Evaluation of flexural properties and dynamic mechanical analysis of glass fiber-reinforced polyamide resin. Unver, Senem; Yildirim, Arzu Zeynep Oct 9, 2021 5359
Polyamide compounds. Oct 1, 2021 192
Aerosol filtration performance of nanofibrous mats produced via electrically assisted industrial-scale solution blowing. Gungor, Melike; Toptas, Ali; Calisir, Mehmet Durmus; Kilic, Ali Report Oct 1, 2021 4993
Fish-shaped nanorobotics developed to help deliver medicine in vivo. Sep 20, 2021 241
Work on world's largest PA 12 complex by Evonik almost complete. Jul 11, 2021 401
Selection of substrate manufacturing techniques of polyamine-based thin-film composite membranes for forward osmosis process. Ndiaye, Issa; Chaoui, Imane; Vaudreuil, Sebastien; Bounahmidi, Tijani Report Jul 1, 2021 10380
Poly(ether-block-amide) membrane with deformability and adjustable surface hydrophilicity for water purification. Ge, Chengbiao; Wang, Guilong; Zhao, Jinchuan; Zhao, Guoqun Report Jul 1, 2021 5207
Evonik, SI Coatings Develop Water-Based Primer for Polyamide Coatings. Jul 1, 2021 187
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 2, 2021 24017
Dissolution window in in situ polymerization preparation of polyamide single-polymer composites. Song, Le; Wang, Xiulei; Xie, Pengcheng; Ding, Yumei; Dang, Kaifang; Yang, Weimin Report Jun 1, 2021 6329
Design of a vane mixer with controlled extensional/ shear strength ratio and its application for carbon fiber/ polyamide 6 composites. Yin, Xiaochun; Luo, Jihong; Feng, Yanhong; He, Guangjian Report Jun 1, 2021 5890
Effects of the blending time on the properties and non-isothermal crystallization behavior of PA6/EVOH blends. Lu, Weixin; Lu, Chong; Hu, Jing; Wu, Jingjing; Zhou, Qinpeng Report Jun 1, 2021 4906
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 26, 2021 22873
Preparation, characterization, and influence of polyurea coatings on their layered composite materials based on flexible rebonded polyurethane. Temizkan, Emir; Eroglu, Gulden; Ergun, Ayca; Deligoz, Huseyin Report May 1, 2021 6614
Synergistic enhancement of thermal conductivity by addition of graphene nanoplatelets to three-dimensional boron nitride scaffolds for polyamide 6 composites. Wu, Fangjuan; Chen, Anlin; Pan, Hanlu; Li, Denghui; Zhang, Lingjie; Fang, Hui; Peng, Xiangfang; Beky Report May 1, 2021 5356
Fourier transform fatigue analysis of the stress in tension/tension of HDPE and PA6. Hirschberg, Valerian; Wilhelm, Manfred; Rodrigue, Denis Report Apr 1, 2021 7797
Rotational molding of compatibilized PA6/LLDPE blends. Gonzalez-Nunez, Rosa Gabriela Lopez; Vazquez-Fletes, Roberto Carlos; Ortega-Gudino, Pedro; Vazquez-L Report Apr 1, 2021 5350
Improvement in nano-pattern replication of injection molding by polyamide/dendrimer blend. Kang, Donghoon; Kim, Hyung-Il Report Mar 1, 2021 4000
Toughened Without Losing Thermo-Mechanical Properties: Toray takes a novel approach to develop new polymer with unique properties. Malnati, Peggy Mar 1, 2021 743
New insight into the thermal-oxidative stability of polyamide 6: A comparison investigation on the effect of hindered amine and CuI/KI. Qi, Shunxin; Wen, Xiangning; Li, Shaofan; Li, Xungang; Mao, Chenxi; Dong, Xia; Zhao, Ying; Su, Yunla Report Feb 1, 2021 7270
Effect of nanoclay on relaxation and breakup of polyamide 6 threads in polystyrene matrix. Astaneh, Sarah Hashemi; Goharpey, Fatemeh; Foudazi, Reza Report Feb 1, 2021 5806
Investigation of wicking phenomenon and tensile properties in three-layer composite nanofibrous PA/PLLA yarn. Moghbelnejad, Zeinab; Gharehaghaji, Ali Akbar; Yousefzadeh, Maryam; Hajiani, Farideh Report Feb 1, 2021 5369
Study on the interfacial interactions and adhesion behaviors of various polymer-metal interfaces in nano molding. Liu, Donglei; Zhou, Feng; Li, HongChen; Xin, Yong; Yi, Zewei Report Jan 1, 2021 5130
Characterization of PA-12 specimens fabricated by projection sintering at various sintering parameters. Kaur, Taranjot; Nussbaum, Justin; Lee, Sanboh; Rodriguez, Kevin; Crane, Nathan B.; Harmon, Julie Report Jan 1, 2021 6664
Silk Fibroin: A Promising Tool for Wound Healing and Skin Regeneration. Vidya, M.; Rajagopal, Senthilkumar Jan 1, 2021 8247
Experimental Research on the Adhesion Characteristics of Clay to Structures with Different Materials. Qiu, Tao; Zhang, Yonggang Jan 1, 2021 5295
Development and Performance Evaluation of Thin-Layer Color Antiwearing Paving Materials. Liu, Zhaohui; Deng, Xiangming; Guo, Hao; Zhang, Yingchun; Wei, Di; Zhang, Dongmei Jan 1, 2021 6253
Samuel Windson. Dec 2, 2020 193
Polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 blends with functionalized polyolefins: Effect of phenomenal increase in viscosity and melt strength of polyamide 66-based materials. Krivoguz, Yuri; Pesetskii, Stepan; Makarenko, Olga Report Dec 1, 2020 10746
First plant of Evonik's new polyamide 12 complex completed. Nov 10, 2020 302
Antifouling membrane based on sodium alginate coated polyamide thin film composite for desalination of brackish water. Kancherla, Ravichand; Vadeghar, Ramesh Kumar; Ginuga, Prabhaker Reddy; Sridhar, Sundergopal Report Nov 1, 2020 6821
PART 7 OF 7: Annealing Tips for Polyamide-imide. Sepe, Mike Oct 1, 2020 1450
Our Regular Roundup of Notable Patents. Corneliussen, Roger Sep 1, 2020 1995
Is Teneligliptin Safe in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Mainly with Reference to QT Prolongation. Acharya, Shrikrishna V. Aug 3, 2020 3533
Review on nano-and microfiller-based polyamide 6 hybrid composite: Effect on mechanical properties and morphology. Ghanta, Tarun Sai; Aparna, Sridhar; Verma, Namrata; Pumima, Doddipatla Aug 1, 2020 27453
Enhanced (thermo) mechanical properties in biobased poly(L-lactide)/poly(amide-12) blends using high shear extrusion processing without compatibilizers. Raj, Amulya; Samuel, Cedric; Malladi, Nagalakshmaiah; Prashantha, Kalappa Aug 1, 2020 8890
Optomechanical investigating the impact of grafting polyamide-6 fibers with PMMA on its intrinsic optical properties. Hamza, Ahmed A.; Sokkar, Taha Z.N.; El-Bakary, Mohamed A.; Sewidan, Muhamed A. Aug 1, 2020 5041
Aqueous textile treatments. Aug 1, 2020 189
New BASF advanced PPA made for challenging applications. Jul 9, 2020 760
Synthesis of polyamide-hydroxyapatite nanocomposites. Okumura, Tomoyo; Sonobe, Kenya; Ohashi, Asami; Watanabe, Harumi; Watanabe, Katsushi; Oyamada, Hirosh Report Jul 1, 2020 7512
Research of the Rheological Modification Mechanism of Crumb Rubber-Modified Asphalt Containing Polyamide 6 Additive. Tan, Zhihua; Wang, Jijing Jun 30, 2020 6259
Diversity Works: Hybrid materials expand the performance and application potential of additive manufacturing. Giordano, Geoff Jun 1, 2020 1132
Comparative performance of carbon nanotube and nanoclay on thermal properties and flammability behavior of amorphous polyamide/SEBS blend. Paes, Leticia Helena Gasparini; Steffen, Teresa Tromm; Becker, Daniela Jun 1, 2020 4926
3D Printing Eyes Sustainability: Retuned polymers and biosustainable materials meet process needs and post-use requirements. Giordano, Geoff Cover story May 1, 2020 1928
Modified Densified Waste of Expanded Polystyrene and Its Blends With Polyamide 6. Levytskyi, Volodymyr; Moravskyi, Volodymyr; Masyuk, Andrii; Kuziola, Rafal; Graz, Katarzyna; Khromya May 1, 2020 7012
Phase Control of Polyamide 6 via Extension-Dominated Polymer Blend Reactive Extrusion. Chen, Hao; Zhu, Sunsheng; Maia, Joao May 1, 2020 6691
The Influence of Sepiolite Orientation and Concentration, on the Morphological, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Bio-Polyamide 4.10 Nanocomposites. Asensio, Maria; Herrero, Manuel; Nunez, Karina; Merino, Juan Carlos; Pastor, Jose Maria May 1, 2020 5293
Toray Obtains Joint Research Findings that Could Drive R&D Boosting Reverse Osmosis System Performance. Baset Asaba Apr 27, 2020 380
In situ Polymerization of Polyamide 6/Boron Nitride Composites to Enhance Thermal Conductivity and Mechanical Properties via Boron Nitride Covalently Grafted Polyamide 6. Fang, Hui; Li, Denghui; Wu, Fangjuan; Peng, Xiangfang; Chen, Anlin; Zhang, Lingjie; Chen, Sheng Apr 1, 2020 4233
Therban HT: Polyamide reinforced HNBR with improved high temperature properties. Urk, Marjan Hemstede-vcm; Spanos, Pete; Dodevski, Jelena; Kaiser, Andreas; Lieber, Susanna; Arlanxeo Apr 1, 2020 3666
A Study on the Strengthening Performance of Concrete Beam by Fiber-Reinforced Polyurea (FRPU) Reinforcement. Song, Jun-Hyuk; Lee, Eun-Taik; Eun, Hee-Chang Report Mar 31, 2020 4797
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Mar 11, 2020 8242
Influence of Macromolecular Brushes with Polyimide Backbones and Poly(methyl methacrylate) Side Chains on Structure, Physical, and Transport Properties of Polyphthalamide. Tian, Nadezhda S.; Meleshko, Tamara K.; Polotskaya, Galina A.; Gofman, Iosif V.; Kashina, Anna V.; K Report Mar 1, 2020 6925
Direct Observations on Structure Evolutions in Polyamide 6 during Deformation at High Temperatures with WAXS and SAXS. Guo, Huilong; Li, Jingqing; Wang, Jiayi; Meng, Yanfeng; Wu, Zhonghua; Jiang, Shichun Report Mar 1, 2020 4357
Molding Large Parts. Corneliussen, Roger Mar 1, 2020 188
Esculent coating of spider silk enhanced the preservation and shelf life of apricot/A cobertura escamada de seda de aranha aumentou a preservacao e a vida util do damasco. Tahir, H.M.; Pervez, N.; Nadeem, J.; Khan, A.A.; Hassan, Z. Feb 1, 2020 3769
Synthetic Spider Silk Market, 2020 - Growth, Trends, Issues & Forecast Factors. Jan 28, 2020 656
Global Polyamide 6,6 Market 2020 Demand, Trends, Share, Product Analysis, Regional Outlook and Forecast-2026. Jan 27, 2020 646
At 2.47% CAGR, Polyurea Coating Market Potentially Worth 773.78 Million USD by 2022 / Radiant Insights, Inc. Jan 22, 2020 964
Elastochem Launches Canada's First Polyurea, Two-Component, Spray-Applied Waterproofing Membrane for Below-Grade Foundations. Jan 6, 2020 537
Silane-Modified Graphene Oxide as a Compatibilizer and Reinforcing Nanoparticle for Immiscible PP/PA Blends. Kol, Adi; Kenig, Samuel; Naveh, Naum Technical report Jan 1, 2020 6745
Improvement of Hydrophilicity for Polyamide Composite Membrane by Incorporation of Graphene Oxide-Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles. Ngo, Thu Hong Anh; Nguyen, Chau Thi Minh; Do, Khai Dinh; Duong, Quan Xuan; Tran, Nghia Hieu; Nguyen, Jan 1, 2020 3518
Preparation of Polyamide 6/Ce[O.sub.2] Composite Nanofibers through Electrospinning for Biomedical Applications. Zhang, Xinyu; Chen, Xinggang Dec 31, 2019 4045
Bio Polyamides Market Size, Share, Opportunities to Accrue Impressively By reach USD 216.22 million 2023 with a healthy CAGR 3.51% and ; Asserts MRFR. Dec 4, 2019 971
A Degradation Study of Polyamide 11/Vermiculite Nanocomposites under Accelerated UV Test. Kaci, Mustapha; Dehouche, Nadjet; Focke, Walter W.; van der Merwe, Elizabet M. Dec 1, 2019 6342
Industrial Waste Origin Succinic Anhydride-Grafted Atactic Polypropylene as Compatibilizer of Full Range Polypropylene/Polyamide 6 Blends as Revealed by Dynamic Mechanical Analysis at the Polypropylene Glass Transition. Garcia-Martinez, Jesus-Maria; Collar, Emilia P. Dec 1, 2019 6614
Bio-Polyamide Market 2019 With Top Countries Data: Industry Trends, Share, Size, Top Key Players Analysis and Forecast. Nov 29, 2019 781
High-Performance Polyamides Market 2019 Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Sales, Opportunities, and Market Forecast to 2025 / Market Research Future. Nov 26, 2019 938
Outlook on the World's Polyphthalamide Market, 2019-2027: Key Growth Influencers, Restraints, Trends, Opportunities, Competition. Nov 26, 2019 865
Global Barrier Packaging Market Outlook to 2025 - Growing Demand from the Baby Food Sector Presents Lucrative Opportunities. Nov 26, 2019 847
Specialty Polyamide Market Size 2019 - 2022 Global Trend Analysis, Share Report, Business Demand, Development, Sales Revenue, Industry Growth, Opportunity, Sales Revenue and Region Forecast. Report Nov 21, 2019 986
North America Polyurea Market to Grow at $484.8 Million by 2025 / Covestro AG and BASE SE are Investing in R&D Activities to Enhance their Product Offerings and Market Share. Nov 20, 2019 889
2019 Innovations in Advanced Fabrics, Semiconducting Polymers, Graphene, Bio-degradable Straws & Bottles. Nov 7, 2019 486
Adipic Acid Market Size to Grow at a CAGR of 4.2% till 2025. Nov 7, 2019 604
Milliken introduces KeyPlast Resist. Nov 6, 2019 343
Nilit America Inc. Nov 5, 2019 266
ON THIS DAY ... Oct 27, 2019 101
High-Performance Polyamides Market 2019 Global Size, Share, Growth Factors / Industry Analysis, Emerging Technologies, Developments, Competitive Landscape and Trends by Forecast 2025. Oct 23, 2019 949
Transparent Polyamides Market Size, Share, Supply, Demand, Leading Players, Business Development and Global Forecast 2024. Oct 23, 2019 842
Textile Fabrics Market Size, Share, Analysis, Applications, Opportunities, Growth Insight, Trends, Leaders and Forecast to 2024. Oct 23, 2019 791
Evonik Industries (ETR: EVK) - Evonik has developed a highly transparent polyamide based on new monomers -- 15/10/2019. Oct 22, 2019 384
Lanxess AG (ETR: LXS) - LANXESS: New polyamide 66 for blow-molded air ducts in turbocharged engines -- 14/10/2019. Oct 15, 2019 466
Evonik Industries (ETR: EVK) - K 2019: Evonik develops conductive low-extractable multilayer tubing system without fluoropolymer inner layer -- 14/10/2019. Oct 15, 2019 533
Evonik Industries (ETR: EVK) - New polyamides from LANXESS for the thermal management of devices -- 10/10/2019. Oct 15, 2019 586
Nilit America Inc. Oct 15, 2019 126
Thermally conductive impact-resistant and easy to process. Oct 14, 2019 877
New polyamides from LANXESS for the thermal management of devices; Thermally conductive impact-resistant and easy to process. Oct 14, 2019 887
Polyamide in Electronic Protection Device Market Analysis Report - Global Industry Outlook, Market Size & Growth Prospects, 2014 to 2025 / Million Insights. Report Oct 9, 2019 1115
Specialty Polyamides Market Is Projected To Grow Rapidly Owing To Eco-Friendly Production And Fuel Efficiency Till 2025 / Million Insights. Oct 8, 2019 784
Polyamide 12 Market to Register Substantial Expansion by 2019 - 2023/ Expanding Automotive Industry is Expected to Propel the Growth of the Global Polyamide 12 Market with a CAGR of 5.74% Forecast. Oct 7, 2019 1147
The Use of Complex Additives for the Formation of Corrosion- and Wear-Resistant Epoxy Composites. Buketov, Andriy; Sapronov, Oleksandr; Brailo, Mykola; Stukhlyak, Danylo; Yakushchenko, Serhii; Buket Sep 30, 2019 4009
A Study on the Improvement of Structural Performance by Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polyurea (GFRPU) Reinforcement. Song, Jun-Hyeok; Lee, Eun-Taik; Eun, Hee-Chang Sep 30, 2019 4298
Thermoplastic Composites Market worth $36.0 billion by 2024 - Exclusive Report by MarketsandMarkets™. Report Sep 25, 2019 556
Evonik Industries (ETR: EVK) - Evonik celebrates official groundbreaking ceremony of the new polyamide 12 complex in Marl -- 17/9/2019. Sep 24, 2019 555
Polyamides Market Top Companies Strategy, Value Analysis, Gross Margin, Sales, Global Production and Consumption by Forecast to 2023. Sep 24, 2019 783
Combination of wood fibre, spider silk could pose as rival to plastic. ANI Sep 22, 2019 408
Dimer Acid Market (2019-2023): Industry Growth Opportunities, Current Business trends, Market Pitfalls and challenges, Innovation trends and Demand Forecast. Sep 18, 2019 833
Long Fiber Thermoplastics Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis. Report Sep 17, 2019 1114

* Dimer Acid Market Competitor Landscape, Opportunity Analysis, Growth, Trends & Competitive News Feed Analysis, Company Usability Profiles Forecast 2019-2023.

Sep 16, 2019 1002
Fiber Sizing Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis. Report Sep 16, 2019 1055
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Printers: Complex Geometric Applications Generate Demand. Sep 13, 2019 700
Engineering Plastic Market Share, Size, Top Players, Emerging Trends, CAGR Analysis, Development Strategy, Sales Revenue, Opportunities and Challenges 2022. Financial report Sep 10, 2019 888
Polyamide in E-Mobility Market Expected to Increase Highest Revenue by 2028. Sep 10, 2019 640
Polyphthalamide: Automotive and Electronic Applications Aid in Widespread Adoption. Sep 3, 2019 732
Corporate News - EvoQuench PA POY systems destined for China. Aug 31, 2019 245
Beware hidden plastics in all of our clothes. Aug 17, 2019 179
Research report covers the Bridge Polyurea-Based Greases Market share and Growth, 2018 to 2028. Aug 17, 2019 1038
Polyurea Market Analysis by Raw Material, Products, Application and Segment Forecasts to 2020. Aug 16, 2019 702
2019 Antimicrobial Textile Market Report - Global Forecast to 2024. Report Aug 14, 2019 1181
Dimer Acid Market 2019: by Type, by Mechanism, by Application, by Geography - Global Market Size, Share, Development, Growth, and Demand Forecast, 2023. Aug 12, 2019 1049
Polyamide in E-Mobility Market Analysis & Evolving Opportunities Studied for the Period Until 2028. Aug 9, 2019 802
Pond Liners Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Forecast 2017 -- 2025Pond li. Aug 8, 2019 1126
Polyamide in E-Mobility Market Analysis & Evolving Opportunities Studied for the Period Until 2028. Aug 8, 2019 817
Polyurea Coatings Market to Exhibit Impressive Growth during 2019-2029. Aug 8, 2019 1428
Pond Liners Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Forecast 2017 -- 2025. Aug 7, 2019 1139
Global Polyamide Powder For 3D Printing Market Report by Supply, Demand, Consumption, Sale, Price, Revenue & Forecast to 2025. Report Aug 2, 2019 608
Polyamide in E-Mobility Market Analysis and Demand with Forecast Overview to 2028. Aug 1, 2019 779
New PPA for Connectors, Auto Parts. Aug 1, 2019 245
Polyamide in E-Mobility Market Analysis and Demand with Forecast Overview to 2028. Jul 31, 2019 794
Evonik Industries (ETR: EVK) - Better living with high-performance polymers and additives from Evonik -- 18/7/2019. Jul 24, 2019 467
Polyurea-Based Greases Market Indicates Notable CAGR growth by 2028. Jul 20, 2019 798
Polyurea-Based Greases Market Size, Share, Trends Analysis & Competition through 2028. Jul 19, 2019 813
Lanxess AG (ETR: LXS) - Steering column switch housing made from polyamide 6 -- 2/7/2019. Jul 16, 2019 422
Formation of Bead-Free and Core-Shell Superfine Electrospinning Fibers Under the Assistance of Another Polymer and an Interfacial Compatibilizer. Tang, Yin; Feng, Lian-Fang; Gu, Xue-Ping; Zhang, Cai-Liang Report Jul 1, 2019 4664
Effect of Biodiesel on Polyamide-6-Based Polymers. Zhao, Jianwei; Mallick, Pankaj K. Report Jul 1, 2019 6441
Carbon Fiber, Polyamides Prominent at 14th SPE AutoEPCON: Performance boosts for engineering thermoplastics was a big focus at 2019 Detroit-area conference. Malnati, Peggy Conference notes Jul 1, 2019 1545
Influence of Structure and Physical-Mechanical Characteristics of Threads on the Strength of Binding the Books. Havenko, Svitlana; Kibirkstis, Edmundas; Gegeckiene, Laura; Khadzhynova, Svitlana; Kadyliak, Myrosla Jul 1, 2019 4384
Mechanical Behavior of Cemented Sand Reinforced with Different Polymer Fibers. Lv, Xiangfeng; Yang, Xiaohui; Zhou, Hongyuan; Zhang, Shuo Jun 30, 2019 4473
Non-Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of Graphene Oxide-Carbon Nanotubes Hybrids / Polyamide 6 Composites. Wang, Zhi-Qiang; Zhao, Yong-Ke; Wu, Xiang-Feng Technical report Jun 30, 2019 3805
Rapidly-expanding Electric Vehicle Parc is Multiplying Applications of Polyamide in E-Mobility Marke. Jun 25, 2019 714
Polyurea Coatings Market Offering Trends, Share, Size, Growth Until the End of 2026. Jun 22, 2019 1006
Polyurea Coatings Market Offering Trends, Share, Size, Growth Until the End of 2026. Jun 21, 2019 1019
Automotive Rocker Panel Market Assessment and Revenue Forecast Until the End of 2028. Jun 19, 2019 1043
Automotive Rocker Panel Market Assessment and Revenue Forecast Until the End of 2028. Jun 18, 2019 1058
Lanxess AG (ETR: LXS) - LANXESS at the "Plastics in E&E Applications" SKZ conference in Wurzburg, Germany, Marienberg Fortress on June 4 and 5, 2019 -- 24/5/2019. Conference news Jun 11, 2019 758
Lanxess AG (ETR: LXS) - LANXESS at the "Plastics in E&E Applications" SKZ conference in Wurzburg, Germany, Marienberg Fortress on June 4 and 5, 2019 -- 24/5/2019. Conference news Jun 7, 2019 759
Evonik Reorganizes Polyamide Business. Jun 1, 2019 476
Chain Extension of Polyamide 6/Organoclay Nanocomposites. Tuna, Basak; Benkreira, Hadj Report Jun 1, 2019 5610
Evonik Industries (ETR: EVK) - Evonik reorganizes its polyamide business -- 9/5/2019. May 22, 2019 461
Evonik Industries (ETR: EVK) - Evonik reorganizes its polyamide business -- 9/5/2019. May 15, 2019 461
Polyamide in E-Mobility Market: Increased Prices of Polyamide66 Due to Tight Supply May Hamper Adopt. May 13, 2019 819
Polyamide in E-Mobility Market: Increased Prices of Polyamide66 Due to Tight Supply May Hamper Adopt. May 13, 2019 735
Spray Polyurea Elastomers Market: Innovative Trends Implemented by Manufacturers Steering Growth unt. May 9, 2019 351
Dimeric fatty acid Market to Witness Widespread Expansion During 2018 to 2027. May 8, 2019 748
Global Specialty Resins Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions Till 2026. May 8, 2019 1241
Weaving Scientific Breakthroughs. Elfman, Lois Interview May 2, 2019 861
Dimeric fatty acid Market Displays Higher Growth Inclinations during 2018-2027. May 2, 2019 776
VersaFlex Acquires SPI to Broaden Speciality Coatings Offerings. Apr 29, 2019 140
VersaFlex Acquires SPI to Broaden Speciality Coatings Offerings. Apr 29, 2019 144
John Wood Wins Contract To Build Polymer Production Site In Germany. Apr 25, 2019 198
Nilit America Inc. Apr 23, 2019 443
Spray Polyurea Elastomers Market Prognostications Highpoint Positive Revenue during Forecast Period,. Apr 17, 2019 943
Nilit America Inc. Apr 16, 2019 442
Pond Liners Market Showcases Growth Trends and Opportunity Forecasted Until 2025. Apr 12, 2019 1270
Nilit America Inc. Apr 9, 2019 443
Polyamide in E-Mobility Market Expected To Achieve A Sustainable Growth by 2028. Apr 8, 2019 859
Escalating Demand for Farm Tires Market Influences Market Growth during 2018-2028. Apr 5, 2019 787
US$ 5 Million Opportunity Emerging in Polyamide in E-Mobility Market during 2018-2028. Apr 2, 2019 855
Caprolactam Market to Reflect Impressive Expansion During 2018 - 2025. Mar 22, 2019 582
Spray Polyurea Elastomers Market: Notable Developments by Key Stakeholders. Mar 14, 2019 586
Spider silk could be used as robotic muscle: Study. Mar 4, 2019 441
Spider Silk Could Be Used as Robotic Muscle. Mar 2, 2019 859
Global Polyamide in E-Mobility: Market Insights, Trends & Future Development Status Recorded during. Mar 1, 2019 743
Fire Retardancy Effect of Phosphorus-Modified Halloysite on Polyamide-11 Nanocomposites. Sahnoune, Mohamed; Taguet, Aurelie; Otazaghine, Belkacem; Kaci, Mustapha; Lopez-Cuesta, Jose-Marie Report Mar 1, 2019 5798
Evonik: New Polyamide 12 Complex Fully on Schedule. Mar 1, 2019 485
Global Polyamide in E-Mobility: Market Insights, Trends & Future Development Status Recorded during. Feb 28, 2019 786
New Evonik line for powders. Jan 3, 2019 1237
Novel Electroactive Polyamide 12 Based Nanocomposites Filled With Reduced Graphene Oxide. Dorigato, A.; Pegoretti, A. Report Jan 1, 2019 5934
DIMENSIONAL ACCURACY OF MODELS MANUFACTURED BY SELECTIVE LASER SINTERING TECHNOLOGY. Kozior, Tomasz; Adamczak, Stanislaw; Skrzyniarz, Michal; Zmarzly, Pawel; Gogolewski, Damian Jan 1, 2019 1941
Global Spray Polyurea Elastomers Market Analysis Covering Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Upcoming O. Dec 12, 2018 571
Global Polyamide in E-Mobility Market to Showcase Vigorous Demand during the Period until 2028. Dec 12, 2018 975
Vehicle Electrification Trend Fuels Demand for Polyamide in E-mobility Market, APEJ Spearheading Gro. Dec 7, 2018 119
Global Spray Polyurea Elastomers Market In-Depth Analysis with Booming Trends Supporting Growth Till. Dec 7, 2018 577
Understanding the Morphology Formation and Properties of Polyamide 6 and Bio-based Poly(Trimethylene Terephthalate) Blends. Codou, Amandine; Misra, Manjusri; Mohanty, Amar K. Report Dec 1, 2018 6861
Global Spray Polyurea Elastomers Market to Experience Significant Growth during the Forecast Period. Dec 1, 2018 362
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, IoB-VAST and VSRC to import and rear silkworms in Vietnam. Nov 21, 2018 166
Global Spray Polyurea Elastomers Market key Insights Based on Product Type, Cost Structure, Revenue,. Nov 16, 2018 676
Effect of the Isothermal Crystallization Method on Amorphous Block Copolymers of Aromatic Polyamides and Their Packing Behavior in Two-Dimensional Films for Screening of Potential Crystallization Ability. Shidara, Yusaku; Yunoki, Takeru; Miura, Shuntaro; Shibasaki, Yuji; Fujimori, Atsuhiro Report Nov 1, 2018 5669
The Role of Polyvinylpyrrolidone in Forming Open-Porous, Macrovoid-Free Mixed Matrix Sorbents from Torlon[R], a Polyamide-imide Polymer. Babu, Vinod P.; Koros, William J. Report Nov 1, 2018 7082
Today's the day. Oct 27, 2018 144
Reliable Hot Runner Cleaning from SCHWING Technologies. Oct 27, 2018 723
Polyurea Greases Market Clear Understanding of the Competitive Landscape and Key Product Segments 20. Oct 18, 2018 236
Polyimide and Imide Polymers Market Industry Analysis, Trends and Forecast 2017 - 2027. Oct 18, 2018 185
High-Performance Polyamides Market Research By Key Players, Type And Application, Future Growth To 2. Oct 8, 2018 451
Facile Preparation of Polyamide 6/Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplate Composites via Ultrasound-Assisted Processing. Yang, Yaqi; Zhao, Mingjuan; Xia, Zhaolu; Duan, Hongji; Zhao, Guizhe; Liu, Yaqing Report Oct 1, 2018 4246
Flame Retarding Polyamide 11 With Exfoliated Vermiculite Nanoflakes. Macheca, Afonso D.; Focke, Walter W.; Kaci, Mustapha; Panampilly, Bindu; Androsch, Rene Report Oct 1, 2018 6569
Spray Polyurea Elastomers will Continue to Seek Largest Application in Secondary Containments. Sep 17, 2018 712
Our beautiful planet: Blanketing a town in spider silk. Sep 14, 2018 273
Award winning polyamide. Sep 1, 2018 250
DSM and APK Cooperate on Recycling Multilayer Barrier Food-Packaging Films. Sep 1, 2018 137
Preparation of P[A.sub.6]-g-LCX-PAH Fiber for Removing Formaldehyde. Zhang, Yi-an; Di, Jianfeng; Du, Wenqin Report Sep 1, 2018 3857
Lubrizol Introduces Aptalon(TM) W8030 Self-Matting Polyurethane Dispersion. Aug 7, 2018 592
Lubrizol Introduces Aptalon(TM) W8062 High-Performance Polyurethane Dispersion. Aug 7, 2018 584
Investigation of Rheology and Morphology to Follow Physical Fibrillar Network Evolution through Fiber Spinning of PP/PA6 Blend Fiber. Hajiraissi, Roozbeh; Jahani, Yousef; Hallmann, Tobias Report Aug 1, 2018 6368
Respective Contribution Research of Soft Component and Macroinitiator on Synthesis and Performance of MCPA-PEA Materials. Xu, Sheng; Wang, Zhenxi; Liu, Lingli; Dai, Xin; Zhang, Shangxi; Cao, Meng Report Aug 1, 2018 5636
Chain Extension of Recycled PA6. Tuna, Basak; Benkreira, Hadj Report Jul 1, 2018 4147
Crystallization of Polyamide 11 During Injection Molding. Jariyavidyanont, Katalee; Williams, Jason L.; Rhoades, Alicyn M.; Kuhnert, Ines; Focke, Walter; Andr Report Jul 1, 2018 6561
Arkema to Expand Specialty Polyamides Powders Capacities. Jul 1, 2018 230
The Effects of the Location of Organoclay on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Compatibilized Polypropylene/Polyamide-12 Ternary Nanocomposites. Aranburu, N.; Eguiazabal, J.I.; Guerrica-Echevarria, G. Report Jun 1, 2018 6154
Development of air-jet textured and twisted carbon fibre--polyamide 6,6 hybrid yarn for the production of thermoplastic composite materials. Kaplan, Muslum Report Jun 1, 2018 1341
Startup Says It Is First to Copy Spider's Silk Spinning Process. May 22, 2018 538
Additives for Recycled Plastics. May 1, 2018 261
Synthesis and Properties of Bio-Based Poly(pentamethylene oxamide). Mutua, Fredrick Nzioka; Cheng, Cong; Dong, Yusheng; Zheng, Chuyu; Zhu, Bo; He, Yong Report May 1, 2018 4390
Phase Morphology Evolution and Compatibilization of Immiscible Polyamide 6/Polystyrene Blends Using Nano-Montmorillonite. Guo, Jianbing; Xu, Yang; He, Weidi; Wang, Na; Tang, Mengqi; Chen, Xiaolang; Hu, Shijun; He, Min; Qin Report May 1, 2018 4041
High-tech thermoplastics for future mobility. Apr 1, 2018 279
An Evaluation of Three Different Techniques for Melt Impregnation of Glass Fiber Bundles With Polyamide 12. Van De Steene, Willem; Verstock, Jan; Degrieck, Joris; Ragaert, Kim; Cardon, Ludwig Report Apr 1, 2018 5706
Retention and Deformation of Cobalt-Chromium and High-Impact Polyamide Clasps/Kobalt-Krom ve Yuksek Etkili Poliamid Kroselerin Deformasyonlan ve Retantif Kuvveti. Kumbuloglu, Ovul; Ozkan, Yasemin Kulak; Arda, Tugberk; Ozcan, Mutlu Apr 1, 2018 3653
Arkema Announces New Project to Produce Polyamide 12 in China Mid-2020. Mar 1, 2018 169
Effect of the Partially Hydrolyzed EVA-h Content on the Morphology, Rheology, and Mechanical Properties of PA12/EVA Blends. do Amaral, Flavio Cora Nunes; Ernzen, Juliano Roberto; Fiorio, Rudinei; Martins, Johnny De Nardi; Di Report Mar 1, 2018 7540
Polyurea coating. Mar 1, 2018 166
Thermal Properties of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide 6 Composites Throughout the Direct Long-Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Process. Whitfield, Thomas; Kuboki, Takashi; Wood, Jeffrey; Ugresic, Vanja; Sathyanarayana, Shyam; Dagnon, Ko Jan 1, 2018 4984
100% Solid, Thin-Film Polyurea Aliphatic System. Khani, Elaheh; Pe, Terry Jan 1, 2018 2378
BASF, Hutchinson Antivibration, and GM Recognized by SPE. Jan 1, 2018 344
Dissection of silk glands in the Western black widow Latrodectus Hesperus. Chaw, R. Crystal; Hayashi, Cheryl Y. Report Jan 1, 2018 1761
Assessment of Shielding Effectiveness and Percolation Threshold of Composite materials. Petr, Skocik; Jin, Korbel Report Jan 1, 2018 3958
Experimental Investigation of Polyurea-Coated Steel Plates at Underwater Explosive Loading. Dai, Li-hui; Wu, Cheng; An, Feng-Jiang; Liao, Sha-sha Jan 1, 2018 3872
Watchstrap-Embedded Four-Element Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output Antenna Design for a Smartwatch in 5.2-5.8 GHz Wireless Applications. Wu, Chia-Hao; Sun, Jwo-Shiun; Lu, Bo-Shiun Jan 1, 2018 6429
New Solvent for Polyamide 66 and Its Use for Preparing a Single-Polymer Composite-Coated Fabric. Jabbari, Mostafa; Skrifvars, Mikael; Akesson, Dan; Taherzadeh, Mohammad J. Jan 1, 2018 5898
Fitch Revises BASF's Outlook to Negative; Affirms IDR at 'A+'. Dec 28, 2017 1348
Synergistic Effects of Silica Nanoparticles and Reactive Compatibilizer on the Compatibilization of Polystyrene/ Polyamide 6 Blends. Zhang, Xianming; Sun, Menghan; Chen, Wenxing Report Dec 1, 2017 6959
Preparation of a New Filament Based on Polyamide-6 for Three-Dimensional Printing. Jia, Yunchao; He, Hui; Peng, Xiaodong; Meng, Shuna; Chen, Jian; Geng, Yi Report Dec 1, 2017 3872
Our Regular Roundup of Notable Patents. Corneliussen, Roger Nov 1, 2017 1868
Spider silk can help microphones work better in hearing aids. Nov 1, 2017 392
Synthesis and Properties of Novel Soluble Polyamides Containing Both Fluorene or Xanthene Cardo Moieties and Fluorinated Phenoxy Pendant Groups. Wen, Huan; Huang, Bin; Zou, Feihua; Cai, Mingzhong Report Nov 1, 2017 4963
Spider Silk Could Improve Hearing Aids. Oct 31, 2017 501
Effects of Extensional Flow on Properties of Polyamide-66/ Poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) Blends: A Study of Morphology, Mechanical Properties, and Rheology. Yang, Kunxiao; Xin, Chunling; Huang, Ying; Jiang, Lilong; He, Yadong Report Oct 1, 2017 4762
Recreating spider silk in the laboratory. Sep 19, 2017 879
Tough Stuff: Spider Silk Enhanced with Graphene-Based Materials. Sep 16, 2017 592
Cardiac muscle tissue made of spider silk. Sep 1, 2017 421
Spiders Are Weaving Webs Strong Enough To Hold Humans Thanks To Scientists. Sep 1, 2017 609
Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance of Epoxy Duplex Coated Electrogalvanized Steel Exposed in Marine, Industrial and Urban Sites at Pakistan. Bano, Humaira; Mahmood, Azhar; Kazmi, Syed Arif Report Aug 31, 2017 6871
Dually reinforced all-polyamide laminate composites via microencapsulation strategy. Dencheva, Nadya Vasileva; Vale, Diogo Manso; Denchev, Zlatan Zlatev Report Aug 1, 2017 11057
Mechanical flexural ex vivo study of osteotomized swine femurs stabilized with two types of polyamide 12 rods/Estudo mecanico de flexao, ex-vivo, de femures suinos osteotomizados, estabilizados com dois tipos de haste de poliamida 12. Almeida, Juliana Scarpa da Silveira; de Oliveira Garcia, Debora; Bortholin, Renato Camargo; Razzino, Ensayo Aug 1, 2017 3816
Green Method Developed for Making Artificial Spider Silk. Jul 11, 2017 547
Analytical series: Rheological and thermal characterization of polymer coatings: a case study. Vratsanos, Menas S. Case study Jul 1, 2017 6077
Flowcrete acquires top Norwegian polymer group. Jun 27, 2017 404
Our Monthly Roundup of Notable Patents. Corneliussen, Roger Jun 1, 2017 1937
Silanol-POSS as dispersing agents for carbon nanotubes in polyamide. Dintcheva, Nadka Tzankova; Arrigo, Rossella; Teresi, Rosalia; Gambarotti, Cristian Report Jun 1, 2017 4035
OPTIMIZING DISPERSION: Clariant data highlight advantages of metallocene PE waxes on pearlescent aesthetics. Neuber, Frank; Mao, Megan Jun 1, 2017 1577
Mysterious Powers of Spider Silks. May 2, 2017 872
Polyamide/carbon nanoparticles nanocomposites: a review. Faridirad, Farzaneh; Ahmadi, Shervin; Barmar, Mohammad Report May 1, 2017 13242
BASF to unveil lightweight 'cobot' at Chinaplas. May 1, 2017 241
Genome Study To Understand Unique Properties Of Spider Silk. May 1, 2017 534
Polyamides good in the heat. Apr 1, 2017 168
Crystallization and component properties of polyamide 12 at processing-relevant cooling conditions. Fischer, Christopher; Seefried, Andreas; Drummer, Dietmar Report Apr 1, 2017 5162
Polyurea saves the day for aging wastewater treatment infrastructure. Apr 1, 2017 1030
Polyamide part design. Apr 1, 2017 113
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories wins investment certificate in Vietnam for high technology silk. Mar 28, 2017 157
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories announces planting of first 2,000 mulberry trees in Texas. Mar 6, 2017 140
Pieces of plastic: notable developments and uses of polymers, from turbochargers to oil pans to ... yes, the Batmobile. Mar 1, 2017 1951
Click 'N' collect spider silk heads for the hospitals. Feb 1, 2017 477
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories' management completes meetings with officials for advanced silk production in Quang Nam, Vietnam. Jan 13, 2017 158
Renewable biocomposites based on cellulose fibers and dimer fatty acid polyamide: experiments and modeling of the stress-strain behavior. Boumbimba, R. Matadi; Wang, K.; Hablot, E.; Bahlouli, N.; Ahzi, S.; Averous, L. Report Jan 1, 2017 5299
Polyurea coatings, liners equal to aging concrete wastewater infrastructure. Williams, Del Jan 1, 2017 1210
Low-Density Polyethylene/Polyamide/Clay Blend Nanocomposites: Effect of Morphology of Clay on Their Photooxidation Resistance. Dintcheva, N. Tz.; Filippone, G.; Arrigo, R.; La Mantia, F.P. Jan 1, 2017 4465
Potent Heterogeneous Catalyst for Low Temperature Selective Oxidation of Cyclohexanol by Molecular Oxygen. Rashid, Haroon ur; Ahmad, M. Sohail; Sadiq, Mohammad; Aman, Razia Report Jan 1, 2017 3674
Correlation of Process Parameters with Mechanical Properties of Laser Sintered PA12 Parts. Hofland, Eva C.; Baran, Ismet; Wismeijer, Dagmar A. Report Jan 1, 2017 6783
Application of Fluorescent Label in Polymer Nanofibers. Zarybnicka, Lucie; Bacovska, Radka; Nadvornikova, Zuzana; Almonasy, Numan; Syrovy, Tomas Jan 1, 2017 3042
Joining of Incompatible Polymer Combinations by Form Fit Using the Vibration Welding Process. Wolf, Michael; Kleffel, Tobias; Leisen, Christoph; Drummer, Dietmar Jan 1, 2017 4114
Effect of Polypropylene Modification by Impregnation with Oil on Its Wear and Friction Coefficient at Variable Load and Various Friction Rates. Sedlak, Pawel; Bialobrzeska, Beata; Stawicki, Tomasz; Kostencki, Piotr Jan 1, 2017 11813
Extruded and Injection Moulded Virgin PA 6/6 as Abrasion Resistant Material. Sukumaran, J.; Keresztes, R.; Kalacska, G.; Almaliki, H.; Neis, P.D.; DeBaets, P. Report Jan 1, 2017 5284
Lightweight Educational Scara Robot for Palletizing of USB Sticks. Stuja, Kemajl; Bruqi, Mirlind; Markl, Erich; Aburaia, Mohamed Report Jan 1, 2017 2351
Rehabilitation of Nose following Chemical Burn Using CAD/CAM Made Substructure for Implant Retained Nasal Prosthesis: A Clinical Report. Chaturvedi, Saurabh; Bhagat, Tushar; Verma, A.K.; Gurumurthy, Vishwanath; Ali, Mariyam; Vadhwani, Pr Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 4357
Round Robin Tests to Determine Fiber Content of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites by Combustion and Thermogravimetry. Funabashi, Masahiro; Ninomiya, Fumi; Oishi, Akihiro; Mizuno, Wataru; Tahira, Kimitaka; Tanaka, Shogo Report Jan 1, 2017 5442
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories to ship first batch of Dragon Silk cocoons for the US Army. Dec 20, 2016 165
Vertellus adds three new masterbatches for enhanced PA compounding. Nov 1, 2016 369
1972 chemistry in Canada. Nov 1, 2016 437
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories' new spider silk production facility is now online. Oct 10, 2016 192
Radici buys Invista. Oct 1, 2016 290

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