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PolyUrethanes Recycle and Recovery Council.

Recent tests by the PolyUrethanes Recycle & Recovery Council (PURRC) indicate that it may be economically feasible, as well as technically possible, to recycle reground flexible polyurethane foam by adding it to the production of flexible polyurethane slabstock foam. Pilot scale trial runs found that the addition of reground flexible foam has only minimal effect on the processing and physical properties of the resulting flexible polyurethane foam. "While additional investigations are called for, and full-scale commercial runs must be made before the true potential of regrind addition is understood, it appears that adding up to 20% reground flexible polyurethane foam to the production of slabstock foam represents a viable method of recycling reground flexible polyurethane foam," said John Quinlan of Arco Chemical and PURRC Flexible Foam Task Group chairman. As a next step, PURRC plans to conduct additional testing on higher density foams. Alternates to cryogenic grinding methods also will be investigated.
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Title Annotation:polyurethane foam recycling research
Publication:Rubber World
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Date:Nov 1, 1993
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