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Poly-Bond: expanding nonwovens applications through advanced technology.

The concept of flexibility and creativity are used to describe Poly-Bond's uniqueness in the nonwovens marketplace. Since its inception in 1987, Poly-Bond, Inc., a member of the Dominion Nonwovens Group of Dominion Textiles, Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada has seen a ten-fold increase in output coupled with a 25% to 30% increase in sales for 1991 and 1992 respectively.

By continually improving their manufacturing processes Poly-Bond achieves a level of flexibility unmatched throughout the industry. For example, Poly-Bond is able to offer a wide array of colors, topical treatments and polymer additives to vary properties of the products.

Poly-Bond's flexibility is evident in the two primary markets they serve, hygiene and medical. Poly-Bond's mission remains focused on a commitment to providing total value, utilizing all available resources to meet and exceed customer requirements for product, service and quality at competitive prices.

An uncompromised commitment to providing the most innovative products for the nonwovens market has led Poly-Bond to the forefront of laminating technology for the manufacture of composite fabrics. Using a new fiberized adhesive process allows both like and unlike substrates to be bonded without changing the physical properties of either one. As a result, Poly-Bond has been instrumental in assisting their customers in creating new value-added products, many times, exceeding the required properties.

Poly-Bond recognizes the importance of supporting their new laminating and spunbonding manufacturing capabilities with an initial investment of over 19 million dollars in a new manufacturing facility and extensive updating of their spunbond lines. The new facility, scheduled for completion in September of 1993, will expand existing capacity of 600 million square yards to over 900 million square yards of spunbond nonwovens.

As a significant nonwovens supplier in North America, Poly-Bond is part of a global partnership with Dominion Nonwoven's Nordlys (Europe and the Far East). Poly-Bond and Nordlys are involved in different technologies covering a broad spectrum of the nonwovens industry. The two companies will share technology as well as cooperate in marketing products.

For information, please contact Poly-bond, 250 West Main Street, Suite 230, Charlottesville, VA 22902; (804) 295-6300, FAX (804) 295-1744.
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