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Poly Plant Project's Advanced 54-Rod CVD Reactor Chosen by Polysilicon Production Plant in China.

Summary: Leshan Ledian Tianwei Plant Will Follow-Up Its Use of PPP's 36-Rod Reactors With the All-New 54 Rod Silicon Deposition Reactor From PPP

Leshan Ledian Tianwei Silicon-Tech Co., Ltd. and Poly Plant Project Inc. (PPP) have signed an agreement to install PPP's advanced CVD silicon deposition Reactor at Leshan Ledian's polysilicon product plant in Leshan, China.

"We are pleased that the Leshan Ledian Tianwei polysilicon plant has chosen PPP's advanced 54-R Reactor as we believe it is the market leader in polysilicon production capacity, output and efficiency, surpassing other commercially available CVD reactors," said Dr. Jesse Chen, President of Poly Plant Project, Inc. "Our new 54-rod CVD Reactor delivers a guaranteed minimum annual production capacity of 365 Metric Tons per Year (MTY) of high-purity polysilicon and is designed for high-efficiency consuming less than 56 kWh of electricity per kilogram of polysilicon which will enable production plants to significantly reduce their operating cost."

"In addition to the equipment, PPP will also provide process technology, 54-rod CVD Reactor training and support during commissioning, operation and production of polysilicon." Dr. Chen said, "Leshan Ledian Tianwei and PPP will build on the success of Leshan Ledian Tianwei's first phase and further the mutual cooperation and continue improving the core polysilicon technology, equipment, and strength demonstrated by our companies working together."

Xin Zhang, Deputy General Manager and Chief Process Engineer at Leshan Ledian Tianwei Silicon-Tech Co., Ltd., presented at the SNEC 4th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference and indicated that, Ledian Tianwei is proud of setting a record for a 3,000 MTY plant in China by taking only 17 months from groundbreaking to produce the first batch of polysilicon and 24 months to reach 180 tons of poly production per month. With their accomplishment they have become the most successful and fastest project in China.

During his presentation at the SNEC Conference, Mr. Zhang discussed Ledian's record-setting achievements which were accomplished using 36-rod CVD Reactors, Thermal Converters as well as other equipment and process technology provided by Poly Plant Project, Inc. Highlights from his presentation included:

High yield, low consumption, pressurized 36-rod Reactors are yielding in excess of 200 MTY of high-purity polysilicon

36-rod CVD Reactors exhibit electrical consumption rates as low as 65kwh/Kg of polysilicon produced

High efficiency thermal converters are very reliable with a feed rate greater than 3.5 tons/hour and a 22% silicon tetrachloride-to-trichlorosilane (STC-to-TCS) conversion rate

The pressurized high feed rate thermal converters can handle STC capacity for 3000 t/a polysilicon production.

The thermal converters solve many STC-related problems which have been experienced at many polysilicon production plants

Dozens of technological improvements have been achieved during project implementation including the development of 19 patent applications.

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Date:Jul 6, 2010
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