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Pollenex plans to reenter market for humidifiers.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Pollenex, a Rival company and marketer of personal care products, will be reentering the humidifier market and will be introducing a line of handheld massagers at the 1995 International Housewares Show in Chicago.

New colors and innovative product designs are featured on the six new massager models. Pollenex will also be offering a new lineup of emergency radio/lanterns.

"Probably the biggest thing we're doing is we're introducing evaporative humidifiers," said Phil Gyori, director of marketing for Rival. "Well have two models of the tabletop evaporative humidifier."

Pollenex, a former manufacturer and marketer of humidifiers, is reentering the category with the Pollenex Whisper Mist evaporative humidifiers. Two models will be offered: The EH30 is a two-speed speed unit, and the EH50 is a three-speed unit with humidistat and Pollenex's exclusive BioGerm prefilter, an antimicrobial filter that the company claims eliminates airborne bacteria, viruses and germs.

Both models feature attractive, contemporary designs with directional air flow. The 2-gallon translucent blue water tank has a built-in handle and a large, easy-fill reservoir opening. The top of the unit easily lifts off for convenient cleaning and filter replacement.

The evaporative wicking technology used by the Whisper Mist humidifiers is the safest, most natural and most energy efficient method of humidification. Because there are no heating elements, these units are much more energy efficient than warm mist or vaporizing units, according to the company. Gyori added that evaporative humidifiers do not emit white dust.

The Pollenex Whisper Mist will be available in June and have a suggested retail between $39.99 to $59.99.

"We have completely redone our hand held massager line so we are going to be introducing new models," commented Gyori. "We are going to be in a position to actually redo the entire handheld massager line."

The Power Mite is a new opening price point massager available in both A/C (WM3) and rechargeable (WM4) versions. Lightweight and easy to use, the Power Mite has two-speeds for vigorous or gentle massage. The soft, multi-surfaced massage head provides relief for all parts of the body.

The Power Massage (WM6) is an all-purpose A/C massager that features an angled head, soft massage surfaces and an extra long 8-foot power cord for added convenience.

The Back Relief Power Massage comes in both A/C and rechargeable models (WM8 and WM9). With a handle that can bend to a 15 degree and a 30 degree angle, this massager makes it easy to massage hard to reach areas on the back and shoulders.

The Rub Down massager (THM8) is a twin-headed massager with two powerful motors. Its lightweight, handy design makes it easy to massage the neck, shoulders, arms and legs.

Pollenex wand massagers are accented is either burgundy or blue, will be available in spring and have a suggested retail ranging from $14.99 to $29.99.

Pollenex is also introducing a new air cleaner designed specifically for automobiles (PA83). The Pollenex automobile air cleaner has an electronic ionizer/precipitator that helps eliminate exhaust fumes, smoke and other odors. By capturing dust and smoke particles, it cleans and deodorizes the air inside cars and even helps keep interiors clean, according to Gyori.

The attractive compact design mounts easily to the dashboard and conveniently plugs into the car's cigarette lighter. It is available now and carries a suggested retail of $19.95.

Pollenex will also have a new line of emergency radio/lanterns. These handy troubleshooters are great for the car, the boat and at home.

Equipped with powerful flashlight lanterns and AM/FM radios the emergency radio/lanterns are real lifesavers when lost, or when in trouble during a power failure, storm or accident. Four models offer a wide range of features and price points.

The Lifeguard (ER6) has a convenient, compact design with a handy, built-in first aid kit. It comes ready-to-go with four bandages and alcohol pad.

The Emergency Rescuer (ER8) is water resistant and features a high intensity krypton bulb, a siren and a telescoping antenna.

The Emergency Scout (ER10) is an all-purpose radio/lantern with a unique swing-out fluorescent light and an emergency flasher. This multifunction lantern can be used as a flashlight, desk lamp, work fight or torch.

The Explorer (ER12) is a heavy duty, water-resistant lantern with weather band. Other features include a siren, an emergency flashing light and a telescoping antenna.

The Pollenex emergency radio/lanterns range in retail price from $14.99 to $34.99 and will be available in the spring.
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Author:Belmont, David J.
Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
Date:Jan 16, 1995
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