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Pollen allergy season to continue till mid of April: Specialists.

ISLAMABAD: Allergy experts Thursday urged the media to create awareness among the public about pollen allergy treatments as people suffering from asthma and respiratory diseases can experience serious health consequences.

Talking to a private news channel, specialists urged both print and electronic media to play their vital role and broadcast and telecast the interviews of the medical experts for dealing with the pollen allergy.

Doctors suggested that the patients should avoid visiting the areas with mulberry trees, refrain themselves from smelling flowers and also keep the windows of their vehicles and homes closed.

Doctors also advise patients to start consuming anti-allergy medicines as prescribed by their physicians to avoid complications.

Senior Specialist Dr Afzal Ahmad said for the relief of pollen allergy patients, the city's major government hospitals, have allocated special beds, stocked medicines, and announced free diagnosis and treatment for the patients.

Specialist said day by day the number of patients is increasing and the number is expected to double by mid of April.

He said people with low immunity like patients, children and the old should avoid going into parks and lawns.

The doctor advised the people, especially those allergic to pollens, neither to go to gardens, forests and jogging tracks in green areas nor to keep flowers and plants indoors.

He explained Paper mulberry trees are major root cause of pollen in capital city, adding, patients sensitive to pollen suffer allergy, irritation, running nose, itchy eyes, headache, severe cough and breathing problems after exposure to these pollen particles, which are microscopic in size.

He said all pollen allergy patients have been advised to wear allergy masks, avoid environmental exposure and take prescribed anti-allergy medicines.

He highlighted, that the government has been launched the pollen allergy awareness campaign to deliver health lectures regarding precaution, prevention and cure of pollen allergy.

Dr Afzal Ahmad said, more than 2000 patients with pollen allergy symptoms registered this spring at Islamabad's various hospitals and clinics till now.

The patients are also advised to remove the flowers and indoor plants from their rooms and houses."People should close the windows to ensure pollen would not enter their houses.

"If it is very important to go outdoors, precautionary measures such as wearing masks or applying Vaseline around the nasal area and wearing goggles to protect the eyes, can help," says a doctor.

However, doctor advice patients to start consuming anti-allergy medicines as prescribed by their physicians to avoid complications.

Another senior specialist Dr Waseem Khawaja said day by day the number of patients is increasing. Their number is expected to double by mid of April.

Visit your physician as soon as you find any symptoms as pollen allergy must not be taken lightly, said, adding, mild symptoms may suddenly worsen and cause death within 10 minutes, he said.

"Banners inscribed with precautionary measures should be hung at every signal in the capital for the mass awareness" he stressed.

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Publication:Daily the Pak Banker (Lahore, Pakistan)
Date:Apr 5, 2019
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