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Pollen allergy patients increase in federal capital.

Islamabad -- Pollen count has increased up to 28,9226 per cubic feet in federal capital on Tuesday as pollen concentration increased due to the onset of spring season.

On the other hand the patients affected with pollen allergy have increased to 7000 and it was increasing in each passing day. More than 4000 patients have visited PIMS during the past three weeks.

The most abundant pollen types in Islamabad were from eight plant species including, paper mulberry, acacia, eucalyptus, pines, grasses, cannabis, dandelion and alternaria.

It added that out of all these plants paper mulberry shares about 97% of the total pollen and its concentration touches the extreme limits of about 40,000 per cubic meter of air at the peak of the blossom season.

People suffering from asthma and respiratory diseases experience serious consequences due to sharp increase in pollen concentrations. Pims Media Coordinator has viewed that during the last three weeks around 4,000 patients were nebulised. He said pollen count was considered very high so people should adopt precautionary measures.

He said pollen allergy symptoms included sneezing, runny nose, watering of eyes, coughing, improper breathing, wheezing and eventually attacks of asthma. There can also be itching on the skin. Complete avoidance of allergenic pollen means moving to a place where the offending plant does not grow and where its pollen is not present in the air. But even this may offer only a temporary relief since a person who is sensitive to a specific weed, tree or grass pollen may often develop allergies to others after repeated exposure.

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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
Date:Apr 10, 2019
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