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Poll: 55% of Israelis See Settlers as Modern-Day Maccabees.


A majority of Israelis, including 51% of secular public, views settlers as = Hasmoneans of our time. Following them on the scale of likeness to Maccabee= s are social activists and IDF officers

They feel as if the media and the public are hostile towards them, but now = are finally receiving their cross-sectorial medal of honor. A Ynet poll rev= ealed that a majority of the public =96 including 51% of the seculars =96 b= elieve that the settlers are "the Hasmonean counterpart" of our times.

The poll, conducted in honor of Chanukah, also asked who Israelis see as th= e modern-day Hellenists and what the Maccabees would think about Israel tod= ay. The poll was conducted by Panels Institute on a sample representative o= f the adult Jewish population in Israel of 498 respondents. The maximum sam= pling error is 4.4%=B1.

To the question "Who are the Maccabees of our day?", 55% responded "the set= tlers," 20% chose the social activists, 13% chose IDF officers, 6% chose me= mbers of Knesset, and 6% chose environmental activists. In an analysis of t= hose who chose the settler response according to religious affiliation, sho= ws 50% of haredim, 51% of the seculars, 58% of the traditionalists, and 69%= of the religious believe that the settlers are the modern-day Maccabees.

And who are the Hellenists of the 21st Century? Thirty percent believe "tho= se who insert words from foreign languages into Hebrew or those who name th= eir children Latin names." Some 28% said that those who want to make money = at any price are the modern-day Hellenists, while 26% said people who are b= rand-conscious. Another 16% responded that people who watch a lot of televi= sion are manifestations of modern-day Hellenism.

Breaking down the results according to shows that seculars were most likely= to indicate the desire to be famous (31%). Traditionalists were most noted= the use of Latin names and words (32%). The religious public emphasized ch= asing after brands (31%), and haredim indicated watching television (44%) a= nd the source of Hellenism in today's society.

The Hasmoneans were known, among other things, for secretly violating the l= aws of the Greek regime that forbade upholding the Torah's commandments. A = clear majority of the respondents (59%) said they would participate in lega= l protests such as demonstrations and media spokesmanship when faced with S= tate laws and orders antithetical to their beliefs and values.

On the other hand, 18% said they would not do anything "because it wouldn't= have an effect." Some 8% said they would involve international bodies in o= rder to revoke the laws, while 4% said they would partake in illegal and vi= olent protest. Some 11% said they do not know how they would react.

Most of the religious affiliations preferred legal protest as their prime p= ath of action: 66% of religious, 59% of traditionalists, 58% of seculars, a= nd 39% of haredim.

In conclusion, the respondents were asked to estimate "what would the Hasmo= neans think of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state?" Some = 33% responded that the Hasmoneans would think this type of country is ideal= . Some 25% said the state would be considered a symbol of Hellenism in the = eyes of the Hasmoneans because its laws are not based on halacha. Some 21% = said the Hasmoneans would accept the State having no other choice. Another = 21% did not respond.

The haredim and the religious believe the State of Israel would be seen by = the Hasmoneans as a symbol of Hellenism (67% and 42% respectively). Traditi= onalists believe they would come to terms with the State having no other ch= oice (31%), and the seculars said the Hasmoneans would see the State as ide= al.
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Date:Dec 21, 2009
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