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Politics without compass: experts on Albanian political platforms.

Experts assess that, even though the Albanian electorate has a varied political offer, the Albanian parties do not have the capacity to be involved in politics. Alajdin Demiri notes that when the political parties are faced with extinction, they nostalgically recall their earlier ideas or they ask to be pardoned for their mistakes. "The problem is that the Albanian political parties appear on the political scene in an attempt to build a binational state with equal federal and confederate rights. Unfortunately, history has shown that the parties and their leaders are becoming more and more corrupt and are betraying their ideas for other interests. Then they want to be pardoned for their mistakes," Demiri explained. Professor Albert Musliu argues that, now that the issue of Kosovo has been resolved, the Albanians in Macedonia lack national vision. Ismail Sinani stresses that every Albanian political party considers itself a serious political factor, bud he notes that they have all lost the sense for action. "The ideas that they promote through various platforms are aimed at collecting political points. I think that it is sad that, even after 19 years of political pluralism, and especially after the war in year 2001, someone is still toying with the national feelings of the electorate," Sinani said.
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Title Annotation:Koha (daily)
Author:Bajrami, Fami
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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