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Politics - Geagea rules out outbreak of civil war in Lebanon.

NNA - 24/8/2012- Head of the Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea assured in an interview with a German newspaper that there is no fear of an outbreak of a civil war in Lebanon and did not expect any fallout of the Syrian conflict on the country.

"The Syrian crisis will not move to Lebanon and there is no fear of a civil war again although some of Syria's allies and most notably Hezbollah are trying to trigger trouble in the country and in more than one area in a bid to ease the pressure on the Syrian regime," Geagea told "Frankfurter Allgemeine".

He added that the arrest of former MP and Minister Michael Samaha has demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt that Bashar Assad's regime was striving to foment strife in Lebanon between the Alawites and Sunnis on one hand and between the Christians and Sunnis on the other.

Geagea stressed that the President of the Republic Michael Sleiman is exerting utmost efforts to spare Lebanon a civil war and to preserve what left of the Lebanese state.

But the head of the Lebanese Forces declined to say who stood behind the assassination attempt against his own life although he had his own conclusion about this incident.

"I have my own analysis about this attempt and who is behind it but I can't announce it now and will leave it to the investigators," Geagea said.

He added that the attempt on his life was part of the assassination series which started with late former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

"I am not satisfied by the current investigations and this is due to the partial paralysis which the state is currently experiencing." He suggested that the Syrian regime and Hezbollah maybe behind most of the security incidents in Lebanon.

Geagea wondered why all the spate of assassinations and assassination attempts has targeted March 14 political figures, citing the example of the last attempt on MP Boutros Harb.

"The Syrian regime was seeking to foment strife between the Sunnis and Alawites after the security forces discovered explosive devises that were planned to kill hundreds of innocent people." He added that the Syrian regimes are using Alwaits and non Alawites to serve its goals in Lebanon.

Geagea believes that the fall of Assad is a matter of time and this will happen in few months only.



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Publication:National News Agency Lebanon (NNA)
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Date:Aug 24, 2012
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