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Politics - Fatfat to Berri: Not a penny spent without Parliament's knowledge.

NNA - 31/05/2011 - Testy Member of Parliament Ahmad Fatfat confirmed on Tuesday that not a single penny was spent by the Lebanese state without the House of Parliament's knowledge.

In an interview with Al-Jadeed TV, the Future bloc MP responded to Speaker of the House Nabih Berri's latest speech which basically touched on the Lebanese public debt.

Berri is well aware that the Lebanese state did not spend a single penny without the knowledge of the House of Parliament, thus Berri is a partner in all those expenditures, Fatfat said.

Within the Tele-Communications Minister Charbel Nahhas and Internal Security Forces Major General Ashraf Rifi post confrontation reactions, Fafat held Interior Minister Ziad Baroud responsible for the way Rifi was making media appearances and statements touching on the matter without Baroud's approval.

'There no longer exists sides Rifi can refer to. Whoever leaves a vacant place behind should be held responsible,' he said about Baroud who decided to refrain from his task as Interior Minister, in the wake of aforementioned confrontation.

Moreover, he accused Baroud of inertia running the Interior Ministry's affairs. He said if Baroud took apt and responsible decisions prior to the confrontation, 'we wouldn't have reached this unwanted stage.' Touching on his recent meeting with Lebanese President Michel Sleiman, Fafat affirmed that he had an honest discussion with his Excellency, especially concerning Nahhas-Rifi confrontation.

'I briefed the President on our full vision with this regard.

Rifi did not go wrong and Baroud did not take solid action, thus it was Rifi's full right to rebuff the evacuation of the Tele-com building for security reasons,' Fatfat explained.

Fatfat, however, relayed Sleiman's doggedness to refer Major General Rifi to Justice.

'The matter is in a crucial need of a decisive judicial decision as long as there exists opposing points of view,' he said.



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Publication:National News Agency Lebanon (NNA)
Date:May 31, 2011
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