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Politicians are passing the buck.

I JUST love those who write in expounding their own views of why we would be better off in or out of the EU.

Brian Taylor says if we leave the EU we could start manufacturing things again, he quotes white goods. We probably could do lots of things but leaving the EU is a step into the unknown regardless of what hypothetical arguments you have for leaving.

We just don't know, we do know what staying in looks like, we are living it! Make your own mind up, perhaps by tossing a coin. My beef is that the people we employ to run the country are passing the buck to the populace to make the decision and we just don't have the relevant facts to hand no matter what each side says. This decision should have been made by the MPs we have elected to make tough decisions for us.

STEPHEN THOMPSON, NBSL enterprise agency, Ashington

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Mar 14, 2016
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