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Politicians' calibre.

Byline: Sabahat Kiran - Karachi

ISN'T hanging one's photos at public places an act of narcissism? Our politicians are narcissists because their photos are everywhere?

What message does such a political practice convey to our children and youth? I believe such a practice teaches them to adore narcissism, making us a nation that mostly idealises superficiality. As a result, today we have no great politicians of Jinnah's calibre.

A few months ago, the Supreme Court ordered the Sindh government to ensure the removal of advertisements, signboards and panaflex with pictures of politicians from across the province by April 4, but no action was taken in this regard.

Instead of being ashamed of their incompetence and inability to bring socio-economic change, our politicians have had their pictures with grinning faces hung at every square and corner of our cities and towns unabashedly. It is an anomaly that instead of feeling guilty of their inaction to make this country an economic power in the region, they run political campaigns at the cost of public funds which should have been utilised for public welfare.

Such uncivilised political exhibition of photos and banners make our cities like Karachi look dull and dirty. This shows we have no aesthetic sense. It also goes against the spirit of democracy where there should be a level playing field for everyone since not all the candidates can afford such a costly display of their party symbols.

It is time we get rid of rotten political values and give a fresh flow to the stagnated political life in Pakistan. It is the responsibility of the interim government to ensure these signboards, panaflexes and advertisements are removed.

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Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Jul 3, 2018
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