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Political parties agree to form new KRG cabinet.

Summary: The KDP, CM and KIG have agreed to form the KRG cabinet, while the PUK and KIU have not decided to join the government yet. The PUK seems very upset as its ally refused to give it the key security posts in the cabinet.

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The KDP, CM and KIG have agreed to form the KRG cabinet, while the PUK and KIU have not decided to join the government yet. The PUK seems very upset as its ally refused to give it the key security posts in the cabinet.

By Salih Waladbagi

The three winning parties of the last September elections have signed the final agreement on forming the new government cabinet after 208 days delay. Meanwhile, the third winning party, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), has not decided to join the cabinet yet and still thinks over the options.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Change Movement (CM) as well as the Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) have signed the final agreement to form the Kurdistan Regional Government cabinet soon.

The KDP negotiating committee, led by the secretary of the KDP politburo Fadhil Mirani, met with the CM committee in the Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani's house in Erbil on Thursday 17 April, 2014.

Following the meeting, Mirani said : "We have signed the agreement to form the cabinet." Kurdistan residents have been waiting for this news for seven months.

According to the newly signed agreement, the CM is going to take the ministries of Peshmarga, Finance and Economy, Endowment and Religious Affairs, Trade and Industry plus the post of the Parliament Speaker and head of the Investment Board.

The KDP is going to fill the posts of the next Prime Minister as well as the ministries of Interior, Natural Resources, Planning, Municipality and Education.

KIG is going to take the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Minister for Environment Affairs, the agreement read.

Regarding the offer presented to the Kurdistan Islamic Union, the KDP representative confirmed that the party has suggested the ministry of electricity, but the KIU has refused it.

The KIU asked the KDP committee to change it to one of the ministries of Planning, Municipality, Education or Health.

It is expected that the Kurdistan Parliament is going to hold its first session a week after the agreement to select the presidency board. Then the Parliament would assign the next Prime Minister, who is his Excellency Nechirvan Idris Barzani, to form the cabinet within the period of only thirty days.

Political analysts say that the next cabinet without PUK's participation would be incomplete because the party controls the political, security and financial affairs in the province of Sulaimani and Garmiyan Region.

The KDP won the elections and maintained its position as the largest vote-winner, while CM came second with everyone's raised eyebrows and the KDP's strategic partner since the 90s, the PUK, fell into the third place.

Despite its defeat in the polls, the PUK insisted on taking key security ministerial posts in the new cabinet, while other parties, especially the KDP and CM, think that it no longer deserves such positions.

The KDP had warned the political parties, especially the PUK, that is going to announce the cabinet at the end of April with or without the PUK. The PUK which is largely supported by the neighboring Iran asked the Iranian mediators to convince the KDP and the CM to give it the ministry of Peshmarga.

It seems that the two parties have rejected the proposals of the Iranian mediators.

Following the announcement of the agreement, the PUK issued a statement saying it has already "predicted" that the two parties would sign the agreement.

The agreement made many of the PUK supporters upset. Meanwhile, the PUK politburo announced that it will have its own say but in an appropriate time. The statement read that all the options are open for the PUK.

It also read that the problem is not the announcement of the agreement but it is something else.

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Publication:The Kurdish Globe (Erbil, Iraq)
Date:Apr 21, 2014
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