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Political correctness redux.

JOHN MCCAIN USED TO deploy the old saying about lipstick not changing the essential nature of a pig, but when Barack Obama used it last week, it was suddenly fraught with deep misogynist meaning.

There was a time when the Republicans expressed disdain for such political correctness among Democrats, but this must be part of that change both parties keep talking about.

Therefore, we offer this handy guide to other common references that should be avoided in political debate, 2008 style:

* "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." This could be interpreted as an attack on a candidate's cooking skills.

* "Mulish." This could be interpreted as an attack on wearers of certain backless shoes.

* "If it quacks like a duck." This could be interpreted as an attack on lame ducks (which is not politically correct either).

* "Putting the cart before the horse." This could be interpreted as an attack on dark horses--something that easily could be misinterpreted and should be avoided at all costs.

* "The tail wagging the dog." It is extremely risky to refer to either tails or dogs in the current political environment.

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Title Annotation:Editorial
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Sep 15, 2008
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