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Political cartoon.

This cartoonist uses metaphor (describing one thing as if it were another) to comment on the presidential-electio campaign. What does the artist say about the nature of the campaign? Do you agree with him? Study the cartoon, and answer the questions below.

1. Why do you think the artist chose hockey to symbolize the presidential election?--

2. Who is the man in the middle, and what do the hockey pucks represent?--

3. Why does President Bush appear on the right side of the cartoon and Senator Kerry on the left?--

4. What other issues do you think are important in this year's election?--

5. Does the cartoonist reveal a preference for either candidate? Give reasons for your answer.--


1. The artist titled his cartoon "Face-off." This term, which literally means a direct confrontation, relates to hockey. The cartoon suggests that the presidential race between President Bush and Senator Kerry will be a bruising and bloody contest, much like a typical hockey game.

2. The man could be a referee who symbolizes an American voter. He is holding hockey pucks that represent critical issues in this year's presidential election: health care, the economy, unemployment, and the rebuilding of Iraq.

3. By having President Bush on the right side of the panel, the cartoonist is aligning him with the "right," or conservative wing of American politics. Senator Kerry represents the liberal wing by appearing on the left.

4. Answers will vary.

5. Answers will vary.
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