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Garrett Graff Divulges History of U.S. Government's Doomsday Plans with "Raven Rock" at a National Press Club Headliners Event, May 22. May 3, 2017 432
US leadership and the international refugee regime. Martin, Susan F.; Ferris, Elizabeth Mar 22, 2017 8489
Trump's supporters revealed: two new books underscore the big lesson of 2016: GOP base voters hate big government spending only when the "wrong" people benefit. Drutman, Lee Nov 1, 2016 2426
Author comes to the defense of Obamacare: Daniel Dawes'book gives insight into law's creation. Manson, Jamie Interview Oct 7, 2016 2126
Metropolitan Jews: Politics, Race, and Religion in Postwar Detroit. Kranson, Rachel Oct 1, 2016 1010
Side Effects and Complications: The Economic Consequences of Health-Care Reform. Cannon, Michael F. Sep 22, 2016 1864
How do you get ideologues to change their minds? The answer can be found in the conservative movement's turn against mass incarceration. Schoenfeld, Heather Sep 1, 2016 1470
A Springfield education: Sidney Blumenthal's elegant chronicle of Abraham Lincoln's political apprenticeship. Guelzo, Allen C. Jun 1, 2016 2312
New Bill to Replace Obamacare Draws from Independent Institute Book. May 24, 2016 518
Britain's influence in the EU. Menon, Anand; Salter, John-Paul May 1, 2016 5501
Errors in strategic thinking: anti-politics and the macro bias. Perez, Celestino Apr 1, 2016 6252
Hodder & Stoughton to publish Martin Williams' first book Parliament Ltd: A Journey to the Dark Heart of British Politics. Mar 23, 2016 146
The impact of the Muslim brotherhood on the changing face of the Middle East. Gray, Ian Mar 22, 2016 628
Factions of different stripes: gauging the recruitment logics of factions in the reform period. Meyer, David; Shih, Victor C.; Lee, Jonghyuk Mar 1, 2016 9182
Next to a miracle. Guelzo, Allen Mar 1, 2016 2204
House Policy Chair Cong. Luke Messer (R-Ind) National Press Club Newsmaker 10AM Tues., Feb. 16 to Discuss Governing and Issues in Election Year 2016. Feb 9, 2016 429
The freedom caucus is (sort of) right. Drutman, Lee Jan 1, 2016 2357
A game plan that should not die: what today's Democrats can learn from Ted Kennedy's maneuvering his way through and around a Republican Congress. Lee, Frances E. Nov 1, 2015 1794
Complementary institutions in authoritarian regimes: the everyday politics of constituency service in Singapore. Ong, Elvin Sep 1, 2015 12166
Politics, Faith, and the Making of American Judaism. Rabin, Shari Jul 1, 2015 706
The rise of prerogative power. Leef, George Jun 22, 2015 1711
Low-information lawmakers: why today's congress can no longer cope with complex problems. Drutman, Lee Jun 1, 2015 1572
The age of the disengaged: are Millennials really more alienated from politics than youth in generations past? Cooper, Ryan Jun 1, 2015 1624
MP Kanybek Imanaliyev presents his book in German to 'tell about history, culture of people'. Apr 13, 2015 133
AK Party axes many, nominates loyalists with Erdoy-an's imprint. Apr 8, 2015 1291
AK Party axes many, nominates loyalists with Erdoy-an's imprint. Apr 7, 2015 1112
The Downfall of Abba Hillel Silver and the Foundation of Israel. Segev, Zobar Apr 1, 2015 925
The Ideal Refugees: Gender, Islam, and the Sahrawi Politics of Survival. Mundy, Jacob Mar 22, 2015 1771
The Fourth Revolution: The Global Race to Reinvent the State. Toh, Kiertisak Mar 22, 2015 2354
The American Warfare State: The Domestic Politics of Military Spending. Preble, Christopher A. Jan 1, 2015 1055
Managing social stability: the perspective of a local government in China. Wang, Juan Jan 1, 2015 8937
Voter demands for patronage: evidence from Indonesia. Shin, Jae Hyeok Report Jan 1, 2015 9041
The tie that binds: how Ronald Reagan, the sunniest president in recent memory, cemented the Republican Party to the dark vision of Richard Nixon. Kilgore, Ed Nov 1, 2014 1480
Party system fragmentation in Indonesia: the subnational dimension. Tomsa, Dirk May 1, 2014 12163
James E. Clyburn's Memoir, "Blessed Experiences: Genuinely Southern, Proudly Black" Published May 1, 2014. Apr 30, 2014 826
Crusading Teddy would be aghast at today's GOP. Wolfson, Lewis Apr 11, 2014 1014
Organizational clientelism: an analysis of private entrepreneurs in Chinese local legislatures. Sun, Xin; Zhu, Jiangnan; Wu, Yiping Jan 1, 2014 10904
Impact of quota on candidates: beyond numbers. Naggar, Samia El Dec 1, 2013 6910
Parliament produces informative books in eight foreign languages. Nov 19, 2013 190
Campaign 2012: how we dodged a bullet: Mitt Romney didn't lose because of the GOP's far-right agenda. That's what's scary. Kilgore, Ed Nov 1, 2013 1561
The glory of gridlock. Brannon, Ike Sep 22, 2013 1451
Political economy of agricultural market reform in Ukraine: "Good Bye Lenin". Krasnozhon, Leonid A. Sep 22, 2013 6925
Contemporary Chinese Politics: New Sources, Methods, and Field Strategies. Steinfield, Edward S. Sep 1, 2013 1019
Political transitions: opportunities to renegotiate the public service bargain. Althaus, Catherine; Vakil, Thea Sep 1, 2013 5175
"Be sure thou prove my love a whore": forged evidence and engines of proof in Coleridge's Shakespearean politics. Myers, Victoria Jun 22, 2013 11402
The politics of subreption: resisting the sublime in Shelley's "Mont Blanc". Borushko, Matthew C. Jun 22, 2013 12021
The Price of Politics. Fischer, Raymond L. May 1, 2013 1351
Diplomatic ritual as a power resource: the politics of asymmetry in early modern Chinese-Korean relations. Lee, Ji-Young May 1, 2013 10335
Jimmy Carter, The Politics of Family, and the Rise of the Religious Right. Ashlock, Larry C. Mar 22, 2013 508
Slaves of defunct economists: why politicians pursue austerity policies that never work. Farrell, Henry Mar 1, 2013 1510
"The ultimate step:" Judah P. Benjamin and secession. Cunningham, Geoffrey D. Jan 1, 2013 8464
Sustainable development in Quebec and Flanders: institutionalizing symbolic politics? Happaerts, Sander Dec 1, 2012 8876
National Press Club to Host "NEWSMAKER" with Women's Groups Promote Sex Education for Policymakers; New Effort Launched to Send "Our Bodies, Ourselves" to Congress; Supermodel Christy Turlington Burns To Join Advocates at NPC Newsmaker. Oct 16, 2012 454
LaMalfa on Books. LaMalfa, Tom Oct 1, 2012 908
Sexual Politics: Sexuality, Family Planning, and the British Left from the 1880s to the Present Day. Sep 22, 2012 255
Research and Markets: Trade the Congressional Effect. How To Profit from Congress's Impact on the Stock Market - This Timely Guide Will Show You Exactly What It Takes To Make This Phenomenon Work For You. Sep 11, 2012 428
Challenging Bosnian women's identity as rape victims, as unending victims: the 'other' sex in times of war. Simic, Olivera Report Sep 1, 2012 7170
The electoral system and Japan's partial transformation: party system consolidation without policy realignment. Scheiner, Ethan Sep 1, 2012 11502
A casualty of political transformation? The politics of energy efficiency in the Japanese transportation sector. Lipscy, Phillip Y. Sep 1, 2012 11875
Rethinking the institutional contexts of emerging markets through metaphor analysis. Alvi, Farzad H. Jul 1, 2012 9668
Politics and headhunting among the Formosan Sejiq: ethnohistorical perspectives. Simon, Scott Report Jul 1, 2012 15045
Omnicom Press Author Suggests Congress Members Duped by Foreign Agitators. Jun 13, 2012 222
Basing aesthetic issues on African discourses. Mhlambi, Innocentia J. Jun 1, 2012 6621
Rethinking and mainstreaming African literature in the academia. Shitemi, Naomi L. Jun 1, 2012 6299
Governing Fables: Learning from Public Sector Narratives. Lindquist, Evert A. Jun 1, 2012 2356
Beyond our control: labour adjustment in response to the global recession by multinational auto companies in Australia. Auer, Peter; Clibborn, Stephen; Lansbury, Russell D. Company overview Jun 1, 2012 6227
Research and Markets: I Wish I'd Known That Earlier in My Career: The Power of Positive Workplace Politics. May 9, 2012 411
The diverging political pathways of labor market reform in Japan and Korea. Song, Jiyeoun May 1, 2012 11872
Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg to Discuss State Budget With Sacramento Press Club. Apr 11, 2012 321
Healthy choices and heavy burdens: race, citizenship and gender in the 'obesity epidemic'. Firth, Jeanne Report Mar 15, 2012 8732
Forcing the genie back in the bottle: sociological change, institutional reform, and health policy in Thailand. Hicken, Allen; Selway, Joel Sawat Jan 1, 2012 12581
The Young Nixon and His Rivals: Four California Republicans Eye The White House, 1946-1958. Rarick, Ethan Dec 22, 2011 630
Research and Markets: Complete A-Z Encyclopedia of Bioterrorism Defense: Related Science, Technology, Medicine, Politics, Law and History. Nov 3, 2011 254
State power and staying power: infrastructural mechanisms and authoritarian durability. Slater, Dan; Fenner, Sofia Sep 22, 2011 6402
Perpetuating communist party rule in China. Wright, Teresa Sep 22, 2011 6899
"Goldilocks" liberalization: the uneven path toward interest rate reform in China. Shih, Victor Sep 1, 2011 11433
Review essay--access to justice in post-Mao China: assessing the politics of criminal and administrative law. Kinkel, Jonathan; Hurst, William Sep 1, 2011 12995
The extensional orientation, hegemony, and general semantics. Fiordo, Richard Jul 1, 2011 16303
The concept of fetal life: politics drives perception. Furedi, Ann Jun 22, 2011 2167
The politics of the spider. Ranciere, Jacques Jun 22, 2011 5679
Still kicking? The Royal Commission on Social Policy, 20 years on. Barnes, Jo; Harris, Paul Jun 1, 2011 6981
Review essay: what happened to the study of China in comparative politics? Reny, Marie-Eve Jan 1, 2011 12906
Gender and increased access to schooling in Cameroon: a marginal benefit incidence analysis. Johannes, Tabi Atemnkeng; Noula, Armand Gilbert Jan 1, 2011 6438
The French text of Wagner's Das Judentum in Der Musik. Bloom, Peter Obituary Dec 1, 2010 11470
Conscience of a movement: fifty years ago, conservative publishing was born. Scallon, Sean Dec 1, 2010 1395
Life as Politics: How ordinary people change the Middle East. Nov 24, 2010 1025
Richard Hughes Seager, The World's Parliament of Religions: The East/West Encounter, Chicago, 1893. Timm, Jeffrey R. Sep 22, 2010 295
Nihilism's conscience: on Nietzsche's politics of aristocratic radicalism. Osborn, Ronald E. Sep 22, 2010 9306
Restoring American prosperity: a provocative new book attacks the myth of the "new normal" and argues why new stimulus is not the answer. Hubbard, Glenn Sep 22, 2010 2157
Unnatural selection: how a politically rigged economic system has been sold to Americans as a force of nature. Kilgore, Ed Sep 1, 2010 1535
Chaucer, books, and the poetic library. Kupfer, David C. Sep 1, 2010 15676
The Politics of Uneven Development: Thailand's Economic Growth in Comparative Perspective. Hurst, William Sep 1, 2010 996
Avoiding blame, doing good, and claiming credit: reforming Canadian income security. Prince, Michael J. Sep 1, 2010 12417
A feminist struggle? South African HIV activism as feminist politics. Jungar, Katarina; Oinas, Elina May 1, 2010 7712
Political survival, energy policies, and multinational corporations: a historical study for standard oil of New Jersey in Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela in the twentieth century. Bucheli, Marcelo; Aguilera, Ruth V. May 1, 2010 13554
MP in Labour book blast. Mar 15, 2010 290
"Deep prescience": succession and the politics of prophecy in Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. Walsh, Brian Jan 1, 2010 11328
Messy Morality: The Challenge of Politics. Nadeau, Christian Dec 22, 2009 1242
Party favors: conservative bestsellers run long on celebrity but short on ideas. Carney, John Essay Dec 1, 2009 1874
The role of politics in Pakistan's economy. Husain, Ishrat Sep 22, 2009 7349
John Kerrigan, Archipelagic English: Literature, History, and Politics 1603-1707. Coolahan, Marie-Louise Sep 22, 2009 1928
Local People's Congresses in China: Development and Transition. Sun, Ying Sep 1, 2009 968
"People like us" in pursuit of God and rights: Islamic feminist discourse and sisters in Islam in Malaysia. Moll, Yasmin Report Sep 1, 2009 8826
Islamic feminism and Muslim women's rights activism in India: from transnational discourse to local movement--or vice versa? Schneider, Nadja-Christina Report Sep 1, 2009 8431
Faith-based politics, enlightened moderation and the pakistani women's movement. Zia, Afiya Shehrbano Company overview Sep 1, 2009 11784
Research and Markets: The Four Pillars of Retirement Plans: the Fiduciary Guide to Participant Directed Retirement Plans. Jul 3, 2009 405
Structural reform and firm exports. Cuervo-Cazurra, Alvaro; Dau, Luis Alfonso Jul 1, 2009 14399
Aptara's fast publishing solutions launch mass distribution of eBooks. Jun 23, 2009 332
Darwin's shadow: context and reception in the Muslim world. Iqbal, Muzaffar Jun 22, 2009 17349
Politically desperate housewives: women and conservatism in postwar Los Angeles. Nickerson, Michelle Jun 22, 2009 9117
The norms and politics of exit: ending postconflict transitional administrations. Zaum, Dominik Jun 22, 2009 8651
Lies my Fathers of Confederation told me: are the governor general's reserve powers a safeguard of democracy? Hicks, Bruce Jun 22, 2009 3866
A tale of two theories. Moore, Michael S. May 1, 2009 11180
Small Change: Money, Political Parties, and Campaign Finance Reform. Garrett, R. Sam Mar 22, 2009 1432
Multicultural Odysseys: Navigating the New International Politics of Diversity. Towns, Ann Mar 22, 2009 1181
The Moral Force of Indigenous Politics: Critical Liberalism and the Zapatistas. Eisenberg, Avigail Mar 22, 2009 1000
Japanese Lower House campaigns in transition: manifest changes or fleeting fads? Koellner, Patrick Jan 1, 2009 11042
The Third Citizen: Shakespeare's Theater and the Early Modern House of Commons. Fitter, Chris Jan 1, 2009 1502
Breasts & the beestings: rethinking breast-feeding practices, maternity rituals, & maternal attachment in Britain & Ireland. Hogan, Susan Nov 1, 2008 11058
Paradox of deregulation: why market fundamentalism eventually leads to more government, not less. Anrig, Greg Nov 1, 2008 1317
Politics and personality: in The Obama Nation, author Jerome Corsi offers some devastating critiques of Barack Obama, including his ties to radical leftists and his "cult of personality.". Hession, Gregory A. Oct 13, 2008 758
Jews, Catholics, and the Shaping of Postwar Politics. Stranger-Ross, Jordan Sep 22, 2008 862
Heads in the Sand How Republicans Screw Up Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy Screws Up the Democrats. Green, Brendan Rittenhouse Sep 22, 2008 1961
Changing China. Colleran, Brian Jul 1, 2008 271
FOCUS: Politicians' books hit store shelves. Jun 23, 2008 581
Mohammed Ayoob. The Many Faces of Political Islam: Religion and Politics in the Muslim World. Jun 22, 2008 382
Deconstructing Islamization in Pakistan: Sabiha Sumar wages feminist cinematic jihad through a documentary lens. Imran, Rahat Interview May 1, 2008 21071
Male identity and female space in the fiction of Ugandan women writers. Kiyimba, Abasi May 1, 2008 16994
Freedom from Want: American Liberalism and the Global Economy. Griswold, Daniel Mar 22, 2008 1371
The Many Faces of Political Islam: Religion and Politics in the Muslim World. Springborg, Robert Mar 22, 2008 1918
Faith in Moderation: Islamist Parties in Jordan and Yemen. Smiley, Will Mar 22, 2008 1015
Shock Cities: The Environmental Transformation and Reform of Manchester and Chicago. Bocking, Stephen Mar 22, 2008 1042
Should physical activity be on the healthy ageing agenda? Grant, Bevan C. Mar 1, 2008 6068
A transient transition: the cultural and institutional obstacles impeding the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition (NIWC) in its progression from informal to formal politics. Murtagh, Cera Mar 1, 2008 8523
White Ethnic New York: Jews, Catholics and the Shaping of Postwar Politics. Karpathakis, Anna Mar 1, 2008 1056
Two Cohen & Grigsby Directors Serve as Co-Authors for New Book on Dealing with Governmental Health Care Agencies. Jan 31, 2008 720
The write stuff: U.S. serial print culture from conservatives out to neo-Nazis. Berlet, Chip Jan 1, 2008 14385
An alternative vision of librarianship: James Danky and the sociocultural politics of collection development. Dilevko, Juris Jan 1, 2008 12249
Bound to rule: party institutions and regime trajectories in Malaysia and the Philippines. Brownlee, Jason Jan 1, 2008 11365
Veterans, organization, and the politics of martial citizenship in China. Diamant, Neil J. Jan 1, 2008 16656
Two understandings of morality and their relationship to politics. Cane, Peter Interview Jan 1, 2008 8484
The social world of prostitutes and devadasis: a study of the social structure and its politics in early modern India. Sharma, Karuna Company overview Nov 1, 2007 8333
What religion brings to the politics of transitional justice. Philpott, Daniel Sep 22, 2007 8197
The Parliament of Man: The Past, Present, and Future of the United Nations. Crossette, Barbara Sep 1, 2007 2165
Distributional coalitions, the industrial revolution, and the origins of economic growth in Britain. Mokyr, Joel; Nye, John V.C. Report Jul 1, 2007 13081
The inconveniences of transnational democracy. Cabrera, Luis Jun 22, 2007 8640
Works planners read: findings from a Canadian survey. Filion, Pierre; Shipley, Robert; Te, Zeralynne Survey Jun 22, 2007 12787
Social structure and party support in the East Asian democracies. McAllister, Ian May 1, 2007 8496
The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power and Politics of World Trade. Whaples, Robert Mar 22, 2007 1061
Neoliberalism, conflict and an oil economy: the case of Iraq. Mahdi, Kamil Jan 1, 2007 9129
"Forgotten," "hidden": predicaments of the urban refugee. Marfleet, Philip Jan 1, 2007 7431
Religion, welfare politics, and church-state separation. Chen, Daniel L.; Lind, Jo Thori Jan 1, 2007 3564
The God strategy: the rise of religious politics in America *. Domke, David; Coe, Kevin Jan 1, 2007 11332
Painful stories demand political reforms. Shea, Maureen Dec 22, 2006 1333
Freedom of speech, American public education, and standardized tests: a critical enquiry (1). Fazzaro, Charles J. Dec 22, 2006 7561
University speaker censorship in 1951 and today: new McCarthyism and community relations. Moyer, Diana Dec 22, 2006 6391
Embedded Politics: Industrial Networks and Institutional Change in Postcommunism. Stevens, John N. Dec 1, 2006 1029
A regional Perspective on Canadian suburbanization: reflections on Richard Harris's Creeping Conformity. McCann, Larry Sep 22, 2006 8335
How East New York Became a Ghetto. Mohl, Raymond A. Sep 22, 2006 1260
Australian federalism and Aboriginal health. Anderson, Ian; Whyte, John Douglass Sep 22, 2006 8166
Making Whole What Has Been Smashed: on Reparations Politics. Wilke, Christiane Sep 1, 2006 1076
William Keach. Arbitrary Power: Romanticism, Language, Politics. Gilmartin, Kevin Jun 22, 2006 2025
Rodale to Publish Book by New York Senator Chuck Schumer; Schumer's Book is First Substantive Effort by a Leading Democrat to Help the Party Win Back Middle Class Voters. May 22, 2006 1008
Lottiamo Ancora (1): reviewing one hundred and fifty years of Italian feminism. Malagreca, Miguel May 1, 2006 10896
Sinn Fein president's book ad banned. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 100
William Collins During World War II: Nationalism Meets a Wartime Economy in Canadian Publishing. Campbell, Grant Mar 22, 2001 5968
Politics and Urban Growth in Buenos Aires: 1910-1942. Sheinin, David Mar 1, 1995 839
The Republic of Labor: Philadelphia Artisans and the Politics of Class, 1720-1830. Cadigan, Sean T. Mar 1, 1995 840
A Phoenix in the Ashes: The Rise and Fall of the Koch Coalition in New York City Politics. Derby, William E. Mar 1, 1993 826

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