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Christians Roar! Go Against Anti-gay Bill And Risk Our Votes. Oct 14, 2021 639
Laikipia clashes politically motivated, say clerics. Oct 12, 2021 576
Kenyans have given up on war against graft -- Kalonzo. Sep 12, 2021 311
Osinbajo, Adeboye, Obasanjo, Sanwo-Olu, Akeredolu, Fayemi, Obaseki, others bid Pa Abiodun farewell. Sep 9, 2021 703
Ife-Ifewara Road: RCCG Apologises To Fashola Over False Claim. Apr 16, 2021 1016
Ministry denies making payments for reconstruction of Ife-Ifewara Road. Apr 16, 2021 486
Nigerian Politicians Should Imbibe Selflessness - Odesola. Apr 11, 2021 482
RCCG Begins Annual Congress. Dec 6, 2020 226
PROGRESSK POLITICS AMONG CHRISTIANS: Author urges organizing and fighting, not dialogue. Stewart, Kelly Book review Oct 2, 2020 912
Churches divided as Ruto plots Uhuru-Raila referendum battle. Sep 1, 2020 1402
Daniel opens Illinois House in prayer. Submitted by the Office of Rep. Blaine Wilhour Mar 11, 2020 185
US evangelism, partisanship and party political ties. Peter Welby Feb 15, 2020 963
Speaker Invites Trump To Deliver State Of The Union. Marcy Kreiter Dec 21, 2019 651
Christianity Today: Trump should be 'removed from office'. The Washington Post Dec 20, 2019 1136
How I Became Born Again -Ize-Iyamu. Oct 6, 2019 2650
Iraqi Christians: "Perilously Close to Extinction". Jun 17, 2019 348
The Mission of Development: Religion and Techno-Politics in Asia. Sinn, Simone Jun 1, 2019 995
The gospel calls us to fight slavery, MP says. Folkins, Tali Jun 1, 2019 874
Is a religious political left emerging in the US? May 5, 2019 970
Is a "Christian America" a More Patriarchal America? Religion, Politics, and Traditionalist Gender Ideology. Whitehead, Andrew L.; Perry, Samuel L. May 1, 2019 9332
Democracy the loser when Church and political leaders get cosy and intimate. Apr 29, 2019 629
When CRFI Sensitised Politicians, Govts, Christians, Others To Godliness. Feb 3, 2019 1253
PERSE+CUTION COMPLEX. Boston, Rob Sep 1, 2018 2588
Miller, Senate colleagues urge Supreme Court to save 'Peace Cross'. Aug 1, 2018 760
Don't vote for corrupt politicians, cleric charges Christians. Jul 29, 2018 348
Senate president congratulates Christians on Easter. Jul 23, 2018 127
THE TRIUMPH OF CHRISTIANITY: A historian specializing in Christianity explains how and why Christianity spread in the face of persecution, paganism, and impoverishment. Vance, Laurence M. Jun 18, 2018 1537
Christians in politics: Where does the Bible stand? May 6, 2018 2553
POPE BENEDICT XVI: DEMOCRACY AND POLITICAL MYTHS. Nedelea, Teodor-Valeriu; Nedelea, Jean Essay Mar 22, 2018 5726
A Jerusalem success story: How Christian churches succeeded where politician failed. Mar 1, 2018 772
PLO Denounces Recent Israeli Attacks on Churches. Feb 26, 2018 668
Ashrawi of PLO denounces recent Israeli attacks on churches. Feb 25, 2018 419
The faith journeys of the Senate and Congress on Capitol Hill. Jan 17, 2018 1146
The faith journeys of the Senate and Congress on Capitol Hill. Jan 10, 2018 1147
United States of America, Government, Religion, Christianity, Law, Illegalities; God 1st Priority~ His Rightness, Provided Rights, Holy Bible; Not Self-Idol Selfishness. Book review Nov 1, 2017 329
THE REFUGEE STATUS: Political Ethics and Moral Politics. Procario-Foley, Elena G. Essay Sep 1, 2017 4632
Repeal blasphemy law to make Pak safe place for minority Christians, says EU parliamentarian. Aug 7, 2017 514
"Evangelization, Not Legislation": Christian Fundamentalism, the Briercrest Bible Institute, and the Politics of the Great Depression. Brown, Nolan Jun 22, 2017 8530
EU integration and the Serbian Orthodox Christianity: Socio-anthropological perspectives. Brujic, Marija Essay Jun 22, 2017 6159
Torn between his faith and politics - Farron quits as Lib Dems leader. Jun 15, 2017 397
Senate president congratulates Christians on Easter. Apr 16, 2017 128
Christianity, missionaries and plains cree politics, 1850s-1870s. Bradford, Tolly Mar 22, 2017 9583
Two religions in tension: wars, extremism fray Christian-Muslim relations in Middle East. Herlinger, Chris May 20, 2016 2366
When Christianities collide: persecuted churches of the east need dialogue with the west. Doran, Andrew May 1, 2016 2281
Mass migration a plot to destroy Christian west. Newman, Alex Apr 18, 2016 760
Growing Islamist drive highlights insecurity of African Christians. Luxmoore, Jonathan Apr 8, 2016 2067
The last political taboo? The U.S. Constitution forbids 'religious tests' for public officer but when it comes to non-believers many voters have decided to impose one anyway. Brown, Simon Feb 1, 2016 2148
Mencken on women: the bad boy of Baltimore was a sexual counterrevolutionary. Hart, D.G. Sep 1, 2015 2481
Leap of faith. Stewart, Pearl Aug 13, 2015 777
Beware of BJP. Jun 1, 2015 1292
The Pew survey on religion: the church and politics. Wiseman, Marty May 22, 2015 922
The 14th Amendment: its sordid history and effects: the 14th Amendment has been used to forward same-sex "marriage" and abortion, as well attack Christianity, but its writers never intended those radical applications. Byas, Steve Apr 20, 2015 4509
The evolution of Christian America: Christianity in presidential discourse, 1981-2013. Coe, Kevin; Chenoweth, Sarah Report Mar 1, 2015 8992
US House committee adopts Turkey Christian Churches Accountability Act. Jun 27, 2014 905
For want of a magisterium: modernist art and the Church of England. Brighton, Andrew Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 2936
Former speaker of Slovakian Parliament: Europe is obliged to protect Christianity starting with Artsakh, a stronghold of Christianity. Aug 21, 2013 146
Mennonite mission theorists and practitioners in Southeastern Nigeria: changing contexts and strategy at the dawn of the postcolonial era. Yoder, R. Bruce Essay Jul 1, 2013 6727
Rooting out religion: under the Obama administration, while it is still acceptable to go to church and profess to be Christian, it is definitely not ok to live your faith in any public venue. Kenny, Jack Jan 7, 2013 3174
Power without politics: reshaping America isn't all about elections. Dreher, Rod Jan 1, 2013 1131
El reconocimiento legal del cristianismo y sus antecedentes. L.E. Ramelli, Ilaria Jan 1, 2013 9527
Freedom from religion. Fleming, Thomas Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2012 2187
This is a Christian nation: gender and sexuality in processes of constitutional and legal reform in Jamaica/Esta es una nacion Cristiana: genero y sexualidad en los procesos de reforma constitucional y legal en Jamaica /Une nation Chretienne: le genre et la sexualite dans le processus de reforme constitutionnel et juridique en Jamaique. Lazarus, Latoya Sep 1, 2012 10246
The Burning of Lierpiou. Miller, Greg (American writer) Poem Jun 22, 2012 259
Resisting the theology of the ostrich: the church in Cuba can teach us much about political and community involvement. Gordan, Dorcas Cover story May 1, 2012 2079
The clash of public theologies? Rethinking the concept of religion in global politics. Sandal, Nukhet Ahu Feb 1, 2012 10412
Politics for God: religion, politics and conflict in democratic Nigeria. Onapajo, Hakeem Report Jan 1, 2012 10203
Mission's changing landscape: global flows and Christian movements. Kim, Kirsteen Nov 1, 2011 11189
Pro-Israel Lobby Courts African Americans. Oct 24, 2011 1963
Settling the "social question": three variants of modern Christian social thought. Ossewaarde, Marinus Essay Sep 22, 2011 6863
The two kingdoms and the social order: political and legal theory in light of God's covenant with Noah. VanDrunen, David; Strimple, Robert B. Essay Sep 22, 2011 7926
Activist finds faith through service. Interview Sep 2, 2011 593
Democracy, Christianity, Ecology: a twenty-first-century agenda for eco-thelogy. Engel, Ronald J. Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2011 5866
Poll: Americans see clash between Christianity, capitalism. Neroulias, Nicole Apr 29, 2011 772
Public perceptions of radical Islam: democratic consolidation vs secular fundamentalism. Toprak, Metin; Uslu, Nasuh; Yilmaz, Murat Report Mar 22, 2011 11180
Christianity on trial. Anderson, Carl Mar 22, 2011 5320
Representations of homosexuality in Jamaica/Representaciones de la homosexualidad en Jamaica/Representations de l'homosexualite en Jamaique. Charles, Christopher A.D. Mar 1, 2011 9590
Fundamentalist clerics reject south Sudan referendum, demand Islamic laws. Dec 26, 2010 636
Immigration and the future of Europe. Israeli, Raphael Company overview Dec 1, 2010 9544
Europe and Africa--the enduring relationship. Cilliers, Jakkie Travel narrative Nov 1, 2010 8117
The Kairos Palestine document. Essay Nov 1, 2010 7131
Anti-colonialism in Christian churches: a case study of political discourse in the South Indian Methodist Church in Colonial Malaya, 1890s-1930s. Rerceretnam, Marc Case study Oct 1, 2010 8873
Christianity and the cultivation of global citizens. Polet, Jeffrey Essay Jun 22, 2010 6490
German ideology: understanding Ahasver, Mammon, and Moloch. Heni, Clemens Interview Jun 1, 2010 16206
State and social Christianity in post-colonial Singapore. Goh, Daniel P.S. Report Apr 1, 2010 11687
The challenge of pluralism and peace: the changing relationships among the churches in Colombia. Gros, Jeffrey Nov 1, 2009 8538
The evolution and relevance of autonomous communities in contemporary Igboland: an essay in local governance. Uzoigwe, G.N. Essay Sep 22, 2009 5541
Darwin's shadow: context and reception in the Muslim world. Iqbal, Muzaffar Jun 22, 2009 17349
From civilization to manipulation: the discrediting and replacement of the Western elite. Ryn, Claes G. Essay Mar 22, 2009 6696
An engagement with "modernity"? becoming Christian in the Kelabit Highlands of Central Borneo. Bala, Poline Jan 1, 2009 6127
Behind the barricades with Lenin? Making sense of the Marxist turn to Christianity in the literature classroom. Harris, Mitchell M. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2009 2276
The evolving landscape of American Christianity. Baum, Gregory Jan 1, 2009 3130
Evangelical-Jewish relations: politics, policy, and theology. Isserman, Nancy Jan 1, 2009 3105
What is the purpose of freedom of expression? Weinrib, Jacob Jan 1, 2009 13121
The hope of the world: no matter how difficult or challenging the times may become, there is great reason to be hopeful for a brighter future. Smoot, Dan Cover story Dec 22, 2008 2065
License to discriminate? Americans United lawsuit says South Carolina's 'I Believe' license plate favors Christianity over other faiths. Boston, Rob Jul 1, 2008 1779
Reconciliation and the new identity in Christ: pneumatological perspectives of Christian mission in its third millennium. Grundmann, Christoffer H. Jul 1, 2008 9727
Misthinking the king: the theatrics of Christian rule in Henry VI, Part 3. Moretti, Thomas J. Critical essay Jun 22, 2008 8704
A millstone hanged about his neck?: George W. Truett, anti-Catholicism, and Baptist conceptions of religious liberty. Holcomb, J. David Jun 22, 2008 5446
Hitler and Christianity: Nazism was not one of the fruits of Christianity, but of its rejection. Adolf Hitler and his minions sought not to serve Christ, but to replace Christ. Duke, Selwyn Jun 9, 2008 3436
Dilemmas of Islamic and secular feminists and feminisms. Ahmed-Ghosh, Huma Report May 1, 2008 9660
A history of separation: the story of Latino Pentecostals in the U.S. helps shed light on why Pentecostals set themselves apart from other Latino Christians and from the secular world--and why those barriers are coming down. Walsh, Arlene Sanchez Apr 1, 2008 2502
Pa. Senate prayers are too sectarian, says AU. Jan 1, 2008 214
Tamang conversions: culture, politics, and the Christian conversion narrative in Nepal. Fricke, Tom Jan 1, 2008 12329
Getting saved in El Salvador: the preferential option for the poor. Wadkins, Timothy Jan 1, 2008 9560
Mission as transformation: an exploration of the relationship between mission and development. Si, Oliver Byar Bowb Jan 1, 2008 5580
Catholic social thought and modern liberal democracy. Smith, Thomas W. Jan 1, 2008 12269
Are borders Un-Christian? Larison, Daniel Sep 24, 2007 734
Conservatism, Christianity, and the revitalization of Europe. Congdon, Lee Essay Sep 22, 2007 4631
The once & future Christendom: from death of the West--to knights of the West. Pinkerton, James P. Cover story Sep 10, 2007 5110
Friends of foes? The Islamic East and the West: Christopher J. Walker asks whether the two religions that frequently appear locked in an inevitable clash of civilizations in fact share more than has often been thought. Walker, Christopher J. Mar 1, 2007 3943
Beware 'Christian nationalism'. Roberts, Thomas W. Editorial Jan 26, 2007 809
Manoeuverings continue on same-sex "marriage". Gosgnach, Tony Nov 1, 2006 1404
Second opinions. Brief article Oct 10, 2006 168
Christianity, Enlightenment liberalism, and the quest for freedom. Grasso, Kenneth L. Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2006 6575
Constantine: Britain's Roman Emperor: 1,600 years ago this month, York saw the proclamation of a man who changed the course of the history of the world. Christopher Kelly introduces the Emperor Constantine. Kelly, Christopher Jul 1, 2006 3654
European Christianity is not dead. Royal, Robert May 19, 2006 879
Epilogue. Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2006 1022
Emerging Christian left girds to challenge the right. Ciria-Cruz, Rene P. Mar 17, 2006 1071
Calling all Christians: former President Jimmy Carter attempts to beguile Christians into adopting the most extreme liberal political viewpoints. Williamsen, Kurt Jan 9, 2006 1405
Democratic time: lessons learned from Yoder and Wolin. Hauerwas, Stanley Jan 1, 2006 8766
Politics without God? Reflections on Europe and America. Weigel, George Excerpt Nov 1, 2005 3591
When the Brethren stray: New Zealand's brush with the religious right. Lynn, Barry W. Oct 1, 2005 941
The force of fundamentalism: conservative Christians are making their mark on American culture. Patterson, Margot Sep 23, 2005 2227
Class, political conservatism and Jesus. Hendricks, Obery M., Jr. Sep 22, 2005 7506
Report of the Moderator: Aram I, Catholicos of Cilicia. Apr 1, 2005 8313
Is this kind of Christianity Christian? Chittister, Joan Mar 11, 2005 468
Power play: resurgent religious right ready to push theocratic agenda in upcoming congress. Boston, Rob Cover Story Jan 1, 2005 1541
Cultures, religions, and power: proclaiming Christ in the United States today. Phan, Peter C. Dec 1, 2004 12316
Follow the money: Bush has revived the Christian right through direct federal largesse. Kaplan, Esther Nov 1, 2004 2518
A bishop's battle: Jon Bruno has been fighting for gays and lesbians in his church for many years. Now he's fighting to hold the church together. Allen, Dan Oct 26, 2004 681
EU constitution omits reference to Christianity. Brief Article Jul 26, 2004 279
The great scandal: Christianity's role in the rise of the Nazis. Paul, Gregory S. Oct 1, 2003 9233
Pope returns to Christian identity theme: Croatians told to treasure Catholic roots, pursue postwar reconciliation. (World). Allen, John L., Jr. Jun 20, 2003 1388
Common ground between the philosophies of Christianity and libertarianism. Schansberg, D. Eric Essay Sep 22, 2002 7927
Weekend warriors: house leader Tom DeLay's `biblical' agenda draws amens from worldview weekend activists who are seeking `Christian dominion' in America. Boston, Rob Jun 1, 2002 3265
Though poles apart, peaceful coexistence and dialogue possible. Ruether, Rosemary Radford Brief Article Apr 12, 2002 967
Alabama's Mullah Moore: enforcing religious law? Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 509
Harry Potter books stir debate in public schools. (AU Bulletin). Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 210
Voices seldom heard in our pages. Brief Article Sep 28, 2001 882
The Case Against Christmas Returns. Flynn, Tom Brief Article Dec 22, 2000 439
Invocation INTOLERANCE. Benen, Steve Nov 1, 2000 1544
Catholic Insight has reported previously on trouble in Nigeria. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 138
Preacher Or President?: Politicians, Pandering And Campaign 2000. Lynn, Barry W. Jan 1, 2000 840
The Core of Freedom: Public or Private? Tinder, Glenn Jan 1, 2000 1127
Leo Strauss's Indictment of Christain Philosophy. Merrill, Clark A. Jan 1, 2000 12095
The puzzling case of Christianity and Republicanism: a comment on Black. Nederman, Cary J. Dec 1, 1998 5460
Mutual accountability and the quest for unity. Apostola, Nicholas K. Jul 1, 1998 3024
The politics of devotion. Kazin, Michael Apr 6, 1998 2127
Christianity and republicanism: from St. Cyprian to Rousseau. Black, Antony Sep 1, 1997 8698
Note on the contemporary role of the church in international affairs. Apr 1, 1997 3455
Public issues. Jan 1, 1997 1329
Why we need a religious left. Waldman, Amy Cover Story Dec 1, 1995 4751
What's un-Christian about the Christian right. Rowe, Jonathan Cover Story Dec 1, 1995 3199
Bishops can make a difference in welfare debate. Editorial Mar 31, 1995 1059
Some recent developments in African Christianity. Gifford, Paul Oct 1, 1994 10895
Balkans: Albania's evangelical strife. Luxner, Larry Nov 1, 1993 848

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