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Letter to the Liberian Senate. Jul 7, 2021 2587
How Gbagbo's looming return exposes divisions in Cote d'Ivoire. Jun 9, 2021 1453
Malki discusses latest political developments with British Foreign Secretary. May 26, 2021 172
Cummings calls for end to impunity. May 24, 2021 789
Palestine to intensify efforts to implement Arab Parliament resolutions. May 20, 2021 187
Arab Parliament calls for international probe into Israeli 'crimes' against Palestinians. Mohammed Abu Zaid May 20, 2021 451
Commission for Crimes in Karabakh to politically, legally assess Armenian aggression. May 4, 2021 221
Arab Parliament condemns new Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia. Sami Hegazi May 3, 2021 258
MP: Armenia must not forget war crimes it committed in Karabakh war. Apr 22, 2021 732
Italian Senate delegation witnesses Armenian vandalism in liberated Aghdam. Apr 16, 2021 371
Malki discusses latest political developments with EU representative. Mar 29, 2021 205
Azerbaijan exposes Armenia's war crimes at UN Congress. Mar 9, 2021 468
Armenia's war crimes exposed at UN Congress. Mar 8, 2021 643
threats and abuse for mpS over covid; Social media impact flagged up. KIEREN WILLIAMS ECHO Reporter @LIVECHONEWS Feb 28, 2021 637
Responding to Senate committee, Makabayan denounces atrocities, not CPP-NPA-NDF armed struggle. Feb 25, 2021 543
The Achilles heel of change. Jawed Naqvi Jan 26, 2021 1052
Debate on Kashmir issue in British Parliament is a big disappointment for India at diplomatic level: Raja Fahim Kayani. Jan 16, 2021 1471
Italian MPs review consequences of Armenian Armed Forces' war crimes in Ganja (PHOTO). Dec 6, 2020 600
Criminal case should be opened against Pashinyan for terror in Ganja - MP. Oct 17, 2020 264
As opposed to Armenia, Azerbaijan fighting against occupying regime, rather than against civilians Azerbaijani MP. Oct 16, 2020 159
Gambia Attorney Introduces Bill to Criminalize Torture. Jun 26, 2020 357
Deliberate, politically motivated violence against civilians in IoK amounts to war crime: Wani. May 20, 2020 472
Deliberate, politically motivated violence against civilians in IoK amounts to war crime: Wani. May 19, 2020 481
Deliberate, politically motivated violence against civilians in IoK amounts to war crime: Wani. May 19, 2020 478
Deliberate, politically motivated violence against civilians in IoK amounts to war crime: Altaf Hussain Wani. May 19, 2020 473
Congress demands answers from Trump about Soleimani killing. ROBERT BURNS and JONATHAN LEMIRE Associated Press Jan 7, 2020 1233
Trump warns of sanctions if Iraq tries to expel U.S. troops. Jan 6, 2020 908
Donald Trump: Iran's cultural sites are fair game for US military. Jan 6, 2020 1066
Israeli Settlements, U.S. Foreign Policy, and International Law. Kattan, Victor Report Jan 1, 2020 4463
U.S. Congress members: Using white phosphorous by Turkish occupation against civilians in Syria a war crime. ruaa-jazaeri Dec 19, 2019 366
Czech MP: Turkish regime cooperates with terrorist organizations in Syria. ghossoun Oct 22, 2019 228
Euro-Med's chairman at Brazilian Parliament: Israel's violations constitute ethnic cleansing. Oct 10, 2019 724
Iranian MP Lauds Yemeni Attack on Saudi Oil Sites as Smart Self-Defense. Sep 18, 2019 583
Weah prioritizes war crimes court. Sep 16, 2019 577
Malik urges govt to pursue proactive policy on Kashmir. Aug 27, 2019 807
Time to Breach the Wall of Silence on Supporting Israeli War Crimes! Aug 25, 2019 1481
Government urged to move ICJ on Kashmir. Aug 9, 2019 897
Senate's body slams India on illegal action in occupied Kashmir. Aug 9, 2019 239
Senate body on Interior passes resolution against India's illegal move on IoK. Aug 9, 2019 269
Senate's body slams India on illegal action in occupied Kashmir. Aug 9, 2019 671
Senate Standing Committee on Interior Unanimously Passes Resolution on Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir - Press Note issued by Senate of Pakistan. Aug 8, 2019 1106
Senate Standing Committee on Interior Unanimously Passes Resolution on Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir - Press Note issued by Senate of Pakistan. Aug 8, 2019 1106
Joint session of Parliament continues discussion on IoK situation. Aug 7, 2019 728
Joint-Session: (Joint session of Parliament discussing Kashmir situation). Aug 7, 2019 694
Parliament: (Joint session of Parliament discussing Kashmir situation). Aug 7, 2019 1110
America Role in Saudi Crimes in Yemen. Aug 1, 2019 724
Trump Vetoes Trio of Congressional Bills Prohibiting Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE. Jul 25, 2019 773
Arab Parliament President Condemns Terrorist Attack on Abha International Airport in KSA. Jun 24, 2019 237
Arab Parliament condemns terrorist attack on Abha Airport. Jun 24, 2019 226
Houthi militia targeting of Abha airport "war crime," says Arab Parliament. Jun 12, 2019 139
Houthi militia's attack on Abha International Airport a war crime, Speaker of Arab Parliament says. Jun 12, 2019 144
HRW's 'funded' reports on Egypt serve terrorist agendas: MP. Jun 5, 2019 545
Parliament condemns the crime of aggression committed in Kushar, Hajjah. Mar 13, 2019 204
Members of European Parliament adopt statement on Khojaly genocide. Feb 25, 2019 304
Global community must hold India accountable for war crimes, HR violations in IOK*. Conference notes Feb 7, 2019 574
Global community must hold India accountable for war crimes, HR violations: Masood. Conference notes Feb 7, 2019 1114
US genocide resolution welcome, but Rohingya need more. Dec 16, 2018 1437
Fury at MP's PS3k junket to spy row state; SNP man accepted Emirates freebie. Nov 25, 2018 370
Good start towards War Crimes Tribunal. Nov 19, 2018 505
Liberia doesn't need referendum for war crimes tribunal. Nov 7, 2018 680
Trump's impunity stratagem vs ICC's global role ? Sep 20, 2018 1052
The war crimes bill before U.S. Congress. Sep 12, 2018 461
US Congress introduces bill. Sep 10, 2018 608
UK must ban selling missiles to Saudis.. say SNP MPs after Holyrood gives cash to global arms firm; NAT PAIR SLAMMED OVER ATTACK ON TORIES Shadow minister It's utter hypocrisy. Sep 9, 2018 613
Lalin's Column : Paisley got but so did Velu P and others - Bring in the Clowns. Column Aug 15, 2018 1881
Sleaze ban for Paisley; RECORD SANCTION FROM HOUSE OF COMMONS WATCHDOG; Ian hit with 30-day bar over Sri Lanka hols; MP lobbied against probe into war crimes; DUP man risks by-election over his misconduct. Jul 19, 2018 916
Sudan Call condemns Arab Parliament's support for al-Bashir against ICC. Jul 14, 2018 346
Gabriela solons seek probe into removal of comfort woman statue. May 10, 2018 320
Yemeni parliament condemns crime of targeting Presidential Office. May 7, 2018 232
Yemeni parliament condemns coalition's massacre in Hajjah. Apr 23, 2018 101
U.S. supports proxy war in Yemen. Mar 4, 2018 407
U.S. supports proxy war in Yemen. Mar 4, 2018 230
CHRONOLOGY - January-May 2017. Chronology Dec 31, 2017 2779
EU Resolution Calls for Arms Embargo Against Saudi Arabia, Accuses It of War Crimes. Dec 2, 2017 735
US Congressman: Washington Aiding Saudi 'War Crimes' in Yemen. Nov 18, 2017 438
Committee OKs bill on aid. Oct 6, 2017 115
Europe needs to fight its own demons. May 26, 2017 784
Parliament calls UN to stop Saudi war crimes against Yemen people. Apr 1, 2017 124
Our View: Anastasiades should avoid giving fodder to the rejectionists. Oct 21, 2016 471
South Africa to withdraw from the International Criminal Court. Oct 21, 2016 626
Putin's acting like the Nazis; MP accuses Russians of 'war crimes'. Oct 10, 2016 257
Parliament's Top Advisor: Int'l Collective Efforts Needed to Eradicate Terrorism in Syria. Sep 6, 2016 265
U.S. Congress Committee calls for Hybrid Court on S. Sudan. Aug 30, 2016 489
STOP THIS SLAUGHTER; MPs CALL FOR BAN ON ARMS SALES TO SAUDISAFTER SCOTS-MADE BOMBS KILL CIVILIANS IN YEMENBombed teenager I hate my life because of the airstrikes . I wish they would end. Aug 7, 2016 2271
Shadow chancellor biding time on Blair 'war crimes'. Jul 4, 2016 684
French parliament votes to criminalize denial of Armenian genocide. Jul 2, 2016 261
Senior MP: US Downing of Iranian Passenger Plane Instance of Int'l War Crime. Jul 2, 2016 368
Saudi War Crimes Exhibition Held before Norwegian Parliament. May 1, 2016 225
US Congress Labels ISIS Atrocities In Iraq, Syria As 'Genocide'. Mar 16, 2016 488
Flawed Justice. Dec 31, 2015 806
Japan lawmakers visit controversial Yasukuni Shrine en masse. Oct 20, 2015 583
Former Sedgefield MP Tony Blair could face trial over 'illegal' Iraq war, says Jeremy Corbyn; The Labour leadership candidate believes the individuals who made the decision to invade Iraq in 2003 should face justice. Aug 5, 2015 389
Sri Lanka's New Leader to Dissolve Parliament and Launch War Crimes Probe - Time. Apr 16, 2015 597
Zaev presents 'bomb' on Hague war crime cases. Apr 7, 2015 459
MPs Ask Iranian Gov't to File Int'l Lawsuit against Israel. Aug 3, 2014 375
Jewish MP: Israel's Crimes Reminiscent of Nazis' World War Atrocities. Jul 14, 2014 532
Kurdish politician: PKK committing war crime by abducting children. Jun 16, 2014 793
The Politics of Revenge. May 31, 2014 1206
US Senate heavy-weights call for global probe on Sri Lanka. Feb 11, 2014 940
Open letter to President Obama on the bombing Darfur. Dec 1, 2013 3186
War Crimes on the Island War Crimes on the Island. Oct 31, 2013 1038
Bangladesh Opposition Leader Sentenced to Death for War Crimes. Oct 1, 2013 482
The real, the fake and the unknown: The myths of the Syrian war. Brief article Sep 3, 2013 120
Could FDR have saved more Jews? Breitman, Richard; Lichtman, Allan J. May 1, 2013 2008
Bangladesh journalist urges govt. to ban Islamists accused of wartime atrocities. Apr 22, 2013 571
Vaiko demands referendum for Tamils in Sri Lanka. Apr 7, 2013 350
War crimes: PM, MEA in touch with Lankan Govt., says Congress. Mar 7, 2013 628
Bangladesh parliament toughens war crime laws in face of protests. Feb 18, 2013 288
US Senators Leahy and Casey renew call for international probe on Sri Lanka's alleged war crimes. Jan 31, 2013 2229
US lawmakers' Tamil Tiger-fed hypocrisy: War crimes accountability factor. Sep 18, 2012 776
Scottish MPs back war crimes move on Blair. Sep 7, 2012 494
"Don't be scared, be prepared": trauma-anxiety-resilience. Neocleous, Mark Aug 1, 2012 7376
Trauma advocacy, veteran politics, and the Croatian therapeutic state. Pupavac, Mladen; Pupavac, Vanessa Report Aug 1, 2012 8329
Taking stock of the responsibility to protect. Mohamed, Saira Jun 22, 2012 12107
Understanding American psyche toward Sri Lanka: War Crimes or violation of IHL? Jun 11, 2012 2602
Reconciliation in Sri Lanka linked to investigation of war crimes, says next US envoy Michele Sison at Senate hearing. Jun 7, 2012 1314
Is Taylor guilty as charged? Boateng, Osei Jun 1, 2012 6468
UK Parliament debates Bashir's ICC arrest warrant. Jun 1, 2012 667
European Parliament says Houla massacre constitutes war crime. May 27, 2012 133
Big push for UN's International Criminal Court: the Obama administration and high-powered groups that promote global government are trying to empower the international criminal court, despite US. laws against it. Jasper, William F. Feb 6, 2012 2588
Excesses of responsibility: the limits of law and the possibilities of politics. Ainley, Kirsten Dec 22, 2011 11439
Dealing with 'deviants': testing South Africa's good international citizenship. Geldenhuys, Deon Nov 1, 2011 8925
Civil society and democratisation in Africa with specific reference to the African peer review mechanism. Olivier, Michele Nov 1, 2011 7854
Finding meaning at Ground Zero for future generations: some reflections a decade after 9/11. Miller, Eric D. Report Sep 22, 2011 11680
U.S. reiterates 'international mechanism' will take effect to probe Sri Lanka's alleged war crimes. Aug 26, 2011 1396
Jayalalithaa reiterates demand for Lanka economic embargo. Jul 31, 2011 273
The four Hague cases in Macedonian Parliament. Jul 21, 2011 173
Colombo-based ambassadors witnessed via UAV the atrocities committed by the LTTE at the last stages of the War - President Mahinda Relates. Jun 29, 2011 745
Sudan: the crisis in Darfur and status of the North-South peace agreement. Dagne, Ted Report Jun 1, 2011 18379
Lethal force permitted even against surrendering unarmed enemy fighter, US Attorney General declares. May 10, 2011 1704
A question of allegiance: choosing between dueling versions of "aiding the enemy" during war crimes prosecution. Lebowitz, Michael J. Mar 22, 2011 11042
Women war survivors of the 1989-2003 conflict in Liberia: the impact of sexual and gender-based violence. Liebling-Kalifani, Helen; Mwaka, Victoria; Ojiambo-Ochieng, Ruth; Were-Oguttu, Juliet; Kinyanda, Eug Jan 1, 2011 9807
The law of air mobility - the international legal principles behind the U.S. Mobility Air Forces' mission. Petras, Christopher M. Dec 22, 2010 38649
A diegetic analysis of the scholarly works of six ATWS/ASRF women: Peyi Soyinka-Airewele, Theodora Ayot, Doyin Coker-Kolo, Rita Kiki Edozie, Mueni Wa Muiu, and Mojubaolu Olufunke Okome. Bangura, Abdul Karim Essay Sep 22, 2010 13581
Ethnic conflict and state formation in post-colonial Africa: a comparative study of ethnic genocide in the Congo, Liberia, Nigeria, and Rwanda-Burundi. Badru, Pade Sep 22, 2010 9032
Is Israel becoming a police state? Critics say democratic principles are being steadily eroded as Israel becomes increasingly isolated and 'slips down the slope towards McCarthyism and fascism'. Blanche, Ed Jul 1, 2010 2323
Labor law beyond U.S. borders: does what happens outside of America stay outside of America? Gould, IV, William B. Jun 22, 2010 13733
Illusions in truth seeking: the perils of interrogation and torture in the war on terror. Welch, Michael Jun 22, 2010 11199
Publish banned Gaza 'war crimes' report, says Arab Israeli MP. Apr 15, 2010 946
The Gaza war, Congress and international humanitarian law. Zunes, Stephen Mar 22, 2010 7570
Anne Frank goes East: The Algerian Civil War and the nausea of postcoloniality in Waciny Laredj's Balconies of the North Sea. Zayzafoon, Lamia Ben Youssef Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 9222
Algeria "revisited": imperialism, resistance, and the dialectic of violence in Mohammed Dib's The Savage Night. Maerhofer, John W. Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 8026
The Alien Tort Statute and the limits of individual accountability in international law. Wallach, David Jan 1, 2010 28640
Germany: facing the nazi past today/Geskiedenis, herinnering en die media In na-oorlogse Dultsland. Laurien, I. Company overview Dec 1, 2009 8257
Israel slams U.N. General Assembly for endorsing Gaza report decision. Brief article Nov 6, 2009 223
Resolution condemning Goldstone Report indicting Israel of war crimes passed in US House. Report Nov 4, 2009 282
"Ma qual e la nostra Patria, sergente?": Tiro al Piccione and the Politics of Memory. Cragin, Thomas Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 10148
Chicken and egg? Sequencing in transitional justice: the case of Uganda. Quinn, Joanna R. Report Sep 22, 2009 8035
On resisting state crime: conceptual and contextual issues. Friedrichs, David O. Essay Sep 22, 2009 10430
CEDAW and Afghanistan. Farhoumand-Sims, Cheshmak Sep 1, 2009 11119
Spanish congress passes resolution against Universal Jurisdiction prosecuting Israeli war crimes. May 31, 2009 607
David Crane in his own words: on 8 February 2006, when Charles Taylor was still in exile in Nigeria and America was using its influence to get him handed over to the Special Court for Sierra Leone, David Crane, the former chief prosecutor of the Court, testified before the US Congressional Subcommittee On Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations. Here are excerpts from his testimony. Excerpt May 1, 2009 2085
INTERVIEW: SPLM Secretary General says Bashir should cooperate with Hague court. Mar 30, 2009 2294
Sudan: Leading Islamist opposition leader freed. Brief article Mar 9, 2009 203
Bashir vows to act "decisively" against threats. Mar 4, 2009 844
Sudan parliament speaker calls for war crimes trials against Israelis. Jan 7, 2009 217
Sudan parliament speaker calls for war crimes trials against Israelis. Jan 6, 2009 219
Sudan parliament speaker calls for war crimes trials against Israelis. Jan 5, 2009 217
Sudan parliament speaker calls for war crimes trials against Israelis. Jan 4, 2009 217
International Justice and International Politics: intertwined paths. Penna, David Book review Jan 1, 2009 6139
Are US officials guilty of war crimes? Dec 23, 2008 1093
In post-ICC indictment, shall national interests rescind partisan politics? Jul 29, 2008 2791
In post-ICC indictment, shall national interests rescind partisan politics? Jul 28, 2008 2791
In post-ICC indictment, shall national interests rescind partisan politics? Jul 27, 2008 2791
Arrest Olmert for war crimes, say Egyptian MPs. Jul 20, 2008 425
Reconciliation and the new identity in Christ: pneumatological perspectives of Christian mission in its third millennium. Grundmann, Christoffer H. Jul 1, 2008 9727
South Africa's new counter-mercenary law. Jacobs, Philip C. May 1, 2008 8822
The end of monarchy in Nepal and its delicate journey towards a republic. Shrestha, Bal Gopal Report Jan 1, 2008 8789
Uganda's civil war and the politics of ICC intervention. Branch, Adam Jun 22, 2007 8769
The context and determinants of South Africa's new role in the United Nations. Strydom, Hennie May 1, 2007 13577
The War Crimes Act: current issues. Garcia, Michael John Oct 1, 2006 4447
Political trials in domestic and international law. Posner, Eric A. Oct 1, 2005 32076
US crimes in Vietnam get short shrift: atrocities by Tiger Force paratroopers go unpunished and unnoticed. Nevins, Joseph Jan 9, 2004 757
U.S. troops in Bosnia: Wimpier even than the French. Witte, Eric A. Mar 1, 2003 716
RUSSIA - Dec. 3 - Danes Reject Bid To Extradite Zakayev. Brief Article Dec 7, 2002 323
Body Count. DREYFUSS, ROBERT Jun 4, 2001 1332

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