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More wahala for Rochas Okorocha as Imo Traditional Rulers Endorse Move To Recall Of Ex-governor from Senate. Mar 2, 2021 679
Taiwan's DPP slams rival party for recent recall elections. Feb 8, 2021 276
Republicans propose recall, repeal measures. JERRY NOWICKI Capitol News Illinois Feb 4, 2021 753
Nicola Sturgeon must back a recall petition on Margaret Ferrier to show leadership - Brian Monteith; As I write, Margaret Ferrier has still not resigned as the Member of Parliament for Rutherglen & Hamilton West, despite her repeated breach of Covid-19 regulations. Brian Monteith Oct 14, 2020 994
Why is Margaret Ferrier still an MP and how does a recall petition work? Despite widespread condemnation after admitting to travelling from London to Glasgow on the train with a positive Covid-19 test, Margaret Ferrier remains an MP earning more than [pounds sterling]80,000 per year. Conor Matchett Oct 12, 2020 666
What is a recall petition and how could Margaret Ferrier's constituents trigger one? Facing calls to go from both opposition parties and the SNP, is there a way for Margaret Ferrier to be ousted from her seat? Alexander Brown Oct 7, 2020 453
Richard Leonard calls for Sturgeon to back recall motion for Margaret Ferrier; The Scottish Labour leader, Richard Leonard, has called on First Minister to support a recall petition against an SNP MP, who broke coronavirus laws, if she does not resign by Sunday evening. Conor Marlborough Oct 3, 2020 488
Margaret Ferrier case has a lesson for Scottish Parliament - John McLellan; MPs like Margaret Ferrier can be forced out in a recall vote, but MSPs' seats are safe until the next election whatever they do, writes John McLellan. John McLellan Oct 3, 2020 1167
MP must recall what she voted for; Letters. Aug 20, 2020 211
Pelosi recalls politicians to safeguard postal votes; UNITED STATES. Aug 18, 2020 306
Speaker Pelosi recalls U.S. House for postal service vote ahead of election. Aug 17, 2020 451
Bauchi North: Group alleges poor representation, writes Senate President in move to recall Senator Bulkachuwa. Jun 12, 2020 365
KMT politician defends S. Taiwan mayor ahead of recall vote. Jun 3, 2020 225
Recall of VFA abrogation won't affect senators' petition at SC - Drilon. Jun 3, 2020 425
Holyrood needs recall system to give voters 'ultimate sanction'. Feb 11, 2020 392
Congress remembers colleague Cummings Remembers: McConnell recalls Cumming's words to calm rioting. The Washington Post Oct 25, 2019 703
MP's tribute as Speaker stands down; SHEERMAN RECALLS BERCOW VISIT TO HUDDERSFIELD AFTER EU VOTE. Sep 11, 2019 444
Budget hearings to continue despite recall of 2020 budget bill. Sep 2, 2019 527
Congress recalls role of YSR Reddy in Andhra's development on his death anniversary. Sep 2, 2019 159
What the law says about petition to recall an MP. Aug 26, 2019 517
Would you like to recall your MP, Senator or MCA? Jul 6, 2019 1482
Disgraced MP facing being axed; Recall petition could force by-election. Jun 21, 2019 498
Recall petition for false expenses scandal MP. Apr 27, 2019 298
Disgraced MP facing recall petition. Apr 27, 2019 217
Congress demands recall of Rafale verdict, accuses BJP government of perjury. Dec 16, 2018 512
Nelson's Column: Being banned from Parliament taught me all I needed to know about Parliamentary sovereignty; All the talk today is about Parliamentary sovereignty. Sunday Mirror Political Editor Nigel Nelson recalls how it got him banned from Parliament. Column Dec 8, 2018 904
Senators warn against recall of fuel tax hike suspension in 2019. Nov 30, 2018 363
Senators admit 'oversight,' seek recall of coconut levy resolution. Oct 10, 2018 601
13 senators vote to recall coco levy fund bill. Oct 9, 2018 517
Congress recalls coco levy bill. Oct 9, 2018 418
DUP's Paisley keeps seat in recall ballot. Sep 21, 2018 110
Ian Paisley STAYS as MP despite shaming the Commons after recall petition falls just 444 votes short; The DUP veteran, who is currently suspended from the party, faced the historic ballot after he was suspended from the Commons for a record 30 days for "serious misconduct". Sep 20, 2018 466
Paisley is facing first MP recall petition. Aug 9, 2018 218
This is not an orange and green issue is about trust in politics; Sinn Fein on bid to unseat Paisley as first recall petition opens. Aug 9, 2018 385
The politics of Melaye's recall. May 2, 2018 2363
Ondo PDP commences recall process of lawmaker. Jan 7, 2018 625
Midway politics. Jul 21, 2017 895
Venezuela President Says No Recall Vote Until 2017. Jun 12, 2016 221
A misuse of the recall. Jun 11, 2015 342
Gun shop operator files recall petition. Apr 16, 2015 839
McVey alone in vote to let us kick out MPs; Other Mersey MPs say no over recall petition bill. Nov 3, 2014 365
Courageous MPs 'could be stifled' by voter recall; Unpopular causes'could be ignored' for fear of a by-election - Winnick. Oct 30, 2014 649
Gay revelations MP insists voters have recall rights. Oct 22, 2014 402
UK PM Cameron recalls parliament for vote on airstrikes in Iraq. Sep 25, 2014 251
PM recalls Parliament for vote on action against IS. Sep 25, 2014 251
Legal.. and right; BRITAIN ON BRINK: RAF TO BOMB ISIS; Premier recalls MPs to vote on hitting back at feared extremists; Labour backs action after plea for help from Iraq leader; Obama urges his allies to 'dismantle network of death'. Sep 25, 2014 1299
Legal.. and right; BRITAIN ON BRINK: RAF TO BOMB ISIS; Premier recalls MPs to vote on hitting back at feared extremists; Labour backs action after plea for help from Iraq leader; Obama urges his allies to 'dismantle network of death'. Sep 25, 2014 1285
Colorado victory: proof and opportunity. Knox, Jeff Oct 20, 2013 903
NRA-aided recall of Colo. legislators stifles gun effort in Congress. Fram, Alan Sep 15, 2013 715
Colorado Senate President John Morse (D) and Senator Angela Giron (D) face recall elections. Jul 1, 2013 110
Legislators Recall Dispute Over South Texas University. Jun 18, 2013 2659
Lima mayor wins partial victory in recall referendum. Jana, Elsa Chanduvi Mar 29, 2013 1154
Kuneva's Party Starts Referendum Petition on Allowing Recall of Bulgarian MPs. Feb 21, 2013 194
Lima mayor faces recall. Jana, Elsa Chanduvi Nov 30, 2012 2640
Warning over plans to allow voters to recall MPs. Jun 28, 2012 434
Even In Defeat, Democrats Take Back Wisconsin Senate. Jun 6, 2012 244
7 Things To Know About Scott Walker Recall Election. Jun 5, 2012 788
(Re) calling Governor Scott Walker: in the effort to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, much has been said about his record to date, but politics being what it is, many of the claims simply aren't true. Farmer, Brian Cover story Jun 4, 2012 3592
Leader of the House considers giving Welsh voters power to recall AMs; BUT PLAID CALLS FOR FAIRER ASSEMBLY ELECTION SYSTEM. Apr 23, 2012 559
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker faces recall: campaigners to recall Governor Scott Walker submitted signatures to force a new election, but their victory relies on the public being ignorant of the disputed law's benefits. Farmer, Brian Feb 6, 2012 2911
Baseball's enduring images recall its storied history: the Library of Congress is the keeper of American memory, as the collective fragments of our national pastime are carefully cataloged and painstakingly preserved. Reyburn, Susan Jul 1, 2010 2086
Showbiz Dems huddle as Arnie runs. Snyder, Gabriel Brief Article Aug 18, 2003 252

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