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Nigeria can't afford another civil war, Osinbajo warns. Apr 29, 2021 452
Act Now Before Herdsmen Drag Nigeria Into Civil War, Ortom Tells Buhari. Feb 13, 2021 555
How to start a civil war. Jan 10, 2021 564
How to start a civil war. Debra J. Saunders Jan 10, 2021 637
How Joe Biden Can Help Forge a New National Narrative: TO SURVIVE AS A DEMOCRACY, TRUMP'S ETHNO NATIONALIST STORY OF AMERICA MUST BE DEFEATED. Woodard, Colin Jan 1, 2021 4583
Lavery warns against a 'civil war' in Labour. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Oct 31, 2020 649
Should George Washington and Thomas Jefferson be erased from history? Reuters News Service Jun 11, 2020 865
Civil war that's bringing a big chill to Labour's spring dream; Leader's conference hopes dashed. John Ferguson / Political Editor Conference news Jan 12, 2020 615
Politicians Urged Not To Throw Nigeria Into Another Civil War. Nov 27, 2019 616
What Now in SYRIA? How President Trump s decision to pull U.S. troops from Syria has upended that nation's brutal civil war--and what it means for the U.S. Smith, Patricia Nov 18, 2019 1821
DAP MP questions arrest of party members over alleged ties to now-defunct Tamil Tigers. Oct 10, 2019 577
'Treason,' 'Civil War,' Trump Ramps Up Rhetoric On Twitter. AFP News Sep 30, 2019 695
The Politics of Memory of the Civil War in The Christian Recorder, 1865-1878. Sep 22, 2019 159
Water Resources Bill: Civil War Looming, IYC Warns Federal Government. Sep 18, 2019 438
Will Brexit trigger England's second civil war? Sep 14, 2019 1871
Blue on blue bloodbath; BREXIT BOMBSHELL: REBELS AND DEFECTION TEAR TORIES APART; PM throws away majority after defeat; 1 MP quits 21 are sacked over mutiny. Sep 4, 2019 1251
BLUE ON BLUE BLOOD BATH; BREXIT BOMBSHELL: REBELS AND DEFECTION TEAR TORIES APART; PM throws away majority after defeat; 1 MP quits 21 'are sacked over mutiny'. Sep 4, 2019 1224
Blue on blue bloodbath; BREXIT BOMBSHELL: REBELS AND DEFECTION TEAR TORIES APART; PM throws away majority after defeat; 1 MP quits 21 are sacked over mutiny. Sep 4, 2019 1272
BLUE ON BLUE BLOOD BATH; PM throws away majority after defeat; MP quits 21 'are sacked over mutiny'; BREXIT BOMBSHELL: REBELS AND DEFECTION TEAR TORIES APART. Sep 4, 2019 1224
Lincoln the Politician: The president most known for his moral vision was also a master political operator. Guelzo, Allen C. Sep 1, 2019 1527
We are not amused; UK'S BREXIT CIVIL WAR: JOHNSON 'EXPLOITS HIS POWER'; Tory PM dragging Queen into minefield; Monarch forced to agree the shutdown. NICOLA BARTLETT Political Correspondent Aug 29, 2019 848
Brexit fightback begins as MPs rush to block 'tinpot' Boris Johnson next week; MPs exploded into civil war as Labour and Tory rebels rush through laws against no-deal Brexit, a million back a petition, protesters march on No10, Gina Miller goes to court - and Jacob Rees-Mogg branded the outrage 'phoney'. Aug 29, 2019 883
that he wants to throw his WEBCHAT; Somali boy who fled a civil war now wants to be a Cardiff MP. Aug 6, 2019 295
Advocates push for formation of body on disappeared. May 28, 2019 798
Labour civil war rages over new EU referendum. May 28, 2019 525
Sri Lanka: A Tragic Lesson in Revenge Politics. May 12, 2019 2351
TIME TO SAY YES TO JEZ.. BREXIT HELL: NOW PM HAS TO LISTEN AT LAST; Corbyn doubts after 'inconclusive' meeting; Tories plot to topple PM as civil war deepens. Apr 4, 2019 757
TORIES IN REBELLION; BREXIT SHAMBLES: PM'S LEADERSHIP SHATTERED; Mutiny for May as 12 ministers skip no-deal vote while one resigns after voting against it. Mar 14, 2019 932
The uniquely awful politics of Africa's second poorest nation. Dec 16, 2018 874
Theresa May issues desperate final plea to EU leaders to buy off Brexit rebels; After surviving a vote of no confidence, the PM begged her counterparts to give ground on the hated Irish backstop as she faces a major battle to get the deal through Parliament. Dec 14, 2018 980
Will Khartoum peace agreement bring reform or maintain tyranny? Dec 1, 2018 1645
Good start towards War Crimes Tribunal. Nov 19, 2018 505
Made for Civil War: We built America on the politics of national division. Vlahos, Michael Nov 1, 2018 3237
Who Wields War Powers? Since WWII U.S. presidents have acted unilaterally to send American troops into battle and to attack other countries, but the Founders didn't give them that power. Wolverton, Joe, II Oct 22, 2018 3309
TORIES TURN UP THE HATE ON PM; BREXIT CIVIL WAR GETS VICIOUS Leave MPs warn May she's in 'the killing zone'. Oct 22, 2018 595
Trump's America is divided and still ruled by the elite. Oct 18, 2018 972
HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME BORIS.. Fury over cheat Johnson's 'suicide bomb' jibe at May as Tories plunge into civil war. Sep 10, 2018 839
South Sudan MPs propose $626 million budget without grants, donors. Aug 20, 2018 389
Congress condemns Mamata Banerjee's `civil war` remark. Aug 1, 2018 288
Boris Johnson spectacularly waded into the Tory Brexit civil war and defended Jacob Rees Mogg; Mr Rees Mogg had been under fire, with Tory MPs accusing him of 'blackmailing' the PM - but Boris has his back. Jul 2, 2018 543
President al-Assad in interview to Russian NTV Channel: Any constitutional reform in Syria is a wholly Syrian matter. Interview Jun 24, 2018 4139
The politics of reconstruction in Syria. Jun 19, 2018 2230
US urges crackdown on S. Sudan war money invested in Kenya. Jun 14, 2018 525
Protests in Armenia will lead to civil war - Azerbaijani MP. Apr 27, 2018 343
South Sudan rival parties draw redline ahead of peace talks. Apr 26, 2018 517
Western powers to study options if Syria chemical weapons used again-UK. Apr 15, 2018 1032
'Maryland, My Maryland' faces a demotion. Mar 14, 2018 581
Tories' Brexit civil war could wreck the party, MP warns. Feb 9, 2018 141
S. Sudan former detainees demand hybrid administration. Feb 8, 2018 488
You can't intimidate us, JP tells NASA over threats of civil war. Jan 23, 2018 541
EL OF A MESS; APPEALS FOR CALM OVER 'SPANISH CIVIL WAR'; Catalonia declares independence Angry Madrid imposes direct rule. Oct 28, 2017 610
EL OF A MESS; APPEALS FOR CALM OVER 'SPANISH CIVIL WAR; 'Catalonia declares independence; Angry Madrid imposes direct rule. Oct 28, 2017 615
EL OF A MESS; APPEALS FOR CALM OVER 'SPANISH CIVIL WAR'; Catalonia declares independence; Angry Madrid imposes direct rule. Oct 28, 2017 614
EL OF A MESS; APPEALS FOR CALM OVER 'SPANISH CIVIL WAR'; Catalonia declares independence; Angry Madrid imposes direct rule. Oct 28, 2017 623
The wages of civil war within GOP. Oct 19, 2017 490
Allawi warns of 'civil war' over Kurdish-held Kirkuk. Oct 10, 2017 665
SPANISH CIVIL WAR; CATALAN FURY AS MADRID SMASHES FREEDOM POLL; 844 hurt as riot cops attack protesters; Voters targeted at independence referendum. Oct 2, 2017 614
SPANISH CIVIL WAR; CATALAN FURY AS MADRID SMASHES FREEDOM POLL; 844 hurt as riot cops attack protesters; Voters targeted at independence referendum. Oct 2, 2017 621
SPANISH CIVIL WAR 2; CATALAN FURY AS MADRID SMASHES FREEDOM POLL; 844 hurt as riot cops attack protesters; Voters targeted at independence referendum. Oct 2, 2017 614
SPANISH CIVIL WAR; CATALAN FURY AS MADRID SMASHES POLL FOR FREEDOM; 844 hurt as riot cops attack protesters; Voters targeted at independence referendum. Oct 2, 2017 589
Iraq's PMF Commander Warns of "Inevitable" Civil War after Referendum. Sep 14, 2017 235
Can Democrats End Their Civil War Over Single-Payer? Sep 13, 2017 2143
The end of Scottish Labour's civil war? Don't bet on it. Sep 1, 2017 788
The real civil war in the Democratic party. Jul 27, 2017 910
South Sudan's troubled path to statehood. Jaramillo, Cesar Jun 22, 2017 2464
A DEAD WOMAN WALKING; ELECTION FALLOUT: TORIES START A BRUTAL CIVIL WAR; May told to bring enemy Gove back into her Cabinet; PM will not survive to fight another election. Jun 12, 2017 947
The cold Civil War. Codevilla, Angelo M. Mar 22, 2017 2609
'The voice speaking, desired, awaited': Jack Lindsay's 1649, textual form and communist historiography. Taylor, Elinor Essay Feb 1, 2017 8147
Colombia Congress Approves Peace Deal With FARC Rebels. Dec 1, 2016 556
Aoun: A popular yet divisive leader. Nov 1, 2016 791
Colombian voters narrowly reject government-FARC peace deal. Gaudin, Andres Oct 21, 2016 1545
21 Civilians Killed in Ambush by Rebels in South Sudan. Oct 10, 2016 379
Russia Revives The Cold War With The US & Allies At A Price Putin Cannot Afford. Oct 10, 2016 929
Colombian President Santos wins Nobel Peace Prize (Update 2). Oct 7, 2016 747
SHADOW BOXERS.. BATTLE LINES DRAWN AS CONFERENCE OPENS; Defiant Corbyn preaches unity after landslide victory; But critics plotting in pub vow to keep up fight. Sep 26, 2016 1063
Senate approves $1B arms sale to Saudi Arabia. Sep 22, 2016 554
U.S. diplomats on South Sudan conflict over Machar's fate. Sep 9, 2016 870
S. Sudanese opposition parties plot to overthrow President Kiir. Aug 24, 2016 466
Of course I'm sorry for headbutting another MP but how was I to know it would eventually lead to civil war in Labour and Britain leaving Europe? LABOUR MP FORCED OUT AFTER DRUNKENVIOLENCE ON THE UNBELIEVABLE CONSEQUENCESParly ruckus started chain of events that transformed the UK. Jul 31, 2016 1182
LABOUR OF LOVE HATE; CIVIL WAR MPS ACCUSE CHIEF OF PUTTING PARTY ON BRINK Smith says party have gone badly wrong and have a culture of bullying Leadership candidate has had death threats and says party must unite or die He likens Labour under Corbyn to Mike Ashley's tyrannical reign at Sports Direct. Jul 23, 2016 992
Bumps and Potholes. Jun 30, 2016 1344
Darfur referendum results are nothing but foregone conclusion. Apr 25, 2016 1004
BORIS IS HAVING A BLOND MOMENT; DIVIDED EU SPLIT SPARKS CIVIL WAR IN CONSERVATIVE PARTY Cameron seizes first chance to skewer pal BoJo over betrayal on referendum. Feb 23, 2016 1202
Cameron's too Cavalier; TORY ROUNDHEADS A THREAT TO PM IN CIVIL WAR OVER EU POLL. Feb 14, 2016 1014
NCP regime poised for Darfur Referendum willy-nilly coinciding with new escalation of killing spree. Feb 3, 2016 4922
CAMERON 'LAUGHING STOCK'ON FREE VOTE; Heseltine 'civil war' warning on referendum demands. Dec 22, 2015 543
Slashing tax credits will cripple the Tory party like Thatcher's disastrous poll tax; CIVIL WAR CONSERVATIVE CONFERENCE SPLIT OVER OSBORNE PLAN Davis& Johnson take a pop at Chancellor's scheme as MPs raise pressure. Conference news Oct 6, 2015 915
"Civil war" grips UK's labor party as future remains bleak. Jul 31, 2015 658
ANYONE BUT CORBYN; LABOUR CIVIL WAR: THE BATTLETO BE CROWNED PARTY LEADER; Veteran MPs unite against left-wing rebel candidate amid fears they are heading for 'electoral oblivion'. Jul 26, 2015 1422
ANYONEBUT CORBYN; LABOUR CIVIL WAR: THE BATTLETO BE CROWNED PARTY LEADER; Veteran MPs unite against left-wing rebel candidate amid fears they are heading for 'electoral oblivion'. Jul 26, 2015 1422
ANY ONE BUT CORBYN; LABOUR CIVIL WAR: THE BATTLE TO BE CROWNED PARTY LEADER; Veteran MPs unite against left-wing rebel candidate amid fears they are heading for 'electoral oblivion'. Jul 26, 2015 1422
Pre-Civil War tension in the air: ICG. Jul 25, 2015 689
LAY OFF CORBYN; Labour MPs' plea as civil war worsens. Jul 25, 2015 335
South Carolina poised to remove Confederate flag today. Jul 9, 2015 755
South Carolina House votes to take down Confederate flag from Capitol grounds. Jul 9, 2015 743
LABOUR IN MELTDOWN; Cameron scare tactic on Sturgeon threat is success Bitter civil war in party predicted over poll result. May 8, 2015 905
Will the Arab spring come to Sudan? A look backward--and forward. Moravitz, Michael L. Dec 1, 2014 3686
South Sudan: why peace remains elusive. Ankomah, Baffour Aug 1, 2014 3187
Black internationalism, international communism and anti-fascist political trajectories: African American volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. Featherstone, David Essay Jul 1, 2014 11155
Lawless Libya edges closer to civil war. May 20, 2014 753
Arm rebels to bring an end to Syrian civil war, says MP. May 8, 2014 373
Assad seeks re-election as Syrian civil war rages. Apr 28, 2014 706
When Boots Come Marching In Pakistan must be unique in the sense that here military rulers were actually invited by political parties to seize power. Mar 31, 2014 1217
Syria: the hope and challenges of mediation. Monshipouri, Mahmood; Wieger, Erich Mar 22, 2014 7059
Africa and social capital: from human trade to civil war. Kitissou, Kpoti; Yoon, Bong Joon Report Mar 1, 2014 8586
Nujaifi warns against civil war. Feb 24, 2014 114
US scrambles to avert civil war in S. Sudan. Klapper, Bradley Jan 10, 2014 500
New from NDU press: for the Center for Strategic Research. Yaphe, Judith S. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 169
Hamas now friends once again with Islamic Rep. Dec 13, 2013 955
Standing out from the crowd; Newcastle's first black MP fled one of Africa's bloodiest civil wars in the dead of night to Kenton, Newcastle, where she grew up in a poor, single parent family. Chi Onwurah tells reporter KATE PROCTOR the defining moments of her life before Parliament. Dec 7, 2013 1551
Senior Iranian MP Warns about Possibility of Civil War in Egypt. Aug 15, 2013 532
Institutional Reforms in Yemen. Jun 6, 2013 880
Coining controversy: during the Civil War, conservative clergy and their political allies added 'In God We Trust' to American coins. Brown, Simon Jun 1, 2013 1684
Tripoli is being bombed daily and no one gives a damn. Brief article May 27, 2013 146
Why can't our Malians fight like their Malians? Curtis, Vincent J. May 1, 2013 719
Assessment. Sharp, Jeremy M.; Blanchard, Christopher M. Apr 1, 2013 5890
West African oil in high demand. Mar 1, 2013 1350
Lesotho PM backs AU proposal on Abyei referendum. Jan 15, 2013 446
Deconstructing reconstruction: the tumultuous decade that followed the civil war failed to enshrine black voting and civil rights, and instead paved the way for more than a century of entrenched racial injustice. Lemann, Nicholas Essay Jan 1, 2013 2063
Carpetbaggers, jacklegs, and bolting republicans: Jews in Reconstruction politics in ascension parish, Louisiana. Rockoff, Stuart Reprint Jan 1, 2013 11713
Republicans descend into civil war over 'failure to oust Obama'. Nov 8, 2012 278
Security deal means "death" of SPLM-N rebels, Sudan's ruling party says. Oct 1, 2012 617
Politics - Syrian crisis to end in settlement or open civil war - Moussawi. Aug 26, 2012 132
Sudan ruling party declines calls for national conference including rebel groups. Conference news Aug 12, 2012 478
General McClellan and the politicians revisited. Rafuse, Ethan S. Jun 22, 2012 8635
Reconciliation in Sri Lanka linked to investigation of war crimes, says next US envoy Michele Sison at Senate hearing. Jun 7, 2012 1314
Burma keeps civil war while promising reforms. Feb 22, 2012 800
BJP fumes at minority quota, warns of civil war. Dec 24, 2011 544
Re-framing Citizenship in Two Sudans. Dec 9, 2011 842
Politician: Israel Intends to Foment Civil War in Egypt. Nov 21, 2011 585
Govt rushes to contain repercussions of vote against Syria's isolation--Mikati meets Arab and foreign envoys to explain Lebanon's position--March 14 parties demand expulsion of Syrian Ambassador--are fears of civil war in Lebanon behind Berri's message to Saudi King? Nov 15, 2011 1301
Iraqi situation pushes us to warn against a civil war, MP. Oct 31, 2011 169
Civil war in Iraq not possible - MP. Oct 30, 2011 141
Federal response to a domestic nuclear attack. Mercer, James C. Sep 22, 2011 11183
The moral journey of a political abolitionist: Salmon P. Chase and his critics. Blue, Frederick J. Sep 1, 2011 9920
Plaid leader demands recall of Parliament for debate over Libya; BRITAIN INVOLVED IN ILLEGAL REGIME CHANGE BID - LLWYD. Aug 5, 2011 661
The newest nation: acclaim, joy, caution and worry greet birth of South Sudan. Herlinger, Chris Jul 22, 2011 824
The electoral system for South Sudan: apportioning immediate to long-term needs. Gerenge, Robert Jun 1, 2011 1074
Yemen truce ends with blasts, stokes civil war worries. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 223
Yemen economy faces crisis as unrest continues. May 29, 2011 399
The need for a cautious approach over Abyei dispute. May 6, 2011 1282
Despite history of stability, turmoil reaches Syria. Patterson, Margot Apr 15, 2011 1408
Defection of General Peter Gadet is a "rumour" - South Sudan army. Mar 28, 2011 1118
Clean trade in natural resources. Wenar, Leif Essay Mar 22, 2011 4997
North and South Sudan disengage institutions to form two independent states. Mar 8, 2011 1211
South Sudan is yet to decide on its official Independence Day - Machar. Mar 3, 2011 549
South Sudan is yet to decide on its official Independence Day - Machar. Mar 3, 2011 552
Incoming referendum results show massive vote for south Sudan secession. Jan 17, 2011 568
Voting in Sudan referendum ends; voter turnout reported to be 90 percent--carter predicts new nation by july--Obama sends congratulations on inspiring referendum. Jan 17, 2011 718
Sudan's NCP heading towards recognition of referendum results. Jan 15, 2011 544
Ban welcomes end of polling period for S. Sudan referendum. Jan 15, 2011 289
South Sudan, a new border between Africa and the Arab world? Jan 8, 2011 993
Amnesty calls on Sudan to tackle human rights abuses ahead of referendum. Jan 8, 2011 487
FACTBOX: South Sudan Referendum in Kenya. Jan 8, 2011 1016
The chaotic birth of South Sudan. Jan 7, 2011 904
Yemen heading for civil war over reforms, says analyst. Jan 6, 2011 808
Egypt media warn of 'civil war plot' after bombing. Jan 2, 2011 569
Referendum: Southern Sudanese stage massive protests in Australia. Dec 24, 2010 579
Southern Sudan prepares precarious vote on independence. Filteau, Jerry Dec 24, 2010 1374
AU council calls for deployment of observers for South Sudan's referendum. Dec 23, 2010 453
Egypt and Libya vow to respect South Sudan independence vote. Dec 22, 2010 635
Brinksmanship, delay and broken agreements: the Southern Sudan independence referendum. Siebert, John Dec 22, 2010 1190
South Sudan's United Democratic Party launches separation campaign. Dec 7, 2010 485
Egypt admits foreseeable South Sudan independence. Dec 5, 2010 569
Sudan's Al-Bashir warns against "unilateral solutions" to north-south disputes. Dec 3, 2010 747
SPLA disabled war veterans encouraged to participate in the South Sudan referendum. Dec 1, 2010 451
Sudan: the crisis in Darfur and status of the North-South peace agreement. Dagne, Ted Report Dec 1, 2010 16850
SPLA disabled war veterans encouraged to participate in the South Sudan referendum. Nov 29, 2010 451
If Sudan referendum sparks war it could cost region 100 Bn say economists. Nov 26, 2010 428
Sudan war 'could cost $100bn'. Nov 25, 2010 724
Abul Gheit: Lebanon needs help to escape impasse--Sudanese should end problems before referendum. Nov 13, 2010 370
'Postponement of Abyei referendum is undesirable but may be unavoidable' - RVI. Nov 1, 2010 844
U.S. denies it is pushing for a referendum delay. Oct 31, 2010 423
U.S. denies it is pushing for a referendum delay. Oct 31, 2010 423
Authorities in Unity state receive over 6,000 returnees from Khartoum ahead of referendum. Oct 31, 2010 332
South Sudan referendum body sets vote timetable. Oct 22, 2010 296
Southern students calls for relocation of universities before referendum. Oct 20, 2010 725
Needed: national reconciliation - The civil war has ended in Sri Lanka but there is still a lack of trust between the Tamils and the Sinhalese. President Rajapakse needs to work hard to prevent a new conflict that may be brewing. Sep 30, 2010 1028
Promoting peace and stability in Sudan. Sep 22, 2010 1213
Norway warns of sluggish preparations for south Sudan referendum. Sep 21, 2010 371
Sudan activists: international intervention required to prevent 'diplomatic meltdown' over referendum. Sep 20, 2010 645
Kiir says independence of South Sudan is all but certain. Sep 18, 2010 856
S. Africa's ANC, SPLM hold 'vital' referendum talks. Sep 12, 2010 521
US says South Sudan independence 'inevitable', warns of "ticking time bomb". Sep 9, 2010 904
World needs to be firm with Sudan on referendum. Sep 7, 2010 830
Civilization, republic, nation: contested keywords, northern republicans, and the forgotten reconstruction of Mormon Utah. Prior, David Sep 1, 2010 12092
Sudan's parliament faults plan to repatriate southerners ahead of referendum. Aug 30, 2010 668
S. Sudan wants voters to return for referendum. Aug 18, 2010 469
Specter of civil war haunts South Sudan referendum. Aug 14, 2010 651
South Sudan referendum at risk over commission standoff says SPLM. Aug 13, 2010 763
Austria expresses concern over Darfur, calls for peaceful referendum in South. Jul 15, 2010 669
Sudan 'alarmingly' unprepared for south referendum, say NGOs. Jul 14, 2010 654
Sudan unprepared for 2011 referendum: report. Jul 14, 2010 394
Sudan's CPA partners hand post referendum arrangements to AU. Jun 30, 2010 983
South Sudan referendum threatened by insecurity, food crisis: UN. Jun 5, 2010 480
The Democratic partisan militia and The Black Peril: the Kentucky militia, racial violence, and the fifteenth amendment, 1870-1873. Lewis, Patrick A. Jun 1, 2010 13435
Sudan: The crisis in Darfur and Status of the North-South Peace Agreement. Dagne, Ted Report May 3, 2010 16336
Chad president speaks against South Sudan secession. Apr 17, 2010 449
Irresponsible politics risks Iraq civil war. Apr 7, 2010 538
Insecurity in Southern Sudan: prelude to war or the promise of a new age? Siebert, John Mar 22, 2010 1878
Allawi warns of civil war. Feb 13, 2010 606
April 2010 elections and 2011 referendum in Sudan. Feb 11, 2010 2619
The Alien Tort Statute and the limits of individual accountability in international law. Wallach, David Jan 1, 2010 28640
The Civil War battle that helped create a state. Chick, Kay A. Jan 1, 2009 3146
South of the border: Ulysses S. Grant and the French intervention. Hardy, William E. Report Mar 1, 2008 10352
Does Balkanisation beckon anew? Buchanan, Patrick J. Jun 22, 2007 845
PALESTINE - June 14 - Abbas Dismisses Hamas-Led Government. Jun 16, 2007 709
Security challenges, responses, and options. Katzman, Kenneth Feb 1, 2007 7618
A reality check for Iraq. Howell, Llewellyn D. Jan 1, 2007 1104
Soldier girl? Not every Tamil teen wants to be a tiger: "Sundari," a sixteen-year-old girl in northern Sri Lanka, doesn't wish to fight her country's war, though she was trained to do so at age eleven. The saddest tragedy is that using her real name in a call for peace could get her killed. Mitchell, James A. Sep 1, 2006 2253
Abizaid Sees No Civil War. Brief article Aug 28, 2006 345
What The Syrians Did In Lebanon. Jun 12, 2006 998
Canadians in the U.S. Civil War: although it was an American tragedy, the Civil War was a defining moment in Canada's history. Fear of invasion and the political fallout of the war were the catalysts to Confederation. Twatio, Bill May 1, 2006 1738
U.S. has contributed to Iraq's sectarian strife. Zunes, Stephen Mar 17, 2006 930
ARAB-US RELATIONS - Mar 9 - Rumsfeld Says Iraq 'Will Handle Any Civil War'. Mar 11, 2006 452
Killing the serpent speedily: Governor Morton, General Hascall, and the suppression of the democratic press in Indiana, 1863. Towne, Stephen E. Mar 1, 2006 11548
Suffering in Sudan: the UN mission that couldn't. Twatio, Bill Jun 1, 2005 1652
IRAQ - Jan 18 - Vote Or Risk Civil War, Minister Warns. Brief Article Jan 22, 2005 296
Liberation for Liberia? Liberia has suffered through 14 years of civil war. Now that troublemaker ex-President Charles Taylor is finally gone, could the nation at long last begin to heal its wounds? Smith, Patricia Sep 22, 2003 2144
Togo: buy me, I'm still the best; Cote d'Ivoire's descent into anarchy has frightened the Togolese into thinking of voting for "the devil they know" Ebow Godwin reports from Lome. (Around Africa). Godwin, Ebow Jun 1, 2003 471
Rwanda: "RPF had no foreign support"; Sam Louis Gisagara rebuts Uwe Freisecke's view that Rwanda's 1994 genocide was an international conflict, not an internal one, and thus the blame must be spread far and wide. (Right of Reply). Gisagara, Sam Louis Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 534
The case of the mysterious fugitive: after the war, comes the consolidation of peace. But it is proving to be a bit much for president Tejan Kabbah's government. Mike Butscher reports from Freetown. (Around Africa: Sierra Leone). Butscher, Mike Apr 1, 2003 604
Civil wars: what we don't know. (Review Essay). Wood, Elisabeth Jean Apr 1, 2003 5736
"This is an economic war": Pascal D. Kokora, Cote d'Ivoire's ambassador in Washington, blames France for his country's recent woes. (Around Africa: Cote d'Ivoire). Luxner, Larry; Mbakwe, Tom Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 789
New prospect for peace in Sudan? After almost two decades of continuous feuding there is now some hope Sudan's main political factions will be able to agree a peace. (Current Affairs). Hammond, Andrew Dec 1, 2002 1170
The peace process in Sri Lanka. (Sri Lanka). Silva, Dulcy De Dec 1, 2002 689
Why peace is elusive: The government has suspended the peace talks with the rebels after losing the strategic town of Torit. But as Jacob Akol reports, there is more to it than meets the eye. (Around Africa: Sudan). Akol, Jacob Oct 1, 2002 1065
Place oil revenue in trust, U.S. commission says. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article May 17, 2002 247
How America ran, and still runs, the Congo war: America's covert activities in the Great Lakes region exposed! (Cover story 1: Great Lakes Region). Sep 1, 2001 4348
SUDAN - June 1 - US Split On Ties. Brief Article Jun 2, 2001 611
From uprising to war. Salt, Jeremy Jan 1, 2001 1886
ERITREA - June 27 - Demand For Army Cuts Rejected. Brief Article Jun 30, 2000 392
The critical barrier to civil war settlement. Walter, Barbara F. Jun 22, 1997 14422
Too many nations? Jan 1, 1997 113

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