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Keep [pounds sterling]20 a week rise in Universal Credit, says study aimed at tackling poverty; EXCLUSIVE: The Trades Union Congress and Institute for Public Policy Research outline a plan to ease poverty among hard-up families. By, Ben Glaze Oct 26, 2020 838
Congress asked: Pass tax relief for pro bono doctors. Jul 27, 2020 601
Tax incentives for doctors providing free services sought. Jul 26, 2020 337
Crisis has left many struggling to pay basic costs, say MPs. Jonathan Walker Political Correspondent Jun 25, 2020 586
Sen. Fowler's Week-in-Review: February 3-7. Submitted by Maddison Harner Illinois Senate Republican Staff Feb 12, 2020 775
Sen. Fowler's Week-in-Review: Feb. 3-7. Submitted by Maddison Harner Illinois Senate Republican Staff Feb 12, 2020 775
Sen. Schimpf's State Senate Week in Review. Submitted by Mike Brooks Illinois Senate Republican Staff Feb 12, 2020 1093
Sen. Schimpf's State Senate Week in Review. Submitted by Mike Brooks Illinois Senate Republican Staff Feb 11, 2020 1093
VOUCHING FOR A BETTER EDUCATION: Democrats are divided over school choice as the Trump Administration gains traction concerning school vouchers and tax-credit scholarships. Peterson, Paul E. Nov 1, 2019 1210
IBHS Chief Continues to Ask Congress to Embrace Tax Credits for Climate Resilience. Don Jergler Oct 24, 2019 937
Short Lines Group Celebrates Congressional Support Of Tax Credit. Sep 17, 2019 541
Illinois budget includes tax credits for some industries. Jun 24, 2019 441
The State-Charity Disparity and the 2017 Tax Law. Hemel, Daniel Jun 22, 2019 6182
Govt mulls tax levy on middlemen's income. Jun 8, 2019 920
IBHS Chief Talked to Congress About Tax Credits for Climate Resilience. Jergler , Don May 30, 2019 1591
IBHS Chief Wright Urges Congress to Consider Tax Credits for Climate Resilience. Jergler, Don May 30, 2019 1585
House passes $1,000 tax credit for teachers. Mar 12, 2019 116
Bill to reduce cost of STO program has bipartisan support. Mar 1, 2019 540
Baltimore Opportunity Zone leader worried about business investment. Feb 27, 2019 649
Sweeney, Coughlin unveil plans for February tax credit hearing. Jan 25, 2019 418
Tax credit buyback bill promises to lower state debt. Dec 10, 2018 404
Lawmakers back tax breaks to boost apprentice employment. Munoz, Daniel J. Nov 12, 2018 423
House panel welcomes call for congressional inquiry into P11.8B tax credit scam. Oct 15, 2018 835
Lawmakers ask for probe into 'tax credit scam' in govt offices. Oct 13, 2018 1042
Lawmakers buzzing about proposed beekeeper tax credits. Munoz, Daniel J. Brief article Sep 14, 2018 254
Universal credit has left many on breadline - Byrne. Jul 19, 2018 475
Universal credit left mum too poor to buy socks for her children; MP SPEAKS OUT ON BENEFITS CHAOS. Jul 16, 2018 531
'Bug' benefit claims - MP; ADVICE TO RECORD UNIVERSAL CREDIT INTERVIEWS. Jul 13, 2018 516
MP advises claimants to record their UC hearings. Jul 12, 2018 535
Spring Bills: Tax on Service, Mobility... and an IRS Reorg? Fox, Jason May 1, 2018 839
Wind energy tax bill sent to conference committee. Conference news Apr 30, 2018 434
House harnesses wind credits. Apr 25, 2018 814
Wind debate anything but calm. Apr 19, 2018 571
Legislature still considering best wind tax formula. Apr 12, 2018 473
Legislature looks at caps on energy credits. Apr 9, 2018 776
Senate Study Offers Opportunity for Fresh Look at Charity Issues. Broder, Peter Mar 1, 2018 1019
Opportunity Funds--The new tax bill's incentive to spur investments into certain community development projects. Castilla, Alveno N.; Wicks, Ashley N. Feb 23, 2018 1480
TAXES AND HEALTH CARE: VICTORY, SORT OF, MAYBE. Suderman, Peter Feb 17, 2018 572
Senate president ready to pull key provision from tax credit bill. Feb 16, 2018 666
Yarbrough bill to curb STO tax credits called wolf in sheeps clothing. Feb 2, 2018 778
Congress Uses Tax Bill To Expand Tax Credit For Private School Tuition. Feb 1, 2018 382
THE CORRUPT POLITICS OF LOW-INCOME HOUSING: State officials gleefully line their own pockets at taxpayers' expense. Britschgi, Christian Column Jan 13, 2018 699
The Politicized Complexity of the Canadian Income Tax Act. Peddie, Matthew Jan 1, 2018 928
How 6th District Dems would change GOP tax law. Dec 29, 2017 957
How 6th District Democrats would change Republican tax law. Dec 29, 2017 966
World Stock Markets. Dec 24, 2017 1106
Republicans set to release a compromise tax overhaul bill. Dec 16, 2017 377
With concession to Rubio on child credit, GOP to release compromise tax plan. Dec 16, 2017 336
Tax Measure Could Stall Development: Plan to eliminate tax credit called threat to revitalization. Cottingham, Jan Dec 11, 2017 1578
Bankers Toss Political CyHail Mary:' Tax Credit Unions. Dec 8, 2017 233
Senate GOP needlessly spurns a positive step on tax reform. Dec 5, 2017 696
Oil and Gas Legislative Priorities: Stability and Certainty: Uncertain tax credit future, potential changes to tax structure chills projects. Stricker, Julie Dec 1, 2017 1575
Republicans Post Text of ACA Individual Mandate Proposal. Nov 14, 2017 739
All eyes on U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas as GOP unveils tax plan. Nov 2, 2017 1284
New GOP Tax Framework Includes Caregiver Tax Credit. Sep 27, 2017 774
Republican Plan Still Leaves Credit Union Tax Exemption at Risk. Sep 27, 2017 461
Stretching credibility; Email OPINION Corridors of Power OUR POLITICAL EDITOR JONATHAN WALKER ON THE BIG ISSUES. Sep 17, 2017 409
ASLRRA touts potential of permanent short line railroad tax credit. Aug 1, 2017 162
A $34 Million Gift For Aetna. Jul 27, 2017 1885
Beware the SCROOGE effect; MP warns benefit changes will spell Christmas misery for thousands. Jul 5, 2017 443
toriesa lost clause; ELECTION 2017 SPARKS FLY AT FINAL TV LEADERS' DEBATE RUTH DAVIDSON SKEWERED BY OTHER PARTY LEADERS OVER SUPPORT FOR Conservatives' rape clause and dementia tax. Jun 7, 2017 935
Mich. Lawmakers Want To Restore Tax Credits. Jun 5, 2017 230
Dear GOP: txax credits are not the answer. De Rugy, Veronique Jun 1, 2017 710
Tax credit plan would be a giant leap for NH: but $60 million proposal raises a lot of questions. Sanders, Bob May 12, 2017 2138
Trump lays out principles for ACA replacement. Twachtman, Gregory Mar 15, 2017 739
Tax credit company dropped after plunging many into debt; MP HAS BEEN 'DROWNING IN CASE WORK' FROM FAMILIES WHOSE MONEY STOPPED. Sep 15, 2016 350
The cognitive dissonance of tax treatment of health care. Miller, Thomas P. Report Jun 1, 2016 5223
Osborne in on changes major U-turn to tax credits. Nov 26, 2015 1228
MPs welcome U-turn on cuts to tax credits; AUTUMN STATEMENT 2015 Chancellor abandons controversial measure that could have cost families thousands. Nov 26, 2015 476
Osborne delights his own MPs by reversing plans to cut tax credits. Nov 26, 2015 1518
Unabashed Osborne does U-turn on tax credit changes. Nov 26, 2015 1061
Tory MP's fury over Cam 'tax credit lies' Rebel: Child cash WILL be hit. Nov 12, 2015 337
Tory MP's fury over Cam 'tax credit lies' Rebel: Child cash WILL be hit. Nov 12, 2015 334
Osborne urged to put tax credit cuts on hold. Nov 11, 2015 713
DITCH THE CUTS NOW; MPs of all sides demand Chancellor stops family benefits war. Nov 11, 2015 582
DITCH THE CUTS NOW; MPs of all sides demand Chancellor stops family benefits war. Nov 11, 2015 575
Tax credits and wealthy Tory MPs. Nov 2, 2015 205
Tory MP's advice to Osborne on tax credits. Oct 28, 2015 760
Lords role under fire after tax credits vote; OSBORNE SLAMS 'UNELECTED LABOUR AND LIB DEM PEERS' OVER DRAMATIC SETBACK. Oct 28, 2015 564
Tax credits: All you need to know... David James puts together this Q&A to answer your questions about the damaging defeat suffered by the Government over its plans for tax credit changes... Oct 28, 2015 960
George Osborne must change tax credit plans, says Tory MP; Berwick MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan says Chancellor George Osborne must ensure the poor are protected. Oct 27, 2015 708
Tax credits cut vote: North East families sigh relief while MPs react to halt; Controversial House of Lords stalling of proposed [pounds sterling]4.4bn welfare cuts offers relief - for now - to thousands of North East families. Oct 27, 2015 727
Triple attack on tax credit cuts; Labour, Lords and Tory rebels to ambush Osborne's welfare bill. Oct 25, 2015 295
Triple attack on tax credit cuts; Labour, Lords and Tory rebels to ambush Osborne's welfare bill; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 25, 2015 292
Labour URGESTORIES to rebel over tax credits; Some Conservative backbenchers in call for a policy re-think. Oct 22, 2015 549
Tax credit cuts are too hard and too fast; Commons stunned as defiant Tory MP tells Osborne:. Oct 21, 2015 464
Tory: Tax credit cut 'too hard & too fast' Rebel MP lays into Osborne's plan. Oct 21, 2015 480
Tory: Tax credit cut 'too hard & too fast' Rebel MP lays into Osborne's plan. Oct 21, 2015 476
We'll kill the tax credit Bill; PEER PRESSURE LAST-DITCH BID TO STOP ATTACK ON WORKING POOR Policies show the Tories have moved far from the centre ground of politics. Oct 20, 2015 780
Mitchell in call for a 'tweak' on tax credits; MP WANTS WORKING PEOPLE TO BE GIVEN HELP. Oct 20, 2015 439
Tax credit debate: Labour urges Conservative MPs to join them in opposing tax credit cuts; More than 100,000 working North East families with children set to be hit by Chancellor George Osborne's cuts. Oct 20, 2015 711
Slashing tax credits will cripple the Tory party like Thatcher's disastrous poll tax; CIVIL WAR CONSERVATIVE CONFERENCE SPLIT OVER OSBORNE PLAN Davis& Johnson take a pop at Chancellor's scheme as MPs raise pressure. Conference news Oct 6, 2015 915
Tory MP defends tax credit cuts as conference begins. Conference news Oct 5, 2015 483
PM taken to task over tax credits by Corbyn. Sep 17, 2015 731
This welfare contempt of This welfare contempt of axe vote confirms Tory Britain's working poor; TAX CREDIT SCANDAL CHANCELLOR TAKES BILLIONS FROM 3MILLION FAMILIES MPs give Osborne the green light to hammer 'strivers' he claims to support. Sep 16, 2015 624
MP:Tax credit changes 'an unmitigated disgrace'. Sep 12, 2015 687
Tax credit move will hit working families, says MP. Sep 11, 2015 559
Think tank confirms North East low-paid workers will be poorer because of tax credit changes; George Osborne's planned changes to tax credits will be opposed by Labour MPs in Commons vote. Sep 11, 2015 720
Robbing the poor to give to the rich. Brooks, Neil; McQuaig, Linda Sep 1, 2015 2835
Labour rebels say tax credit cuts will take [pounds sterling]300m from North East economy; Rebel ringleader, Bishop Auckland MP Helen Goodman, said the Welfare Bill is 'regressive' and will lead to a rise in child poverty. Jul 21, 2015 694
Bishop Auckland MP Helen Goodman leads Labour backbench rebellion over two-child welfare plans; Bishop Auckland MP Helen Goodman drew up a motion opposing Tory tax credit cuts after the Labour leadership chose to abstain. Jul 16, 2015 591
North East Labour MPs reject party leader's plan to back limiting tax credits to two children; The Shadow Minister for welfare reform is among North East MPs ready to defy acting party leader Harriet Harman over tax credit cuts. Jul 13, 2015 766
George Osborne's pay rise is less impressive than it seems - but it will still make a difference; Chancellor George Osborne delights Conservatives with his plan to increase wages, but he hasn't introduced a "living wage". Jul 9, 2015 866
Deal would break deadlock on extension of tax credits. Jul 2, 2015 648
Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery attacks Prime Minister's proposed cuts to tax credits; David Cameron indicated tax credits for working people will be reduced in a major speech, but the Government has not yet provided details. Jun 22, 2015 703
Georgia's Peachy deal for filming. Johnson, Ted Jun 16, 2015 526
A contingency plan for King v. Burwell and related cases. Antos, Joseph; Capretta, James C.; Chen, Lanhee J.; Levin, Yuval; Miller, Thomas P.; Ponnuru, Ramesh Essay Jun 1, 2015 4174
Balancing the trade-offs: Options for expanding the childless worker earned income tax credit. Rachidi, Angela Essay Jun 1, 2015 8363
Supermarket incentives for distressed communities die in House: tax credits have helped to bring grocery markets back to New Orleans after Katrina, including Circle Food Store on Bernard. Carter, Ted Mar 27, 2015 1244
Tax break quartet: four business tax proposals get Senate hearing. Sanders, Bob Feb 20, 2015 570
For California, there's a built-in limit to tax credits: efforts to curb runaway production vulnerable without an altered mind-set by studios. Lowry, Brian Sep 9, 2014 608
April 29--the Ways and Means Committee of the US House of Representative approves a measure that would expand the R&D tax credit and make it permanent. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 135
Congress moves toward renewing R&D tax credit. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 171
Americans United attorney argues against voucher-like plan in New Hampshire. Jun 1, 2014 486
Plaid call for AMs to gain tax credit powers. Apr 26, 2014 469
Maryland. Caranicas, Peter Brief article Mar 25, 2014 133
Fighting the flight. Johnson, Ted Aug 26, 2013 3615
We lose billions to fraud and error in tax credits system; Get a grip say angry MPs. May 22, 2013 490
Sustainable energy subsidies. Powers, Melissa Mar 22, 2013 10452
Tax credit foes target low-income families: the education tax credit is under attach by the governor and the House. Pratte, Ashley Brief article Mar 22, 2013 531
Senator Files Tax Credit Scholarship Bill. Mar 6, 2013 623
Lawmakers Holding Their Breath on Wind Credit. Feb 14, 2012 1948
Republicans, Democrats Favor Tax Breaks to Win Back U.S. Jobs; Independents tend to favor each of five specific economic proposals. Morales, Lymari Survey Feb 1, 2012 793
MP left 'appalled' by decision to scrap rise in tax credit payment; 400,000 CHILDREN IN WALES WILL BE HIT, SAYS RESEARCH. Jan 13, 2012 662
Municipal bonds, 2009. Barnes, Aaron Sep 22, 2011 21590
House bill would end ethanol tax credit subsidy, import tariff. Jul 4, 2011 548
Private school tax credit goes down to defeat in South Carolina House. Jul 1, 2011 563
Senate still determined to eliminate ethanol tax credit subsidy. Jun 27, 2011 244
Legislature sends governor a bill making 'kicker' rebate a tax credit. May 26, 2011 641
Redistricting extends session, but most of lawmakers' work done. Carter, Mark Apr 11, 2011 1133
Cardin-Coburn bill would repeal ethanol tax credit. Mar 14, 2011 460
On the economics of postassessments in insurance guaranty funds: a stakeholders' perspective. Bernier, Gilles; Mahfoudhi, Ridha M. Report Dec 1, 2010 16050
The hidden hand of government spending: tax expenditures distort government budgets and the political process. Kleinbard, Edward D. Sep 22, 2010 4197
Can tax expenditure analysis be divorced from a normative tax base? A critique of the "new paradigm" and its denouement. Fleming, J. Clifton, Jr.; Peroni, Robert J. Jun 22, 2010 20710
Legislation to extend federal tax credits causing fiscal, political problems. May 24, 2010 425
IFA, supporters boost veterans' franchise ownership on Capitol Hill: federal legislation would provide tax credit for franchises that offer vets initial fee discount. Straczewski, Jason May 1, 2010 442
Senate approves extension of biodiesel tax credit along with jobs bill. Mar 15, 2010 375
ASA calls for senate to include biodiesel tax credit in jobs bill. Feb 22, 2010 241
Senate begins work on jobs bill. Brief article Feb 8, 2010 303
Demand drivers and price supports for bioethanol use as fuel in the United States: a brief review. Lu, Ning; Rice, Robert W. Feb 1, 2010 5478
The influence of taxation on capital structure in venture capital investments in Canada and the United States. Ollivierre, Scott Jan 1, 2010 15364
House may extend biofuel incentive program. Dec 7, 2009 373
Congress passes extension and expansion of homebuyer tax credit. Law overview Dec 1, 2009 507
ACUMA lobbies Congress and administration for tax credit extension. Nov 4, 2009 567
Ken Harney -- New life for tax credit? Harney, Ken Oct 1, 2009 723
Facilitating fertility and paid work: contemporary family-friendly policy initiatives and their social impacts in Australasia. James, Joanne Report Apr 1, 2009 8006
Clegg plans to cut tax credits; POLITICS. Feb 10, 2009 215
Health care reform movement gains momentum. Nov 24, 2008 443
Congress extends renewable energy tax credits. Berndt, Carolyn Oct 13, 2008 384
NAHB: Congress must create home buyer tax credit. Jun 18, 2008 403
Home builders back more buyer tax credit. Mar 5, 2008 657
BEATING POVERTY.. A SIMPLE SOLUTION; MP says making tax credit forms easier will help 80,000 kids. Feb 5, 2008 248
BEATING POVERTY.. A SIMPLE SOLUTION; MP says making tax credit forms easier will help 80,000 kids. Feb 5, 2008 246
Senators hatch plan to finance tax breaks. Jun 19, 2007 768
Freakopolitics. Schmitt, Mark Apr 1, 2007 787
US Senate bill offers tax credits to recyclers. Sep 1, 2006 234
The Senate has approved a tax credit designed to ease the financial strain on National Guardsmen and reservists. Apr 1, 2005 116
Bush speaks on increasing homeownership, Martinez holds Spanish-language town hall. (Business Alert). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 567
Report finds little help for poor in Arizona tax credit. (AU Bulletin). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 268
Outlook for Business Tax Credits. Barlas, Stephen Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 682
Rocky Mountain High. Benen, Steve Dec 1, 1998 1397

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