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'Parte after parte': Sad story of Kenya's political parties. Apr 17, 2021 889
Dear Friends and Readers. Bui, Phong H. Column Apr 1, 2021 1565
Nepal's Descent into Authoritarianism? US: Poetry and Politics. Jan 27, 2021 1540
The Rhubarbarians Redress: Tony Harrison and the Politics of Speech. Fogarty, William Jun 1, 2020 9696
Poetry in Response to the "Disengagement Plan": Identity, Poetics and Politics. Wolf-Monzon, Tamar Mar 1, 2020 8686
Queering Identity Politics in Shimon Adaf's Aviva-No. Segalovitz, Yael Mar 1, 2020 8574
The Ideal Teacher of Literature; If students are not taught truth derived from an order higher than the natural, they have no hope of forming their characters in light of the perennial verities. Bruce, Cicero Jan 1, 2020 4523
CARDEN: I DIDN'T SING 'HEY JEWS' City MP denies he changed Beatles lyrics during coach journey last year. LUKE TRAYNOR Chief Reporter @LUKETRAYNORECHO Nov 10, 2019 527
Dr Manmohan Singh launches KTS Tulsi's Mother - Late Baljit Kaur Tulsi's Poetry Collection. ANI Nov 5, 2019 557
Populism and Poetry: What Eliot and Chesterton, but not our elite, could see about human nature. Williamson, Chilton, Jr. Nov 1, 2019 2266
Of Politicians, Poetry And Prose. Jun 27, 2019 1048
Of Politicians, Poetry And Prose. Jun 26, 2019 1058
Whim and Whipping: Satire and the Great Reform Act in Scottish Periodical Poetry. Shaw, Michael Essay Sep 22, 2018 9047
Remembering the 'Radical Laird': George Kinloch as Local Hero in Nineteenth Century Scottish Reform Poetry. Farley, Erin Essay Sep 22, 2018 7217
Sotto cops out on proposal to change anthem's lyrics. Sep 22, 2018 335
Palace: There are more important things than revise national anthem lyrics. Sep 20, 2018 395
Senators mull revising lyrics of national anthem. Sep 19, 2018 566
Writers demands to include poetry and letters of Allama Iqbal in syllabus. Aug 1, 2018 514
Poetry for Parliament: The Women's Peace Write Campaign. Beverley, Andrea Report Jun 1, 2018 9012
'Poetry detached from suffering of the downtrodden never reaches greatness'. Feb 12, 2018 623
Papers of Amiri Baraka: Poet Laureate of the Black Power Movement. Jan 1, 2018 2958
The Poetry and Politics of Allen Ginsberg. Hemmer, Kurt Book review Jan 1, 2018 3278
Freedom Time: The Poetics and Politics of Black Experimental Writing. Robbins, Hollis Jun 1, 2017 2563
Poetry Blogs and the Posthuman in Postcolonial Taiwan. Brink, Dean Anthony Essay Jun 1, 2016 9596
How to exist where you are: a lesson in Lotos-eating. Russell, Beatrice Sanford Critical essay Dec 22, 2015 11090
d. a. levy and the Cleveland Jewish Counterculture of the 1960s. Raphael, Marc Lee Essay Oct 1, 2015 4796
Freely revised and edited: anarchist authorship in Jackson Mac Low's The Stein Poems. Spinosa, Dani Critical essay Jun 1, 2015 7104
Modern African verse and the politics of authentication. Bamgbose, Gabriel S. Essay Mar 1, 2014 6618
New Year's limericks aimed at the left. Jan 1, 2014 360
What Use Is Poetry? Alexander, Meena Critical essay Sep 1, 2013 3079
The development of the later English restoration impotency poems. Lavery, Hannah Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 10050
Two clocks: Aurora Leigh, poetic form, and the politics of timeliness. Mullen, Mary Mar 22, 2013 7545
Poetry, politics, and Robert Frost: in memoriam Peter J. Stanlis. Young, R.V. Jan 1, 2012 6103
Liberal politics and literary education. Young, R.V. Jun 22, 2011 4329
Politics of Indigeneity in Fogarty's Poetry. Gorman, Sean Essay Jun 1, 2011 5153
Politics and Poetry. May 26, 2011 1719
Poetry end power. Kostelanetz, Richard Brief article Mar 26, 2011 158
nobodyislisteninginginginginginginging. Benson, Cara Essay Jan 1, 2011 1869
Oil & wolves. Schelling, Andrew Brief article Jan 1, 2011 263
Deepwater Horizon: one year later. Skinner, Jonathan Jan 1, 2011 760
Aristophanes and Douglas Young. Marshall, C.W. Dec 22, 2010 2773
Politics in poetry: epic poetry as a critique of Dutch culture/Politiek in die poesie: epiese poesie as kritiek op die Nederlandse kultuur. Heynders, O.M. Interview Dec 1, 2010 7208
I wish all politicians spoke like that; Novelist defends her MP as he is ridiculed for writing poetry. Nov 17, 2010 484
Word Fashion: Another Politically Correct Poem. Yuan, Changming Poem Nov 1, 2010 131
Culture wars. Wallace, Len May 1, 2010 1866
Third World Express: trains and "revolution" in Southern African poetry/Third World Express: treine en "revolusie" in Suider-Afrikaanse poesie. Wright, L. Critical essay Apr 1, 2010 5532
Liberty and Literature in Early Modern England. DiMatteo, Anthony Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 4756
The (im)possibility of telling: of Algeria and memory in the Flesh. Stampfl, Tanja Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 14338
Roman Piazzas: civic poetry in a text by Patrizia Cavalli. Borra, Antonello Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 2166
Dialogue on Chinese modernism and the new Chinese poetry: an interview with Li Zhi-Min. Peters, Michael A. Interview Jan 1, 2010 4264
Thug-Life Sonnets. Kirn, Heather Literary essay Dec 22, 2009 6606
An anthem for the dream land: the legacy of poetry for the Palestinian and African-American nationalism in the 1960s and 1970s. Alahmed, Nadia Dec 1, 2009 7902
"Accused by the place and face of the other": negotiations with complicity in the work of Antjie Kog and Yvonne Vera/"Beskuldig deur die plek en aangesig van die ander': onderhandelings met medepligtigheid in die work van Antjie Krog en Yvonne Vera. Murray, J. Interview Dec 1, 2009 10933
Violence, war, revolution: Marinetti's concept of a futurist cleanser for the world. Berghaus, Gunter Essay Jan 1, 2009 9857
Poetry in Hell: Primo Levi and Dante at Auschwitz. Balakian, Peter Essay Jan 1, 2008 4226
Elizabeth Singer Rowe (1674-1737): usurping a poetic tradition on behalf of a usurping monarch (1)/Elizabeth Singer Rowe (1674-1737): hukumdari zorla ele gecirmek adina siirsel gelenegi gaspetmek. Stone, Kamille Critical essay Mar 22, 2006 4728
"Several centers": T. S. Eliot's wartime agenda of cultural unity and diversity. Williams, David A. Critical essay Jun 22, 2005 5010
Landscapes "dynamically in motion": revisiting issues of structure and agency in Thomson's The Seasons. Kinsley, Zoe Critical Essay Jan 1, 2005 7627
Bedeviled by boredom: a Voegelinian reading of Dostoevsky's Possessed. Avramenko, Richard G. Mar 22, 2004 12284
Editorial. Editorial Mar 22, 1999 2397
Jack Spicer: the California lecture: Poetry & Politics, July 14, 1965. Jan 1, 1998 9783
The nation yearns for poetry in politics. Farrell, Michael J. Nov 1, 1996 1661
Black Christ, red flag: Langston Hughes on Scottsboro. Thurston, Michael Oct 1, 1995 9472
Minority report. Hitchens, Christopher Column Jun 5, 1995 931
Aphra Behn and John Hoyle: a contemporary mention, and Sir Charles Sedley's poem on his death. Hopkins, P.A. Jun 1, 1994 7240
Walt Whitman's different lights. Martin, Robert Biography Apr 1, 1994 2770
Poetry in common. Di Piero, W.S. Sep 22, 1993 2225
Poetry and the politics of difference. Rodriguez, Luis J. Jun 22, 1992 1747
In defence of political poetry. Austin-Smith, Brenda Apr 1, 1991 850

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