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MPs ensured CSOs for enactment of Balochistan child marriage law. Sep 3, 2020 1090
MPs ensured CSOs for enactment of Balochistan child marriage law. Sep 2, 2020 1135
'Naughty Tory' faces 'real possibility' of jail sentence; Court: Former MP convicted of sexual assaults also faces end of marriage. RYAN HOOPER Jul 31, 2020 417
Kibuku,Kamuli leaders decry forced marriages. Jul 14, 2020 668
FPCCI asks govt to allow reopening of restaurants, marriage halls. Jul 13, 2020 208
FPCCI asks govt to allow reopening of restaurants marriage halls. Jul 13, 2020 670
Govt urged for reopening marriage halls, marquees. Jul 5, 2020 438
Govt urged for reopening marriage halls, marquees. Jul 5, 2020 438
Govt urged for reopening marriage halls, marquees. Jul 4, 2020 392
Dr Wan Azizah defends Hannah, slams intimidation after probe into child marriage tweet. Jun 17, 2020 417
Get married or pay tax: Iranian Cleric faces backlash for suggesting marriage should be compulsory. Arab News Jun 8, 2020 254
Shehbaz recommends use of marriage halls, schools, colleges and mosques as isolation centres. Mar 30, 2020 340
Shehbaz recommends use of marriage halls, schools, colleges and mosques as isolation centres. Mar 29, 2020 360
mixed marriages: HOW TO SURVIVE WHEN THE STATE OF YOUR UNION DIVIDES ALONG PARTY LINES... Freedman, Dan Mar 22, 2020 1913
CHR pushes Congress to declare child marriages illegal. Mar 5, 2020 511
Hontiveros sponsors bill seeking to end child marriages. Mar 5, 2020 1221
Bill declaring child marriage as illegal up for Senate debates. Mar 4, 2020 441
House looking at 'socially acceptable' options for broken marriages - Cayetano. Feb 6, 2020 847
Hindu Council writes to PM, CJP, COAS on forced conversions, child marriages. Feb 3, 2020 487
Legislation on child marriages urged. Jan 16, 2020 160
KP Govt urged to take steps for banning child marriage. Jan 1, 2020 497
ANTIGUA-RIGHTS-Senate gives green light to amend marriage legislation. Dec 18, 2019 473
Congress urged to pass bills banning child marriage in PH. Dec 10, 2019 306
Children's rights: combatting exploitation, forced marriage and sexual abuse. Nov 26, 2019 460
Bihar: Woman accuses ex-RJD MP's son of sexual harassment on pretext of marriage. ANI Nov 21, 2019 384
Marriage will not hamper my political career: Congress MLA Aditi Singh. ANI Nov 19, 2019 318
UWOPA coating male MPs to support Marriage and divorce Bill. Oct 29, 2019 640
Senators cool to divorce bill, eye dissolution of marriage. Oct 21, 2019 351
Amendment Legalizing Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage in Northern Ireland Now in Effect. Sep 22, 2019 307
Useless and harmful bill. Sep 19, 2019 1066
Senate panel ready to craft report on 'dissolution of marriage'. Sep 17, 2019 332
Customary marriage: unprohibited in Islam, but MP drafting law to criminalise it. Sep 4, 2019 1294
Senate committee rejects bill to set minimum age for marriage at 18. Aug 22, 2019 430
Draft of Christian Marriage, Divorce Act needs amendment: experts. Aug 21, 2019 510
Senate body rejects bill to set minimum age for marriage at 18. Aug 21, 2019 429
Senate committee rejects bill to set minimum age for marriage at 18. Aug 21, 2019 462
Sotto: Most senators may back dissolution of marriage, but not divorce. Aug 5, 2019 346
KP govt committed to enact law on child marriage: Shaukat. Jul 15, 2019 432
MPs back NI abortion & same-sex marriage; SNP U-turn on vow to abstain on non-Scots votes. Jul 10, 2019 111
" North MPs divided over equal marriage and abortion rights; N IRELAND. Jul 10, 2019 406
Osborne and wife to split; Pair divorcing after 21 years of marriage. Jul 2, 2019 260
Nusrat Jahan's marriage not valid under Islam, Jainism, says cleric. Jun 30, 2019 441
WPC General Assembly discusses child marriage restraint bill. May 29, 2019 329
WPC General Assembly discusses child marriage restraint bill. May 29, 2019 329
Senate panel seeks briefing on marriages scandal. May 22, 2019 431
If a marriage is over you want to get on with your life.. as it is, people are stuck and the only ones to benefit are the lawyers; Madigan urges Yes vote in divorce poll. May 22, 2019 679
Save marriage instead of Irish divorce reform; Bishop's plea to support families ahead of poll. May 19, 2019 413
UN Women, WPC sign MOU for legislative reform to end child marriage. May 17, 2019 493
Child Marriage Restraint Amendment bill to open new era for women development: Chairperson. May 7, 2019 280
Senate bill of marriage age limit a poor legislation: Liaqat Baloch. May 5, 2019 294
Senate bill of marriage age limit a poor legislation: Liaqat Baloch. May 5, 2019 322
Awareness campaign a 'better way' to discourage child marriages than legislation: CII. May 4, 2019 365
CII takes no clear stance on child marriage bill. May 4, 2019 668
CII for awareness drive to discourage child marriages. May 4, 2019 255
CII for public awareness on child marriage bill. May 4, 2019 285
Awareness campaign a 'better way' to discourage child marriages than legislation: CII. May 4, 2019 367
CII opposes child marriages but won't support legislation. May 3, 2019 361
Awareness campaign a 'better way' to discourage child marriages than legislation: CII. May 3, 2019 370
Mumtaz hails Child Marriage Restraint Amendment Bill. May 2, 2019 177
Fate of child marriage bill lies with NA speaker. May 2, 2019 996
Child marriage. May 2, 2019 448
Opposition of anti-child marriage bill in NA disappoints Chaudhry. May 1, 2019 359
Bill against child marriage divides parties in NA. May 1, 2019 737
Child Marriage Amend Bill divides PTI lawmakers. May 1, 2019 754
Bilawal congratulates senators on passage of child marriage restraint bill. May 1, 2019 187
Pakistani parliamentarian again oppose the child marriage prohibition bill. May 1, 2019 1011
NA passes child marriage act amid opposition by PTI ministers. Apr 30, 2019 622
Bilawal greets senators on passage of child marriage restraint bill. Apr 30, 2019 238
Senate passes bill to fix marriage age as 18 for girls. Apr 30, 2019 853
Child marriage restraint bill sails through Senate. Apr 30, 2019 991
Senate passes bill against child marriage. Apr 30, 2019 210
Senate sees off religious parties' opposition to pass bill against child marriage. Apr 29, 2019 463
KP Assembly resolution for raising marriage age to 18 lauded. Apr 25, 2019 331
PM did not declare marital status in nomination forms before 2014: Digvijaya Singh. Mar 28, 2019 754
Dr Ramesh Kumar tables two bills, resolution against forced conversions child marriages. Mar 26, 2019 586
Love, Sex, and Social Justice: The Anarcha-Feminist Free Love Debate. Rocha, James; Rocha, Mona Report Mar 22, 2019 8164
MPs in 'heated discussion' on child marriage. Mar 20, 2019 666
Hariri: My settlement with Aoun is a Maronite marriage and I will not be distracted by useless political bickering. Mar 19, 2019 1144
Cultural Assimilation and the Cross-National Marriage Ethics in Korea under Japanese Rule: The Transformation of the Fable "The Wedding of the Mouse" in East Asia. Kim, HyoSun; Lee, KaHye Mar 1, 2019 5237
Which MPs support optional civil marriage? Feb 21, 2019 1064
Preventing Child Marriages. Feb 1, 2019 432
18 as minimum marriage age: Senate Committee approves bill. Jan 31, 2019 185
Senate body passes Child Marriage Restraint Act amend. Jan 31, 2019 364
18 as minimum marriage age: Senate Committee approves bill. Jan 31, 2019 179
Draft bill raising minimum age of marriage to 18 years approved by Senate committee. Jan 30, 2019 255
Should 'Cong' or 'Gov' solemnize marriages? Yes, solon thinks so. Nov 23, 2018 449
House panel starts discussion on bill granting authority to solemnize marriage. Nov 22, 2018 361
Live-stream debate on marriage equality referendum commenced Nov. 4. Nov 5, 2018 674
Egypt moves to toughen penalties on underage marriage. Oct 27, 2018 417
Child marriages prevention bill on the table in Balochistan. Oct 8, 2018 209
NGOs demand legislation on child marriages in Balochistan. Oct 5, 2018 258
Shariah judges should learn how harmful child marriages are, says MP. Sep 18, 2018 361
Why didn't CDA stop marriage halls when they were built? Sep 11, 2018 555
Kelantanese who wed Thai girl 'feels guilty' as Putrajaya seeks to set floor marriage age. Aug 22, 2018 394
Malaysia pledges legislation to curb child marriage. Jul 26, 2018 102
Justice Ministry drafts law to criminalise child marriages. Jun 19, 2018 612
Alvarez hopes Senate will pass its version of marriage dissolution proposal. Jun 19, 2018 431
Bam Aquino pushes for easy annulment of marriages. Jun 12, 2018 476
Parliament of Kyrgyzstan to raise awareness about violence against women and children. Jun 6, 2018 180
Protecting Parliamentarians. May 31, 2018 892
Marriage of convenience: JUI-F's indecision to quit central govt causes resentment among JI members. May 19, 2018 831
EP cmte calls for ban on child marriages. May 16, 2018 174
Prominent Indian MP Shashi Tharoor charged over wife's death. May 14, 2018 278
Marriage crucial to leadership. May 6, 2018 452
Play oversight role despite Uhuru-Raila marriage, Muturi tells Opposition. Mar 19, 2018 428
Early legislation on child marriages, domestic violence urged. Mar 17, 2018 549
Senate, House preparing different bills on marriage age. Mar 16, 2018 425
House approves divorce, dissolution of marriage bill on 2nd reading. Mar 14, 2018 279
Muturi intervenes after MPs cry for marriages over woman's nude photos. Mar 14, 2018 432
Girls' marriage age should be extended to 21: BJP MP. Mar 8, 2018 202
Between Polygyny and Monogamy: Marriages of the Political Elite and the Thai Regime of Images. Rangsivek, Katja Essay Mar 1, 2018 10174
Indonesia pushes for gay and pre-marital sex ban. Feb 15, 2018 741
Indonesia pushes for gay and pre-marital sex ban. Feb 15, 2018 741
Define criteria for marriage dissolution, House urged. Feb 12, 2018 545
House begins deliberating marriage dissolution bill. Feb 8, 2018 146
MP says reduction of marriage registration terms in Kyrgyzstan is attempt to legalize bride kidnapping. Jan 29, 2018 131
House OKs bill making marriage annulment easier. Jan 29, 2018 292
Woman says PM Modi's rally ended her marriage. Dec 10, 2017 273
Easy dissolution of marriage to pass House in January - Alvarez. Dec 7, 2017 312
Ending child marriage in Pakistan. Nov 21, 2017 1113
Crossing the Threshhold: The Story of the Marriage Equality Movement. Book review Oct 1, 2017 133
Marriage ban lifted; AROUND THE WORLD. Sep 17, 2017 101
'Historic Day for Jordanian Women': Joy as Marriage Loophole for Rapists Removed. Aug 2, 2017 1147
Marriage, the Court, and the future. Anderson, Ryan T. May 1, 2017 19822
Senate Body considers bill for blood screening before marriage. Nov 5, 2016 397
The GOP platform calls for a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court's marriage equality decision, and states. Aug 1, 2016 192
Trust on the downslide: gathering discusses Americans' lost confidence. Roberts, Tom Conference notes Jul 29, 2016 1615
Congress terms RaGa marriage rumours baseless. Jul 6, 2016 338
Exciting times as 'marriage' is pulled apart. Jun 25, 2016 205
LOVE-RAT MP FALLS ON HIS SWORD; APOLOGY MP SAYS SORRY FOR 'HURT AND UPSET' Hosie stands down as SNP deputy leader after affair wrecks marriage. May 23, 2016 443
LOVECHEAT MP AND HIS AFFAIR IN HOTEL ON EXPENSES; Fling with the same mistress who ended his SNP chum Stewart Hosie's marriage to Shona Robison Flings could tear Nats apart. May 18, 2016 290
States of rebellion: prodded by religious right groups, legislatures around the country are trying new schemes to block marriage equality. Jones, Sarah E. Cover story Mar 1, 2016 2304
Hindu Marriage Bill 2016 to be presented in Parliament soon. Feb 15, 2016 565
MP battling to give mothers a place on marriage certificates. Dec 10, 2015 510
Senate wannabe Lorna Kapunan wants debates on marriage. Nov 18, 2015 466
Bevan marriage to take centre stage INTV drama. Sep 14, 2015 438
MP: I want my selfie queen wife back... I still love her; Danczuk's TV plea to mend marriage. Jul 16, 2015 579
Love-split MP: I feel suicidal and drink a bottle of wine a night; Stress of listening to abuse victims 'ruined marriage'. Jul 7, 2015 430
Supreme constitutional trespass: marriage. Duke, Selwyn Jun 8, 2015 751
YES WE CAN; MARRIAGE REFERENDUM: IRELAND'S HISTORIC DAY Bookies predict win as rest of world watches on Record numbers go to poll & even expats fly in. May 23, 2015 953
Wattoo urges parliament to take Hindu Marriage Registeration Bill. Jan 16, 2015 314
Sexist roles hidden in pastoral rhetoric. Stewart, Kelly Conference notes Jan 2, 2015 912
Bill repealing law vs 'premature marriage' awaits Aquino approval. Dec 19, 2014 343
Government plans bill to make marriage laws women friendly. Nov 16, 2014 412
Love and marriage in the work of Abdul-Baki, Abu-Jaber, and al-Razzaz. Debyan, Qusai A.R. Al-; Neimneh, Shadi S. Critical essay Sep 1, 2014 5533
Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Marry off Rahul and Then Talk about Modi's Marital Issue, Shiv Sena Tells Congress. Apr 15, 2014 415
"Say Yes": Consent, Marriage, and History in the Drama and Fiction of Suzan-Lori Parks. Severs, Jeffrey Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 6934
Same-Sex Marriage Reform: Tony Abbott Challenged by New Zealand MP to Allow Conscience Vote. Mar 3, 2014 372
GOP, hard-right groups arm wrestle in public; Can this marriage ever be saved? Cassata, Donna Dec 17, 2013 917
MPs hold public hearing on early marriage, child abuses. Dec 15, 2013 401
Classical Christian marriage. Fleming, Thomas May 1, 2013 2441
Armenian Parliament introduces equal marriage age requirement for man and women. Apr 30, 2013 220
French parliament approves controversial marriage law. Apr 24, 2013 141
'I'd be useless as an MP' Emily Watson teams up with David Tennant in a three-parter about marriage, power and politics. The actress reveals why she won't be considering a career on the back benches any time soon. Apr 20, 2013 772
Who governs the family? Marriage as a new test case of overlapping jurisdictions. Witte, John, Jr.; Nichols, Joel A. Mar 22, 2013 12013
Did MPs vote freely over same-sex marriage? Letters Letter to the editor Mar 14, 2013 258
Why marriage equality is right. Huntsman, Jon Mar 1, 2013 751
GOP rift deepens as Clint Eastwood joins Republicans rooting for gay marriage. Mar 1, 2013 235
Republicans Make Stand For Gay Marriage in Supreme Court Brief. Feb 27, 2013 433
Democratic Platform 2012: Pro-Gay Marriage, Weak On Guns, And Completely Silent On Civil Liberties. Sep 4, 2012 1133
Out in America: out lesbians face a pivotal election year. Sorenson, Janelle Sep 1, 2012 2113
MP FINDS NEW LOVE MONTHS AFTER BREAK-UP; Politician said pressures of inquiry took toll on marriage. Aug 26, 2012 496
PLEASE SAY I DO TO GAY MARRIAGE; Campaigners' plea to Government. Jul 17, 2012 445
Call for gay marriage referendum. Jul 16, 2012 160
Gay Marriage Opponents Funnel $2M To Oust New York Republicans Who Backed Legalization. Jun 24, 2012 521
Obama's 'same sex marriage' stance hasn't hurt him politically, poll finds. Jun 23, 2012 196
Marriage for gays backlash. Jun 13, 2012 120
PM under pressure over gay marriage. Jun 13, 2012 316
Pressure grows on gay marriage plans; Churches condemn Tory proposals. Jun 13, 2012 487
The Politics Of Gay Marriage: Why Liberal Denmark Waited 23 Years For Legalization. Jun 8, 2012 784
Hollow vows; Obama's gay marriage `evolution' just politics. Editorial May 15, 2012 604
Six in 10 Say Obama Same-Sex Marriage View Won't Sway Vote; More say it makes them less likely rather than more likely to vote for Obama. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 11, 2012 827
More of the same? gay marriage did not make it into yesterday's Queen's Speech. SARAH SCOTT talks to campaigners on both sides of the debate. May 10, 2012 1062
Americans' support for gay marriage wanes amid political divide. May 9, 2012 596
Jumping the broom: this could be the year Democrats officially embrace marriage equality. Garcia, Michelle May 1, 2012 376
Parishes opt out of signature drive against gay marriage. Morris-Young, Dan Apr 27, 2012 990
Boteach To Run, Citing Marriage, Drugs. Klein, Dan Mar 14, 2012 396
MPs' blast at cardinal over gay marriage; CHURCH. Mar 5, 2012 144
Maryland legislators passes gay marriage bill by 72-65 votes. Feb 24, 2012 299
Catholic DVD on marriage not a lobbying effort, campaign board rules. Jan 6, 2012 351
Sikhs demand enactment of a separate marriage act. Sep 26, 2011 462
Liberty and love? Dora Black Russell and marriage. Gorham, Deborah Sep 22, 2011 12395
Mandated essay underwent peer review but process not completed. Fox, Thomas C. Sep 16, 2011 582
Big difference: a uncomfortable comparison between New York's Governor Cuomo and the president on marriage equality underscores the flaws in Obama's leadership. Signorile, Michelangelo Sep 1, 2011 1374
DOMA doubts: what will become of the so-called Defense Of Marriage Act? May 1, 2011 635
Algerian women between French emancipation and religious domination on marriage and divorce from 1959 Ordonnance No. 59-274 to the 1984 Code de la famille. de Abes, Teresa Camacho Report Mar 15, 2011 8102
US Republicans plan legal defense of marriage law. Mar 6, 2011 212
New York is for lovers: will marriage equality finally arrive in the Empire State? Mar 1, 2011 617
Easing the cost of marriage. Jan 8, 2011 641
'Average' lawyer to a millionaire after marriage. Jan 6, 2011 467
Nepal parliament urged to raise legal marriage age of women from 18 to 20 years. Oct 13, 2010 249
Pak woman's "cultural homicide" over arranged marriage outrages Italian politicians. Oct 5, 2010 349
MPs irate at Chinese marriages. Aug 18, 2010 365
Defense of Marriage Act defended. Brief article Jul 23, 2010 147
Nigerian group slams trial of senator over child marriage. Jul 21, 2010 385
Child marriage slur on an MP's hunt for votes. Jun 24, 2010 454
South Sudan Referendum between civil divorce and marriage makeover. Apr 1, 2010 1256
Yemeni women demonstrate in support of proposed child marriage ban. Mar 24, 2010 860
The unwelcome cohort: when the sentencing judge invades your bedroom. Bux, Elizabeth M. Feb 1, 2010 11504
Hindu Marriage Act and personal laws of Minorities would be brought in Parliament soon for legislation: Bhatti. Oct 19, 2009 215
Hindu Marriage Act and personal laws of Minorities would be brought in Parliament soon for legislation: Bhatti. Oct 19, 2009 215
Is the marriage over between CPA partners? Oct 11, 2009 736
Daniel's Boon: in New York, Rosie O'Donnell's older brother stakes his political career on marriage equality. Aug 1, 2009 417
MPs warned over forced marriages. Jul 22, 2009 231
MPs warned over visa bids in forced marriages. Jul 21, 2009 478
Not a level playing field: Bulgaria is the only EU country that fails to recognize cohabitation as a legal equivalent to marriage. Kostadinov, Petar Jun 19, 2009 716
Legislation to stop thalassaemia carrier marriages urged. May 8, 2009 205
Shooing the vultures away from the consumer bankruptcy carcass: attorney fees owed by debtors for marital dissolution are not domestic support obligations. Davis, Christopher V. Jan 1, 2009 13938
When politics becomes personal: the Republican mayor of San Diego upset the party line when he came out in support of same-sex marriage last year. Now Jerry Sanders is ruffling feathers again by fighting to beat Proposition 8. Caldwell, John Nov 4, 2008 785
Bishops launch marriage fight. Brief article Oct 31, 2008 183
10 ways to satisfy your president: how the administration took money from the poor, and put it into marriage workshops. Mencimer, Stephanie Sep 1, 2008 3435
Working at politics, marriage. Jun 15, 2008 534
'Teach children about forced marriage and honour violence'. Jun 13, 2008 657
City drags feet over marriages; VIOLENCE: Brum schools chided by MPs. Jun 13, 2008 314
The political side of the Zimri-Cozbi affair. Sicherman, Max Jan 1, 2008 1092
The object of our affection: her husband let us down, she won't support marriage equality, but still we can't stop dreaming about Hillary. Sean Kennedy sits down with the front-runner for the White House and finds out what's keeping the romance alive. Kennedy, Sean Cover story Oct 9, 2007 3985
Mates' rates: politicians will continue applying sloppy logic to research statistics if the more numerate among us don't challenge them, writes Ruth Prickett, who casts a critical eye over a recent policy announcement on marriage benefits. Prickett, Ruth Sep 1, 2007 793
Measures to stop forced marriages; POLITICS HUMAN RIGHTS. Jul 25, 2007 159
Child marriage: a violation of human rights/Marriage des enfants: une violation des droits humains. Brown, Diana; Bogaarts, Yvonne Jan 1, 2007 2708
POLITICS: Call for forced marriage laws. Dec 1, 2006 415
Manoeuverings continue on same-sex "marriage". Gosgnach, Tony Nov 1, 2006 1404
Political efforts to bring back traditional marriage intensify. Gosgnach, Tony Oct 1, 2006 803
If marriage is natural, why is defending it so hard? Taking up the challenge to marriage in the pews and the public square. Gallagher, Maggie Jun 22, 2006 9706
The marriage that sent the West into a panic. Ray, Carina Feb 1, 2006 1454
Political context re-considered: Henry James and marriage reform in The Wings of the Dove. Palmer, Sean Critical essay Dec 1, 2005 10235
Group sees harm to kids in marriage amendment. Frieden, Joyce Nov 1, 2005 456
Anna Gavanas, Fatherhood Politics in the United States: Masculinity, Sexuality, Race and Marriage. Jun 1, 2005 612
To have and to hold: congressional vows on marriage and sex. Levin-Epstein, Jodie Jan 1, 2005 7365
The Bush Administration's misguided poverty cure. Lerner, Sharon Jul 5, 2004 1996
Declaration of intolerance: president Bush proclaims Marriage Protection Week, bringing the White House closer than ever to endorsing an antigay constitutional amendment. Nov 11, 2003 352
Marriage just lets the state back in. Howley, Kerry Nov 1, 2003 1570
The king, the 10th bride, and her mum: an unprecedented legal action that pits tradition against modernity is threatening to erode the royal prerogative of King Mswati III. James Hall reports from Mbabane. (Around Africa: Swaziland). Hall, James Dec 1, 2002 791
The politics of family. (Cover Story). Kuttner, Robert Apr 8, 2002 972
Marriage plus: most people agree that it's healthy for kids to grow up in a two-parent family. But the marriage contract is just the beginning. (Cover Story). Ooms, Theodora Apr 8, 2002 2686
Nostalgia as ideology. (Cover Story). Coontz, Stephanie Apr 8, 2002 1322
Is lack of marriage the real problem? (Cover Story). Sawhill, Isabel V. Apr 8, 2002 1254
Hitting home; domestic violence is the issue that embarrasses traditionalists. Today, despite greater awareness and a variety of model programs, partner abuse is still far too prevalent. (Cover Story). Feinberg, Cara Apr 8, 2002 3828
Reconcilable differences: what it would take for marriage and feminism to say "I do". (Cover Story). Gornick, Janet C. Statistical Data Included Apr 8, 2002 3509
Taking care. (Cover Story). Hochschild, Arlie Russell Apr 8, 2002 1679
Child-care quality matters: the whole point of the marriage debate is healthier children. With more mothers working, custodial day care just isn't enough. (Cover Story). Zaslow, Martha J.; Tout, Kathryn Brief Article Apr 8, 2002 776
What about black fathers? By placing so much emphasis on marriage, public policy could set back efforts to bring unmarried fathers into more constructive contact with their children. (Cover Story). Mincy, Ronald B. Apr 8, 2002 2094
Family-friendly Europe: decent wages and generous social supports to reconcile work and parenting add up to a family policy that's smarter than marriage promotion. (Cover Story). Christopher, Karen Statistical Data Included Apr 8, 2002 2407
How We Did on the 2000 Ballots. BONAUTO, MARY L. Jan 1, 2001 1282
A more civil union: Vermont's legal recognition of same-sex couples has brought the latest struggle for gay rights out of the closet--and onto the stage of national politics. Goodman, David Jul 1, 2000 3961
The Stakes in the Gay Marriage Wars. MOHR, RICHARD D. Jun 22, 2000 1069
After California Votes to Limit Marriage: A Call for Direct Action and Civil Disobedience. Rofes, Eric Jun 22, 2000 1918
Storm over Vermont. Brief Article Feb 29, 2000 111
Wedded to equality. GALLAGHER, JOHN Feb 29, 2000 5606
Marriage still in Commons (Canada). Brief Article Jul 1, 1999 369
The Bachelor and other disorderly men during the American founding. Kann, Mark E. Sep 22, 1997 12248

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