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US Commission Supports Sanctions For Chinese Human Rights Abusers. FreightWaves Jan 9, 2020 488
Bill on occupied Kashmir introduced in U.S. House of Representatives. Dec 8, 2019 618
Bill introduced in US House of Representatives urges India to end restrictions in J-K. ANI Dec 8, 2019 376
Bipartisan US House resolution slams Indian oppression in occupied Kashmir. Dec 8, 2019 479
EU urges Tajik government to ensure free access to Internet, news websites and social media. Nov 18, 2019 570
EU urges Tajik government to ensure free access to Internet, news websites and social media. Nov 18, 2019 625
US expresses concern over threat to democracy from 'theocratic groups' operating in S. Asia. ANI Nov 15, 2019 291
US officials highlight rights violations in IOK, attacks on minorities in India. Oct 23, 2019 973
School Trip Hijab Clash Sparks New Secularism Row In France. AFP News Oct 15, 2019 677
Parliament considering bill on religious freedom and religious organizations in Kyrgyzstan. Sep 25, 2019 202
SOGIE bill will not outlaw Bible-based beliefs on LGBTs. Sep 3, 2019 1249
First, DO NO HARM: AU's Laser Urges Congress To Pass Legislation To Stop The Misuse Of Religious Freedom. Hayes, Liz Sep 1, 2019 1487
US announces new sanctions. Aug 9, 2019 185
Bahrain : Foreign Minister participates in the 2nd Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom in Washington, D.C. Jul 22, 2019 630
Bangladesh : Bangladesh Foreign Minister meets with US lawmakers. Jul 19, 2019 395
THE WAR TO DESTROY CHRISTIANITY IN AMERICA: In the United States, leftists are subverting state and federal laws to stigmatize and criminalize Christianity. Anderson, Troy Jun 3, 2019 2142
United States : Senate Conservatives Ask Appropriators to Hold the Line on Life Protections. May 30, 2019 264
United States : Rubio, Lee, Colleagues Ask Appropriations Chairman to Hold the Line on Life and Religious Liberty Protections. May 30, 2019 141
Sinking Religious Freedom In India! May 13, 2019 1147
Commission Asks US to Punish Saudi Arabia over Shia Executions. Apr 27, 2019 502
US urged to punish Saudi Arabia over executions. Apr 27, 2019 540
MP's mosque visit after terror strike. Apr 3, 2019 183
Do No Harm Act Reintroduced In U.S. Congress. Apr 1, 2019 243
U.S. official, Sudan's lawmakers discuss religious freedom. Mar 29, 2019 288
United States : Senator Lankford Discusses Foreign Policy and Trade Issues with China on Senate Floor. Mar 16, 2019 201
Slavery Was Once for Many a "Sincerely Held Belief". Bergstrom, Malia Mar 1, 2019 1242
A TRUCE IN THE BATTLE OVER BIRTH CONTROL: But the war isn't over. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Jan 17, 2019 415
Pakistan rejects 'politically motivated' US pronouncement on religious freedom violations. Dec 13, 2018 622
US not to put sanctions on Pakistan despite blacklisting for religious freedom violations. Dec 12, 2018 485
FO rejects US politically motivated move on religious freedom violations. Dec 12, 2018 487
United States : USCIRF Applauds Passage of H.R. 390 by Congress. Dec 7, 2018 205
Altered Landscape: The 2018 Midterms Provide A Measure Of Diversity In Congress--And A Much-Needed Check On President Donald Trump. Hayes, Liz Dec 1, 2018 1466
United States : Hatch's Bill Protecting Religious Institutions Signed into Law. Oct 3, 2018 129
New Florida Law: "In God We Trust" Must Be Placed in All Public Schools. Sep 17, 2018 324
A Religious Blitz on Our Government. Carr, Nicole Column Sep 1, 2018 1037
HRW urges PTI to form 'rights-respecting' govt. Aug 28, 2018 259
Bin Alawi Meets Speaker of US House of Representatives. Jul 26, 2018 172
Do No Harm Act Introduced In Senate. Jul 1, 2018 206
US Congress asks Buhari to speak out against killer herdsmen. Jun 2, 2018 920
Okla. Allows Adoption Agencies To Discriminate. Jun 1, 2018 178
Playing around with religious freedom. May 27, 2018 1340
United States : Harris, Leahy & Hirono Lead Colleagues in Legislation to Protect Civil Rights of All Americans. May 23, 2018 901
Legal battles proliferate: Contraception, unions, Title IX--Catholic colleges push back on government rules. Dent, Mark May 4, 2018 1915
Legislature passes adoption bill. May 3, 2018 575
U.S. Congressional delegation meets Sudan's First Vice-President. May 1, 2018 396
Adoption bill sent to conference committee. Conference news May 1, 2018 635
United States : Sen. Cruz Addresses Congressional Pastors Briefing, Meets with Richardson City Officials and Chamber of Commerce. Apr 19, 2018 344
United States : Wicker Commends Air Force Decision to Uphold Religious Liberty. Apr 4, 2018 282
Scottish politicians urge CJP Nisar to hold hearing of Asia Bibi blasphemy case. Feb 27, 2018 377
42nd GOP hopefuls talk abortion bill, 'religious freedom' laws. Feb 8, 2018 403
Iceland Set to Ban Circumcision. Feb 2, 2018 468
Testing Prince Mohammed's pledge to return Saudi Arabia to moderate Islam. Jan 24, 2018 1174
United States : Cassidy Welcomes Trump Administrations Commitment to Protecting Pro-Life Health Care Professionals from Discrimination. Jan 20, 2018 171
United States : Menendez Stands Up for Religious Freedom, LGBTQ Rights; Votes NO on Gov. Brownbacks Nomination. Jan 20, 2018 385
United States : Senator Lankford Advocates for Life, Religious Freedom on Senate Floor. Jan 20, 2018 214
What Is Religious Freedom Day Announced By Trump? Jan 17, 2018 650
US playing politics over religious freedom in Pakistan, minorities say. Jan 7, 2018 1466
United States : Senator Lankford Statement on State Department Countries of Particular Concern Designations. Jan 5, 2018 526
Sudanese parliament says claims about lack of religious freedoms "exaggerations". Nov 29, 2017 373
Activist urges Europe to act to stop "genocide" of Rohingya in Myanmar. Nov 22, 2017 277
United States : Flake: Religious tests should have no place in the Senate. Nov 2, 2017 245
United States : U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney Lead Congressional Amicus Brief in Masterpiece Cakeshop Case. Nov 1, 2017 926
The US Supreme Court concluded its term in June by allowing religious institutions access to public funds for secular purposes. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Sep 1, 2017 112
United States : Rubio Commends State Department International Religious Freedom Report. Report Aug 18, 2017 420
Are LGBTS under attack in Texas? The state guts rights and endangers kids under the guise of religious freedom. Reynolds, Daniel; Grindley, Lucas; Ring, Trudy Aug 1, 2017 719
Vice President Pence speaks to politically conservative Catholics. Jun 22, 2017 162
United States : USCIRF Commends House Passage of Genocide Accountability Act, Urges Senate Action. Jun 12, 2017 226
South Africa : North West Legislature hosts Religious Sectoral Parliament in Ventersdorp. Jun 10, 2017 237
To fight "extremism," Russia bans Jehovah's Witnesses. Jun 5, 2017 362
United States : Schumer Sponsors Senate Resolution Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem. May 31, 2017 214
Stalled action raises concerns. Brief article Feb 24, 2017 139
Obama's betrayal of believers: it's been a rough eight years for Americans of faith. Slade, Stephanie Feb 1, 2017 806
Opposing sides should compromise now. Reese, Thomas Column Dec 30, 2016 1651
House passes bill protecting circumcision, ritual slaughter as religious freedoms. Dec 22, 2016 442
Turkey rejects Israeli call for prayers restriction bill. Nov 22, 2016 140
The Western Wall: a grand distraction: it's important, but more serious religious freedom issues are at stake in Israel. Gorenberg, Gershom Nov 1, 2016 973
"Come now let us reason together": restoring religious freedom in America and abroad. Witte, John, Jr.; Nichols, Joel A. Nov 1, 2016 12156
Religious rights can align with women's. Reese, Thomas Oct 21, 2016 1097
Disturbing the Peace: Mississippi laws target the LGBT community in the name of religious liberty. Stewart, Pearl Sep 22, 2016 1310
U.S. House passes so-called 'Conscience' bill. Sep 1, 2016 203
Opposition to abortion in central to building a loving society says knights of Columbus leader: addressing convention, Carl Anderson defends religious liberty, persecuted Christians. Conference notes Aug 1, 2016 619
Washington Sri Lanka Embassy entangled in US Congressional Eelam Project. Jun 23, 2016 1734
Minority protection top priority. Brief article Jun 3, 2016 178
Mandate fight is a moral shell game. Editorial Jun 3, 2016 1133
Lawmakers consider slew of reckless bills that undermine church-state separation. Jun 1, 2016 378
It is about religion. McCarthy, Andrew C. May 1, 2016 2575
Battling adjunct unions fails legal and moral tests. Beyer, Gerald J.; Carroll, Donald C. Apr 8, 2016 4491
Cardinal Dolan and Archbishop Lori to Congress: support the Conscience Protection Act. Apr 1, 2016 296
Burmese Government Urged To Promote Freedom Of Religion For Belief For All. Mar 18, 2016 551
Senate Republicans Zero in on Religious Freedom Bills. Feb 17, 2016 1044
Kenyans protest clergy rules. Brief article Jan 29, 2016 212
Prelate seeks medical opt-out. Brief article Jan 29, 2016 209
Court to hear mandate cases. Brief article Nov 20, 2015 170
Extreme religious liberty. Hamilton, Marci A. Speech Nov 1, 2015 2878
British MP highlights Bahrain\'s religious freedom, tolerance. Oct 22, 2015 152
Hindu existence in Bangladesh? Oct 17, 2015 1314
Analysis: A Defense, but Where's the Threat? Oct 9, 2015 963
Patrick Puts Religious Liberty, Ethics on Senate To-Do List. Oct 8, 2015 932
A lonely cabin. Delvecchio, Peter Oct 1, 2015 1250
"Ye are called unto liberty": revolution, religious freedom, and Massachusetts Bay. Shepherd, Joshua Sep 22, 2015 4186
Outlawing the veil, banning the Muslim? Restricting religious freedom in France. Adrian, Melanie Sep 1, 2015 3194
Bad news. Brief article Sep 1, 2015 112
Appeal to stop cross removals. Brief article Aug 28, 2015 102
Discriminatory 'Race and Religion' bills in Myanmar: Threaten to fuel tensions ahead of elections. Aug 22, 2015 521
Our not-so-gay times. Duke, Selwyn Aug 3, 2015 2698
Ruling against sisters latest, not last, action in Obamacare cases. Rotondaro, Vinnie Jul 31, 2015 1091
Free association for me, not thee. Slade, Stephanie Jul 1, 2015 386
Cartoonist should not die for what they draw. Ohman, Jack Jul 1, 2015 723
The battle of Indiana and the promise of battles to come. French, David Jul 1, 2015 2905
Conscience and the culture wars: conservatives say marriage equality and health-care laws threaten their religious freedom. Should they be exempt? Nejaime, Douglas; Siegel, Reva Jun 22, 2015 2936
Catholic bishops can learn from the Mormons. Reese, Thomas Column May 8, 2015 1798
No liberal should sneer at conscience rights. Winters, Michael Sean May 8, 2015 1292
Religious freedom bill debate. Brief article Apr 10, 2015 198
Islamic Jihad and Western faith. Biddle, Craig Mar 22, 2015 6781
Ky. legislature votes to display 'In God We Trust' Signs. Brief article Feb 1, 2015 246
Congress uses Obama's remark to target Modi. Jan 27, 2015 434
Burma's Religious Conversion Bill: Major Setback for Religious Freedom and Human Rights. Jan 24, 2015 694
Religion and state in Belgium. Torfs, Rik Essay Jan 1, 2015 9770
Election results point to reopening of 'culture wars' in congress. Dec 1, 2014 794
The idolatry of US military might. Nov 21, 2014 1016
The State of International Religious Freedom. Sempa, Francis P. Nov 19, 2014 316
Multi-Faith Network Urges Secretary Kerry To Raise Religious Freedom Violations With Burmese Government. Aug 1, 2014 468
Faux feminism: France's veil ban as Orientalism. Crosby, Emily Jul 1, 2014 7991
Selling our soul for tax breaks: electioneering, lobbying and the substantial burden factor under RFRA. Hickman, Luca L.C. Jun 22, 2014 10457
Rights leader seeks longer list. Brief article Jun 6, 2014 186
Miss. Senate adds 'In God We Trust' to state seal. Mar 1, 2014 188
US, EU talk religious freedom. Brief article Feb 28, 2014 142
Pakistan minority communities to pressurize new govt. to promote religious freedom. Jun 5, 2013 233
Human rights in China and U.S. Policy: issues for the 113th Congress. Lum, Thomas Report Mar 1, 2013 17572
Traditionalists talks stall. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 217
School forces first-grader to remove "God" from poem. Jan 7, 2013 382
First amendment, second term: will President Barack Obama stand up for church-state separation? Here are five critical issues to watch. Boston, Rob Essay Jan 1, 2013 2836
Religious right rancor: from the Senate to Newtown, a misguided movement marches on. Lynn, Barry W. Essay Jan 1, 2013 828
Unveiling Europe: bans on Muslim veils raise tough questions about religion and assimilation across the Continent. Majerol, Veronica Dec 10, 2012 1621
CSW Urges UK Minister To Prioritize Human Rights During Trade Mission To Burma. Dec 8, 2012 578
Freedom from religion. Fleming, Thomas Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2012 2187
Religious freedom and national security. Inboden, William Oct 1, 2012 5536
DC parishioners warn against "vortex of partisanship" in church. Brief article Sep 22, 2012 192
Burma: Chin Activists In London To Highlight Violations Of Religious Freedom. Sep 11, 2012 651
Of little Caesars, upper rooms and random acts of vehemence. Ulrich, Mariette Column Sep 1, 2012 757
America before religious freedom: until the separation of church and state, the colonies were a hotbed of persecution. Shipler, David K. Sep 1, 2012 908
Financial transparency: church ... Editorial Jul 6, 2012 712
Jewish MP Strongly Praises Iranian Officials' Support for Jews. Jul 1, 2012 637
The lay state and religious freedom in Mexico: the debate on amending the constitution. Blancarte, Roberto J. Jun 22, 2012 3859
A note concerning First Amendment jurisprudence. Rosenwasser, Tamzin A. Jun 22, 2012 1438
In election year, bishops are picking a fight. Roberts, Tom May 11, 2012 2166
RLUIPA: necessary, modest, and under-enforced. Laycock, Douglas; Goodrich, Luke W. May 1, 2012 7270
The effect of RLUIPA's land use provisions on local governments. Weinstein, Alan C. May 1, 2012 13065
The real meaning of Santorum: social conservatives are searching for a hero, and Rick Santorum's antigay views have helped him claim the mantle of religious freedom fighter. Grindley, Lucas Cover story May 1, 2012 3069
No fluke: house panel wanted one-sided hearing on 'religious freedom'. Apr 1, 2012 650
Silent witness: house panel can't handle the truth from Sandra Fluke - or me. Lynn, Barry W. Apr 1, 2012 862
Upholding indigenous freedoms of religion and medicine: Peyotists at the 1906-1908 Oklahoma Constitutional Convention and First Legislature. Wiedman, Dennis Report Mar 22, 2012 12023
An office of religious freedom? Mar 1, 2012 546
Stuck in the belly of the beast: my trip to the Values Voter Summit. Boston, Rob Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2012 1302
The top ten church-state threats: a surging religious right means daunting religious liberty challenges for Americans united in 2012. Brown, Simon Jan 1, 2012 2133
Constitutional hypocrisy. Spann, Girardeau A. Dec 22, 2011 9706
Testifies On East Asia at United States Congress Hearing on International Religious Freedom. Nov 19, 2011 528
Pastafarians win! Freedom from religion. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Brief article Oct 5, 2011 182
New immigration law treads on religious freedom, bishops say. Ryan, Zoe Sep 16, 2011 713
Uncommon alliances: Muslim and Jew, left and right. Sep 2, 2011 685
President Barack Obamaa[euro]s speech on the Middle East: FULL TEXT. Company overview May 19, 2011 5504
Contemporary research in religion, politics, and economics. Mitchell, Craig Vincent Essay Mar 22, 2011 4190
Women and the Kuwaiti National Assembly. Olimat, Muhamad S. Mar 15, 2011 8897
Bahrain: reform, security, and U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth Report Mar 1, 2011 10683
Pastors & politics: why is the IRS letting tax-exempt churches play politics? Keller, Larry Jan 1, 2011 2542
The politics of self-identity in the Balkans. The role of church-state relations in forming a new com-union. Olimid, Anca Parmena Report Jan 1, 2011 2815
Rapprochement between Vietnam and the United States. Brown, Frederick Z. Report Dec 1, 2010 9874
Congressional champion: why the nation will Miss Chet Edwards. Dec 1, 2010 440
To build a shining city on a hill: the gulf between the religious ideals of us conservatives and those of the European Enlightenment is as wide as the Atlantic. Tim Stanley looks at the origins and the enduring legacy of the American revivalist tradition. Stanley, Tim Nov 1, 2010 2212
Election results: we remain vigilant, no matter who holds public office. Editorial Nov 1, 2010 448
Asylum rights and wrongs: what the proposed Refugee Protection Act will do and what more will need to be done. Pristone, Michele R. Nov 1, 2010 12310
Religion's role in politics provokes brewing backlash. Editorial Oct 29, 2010 505
US House calls Turkey to protect religious sites in occupied Cyprus. Sep 29, 2010 359
'Freedom of religion,' 'freedom of worship' and Religious Right calumny. Editorial Sep 1, 2010 850
Questions for Kagan: Americans United urges Senate panel to ask Supreme Court nominee about Church and State. Conn, Joseph L. Jul 1, 2010 632
Religion and its relation to limited government. McConnell, Michael W. Jun 22, 2010 3484
The United Arab Emirates (UAE): issues for U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth Report Jun 1, 2010 6812
James M. Dunn and soul freedom: a Baptist paradigm for political engagement in the public arena. Weaver, Aaron Douglas Essay Mar 22, 2010 4230
This land is my land: the tension between federal use of public lands and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Key, James E. Mar 22, 2010 24728
The emergence of the third step of the Oakes test in Alberta v. Hutterian Brethren of Wilson Colony. Weinrib, Sara Mar 22, 2010 9914
Oregon House revokes 87-year-old law on hejab. Feb 19, 2010 379
The unwelcome cohort: when the sentencing judge invades your bedroom. Bux, Elizabeth M. Feb 1, 2010 11504
Attacks on freedom of religion and conscience: Australia's Cardinal George Pell speaks out. De Valk, Alphonse Jan 1, 2010 2276
Swiss shock Swiss by banning minarets. Nasri, Grace Dec 11, 2009 902
How the religious right stole Christmas: sectarian crinches and persnickety pundits have turned the season of peace into a festival of carping. Bathija, Sandhya Dec 1, 2009 2142
Mad men: uphill political battles in Washington have religious right leaders foaming at the mouth. Boston, Rob Dec 1, 2009 2733
Religious Right wins at the polls in November elections, Maine referendum. Dec 1, 2009 456
Sotomayor affirms religious liberty during senate judiciary committee hearings. Sep 1, 2009 436
Human rights and dissent. Katzman, Kenneth Report Aug 1, 2009 1666
A comparative analysis of significant influences on the accounting systems of diverse European countries and the U.S.A. Aghimien, Peter; Mitchell, Steve; Overholser, Heather Jul 1, 2009 7840
First amendment: religion. Jun 1, 2009 696
Religion and foreign policy. Croft, Stuart Essay Mar 22, 2009 3520
Gays to defend their right to be Catholic. Cevallos, Diego Jan 9, 2009 596
Influenza vaccination for health care workers: towards a workable and effective standard. Rodal, Rebecca; Ries, Nola M.; Wilson, Kumanan Jan 1, 2009 16754
'First freedom first' offers 10 church-state questions to ask the candidates. Boston, Rob Feb 1, 2008 684
The advantage to Islam of mosque-state separation. Benard, Alexander Essay Feb 1, 2008 4546
The politics of a second class right: free exercise in contemporary America. Byrnes, Timothy A. Sep 22, 2007 2090
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood in crisis: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is at its lowest ebb for decades, with hundreds of members in jail and their latest attempt for political power ending in failure. Jeffrey Black reports from Cairo. Black, Jeffrey Jul 1, 2007 1442
Gumbleton: one more chapter. Feb 16, 2007 533
Orthodoxy and democracy. Billington, James H. Jan 1, 2007 3351
Roger Williams: pioneer on America's journey towards religious liberty. Barfield, Virginia C. Report Sep 22, 2006 4382
China continues repression of a free Catholic Church. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 293
The problems of church and state: dissenting politics and the London Missionary Society in 1830s Britain. Rutz, Michael A. Mar 22, 2006 8420
The religious geography of religious expression: local governments, courts, and the First Amendment. Blakeman, John C. Mar 22, 2006 8870
Religious symbols and attire in schools. Ellis, Lisa; Hird, Rachel; McKay-Panos, Linda Dec 1, 2005 1235
The French mis-connection: why President George W. Bush and the religious right have no business quoting Alexis de Tocqueville. Boston, Rob May 1, 2005 2189
America: it's not just for Christians any more (and never really was). Apr 1, 2005 824
Annual Report on International Religious Freedom 2004. Report Jan 1, 2004 11337
The first amendment is for fortune-tellers, too. (Op-Ed). Kaminer, Wendy Jun 22, 2003 780
Vatican rejects demand it reconsider new dioceses. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 262
United States' ambassador urges release of bishop, others. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 271
Southern baptist leader chosen for U.S. religious panel. (In The Capital). Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 175
Building the "Temporal City". Ryan, Claude Jan 1, 2001 6011
LOSING OUR RELIGION? Rice, Chris Sep 1, 2000 739
The Need to Come Out of the Closet! KURTZ, PAUL Brief Article Jun 22, 2000 827
The culture of belief and the politics of religion. Marshall, William P. Jan 1, 2000 6497
Istook Amendment Reintroduced In House. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 325
No Protection for Gays. Ireland, Doug Brief Article Jul 12, 1999 835
`Religious Liberty' Act Advances; Measure Would Undercut Local Authority. Parnas, Susan M. Jun 28, 1999 410
Religion and human rights. Suarez, John M. Mar 22, 1999 585
Library Of Congress Curator Backs Off Jefferson Paper. Feb 1, 1999 560
Storming The Hill: AU Goes To Congress. Lynn, Barry W. Jul 1, 1998 846
Local laws restricting religion in Russia: precursors of Russia's new national law. Shterin, Marat S.; Richardson, James T. Mar 22, 1998 10401
The road to incivility: could it be paved with good intentions? Lynn, Barry W. Feb 1, 1998 883
Religious coercion in a postmodern age. Hankins, Barry G. Editorial Jan 1, 1997 4468
And behold, ye shall be my Republicans: Christian Coalition as a lean, mean religion. Blackburn, Thomas E. Column Mar 24, 1995 727
Uh, oh! Doerr, Edd Column Jan 1, 1995 1066
Religious grounds in liberal politics. Greenawalt, Kent Jun 22, 1993 7893
Freedom of religion, freedom from religion. Doerr, Edd Column May 1, 1993 2335

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