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DC Senate Mandviwalla says Pak-Cuba trade cooperation is need of the hour. Jan 8, 2021 309
Thailand risks US trade hurdles under Biden over rights abuses, academic warns. Dec 6, 2020 469
MP welcomes move he says will give farmers more influence. Nov 5, 2020 331
MPs seek briefing from ministry of commerce on Trade Policy. Oct 15, 2020 521
Local meat processors fears of brewing PH-Brazil trade war. Oct 7, 2020 344
EU did not threaten to impose trade sanctions, only members of the European Parliament -- Palace. Sep 22, 2020 456
Sen. Franklin Drilon urges government to heed EU threat on possible trade sanctions. Sep 21, 2020 355
Biden or Trump, 'no chance' for post-Brexit US-UK trade deal. Sep 19, 2020 585
Timing key in beginning US-Taiwan trade talks. Sep 10, 2020 470
FPI pushes for revision of Philippine trade policies. Sep 7, 2020 421
Nicola Sturgeon reacts angrily to reports of Boris Johnson rejecting Withdrawl Agreement during post-Brexit trade negotiations; 'This will significantly increase likelihood of no deal, and the resulting damage to the economy will be entirely Tory inflicted. What charlatans,' says Ms Sturgeon. Katharine Hay Sep 7, 2020 1048
Ghana and Nigeria hold talks over trade war. Sep 4, 2020 416
TOP NEWS: UK-US Trade Talks To Resume Next Week, Brexit Deadline Looms. Sep 3, 2020 456
$1.6-billion exports to US at risk from Generalized System of Preferences loss. Feb 28, 2020 818
Strategic trade policy framework to boost exports, Senate told. Feb 8, 2020 433
Strategic trade policy framework to boost exports, Senate told. Feb 8, 2020 429
Trump Signs Long-Awaited North American Trade Deal. Jan 30, 2020 556
Prime Minister 'stripping Parliament of its voice'. MARTIN SHIPTON Chief reporter Dec 21, 2019 967
Former Chinese FM lashes out at the US trade policy. Sarwat Nasir Dec 10, 2019 555
No labor constituency for trade policy? Nov 14, 2019 1005
Senate Democrats Slam Trump's $16 Billion Farm Bailout. Wesley Dockery Nov 13, 2019 479
White House stalled pro-Ukraine trade ruling in August: report. Oct 25, 2019 320
European Stocks Lower On Trump Impeachment Move, Trade Fears. AFP News Sep 25, 2019 576
Asian stocks rattled as Trump impeachment bid raises new risks. Sep 25, 2019 675
Cabinet settles dispute over mandate of electric vehicle policy. Sep 22, 2019 262
European Union Parliament Members call for trade sanctions on India. Sep 14, 2019 732
European Union Parliament Members call for trade sanctions on India. Sep 14, 2019 661
How Wales can influence the future of Brexit negotiations; As the Welsh Government continues to seek assurances from Westminster about a potential role in post-Brexit trade negotiations, Tod Davies from Cardiff-based law firm Capital Law discusses how Welsh ministers can take the initiative to protect Wales' interests ons,. Aug 19, 2019 745
China challenge is America's new Sputnik moment. Aug 17, 2019 836
No-deal Brexit would leave UK vulnerable amid US-China trade war -- Kezia Dugdale. Jul 6, 2019 281
Eased restrictions on Huawei won't have much impact on company's business: Founder and CEO. Jul 4, 2019 558
Pakistan rejects trade war with China: senator. Jun 11, 2019 433
Pakistan rejects any trade war or new cold war with China, says Mushahid Hussain. Jun 11, 2019 550
Parliament, trade war weigh negatively on SET. Jun 4, 2019 877
OECD cuts global growth forecast as US-China tensions rise. May 22, 2019 477
Heartland GOP Leaders Looking To End China Tariffs ASAP. May 15, 2019 381
Amid tariff concerns, White House exploring farm bailout plans. Paletta, By Damian; Werner, Erica; Post, Taylor Telford The Washington May 15, 2019 1058
Amid tariff concerns, White House exploring farm bailout plans Tariffs: GOP may include farm aid in disaster bill. Paletta, By Damian; Werner, Erica; Post, Taylor Telford The Washington May 15, 2019 1058
Policy-making in the age of bewilderment: Terence O'Brien considers geopolitics and New Zealand's relationships and suggests the need for an alternative and progressive trade strategy. O'Brien, Terence May 1, 2019 1698
Currency devaluation, increase in interest rate exacerbating export growth. Apr 18, 2019 315
The Democrats and Trade Policy: Hints (and Divisions) from the House of Representatives. Barfield, Claude Apr 1, 2019 2208
Why the US-China trade war is an opportunity for Taiwan. Mar 23, 2019 1042
Brexit and the External Trade Policy of the EU. Zimmermann, Hubert Report Mar 22, 2019 9550
Negative factors squeeze export numbers in January. Mar 6, 2019 526
Trump plans to scrap preferential trade treatment for India. Mar 5, 2019 558
Building Political Will for Accountable, Equitable Trade Policy Making. Lee, Theodore T. Mar 1, 2019 16004
US, Uzbekistan sign protocol on cooperation in trade, investment fields. Feb 26, 2019 460
EAEU countries invest more in Kazakhstan. Feb 8, 2019 558
RCCI seeks strategic trade policy. Feb 2, 2019 289
RCCI for finalising five-year trade policy at the earliest. Feb 2, 2019 308
Import/Export Statistical Data. Ojala, Marydee Nov 1, 2018 2215
China threatens to withhold SGR funds over 'hostility'. Oct 31, 2018 1252
Congress candidates on business issues: 1st, 2nd District hopefuls offer stances in NHBR survey. Oct 26, 2018 2774
Senator McConnell Says Tariffs Hurt, Urges Trade Progress. Oct 18, 2018 673
Chinese Finance Ministry Official Says 'Optimistic' On Trade War Breakthrough. Oct 10, 2018 517
What's On Voters' Minds. Survey Oct 1, 2018 696
Chinese reform during a trade war. Sep 30, 2018 961
Britain's plan to become an exporting superpower. Sep 3, 2018 1017
Britain's losing trade strategy. Sep 3, 2018 989
Britain's losing trade strategy. Aug 30, 2018 967
Theresa Explains 'ABC' of Brexit Deal Loudly & Clearly. Jul 15, 2018 1086
Senate weighs in on Trump trade policy Weighs: Some push for law to gain control. Jul 12, 2018 447
In Tennessee, Trump's tariffs become a political issue. Jul 9, 2018 1099
Trade War Exposes GOP's Achilles' Heel Ahead Of Midterm Elections. Jul 5, 2018 374
Gatchalian cites negative effects of Int'l trade war. Jul 3, 2018 439
Is China's innovation strategy an unfair trade policy? Jun 27, 2018 930
MPs to quiz Donald Trump's UK trade official over steel tariffs; The EU, including Britain, hit back, confirming 25% tariffs on imports of some US goods, including Harley Davidson motorbikes and Levi jeans. Jun 22, 2018 618
US lawmakers hammer commerce secretary Ross over trade. Jun 21, 2018 507
President Tsai pledges to strengthen Taiwan-Belize economic, trade cooperation. Jun 20, 2018 344
Theresa May warns against a 'tit for tat' escalation of the trade war after Donald Trump tears up G7 agreement; The Prime Minister admitted it was a "difficult" summit with some "candid" discussions. Jun 11, 2018 888
Republicans Think US President Is Losing Trade War. May 23, 2018 976
Stocks surge higher after early plunge on trade war fears. Apr 4, 2018 963
Republicans Can't Stop Trump's Trade War. Mar 13, 2018 1350
MPs to grill US envoy on steel tariffs; Tit-for-tat trade war fear over 25% levy. Mar 10, 2018 226
WASHINGTON -- Republican congressional leaders stepped up their efforts Monday to. Lynch, By David J.; Werner, Erica; Post, Damian Paletta The Washington Mar 6, 2018 1048
Tariffs: Trump says Canada has to 'treat our farmers much better'. Lynch, By David J.; Werner, Erica; Post, Damian Paletta The Washington Mar 6, 2018 1048
Govt to evolve comprehensive STPF -2018-23 for increasing country's trade. Feb 15, 2018 400
Govt to evolve comprehensive STPF -2018-23 for bolstering trade. Feb 15, 2018 400
Lahore Chamber hopes for a powerful Trade Policy. Jan 21, 2018 479
Lahore Chamber expects a powerful Trade Policy. Jan 21, 2018 460
Korea protests US trade restrictions on washers. Jan 4, 2018 651
Dossier: Sudanese Turkish Relations.... Dec 23, 2017 1530
House panel opts for lower rice tariff to avoid trade sanctions. Nov 20, 2017 1085
Free Trade Myths: Few other countries fall for them as we do. Fingleton, Eamonn Nov 1, 2017 5467
Govt focussing on skill development in new trade policy: Senate told. Aug 23, 2017 235
'TTIP: Political and Economic Rationale and Implications'. Pelkmans, J. Brief article Aug 8, 2017 120
German Economy Minister: Counter-Sanctions Possible, Trade War between EU, US Disaterous. Jul 27, 2017 569
Government affairs division notebook: trade policies & metalcasting. May 1, 2017 550
The Trump administration's trade policy and the implications for Southeast Asia. Lohman, Walter Apr 1, 2017 2189
A coalition approach to trade policymaking in the united states: the fast-track authority fiasco of 1997 and the approval of permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) with China in 2000. Cezar, Rodrigo Fagundes; Carvalho, Carlos Eduardo Articulo breve Jan 1, 2017 8705
IMMIGRATION AFTER BREXIT. Portes, Jonathan Report Nov 1, 2016 6650
Anti-Trade Rhetoric Not Fazing US Trade Chief. May 18, 2016 547
Senate Commerce Committee asks for early adoption of Strategic Trade Policy Framework. Jan 16, 2016 315
House Republicans rescue Obama's trade agenda. Jun 19, 2015 523
Boracay conference: Pacific free-trade talks 'in the end-game' -- US trade official. May 25, 2015 423
Trade Wars In US Congress. May 13, 2015 636
Senate Democrats block efforts to begin a full-blown debate on US president's trade agenda. May 13, 2015 502
Israel's external economic and trade policy. Catarivas, Dan Mar 22, 2015 2068
Report: US trade and migration policies feed crisis in Honduras. Rotondaro, Vinnie Jan 30, 2015 705
DTI objects to creation of trade representative office in bill. Jul 22, 2014 529
Singaporean Speaker Hopes for Enhanced Trade Cooperation with Iran. Jun 8, 2014 293
Trade policy outlook: T-Tip, TPP, TPA, MTB and GSP. Franken, Jessica; Giammittorio, Dawnee Jun 1, 2014 1310
Kazakh Parliament ratifies protocol on agreement with Uzbekistan in free trade zone. Mar 27, 2014 129
Pivotal senator not yet on board with Obama's trade agenda. Feb 10, 2014 409
The Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and Issues for Congress. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jurenas, Remy; Williams, Brock R. Report Mar 1, 2013 11876
The Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and Issues for Congress. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jurenas, Remy; Williams, Brock R. Report Mar 1, 2013 15684
Trade policy to be announced before Eid: Senate told. Oct 17, 2012 333
LCCI urges govt to initiate consultation with private sector over trade policy. Jul 24, 2012 454
LCCI seeks govt's consultation with stakeholders on trade policy. Jul 24, 2012 267
Managerial insights on the politics of trade policy and economic development: the case of Madagascar. Sadrieh, Farid Statistical data Jun 1, 2012 8016
EU Parliament calls for better trade policy towards southern Mediterranena countries. May 10, 2012 207
China warns US of trade war over Congress bill pressing for Yuan appreciation. Oct 12, 2011 313
Iranian MP Calls for Development of Trade Cooperation with Afghanistan. May 26, 2011 358
U.S.-Vietnam economic and trade relations: issues for the 112th congress. Martin, Michael F. Report Apr 1, 2011 11065
Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and the role of congress in trade policy. Hornbeck, J.F.; Cooper, William H. Report Apr 1, 2011 10059
Trade primer: Qs and As on trade concepts, performance, and policy. Ahearn, Raymond J. Report Jan 1, 2011 14921
U.S. policy toward Cuba. Sullivan, Mark P. Report Nov 1, 2010 4926
Former Federal Trade Officials: Laws on Post-Employment Activities, Foreign Representation, and Lobbying. Jul 1, 2010 540
The evolution of labor provisions in U.S. free trade agreements: lessons learned and remaining questions examining the Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR). Albertson, Paula Church Jun 22, 2010 8548
Obama's big failure: his vague, cautious trade policy. Aaronson, Susan Ariel Jun 22, 2010 1652
Politics driving Obama trade agenda, AEI panelists say. Discussion Aug 24, 2009 217
New Trade Policy Should Focus on Boosting Domestic Commerce : Masud. Jul 9, 2009 362
New Trade Policy Should Focus on Boosting Domestic Commerce - Mian Shaukat. Jul 9, 2009 363
Obama administration trade policy to pull back from negotiating new deals. Mar 16, 2009 423
The Eleventh Annual Honorable Helen Wilson Nies Memorial Lecture in intellectual property; rethinking the role of clinical trial data in international intellectual property law: the case for a public goods approach. Reichman, Jerome H. Jan 1, 2009 30343
Causes of the credit crunch. Turner, Graham Essay Sep 22, 2008 4410
New support mechanism in farm bill could benefit dairy in future trade negotiations. Jun 16, 2008 220
The United States and Australia Treaty on Defense Trade Cooperation. Vaughn, Bruce Mar 1, 2008 2393
Good jobs in a global economy: the next president can change our trade and labor policies to rebuild the American middle class. Kuttner, Robert Jan 1, 2008 3381
Negotiate or litigate? Effects of WTO judicial delegation on U.S. trade politics. Goldstein, Judith L.; Steinberg, Richard H. Jan 1, 2008 13084
Looming expiration raises uncertainty about future of U.S. trade agenda. Maybery, Peter; Franken, Jessica Jul 1, 2007 1052
The inconveniences of transnational democracy. Cabrera, Luis Jun 22, 2007 8640
Talking with Duncan Hunter: Congressman Duncan Hunter, one of the few Republican members of Congress to vote against both the NAFTA and CAFTA trade agreements, answers questions about U.S. trade policy and more. Capo, Jim Interview May 14, 2007 1571
Why Bush wants TPA extended: President Bush wants Trade Promotion Authority for the sake of "free trade," but there is a growing grass-roots resistance to the harmful consequences of his trade agenda. Capo, Jim May 14, 2007 1814
House barely approves DR-CAFTA by vote of 217-215. Aug 1, 2005 492
Congressmen blast the WTO: though the House rejected a measure that would have withdrawn the U.S. from the WTO, a vocal minority of representatives explained their opposition eloquently. Mass, Warren Jul 25, 2005 2430
SPI petitions president and congress on industry's competitiveness. (SPI News). Toner, James P. Aug 1, 2003 446
Free trade warriors in retreat. Whalen, Christopher Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 451
Rules for Cuba sales stalled by Congress, State Department. Brief Article Mar 15, 2001 331
Democrats step up pressure on fast track authority. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 300
TRIUMPH OF THE WILT. Herrick, Andrew Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 830
US, Beijing on the brink of ship fight. Jul 19, 1999 379
Asset specificity and the political behavior of firms: lobbying for subsidies in Norway. Alt, James E.; Carlsen, Fredrik; Heum, Per; Johansen, Kare Jan 1, 1999 8354
Women's advocates denounce Asia-Pacific meeting. Malcolm, Teresa Brief Article Nov 20, 1998 157
So you want to trade with a dictator: a step-by-step guide on how to get around foreign trade sanctions, human rights groups, and religious activists, and still have god your side. Silverstein, Ken May 1, 1998 3515
Presidential request may spur defining debate on trade policy. Kamm, Lynn Jul 4, 1997 1966
Here we go again: Uncle Sam trims dollars that were earmarked for trade. Reynolds, Rhonda Jan 1, 1996 502
Theory of protectionism fluctuations caused by a support-maximizing government. Sieg, Gernot Dec 1, 1995 2076
Alternatives to free trade: a critique of the new orthodoxy. MacEwan, Arthur Nov 1, 1992 2329
Dick and trade. Ferguson, Thomas editorial Feb 20, 1988 1441
A trade policy for the people. Goold, Bill; Cavanagh, John Mar 29, 1986 1971

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