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Majlis of IC against the construction of the building of Croatian National Theater in Mostar. Feb 20, 2022 325
Reps suspend consideration of National Theatre 2022 budget. Nov 11, 2021 285
Ofoase Ayirebi MP provides first Medical Theatre to support first doctor. Jul 26, 2021 539
South East Fast Becoming Theatre Of War, Igbo Christian Ministers Cry Out. Jun 13, 2021 608
South-East Turning To Theatre Of War, Igbo Clergymen Lament. Jun 12, 2021 616
Racing not part of UK government's plans to stage 12 pilot crowd events. Scott Burton Mar 14, 2021 361
Trump lawyers brand impeachment trial 'political theatre'. Feb 9, 2021 164
Trump lawyers brand impeachment trial 'political theatre'. Feb 9, 2021 164
Trump lawyers brand impeachment trial 'political theatre'. Feb 9, 2021 164
Trump lawyers brand impeachment trial 'political theatre'. Feb 9, 2021 164
Trump lawyers brand impeachment trial 'political theatre'. Feb 9, 2021 164
Trump lawyers brand impeachment trial 'political theatre'. Feb 9, 2021 164
Trump impeachment trial is political theatre, say lawyers. LISA MASCARO AND HOPE YEN Feb 9, 2021 535
Trump lawyers brand impeachment trial 'political theatre'. Feb 9, 2021 164
'Use theatre as court to deal with case backlog' MP SAYS OTHER VENUES COULD BE 'NIGHTINGALE COURTS'. MAX CHANNON Jul 25, 2020 473
We will not survive the crisis, warns city theatre. Jonathan Walker Political Editor Jul 23, 2020 964
THE REP'S RED ALERT; under-threat theatre warns it will not survive without support. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Jul 23, 2020 697
Spanish Congress of Deputies Approves Irrevocable Donation of Cervantes Grand Theatre of Tangier in Morocco. Jul 16, 2020 194
Goodly Creatures set to stage Wilde's 'An Ideal Husband' Husband: Oscar Wilde play set in present. Daily Herald report Feb 13, 2020 741
Sachin Sawant slams Theatre Arts director Yogesh Soman for remarks against Rahul Gandhi. ANI Jan 15, 2020 193
Adeyemi College Begins Degree Courses In Political Science, Theatre Arts. Nov 7, 2019 250
Scarlett Johansson clarifies comments on politically correct casting. Jul 15, 2019 556
Theater spotlight: Comedian Rajiv Satyal skewers politicians in new stand-up sho. Jun 21, 2019 378
Casting Dame Emma 'a dream come true' - Davies. Apr 15, 2019 255
More Dangerous Than Many a Pamphlet or Propaganda Book: The Ukrainian Canadian Left, Theatre, and Propaganda in the 1920s. Luciuk, Kassandra Mar 22, 2019 11199
More Dangerous Than Many a Pamphlet or Propaganda Book: The Ukrainian Canadian Left, Theatre, and Propaganda in the 1920s. Luciuk, Kassandra Author abstract Mar 22, 2019 218
Gender and National Identity in Memories of the Late 20th-century Soviet Theater in Kyrgyzstan. Igmen, Ali Report Mar 22, 2019 10168
'A generational divide has emerged in politics again'. Sep 21, 2018 1084
'A generational divide has emerged in politics again' Birmingham playwright David Edgar's seminal play Maydays, about the changing face of socialism from 1945 to the early 1980s and the rise of Thatcherism, is being revived by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Now 70, David tells Wow Brum why the play is still relevant. Sep 21, 2018 1057
A generational divide has emerged in politics again; Birmingham playwright David Edgar's seminal play Maydays, about the changing face of socialism from 1945 to the early 1980s and the rise of Thatcherism, is being revived by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Now 70, David tells Post Life why the play is still relevant. Sep 20, 2018 1057
Betty Okotie and the Birth of Solo Play Production in Post-Colonial Nigeria. Mbajiorgu, Greg Sep 1, 2018 5011
Parliament is not immune to casting couch: Renuka Chowdhary. Apr 24, 2018 302
Casting couch exists even in Parliament: Renuka Chowdhary. Apr 24, 2018 304
Pawan Kalyan fights all after allegations. Apr 23, 2018 701
On Teaching Kim's Convenience: Asian American Studies, Asian Canadian Studies, and the Politics of Race in Asian Canadian Theatre and Performance Studies. Daniher, Colleen Kim Essay Mar 22, 2018 10614
The Outsiders: What U.S. Jewish narratives have to say to an age of rising hatred and exclusion. Dembin, Russell M. Mar 1, 2018 2247
Ajoka Theatre's drama 'Charing Cross' concludes. Feb 3, 2018 150
Ajoka Theatre's drama 'Charing Cross' concludes. Feb 3, 2018 150
Daegu theater's abrupt cancellation of musical causes stir. Jan 15, 2018 474
Shattering the Spectacle of Trump: Toward a theatre of holistic dissent. Wallace, Naomi; Khalidi, Ismail Nov 1, 2017 2818
Enter Stage Right: Conservative theatremakers, some emboldened by Trump's election, look for inroads onstage. Horwitz, Simi Nov 1, 2017 2735
Ghosts of Slavery: A 7-play project led by McCarter Theatre Center delves into Princeton University's haunted history. Colbert, Soyica Nov 1, 2017 1565
Congress backs 'Mersal'. Oct 21, 2017 277
Healing and Taking Stock. Eyring, Teresa Oct 1, 2017 956
Ringside? Let's take down the ropes: theatre ought to grow our moral imagination in a time of crisis. How do we get there--and who is 'we'? Smith, Anna Deavere Essay Sep 1, 2017 7498
HILL'S CELEBS TOP TRUMP; As election fever grips America the stars call for first female president; We tell you who is for Clinton and who wants bigmouth Donald in White House. Nov 6, 2016 1232
NA Committee to summon TV channels on airing allegations against MPs. Oct 19, 2016 448
The challenge of using theatre as social and political intervention in nineteenth-century Sheffield: Joseph Fox's The Union Wheel. Wilson, Hilary Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 7555
Using old municipal theatre to extend parliament the cheapest option. Sep 19, 2016 557
Preemption, or how times change. Eyring, Teresa Sep 1, 2016 884
TRIDENT QUESTION SUCH A BIND NUCLEAR WITH MY NEW SHOW HAD ME IN I HAD TO GO; Theatre maker Jenna Watt explains why the independence referendum forced her to take a deeper look at her views on one of the hottest topics in Scottish politics. Aug 2, 2016 1160
House presidency vote a classic example of theatre of the absurd. Jun 12, 2016 719
1,200mA[TM] of new theatre 'missing' MPs hear. Nov 24, 2015 551
Politicians, actors slam dismissal of E[pounds sterling]zE-mcE- from y-stanbul City Theater. Aug 27, 2015 525
Newcastle Live Theatre becomes a hub of political debate as young people have their say; North East young talents perform political play then take part in a Question Night special with panel including Nick Brown MP. May 4, 2015 219
Fire down below; for Cuba, a long-awaited era of artistic openness has arrived. What role will American theatre play? Lewis, Sage May 1, 2015 2429
Steppenwolf's TYA show 'This is Modern Art' tagged with controversy. Riley, Chloe May 1, 2015 1521
Tough watch as politics is taken into bedroom; What Falls Apart, written by Torben Betts and directed by Max Roberts, had its world premiere at Live Theatre. DAVID WHETSTONE was there. Apr 25, 2015 600
Liz Gorrie and the kaleidoscope alternative. Wise, Jennifer; Jerke, Lauren Report Mar 22, 2015 11839
Moscow, Saint Petersburg, London: Hubert Griffith and the search for a Russian truth. Warden, Claire Mar 22, 2015 7502
Theatre that needs you. Egas, Salome Essay Feb 1, 2015 1252
Iran Blasts US-Led Anti-Terrorism Coalition as Political Theater. Oct 6, 2014 428
Arabic Facts in Palestine: clashing hybridities in transnational cultural production. Al-Saber, Samer Essay Sep 22, 2014 5141
D through Z: politics in the making. Blenkarn, Patrick Essay Sep 22, 2014 3376
'[You can't kill me]': Scottish identity and the Anglo-Scottish Union in David Greig's Dunsinane. Guvenc, Sila Senlen Critical essay Sep 22, 2014 7606
Taking Chekhov to Tashkent: a Seattle Seagull flies to Uzbekistan, where post-Soviet shadows lurk but the dissident spirit stays strong. Reub, Gavin Travel narrative Sep 1, 2014 2712
Finding the new radical: digital media, oppositionality, and political intervention in contemporary Canadian theatre. McLeod, Kimberley Critical essay Jun 22, 2014 8756
Can a gang of jokers change bad laws? Reichert, Nick May 1, 2014 398
Cairo nights: in post-revolutionary Egypt, a theatre culture beset by crises and censorship continues to search for its identity. Fahim, Joseph May 1, 2014 3177
Uganda at a crossroads: despite recent political acts of intolerance, the nation's theatre artists band together to forge a more harmonious future. Sunde, Sarah Cameron May 1, 2014 2554
West African remix: tracks of change in Dakar: how hip-hop in Senegal sparked a revolution--social, cultural, artistic and political--for the nation's youth. Persley, Nicole Hodges May 1, 2014 2890
April Almanac. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 204
An "unmanly and insidious attack": child actress Jean Davenport and the performance of masculinity in 1840s Jamaica and Newfoundland. Schweitzer, Marlis Essay Mar 22, 2014 9789
School for democracy: interactive theater in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia. Prokhorova, Tatyana; Shamina, Vera Essay Mar 22, 2014 5874
Precarious presence in contemporary theater. Siouzouli, Natascha Mar 22, 2014 3752
"Theatre and Politics: Theatre as Cultural Intervention". The 22nd Annual Conference of the German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English (CDE). Henke, Christoph; Berninger, Mark Conference notes Dec 22, 2013 2208
The Trayvon factor: playwrights and theatres are revisiting issues of race on stage in the wake of the Martin-Zimmerman verdict. Simpson, Janice C. Dec 1, 2013 3070
Cabinet u-turn on ordinance was 'theatre of the absurd': BJP. Oct 2, 2013 824
Snow White & the seven politically correct persons; COMING SOON TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU.. Jul 16, 2013 382
Yael Farber's Molora and Colleen Wagner's The Monument as post-conflict redress theater. Vellino, Brenda Carr; Waisvisz, Sarah Gabriella Critical essay Jun 22, 2013 12415
Stage set for MP; Wharton's big chance for EU referendum bid. May 17, 2013 364
After the anger: contemporary Russian theatre reflects a divisive political moment with rage, irony and low-fuss experimentation. Weinert-Kendt, Rob Essay Jul 1, 2012 1975
Walk-on part is moving to centre stage; MP's diaries transferring to the West End. May 7, 2012 474
Bridging the two solitudes: Canada's Francophone and Anglophone theatre communities are distinct in character but hungry for connection. Bilodeau, Chantal May 1, 2012 2971
T was a no-brainer. American Theatre's April issue. O'Quinn, Jim Column Apr 1, 2012 456
The sin of activism. Daisey, Mike Column Apr 1, 2012 1097
Acting out. Apr 1, 2012 569
All politics is still local: candidates are still accountable first and foremost to their constituents. Fitzsimmons, Erica Apr 1, 2012 472
Women making waves: surrounded (but mostly untouched) by the upheaval of the Arab spring, Algerian theatre is poised to enjoy its own quiet revolution. Bent, Eliza Feb 1, 2012 973
Take a seat for Labour rise and fall; Fancy A Walk On Part at a Newcastle theatre? That's just what Live is offering audiences, as Entertainment Editor GORDON BARR finds out. May 12, 2011 476
A play on words of a former minister; Critically-acclaimed diaries brought to the stage for new audience. Apr 28, 2011 592
End politics as theatre and be real says Rowan. Mar 29, 2011 653
What a difference a day makes. Eyring, Teresa Column Mar 1, 2011 861
A bomb goes off in Hungary. Barry, John Feb 1, 2011 919
Toward a national heterotopia: ancient theaters and the cultural politics of performing ancient drama in modern Greece. Ioannidou, Eleftheria Dec 22, 2010 7088
Behind the Iranian curtain: politics (but not sex) proliferates on the surprisingly busy stages of Tehran. Yeghiazarian, Torange Column Dec 1, 2010 3187
Can laughter set you free? Myanmar comedians live in fear of the ruling junta, but political satire still somehow survives. McGUIGAN, Michael Nov 1, 2010 2278
MPs suggest old theatre ideal for plenary. Oct 15, 2010 408
Jesters to the revolution--a history of Cartoon Archetypical Slogan Theatre (CAST), 1965-85. McDonnell, Bill Critical essay Jun 1, 2010 6790
Toward a revolution? A reflection on Buendia. Godinez, Henry May 1, 2010 692
Counting the cost: Angelenos and bolivianos dramatize casualties of the drug war. Weinert-Kendt, Rob May 1, 2010 709
Habeas corpus in the global war on terror: an American drama. Jackson, Aaron L. Mar 22, 2010 10311
Our politicians have it easy! theatre. Jun 7, 2009 208
Tales from terra incognita: a kindred spirit of commonality, irony and internalized trauma hovers over the unknown worlds of recent Balkan drama. Ieronim, Ioana May 1, 2009 3501
The tradition of the non-traditional: Bulgaria's National Theatre may represent the establishment, but it still leads the experimental pack. Stefanova, Kalina May 1, 2009 2737
A 'Hair' transplant: tuner tries to resonate in new political climate. Cox, Gordon Mar 16, 2009 845
Landscape and body. Homann, Greg Report Jan 1, 2009 11138
Recourse to Action: The Renewal of Politics and Theater in Hannah Arendt, Antonin Artaud, and Augusto Boal. Balsa, Miguel Nov 1, 2008 9443
Nationwide 'First Freedom First' theater simulcast brings together celebrities, citizen activists to promote church-state separation. Boston, Rob Cover story May 1, 2008 1819
Artistic repression in Belarus. Nov 1, 2007 307
Who's afraid of Canadian political theatre? Kerr, Bill Nov 1, 2007 1983
The Market turns a corner: the revolutionary South African theatre is facing a complex new century. Nunns, Stephen Sep 1, 2007 3832
Operation Al Hasn: planning and executing a full-spectrum operation in the Afghan theater today. McGleish, Scott T.; Blatt, Darin J.; Fischer, Peter G. Jul 1, 2007 4933
Bush in crosshairs: Gotham theater targets the prez. Blankenship, Mark Apr 17, 2006 723
Seniority and mastery: the politics of ageism in the coventry cycle. Alakas, Brandon Essay Jan 1, 2006 9038
Denver flirts with Curious company. Bows, Bob Apr 25, 2005 751
More than meets the eye. Cameron, Ben Editorial Mar 1, 2005 924
Bay area stages play politics. Schiffman, Jean Feb 7, 2005 419
Is your play a virgin? Rebeck, Theresa Jan 1, 2005 1281
Here we go, Yo ... a manifesto for a new hip-hop arts movement: the final installment in a series on the convergence of hip-hop and theatre. Hoch, Danny Dec 1, 2004 4052
The follies of Chinese dissident politics: theatre is one bastion China's Communist guardians are unwilling to relinquish. Xian, Zhang Nov 1, 2004 3781
Run, baby, run! Why America's theatre artists should get themselves on the ballot. Tresser, Tom Sep 1, 2004 985
Days of our lives: in a season of decision, artists and their companies grapple with the issues. Wren, Celia Sep 1, 2004 4445
Young guns: playwrights draw a bead on the new Russia. Freedman, John Jul 1, 2004 2502
Danger zones: performers in peril. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 108
Women and exile: in Kabul, a U.S.-Afghan theatrical collaboration places women and men on stage together. Sherman, Joanna May 1, 2004 710
Identity Matters: State of the Balkan Stage. Elsom, John Feb 1, 2004 2779
Execute a dramaturg's idea. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 233
Performance, politics, and culture in the Southwest of Britain, 1350-1642: historian's response. Fleming, Peter Jul 1, 2003 2078
Toward a theater of action: The grassroots theatre movement, aimed at social transfromation, finds savvy new ways to flourish. (The People's Voice). Brennan, Moira Dec 1, 2002 4414
Creating the swell: we need a manifesto to bring passionate undercurrents to the surface. (The Future of New Work). Carl, Polly Nov 1, 2002 1216
Scholars, hags and imaginary kings: The rifts and riches of Korean culture show up on stage. (Postmark Seoul). O'Quinn, Jim Nov 1, 2002 1261
African/American: Lorraine Hansberry's Les Blancs and the American Civil Rights Movement. Abell, Joy L. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 6753
China's Window on the World. ELSOM, JOHN Jun 1, 2001 2944
A WAR THEY NEVER KNEW. O'Quinn, Jim Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 346
Artisan Melodrama and the Plebeian Public Sphere: The Political Culture of Drury Lane and its Environs, 1797-1830. WORRALL, DAVID Critical Essay Jun 22, 2000 6319
Eight Men Speak. SMITH, DOUG Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 775
Challenge and response: the changing face of theater in South Africa. Brink, Andre Jun 22, 1997 6409
Rent control. Isherwood, Charles May 27, 1997 1223
Courage & conviction: not-for-profit theatre and the NEA. Samuels, Steven Apr 1, 1997 2951
Barney who? Zesch, Lindy Editorial Mar 1, 1995 943
Tales of Sri Lanka, Nigeria. Siegal, Nina Feb 1, 1995 1368
Sheridan, Garrick, and a colonial gesture: 'The School for Scandal' on the Calcutta stage. Choudhury, Mita Oct 1, 1994 9353
Culture, imperialism, and nationalist resistance: performance in colonial India. Solomon, Rakesh H. Oct 1, 1994 10389
"I will open my mouth in parables": theatre and evangelism in South Africa between 1900-1925. Peterson, Bhekizizwe Oct 1, 1994 7696
Receiving aboriginality: Tomson Highway and the crisis of cultural authenticity. Filewod, Alan Oct 1, 1994 5465
Images of the Algerian War on the French stage 1988-1992. Bradby, David Oct 1, 1994 6024
'The Triumphes of Golde': economic authority in the Jacobean Lord Mayor's show. Lobanov-Rostovsky, Sergei Dec 22, 1993 8629
Hailing ideology, acting in the horizon, and reading between plays by Timberlake Wertenbaker. Sullivan, Esther Beth May 1, 1993 8819
Collaboration, identity, and cultural difference: Karim Alrawi's theatre of engagement. Carlson, Susan May 1, 1993 9639
Charabanc Theatre Company: placing women center-stage in Northern Ireland. DiCenzo, Maria R. May 1, 1993 5727
Banking on fear. Zeisler, Peter Editorial Sep 1, 1992 893
British traditions. Cockburn, Alexander column Sep 5, 1987 553

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