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Covidiot MP with virus symptoms attended church and gave reading to elderly parishioners Ferrier was at a service on day after showing signs of corona. EXCLUSIVE BY PAUL HUTCHEON Political Editor Oct 6, 2020 1320
Angara asks Comelec to prioritize seniors, PWDs in 2022 elections. Sep 27, 2020 300
Lawmakers distribute masks to seniors Masks. MADDISON HARNER Illinois Senate Republican Staff Aug 26, 2020 375
Lawmakers distribute masks to senior citizens Masks:. MADDISON HARNER Illinois Senate Republican Staff Aug 21, 2020 421
Lawmakers distribute masks to senior citizens across southern Illinois Masks. MADDISON HARNER Illinois Senate Republican Staff Aug 21, 2020 421
Lawmakers distribute masks to senior citizens across southern Illinois. MADDISON HARNER Illinois Senate Republican Staff Aug 21, 2020 421
Akala, Elderly Statesman, Can Lead Oyo APC Reconciliation Committee, Says Sen. Soji Akanbi. Aug 20, 2020 571
Senior citizens Rep. Datol died of COVID-19, partylist nominee confirms. Aug 11, 2020 274
Matembe seeks to represent the elderly in 11th Parliament. Aug 10, 2020 363
Senior citizens partylist Rep. Datol dies. Obituary Aug 10, 2020 538
Government urged to double senior citizens' pension. Aug 9, 2020 486
How many youth, workers, older MPs do we need? Jul 18, 2020 1919
Older persons MPs slot subject to constitutional amendment. Jul 16, 2020 390
Time to unpause: How are regional offices reopening? Jul 13, 2020 3116
We don't need MPs for the elderly. Jul 9, 2020 566
Five MPs to represent older persons in 11th Parliament. Jul 8, 2020 856
Go urges DSWD to fast track grant of benefits to centenarians. Casayuran, Mario Jun 24, 2020 1152
House panel moves to protect senior citizens. Quismorio, Ellson Jun 23, 2020 511
Proxy voting to continue for elderly and shielding MPs. Jun 4, 2020 260
Proxy voting to continue for elderly and shielding MPs. Jun 4, 2020 256
House dead set on approving this week 'Crushing COVID-19 Act'. Jun 3, 2020 454
Bill on voting accessibility for seniors, PWDs passed in House on 2nd reading. May 28, 2020 361
MP carer axed for PPE claims. EXCLUSIVE BY NICOLA BARTLETT Political Correspondent May 7, 2020 194
'Insensitive': Senators slam restrictions on senior citizens in areas under GCQ. Apr 30, 2020 930
State urged to help Kiambu's elderly people. Apr 19, 2020 232
Wani express condolence over demise of elderly Kasmiri politician. Apr 10, 2020 231
Congress urged to pass bill severely penalizing elder abuse. Mar 11, 2020 555
'Failed housing policy is making people homeless' MP CALLS FOR A RADICAL CHANGE TO HELP FAMILIES AND ELDERLY. ROBERT SUTCLIFFE @MRRSUTCLIFFE Mar 3, 2020 449
LIVING TO 100: Building a world where people thrive as they age requires a whole new way of thinking. Weiss, Suzanne Mar 1, 2020 1818
HR's committee passes senior citizens bill 2019. Feb 29, 2020 392
House prods Comelec: Proclaim Duterte Youth, Senior Citizen nominees. Nov 26, 2019 299
Senate working on 5 bills on cash benefits, discounts, nursing homes for senior citizens. Nov 9, 2019 654
CHR backs House bill protecting seniors from abuse. Oct 1, 2019 543
Government adopts action plan to improve quality of senior citizens life for 2019-2025. Sep 5, 2019 186
Seniors to be shielded from neglect, abuse under proposed bill. Aug 29, 2019 552
MP hosts fair for seniors. Aug 24, 2019 131
State Sen. Paul Schimpf Week In Review (Aug. 12-16). Aug 21, 2019 653
National commission to ensure that elderly will be provided with mandated benefits. Jul 30, 2019 247
Health Highlights: July 24, 2019; Implant Might Protect Against HIV for a Year FDA Warns CBD Product Maker About False Claims Facebook, Instagram Cut Alcohol and Tobacco Product Sales and Content Juul's Role in U.S. Youth Vaping Epidemic Focus of Capital Hill Hearing Senate Bill Would Reduce Seniors Drug Costs. Jul 24, 2019 981
Health Highlights: July 23, 2019; Senate Bill Would Reduce Seniors Drug Costs Generic Versions of Lyrica Approved by FDA Boys Starting Puberty Earlier: Study Ragu Pasta Sauces Recalled Due to Plastic Bits. Jul 23, 2019 618
Kadaga blames government for delaying electoral reforms. Jul 9, 2019 614
Nat'l Commission of Senior Citizens Act ready. Jul 1, 2019 154
BBC TV licence fee move sparks anger; Millions of elderly and isolated people will lose out, says MP. Jun 11, 2019 384
Angara bares legislative plans for senior citizens, PWDs. Jun 1, 2019 293
Keir Mudie: This Conservative plot to pillage pensioners is pure kamikaze May; Theresa May's failing government should be making all sorts of new plans - but taking from the elderly shouldn't be one of them. Apr 27, 2019 570
Senior citizens still skeptical over reforms. Apr 17, 2019 304
Doubling seniors' social pension tops senator's agenda. Apr 13, 2019 610
Angara to push social pension hike for indigent senior citizens. Apr 11, 2019 575
SCPC to Senate Finance Committee: In Wake of Drug Pricing Reform Efforts, Policymakers Must Protect LTC Pharmacies from PBM Cost-Shifting to Reduce Seniors' Costs. Apr 9, 2019 670
House OKs travel tax exemption for seniors, PWDs. Mar 28, 2019 408
President Trump's proposed Medicare cuts put health care at center of 2020 race. Mar 13, 2019 1263
President's proposed cuts put health care in 2020 spotlight. Mar 12, 2019 519
Poe pushes for improvement, increased benefits for senior citizens. Feb 25, 2019 238
Sen. Nancy Binay files bill to prevent scammers from targeting senior citizens. Feb 18, 2019 269
LOOK: Colmenares starts Senate bid by breaking bread with seniors. Feb 12, 2019 181
Arroyo lauds Senate for adopting House bill creating Natl Commission on Senior Citizens. Feb 5, 2019 419
Lawmakers prioritize the approval of bills for the welfare of senior citizens, revival of ROTC. Feb 2, 2019 496
Senate OKs Magna Carta for the Poor, senior citizens' commission. Jan 30, 2019 768
Solon prods Duterte to gift fellow senior citizens with bill enactment. Jan 30, 2019 444
House passes bill creating National Commission of Senior Citizens. Jan 29, 2019 408
Rajasthan polls: Congress fields seniors to pacify rebels. Nov 22, 2018 386
'Elders Parliament' marks 20th anniversary. Nov 21, 2018 337
Lawmaker proposes senior citizens' desk in every barangay. Oct 6, 2018 252
Angara urges Congress to pass bill doubling pension for senior citizens. Sep 8, 2018 332
Labour MP claims her husband has been targeted as council calls him 'perpetrator of elder abuse'; South Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck says a ruling by her local council is a result of splits within her local Labour party. Mar 24, 2018 801
Elderly Kashmiri Politician G.M Mir's wife passes away. Mar 8, 2018 125
Former PN chief denies he disobeyed his seniors in DND over acquistion of warships. Feb 19, 2018 922
Minister vows to make loneliness a 'national priority'. Feb 14, 2018 574
Bills that benefit senior citizens. Feb 14, 2018 308
FACT CHECK; KEEPING POLITICIANS HONEST The Record, in conjunction with the Ferret Fact Service, is running the rule over the truthfulness of bold claims made by politicians of all hues. In the age of fake news, we will look impartially at all the available evidence to find out if politicians are telling the truth, the half-truth or nothing like the truth Today we ask.. Was free personal care for the elderly brought in by the SNP government? Jan 26, 2018 550
Buhari signs Senior citizen Act, 7 others into law. Jan 26, 2018 323
Act swiftly on laws for senior citizens. Jan 19, 2018 432
Ex-Tory MP conned the elderly in election signatures fraud. Dec 2, 2017 146
Senior citizens take seats in House. Jul 24, 2017 446
Texas may expand ballot access for elderly and voters with disabilities. Jun 2, 2017 1262
LIHTC builds affordable housing: as the administration and congress debate tax reform, survival of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit must be a priority. Fossum, Tami Jun 1, 2017 1249
Weak! Edelman, Gilad Cover story Jun 1, 2017 8317
The Trumpcare Disaster. May 6, 2017 846
It's official: VAT exemptions on senior citizens, PWDs retained. Jan 18, 2017 418
Why Advisors Should Pay Attention to Social Security and Medicare Reform Plans. Dec 8, 2016 719
Show compassion to seniors, PWDs, Angara urges executive branch. Oct 25, 2016 504
VAT exemption on seniors' meds retained in new reform proposal. Oct 25, 2016 331
DOF tax package to remove VAT exemptions on elderly, PWDs. Sep 27, 2016 927
Congress seniors face the fire. May 24, 2016 529
North East MP Dave Anderson demands urgent action after surge in winter deaths; MP Dave Anderson has called for answers after deaths of elderly people increased by 1,600 last year. Jan 9, 2016 563
Recto: Don't touch the P2.5-billion increase for senior citizens' pension. Dec 1, 2015 439
Senate OKs P6.78-B to place senior citizens under PhilHealth coverage. Nov 28, 2015 180
P6.7B earmarked for senior citizens' mandatory PhilHealth coverage. Nov 28, 2015 439
Senate approves P14.3B PhilHealth budget for senior citizen coverage, pension. Nov 28, 2015 404
Seniors' access to Rx at issue. Nov 23, 2015 756
Senate testimony: P370M lost in Makati seniors' benefits. Aug 21, 2015 1226
Binay camp dares Trillanes: Prove claim on 'ghost' senior citizens. Aug 19, 2015 341
Participation of elderly solons eyed in 2nd House quake drill. Jul 30, 2015 448
Old bones. Kemp, Melody Jul 1, 2015 2075
De Lima supports removing cap on electricity bill discount for senior citizens. Jun 18, 2015 393
Rally against council cuts in Gateshead to take place on Saturday; Library users, pensioners and swimmers will unite in a rally through Gateshead addressed by MPs Ian Mearns, Dave Anderson and Stephen Hepburn. Feb 5, 2015 478
Poe urged to look deeper into discounts for seniors. Dec 23, 2014 526
Blaydon and Wansbeck Labour MPs hit out at plans to make firefighters work until 60; Plans were passed to by House of Commons vote, despite major criticism from Tyne & Wear's Labour MPs, who fear lives could be put in danger. Dec 17, 2014 652
LEADING MP SAVAGES SLURS ON POOREST; Welfare helps the sick, disabled and elderly, the things a civilised society should provide. But Tory ministers are trying to make it a dirty word - Anne Begg MP. Dec 14, 2014 979
PhilHealth coverage for all senior citizens. Oct 8, 2014 238
Senate tackles bills to expand PhilHealth coverage on TB, senior citizens. May 20, 2014 527
Congress doesn't care how seniors live. Letter to the editor Feb 4, 2014 193
Stepping on the third rail of politics. Weidenbaum, Murray Jan 1, 2014 2434
ELDERLY CARE CALL; Pensioners' parliaments to debate plans to axe homes. May 20, 2013 561
Present govt to soon present senior citizen bill in SA. Jan 25, 2013 468
Senate passes resolution on establishment of senior citizens shelter houses. Dec 18, 2012 148
Can Romney Win Without Elderly, White Working Class Voters? Sep 24, 2012 939
Vultures want to strip elderly of their dignity; THE vultures are out again. They circle every few years, anticipating the death of a policy which nearly everyone in Scotland supports - free personal care for the elderly. Sep 4, 2012 691
LANSLEY'S DEATH TAX; Elderly to pay care home bill beyond grave. Jul 12, 2012 320
LANSLEY'S DEATH TAX; Elderly to pay care home bill beyond grave. Jul 12, 2012 311
Seniors shout their say; Local activists at House disruption. Apr 25, 2012 913
Tony Windsor MP answers our questions: independent federal MP Tony Windsor spoke to the lamp about improving the lot of Australia's elderly. Interview Apr 1, 2012 579
Reforming public pensions in Rhode Island. Hu, Christopher D. Mar 22, 2012 4999
Population ageing and tax reform in a dual welfare state. Spies-Butcher, Ben; Stebbing, Adam Nov 1, 2011 8508
In U.S., High Interest in National Politics for Non-Election Year; Conservatives' and seniors' interest is up the most compared with 2007. Morales, Lymari Survey Oct 28, 2011 858
Americans Choose Gold as the Best Long-Term Investment; Men, seniors, middle-income Americans, and Republicans are more enamored with gold. Jacobe, Dennis Survey Aug 25, 2011 757
Getting more power for our pensioner; Campaign for elderly to be represented in Parliament. Jul 23, 2011 442
March of the greys; Our population is getting older, but there is no-one in parliament who specifically represents the views of pensioners. JOANNE BUTCHER explores why the North East is calling for Grey Pride. Jul 23, 2011 985
Crisis offers chance of reform, says MP; Elderly care 'should be in council hands'. Jul 18, 2011 431
Lansley warns over elderly care costs; Commission backs pounds 35,000 bill ceiling. Jul 5, 2011 585
Action needed now on funding elderly care; INSIDE THE WORLD OF POLITICS. Jun 22, 2011 527
MP's call to nationalise care giant; elderly. Jun 3, 2011 137
For First Time, Majority of Americans Favor Legal Gay Marriage; Republicans and older Americans remain opposed. Newport, Frank Survey May 20, 2011 885
Chapter 17: Planning for retirement. Cady, Donald F. Company overview Jan 1, 2011 14681
Senior citizens demand legislation for protection of their rights. Dec 22, 2010 510
The student perspective on RN-Plus-10 legislation: a survey of associate degree and diploma nursing program students. Maneval, Rhonda E.; Teeter, Marilyn M. Nov 1, 2010 3314
Attracting the best and the brightest: a critique of the current U.S. immigration system. Gafner, Chris; Yale-Loehr, Stephen Nov 1, 2010 13514
Central policies, local discretion: a review of employee access to work-life balance arrangements in a public sector agency. Colley, Linda Report Jun 1, 2010 8775
Congress debates Older Worker discrimination bill. May 12, 2010 395
Towards alternative financing proposals for health care for the elderly with chronic conditions--Jamaica/Hacia propuestas alternativas de financiamiento para la atencion medica de ancianos con padecimientos cronicos--Jamaica/ Vers des propositions de financement alternatif pour soigner les personnes agees souffrant de maladies chroniques--Jamaique. Barnett, Jasper; Lalta, Stanley; Bailey, Wilma Mar 1, 2010 9660
Health care reform and older adults. Gorin, Stephen H. Editorial Feb 1, 2010 2998
The demography of ageing and future policy impacts: a Northern Ireland perspective. McCrory, Gillian; O'Neill, Naomi; Ijpelaar, Jos; Marshall, David Report Jan 1, 2010 7510
Physicians' perceptions of Congressional priorities to improve care for older adults. Smith, Matthew Lee; Sosa, Erica T.; Ory, Marcia G. Survey Jan 1, 2010 6203
Care for the elderly; LETTERS. Dec 1, 2009 371
Free care for elderly fears; POLITICS: City council in row over cost of home scheme. Nov 19, 2009 468
APHA calls for health reform to aid seniors. Sep 1, 2009 171
Elderly mistrust our MPs. Jun 3, 2009 212
Keeping older people safe by preventing elder abuse and neglect. Peri, Kathryn; Fanslow, Janet; Hand, Jennifer; Parsons, John Report Jun 1, 2009 6357
Tri-County Health Department in Colorado does more than just review a development plan. Roof, Karen; Madennan, Carol Report Jul 1, 2008 3123
Despite Significant Changes to the Medicare Advantage Program: The Right of Seniors to Add Their Own Money to Save Their Own Lives Preserved. Jul 1, 2008 775
Maintaining the reform drive to make labour market improvements more lasting. Apr 1, 2008 11080
Granny goes left. Mar 22, 2008 337
Elderly married couples 'can stay together' POLITICS. Conference notes Mar 3, 2008 438
Should physical activity be on the healthy ageing agenda? Grant, Bevan C. Mar 1, 2008 6068
POLITICS: More choice for elderly with personal care budgets. Dec 11, 2007 564
Reform plan could help two million more seniors access reverse mortgage. Aug 15, 2007 470
Right of Older Americans to Add Own Money to Get Unrationed Insurance in Medicare at Stake: House Votes to Ration Medicare, Critical Votes Will Come in Conference. Aug 1, 2007 664
Home row 'distressing for elderly' City's councillors and MP blame each other. Jan 8, 2007 401
Parliament for over 50s set for Wirral. Oct 3, 2006 258
MIDLAND & NATIONAL: Government plans Post Office account cuts despite MPs' fears. Apr 12, 2006 277
HEALTH MATTERS: MP's plan to improve standards of care. Feb 9, 2006 346
MPs in call for free bus travel across region. Jan 21, 2006 528
MPs throw down gauntlet to councils. Jan 12, 2006 243
Community critical: Australian public libraries serving seniors. Bundy, Alan Dec 1, 2005 7548
Caregivers send their payslips to parliament during Caregivers' Week. Payne-Harker, Cee Apr 1, 2005 358
Continuing the fair share for aged-care campaign. Apr 1, 2005 325
Progress in the fight against elder abuse. Hastie, Cheryl Jan 1, 2004 356
French clash on avoiding future eldercare tragedy. Edwards, Douglas J. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 214
Drug money: how PhRMA's front groups buy elections. (Gazette). Goozner, Merrill Oct 21, 2002 1203
Congress's Senior Advocate. STOIL, MICHAEL J. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 1196
Saving Our Seniors: Preventing Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation. Hearing before the Special Committee on Aging, United States Senate, One Hundred Seventh Congress, First Session. Jun 14, 2001 200
Family Caregiving and the Older American Act: Caring for the Caregiver. Hearing before the Special Committee on Aging. United States Senate, One Hundred Seventh Congress, First Session. May 17, 2001 262

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