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Parliament alive, mindful to safeguard interests of all citizens: NA speaker. Apr 11, 2020 841
Bulgarian MPs Approve Amnesty of Religious Denominations' Debts. Mar 9, 2019 355
Unseemly politics belies Christian seeming Mississippi. Crawford, Bill Oct 26, 2018 567
Sadr Calls On Iraqi Kurds And Their Politicians To Coexist With The Rest Of Iraq's Sects Without Separation In A Unified Iraq. Oct 15, 2018 193
Bam Aquino pushes for easy annulment of marriages. Jun 12, 2018 476
Hariri from Barja: We need politicians that make the interest of Lebanon prevail over the interests of sects and parties. Apr 20, 2018 1459
Yarsan ask Khamenehi to recognize their religion. Jul 1, 2016 585
Way of the Terrorist. Apr 30, 2015 1220
New political society vows to unite people. Oct 1, 2014 764
Iran Calls for More Unity among Iraq's Different Religious Sects. Jan 1, 2014 358
Sunni sect will boycott elections, resort to self-determination, MP. Nov 29, 2013 220
Minority sects demand greater representation in Parliament. Feb 15, 2013 453
Rival MPs embark on uphill bid for consensus. Jan 15, 2013 1268
Rival Christian parties back Orthodox vote plan. Jan 8, 2013 1276
The clash of public theologies? Rethinking the concept of religion in global politics. Sandal, Nukhet Ahu Feb 1, 2012 10412
Politics - Qadiry warns attack on Sunni sect threatens coexistence. Jan 8, 2012 152
Activists: New election law needed to maintain unity. Dec 14, 2011 803
Do I need to pin a target to my back? The definition of "particular social group" in U.S. asylum law. Sternberg, Nitzan Nov 1, 2011 25811
Sects entitled to vote for own MPs: Ferzli. Sep 14, 2011 464
Politics - Orthodox archbishop Khodr keen on defending Lebanon's sects. Aug 31, 2011 233
New maronite patriarch inaugurated during a massive ceremony --Rai says Lebanon will not be 'monopolized' by one sect or party --newly elected patriarch receives visit from syrian envoy in Lebanon. Mar 26, 2011 614
The law of air mobility - the international legal principles behind the U.S. Mobility Air Forces' mission. Petras, Christopher M. Dec 22, 2010 38649
Who are the enemies of the bhaktas? Testimony about "saktas" and "Others" from Kabir, the Ramanandis, Tulsidas, and Hariram Vyas. Pauwels, Heidi Report Oct 1, 2010 18805
Facilitating economic recovery and sustainable growth through reform of the securities class-action system: exploring arbitration as an alternative to litigation. Bondi, Bradley J. Mar 22, 2010 12349
The Youths' Rights and the Sects' Rights. Feb 24, 2010 658
Minority sects demand role in government. Nov 3, 2009 408
Canada, the United Nations Human Rights Council, and universal periodic review. Harrington, Joanna Sep 22, 2009 10070
Keeping it in the family and within the sect. Sep 5, 2009 1130
Reconstituting the neo-colonial state in Africa. Kieh, George Klay, Jr. Essay Mar 22, 2009 5938
The Israeli-Hizbullah 34-day war: causes and consequences. Alagha, Joseph Event overview Mar 22, 2008 9701
Sfeir urges sects to 'cooperate' in rescuing nation. Jan 31, 2008 520
Getting saved in El Salvador: the preferential option for the poor. Wadkins, Timothy Jan 1, 2008 9560

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