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Immense legacy of man who fought tirelessly for the Welsh working class; Tributes have poured in for former Aberavon MP Dr Hywel Francis. Political editorat-large Martin Shipton celebrates the life of a man whose many talents were not confined to the political arena. Feb 16, 2021 1160
Former Scottish Labour MP and 'pioneer' Maria Fyfe dies aged 82; Tributes have been paid to former Scottish Labour MP Maria Fyfe who passed away this morning following a short illness, at the age of 82. Gina Davidson Dec 3, 2020 523
Tributes to icon of the Labour movement and local politics; Former leader of Birmingham City Council,Theresa Stewart, dies aged 90. Jane Haynes Political Correspondent Nov 12, 2020 475
Those Capitalising On Labour Strike To Cause Anarchy Disappointed - Presidency. Oct 5, 2020 587
Presidency Berates Nigerians Over Attack On Labour's Botched Strike. Oct 4, 2020 544
Workers Protest In Ibadan, Say NLC, TUC Betrayed Their Trust. Sep 28, 2020 1268
A new world in the making: community wealth building and the co-operative sector. Reynolds, Jonathan Sep 22, 2020 1960
Labour berates FG's plan to pay N20,000 to unemployed youths. Jun 8, 2020 464
Red State Revolt: The Teachers' Strike Wave and Working-Class Politics. Bocking, Paul Mar 22, 2020 1279
Commentary on Jim Selby's "Labour in Need of Revolutionary Vision". Pollack, Marion Mar 22, 2020 1156
Response to Marion Pollack's commentary. Selby, Jim Mar 22, 2020 2167
The Irish Revolution, early Australian communists and Anglophone radical peripheries: Dublin, Glasgow, Sydney, 1920-23. Yan, Jimmy Mar 22, 2020 10842
Shapurji Saklatvala, the Workers' Welfare League of India, and transnational anti-colonial labour organising in the inter-war period. Edmonds, Daniel Mar 22, 2020 8592
The Futility of Bernie Sanders. Walzer, Michael Mar 10, 2020 369
House of Commons remembers 'Red Ellen', Jarrow's trailblazing MP; Jarrow's newest MP, Kate Osborne, used her first Commons speech to pay tribute to a predecessor from 75 years ago. Jonathan Walker Feb 9, 2020 611
Call for MP to be stripped of whip. Feb 6, 2020 265
MP Jess pulls out of Labour leadership race. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Jan 22, 2020 504
The Time to Question, Rethink and Popularize the Notion of 'Women's Issues': Lessons from Jordan's Popular and Labor Movements from 2006 to now. Ababneh, Sara Report Jan 1, 2020 9069
Hopefuls prepare to declare bid to bring party back from wilderness. Dec 21, 2019 191
Hopefuls prepare to declare bid to bring party back from wilderness. Dec 21, 2019 191
Fuming former MPs turn on Jeremy Corbyn after Labour general election disaster; Mr Corbyn "failed as a communicator" and "people didn't trust him to put our country first", those who formerly represented Labour stronghold constituencies have claimed. James Rodger Dec 16, 2019 751
Former MPs point blame at Corbyn. Sophie Morris Reporter Dec 15, 2019 371
UK "unsustainable" without radical constitutional change says defeated former Scots Labour MP. Dec 15, 2019 376
Watson: It's time to unite the party. Report by David Banner Sep 23, 2019 356
Watson: It's time to unite the party. Report by David Banner Sep 23, 2019 356
Communist history, police history and the archives of British state surveillance. Morgan, Kevin Sep 22, 2019 7988
Labour MP urges UK foreign secretary to 'intervene immediately' in occupied Kashmir. Aug 31, 2019 514
TRINIDAD-POLITICS-Opposition leader wants united front to remove PNM from power. Aug 14, 2019 541
Sit-in as argument and the perils of misuse. Varda, Scott J. Jun 22, 2019 9602
Corbyn defends newest MP. Jun 9, 2019 233
Corridors of Power. May 3, 2019 490
Settler Colonialism and Labour Studies in Canada: A Preliminary Exploration. Camfield, David Essay Mar 22, 2019 12390
Labour in Need of Revolutionary Vision. Selby, Jim Mar 22, 2019 6026
How to Rebuild the Labor Movement: STATE BY STATE: What progressives can learn from conservative anti-union advocacy. Hertel-Fernandez, Alexander Mar 22, 2019 4368
We're ready to join fight for equality in society. Mar 8, 2019 399
Luciana Berger leaves the Labour Party; SUNDAY SOCIAL ECHO readers have their say on the big issues of the week on our social media platforms ... Feb 24, 2019 378
Sad loss of a stalwart and defectors disappoint; WITH MARK TAMI Alyn and Deeside MP VIEWFROM WESTMINSTER. Feb 21, 2019 301
Immigrants, Communists, and Solidarity Unionism in Niagara, c.1930-1960. Patrias, Carmela Essay Sep 22, 2018 17036
MP Berger: Jews feel unwanted. Sep 2, 2018 254
Former Labour minister accuses party leadership of having 'hatred of Jews'; Dame Margaret Hodge made the damning claim as she launched a fresh all-out attack on Jeremy Corbyn. Sep 2, 2018 502
PENGASSAN urges politicians to eschew divisive politics. Jun 26, 2018 345
Welsh politicians push party to back single market membership. Sep 25, 2017 681
Unions and Democracy: You Can't Have One without the Other. Spivack, Larry Sep 22, 2017 1298
The political divorce that could end up benefitting both parties; Amid talk of Welsh Labour splitting from the UK party, political editor David Williamson looks at what we can learn from similarities in how Germany is governed. Aug 1, 2017 894
Corbyn links to IRA terrorists prompted MI5 to open file; Email OPINION Corridors of Power OUR POLITICAL EDITOR JONATHAN WALKER ON THE BIG ISSUES. May 21, 2017 556
'Father of the nation' died while out cycling in lanes near his home. May 19, 2017 1107
International Workers' Day: Scores of activists march through Newcastle; With just weeks to go until the general election, trade unions, the Labour Party and far-left groups met up for annual celebration of labour movement. Sean Seddon Apr 29, 2017 580
What we need is a working-class politics. Husseini, Hassan Jan 1, 2017 794
Contradictions, openings and danger signals for labour. Rosenfeld, Herman Jan 1, 2017 1632
I've been on picket lines from the age of 14 and I've seen how Labour helps people. Corbyn has no ideas to change lives for the better; OWEN SMITH ON MINING FAMILY THAT SHAPED HIM; EXCLUSIVE. Jul 24, 2016 1223
Nostalgia for the PRL in contemporary Poland. Golinowska, Karolina Essay Jul 1, 2016 5269
Brazil Senate puts Rousseff on trial, ending 13 years of leftist rule. May 12, 2016 1093
Rabbani critcises halt of funds by US Congress for F-16s. May 1, 2016 226
Union threatens to escalate standoff over salary hike demand. Apr 28, 2016 473
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Mar 11 - EU Urges Egypt To Give Italy Documents Over Student's Death. Mar 12, 2016 374
Drilon pays tribute to TUCP co-founder Mendoza, political writer Rama. Jan 15, 2016 420
The coal is not exhausted and the closures are political - MP. Dec 19, 2015 463
As Kellingley Colliery closes former NUM President says coal mining will return one day; Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery says government deliberately ran down coal mining to attack trade unions. Dec 19, 2015 568
Don't let the Tories slay our political freedoms; The UK government's plans to tighten rules on strike action and other union activity have angered the Labour movement. Shadow Secretary of State for Wales Owen Smith outlines why he thinks the legislation would be damaging for democracy. Jul 17, 2015 741
Anti-austerity: battle needs a coherent, coordinated plan of attack. Bush, David; Rosenfeld, Herman Cover story May 1, 2015 517
What the Supreme Court rulings mean for the labour movement. Edwards, Jason May 1, 2015 1898
Greens are redder than red; Is the Green Party the real party of the Left? With a manifesto that demands multi-billion pound levels of borrowing should they rightfully overtake Labour as the country's foremost Left challenger? And is the party comfortable with its latest re-brand? KAte Proctor reports. Apr 20, 2015 1655
Celebrating unsung pioneers; The Labour Party has been in existence for more than a century. Here, former South Shields MP and now Labour peer DAVID CLARK talks about his new book Voices From Labour's Past, which celebrates the men and women who built the party's grassroots. Mar 26, 2015 1322
Canada's Canada's legacy in World War I: the great war: a crime against humanity. Brown, Lorne Essay Nov 1, 2014 5071
US section's 32nd Triennial Congress: a view from Shilpa. Pandey, Shilpa Sep 22, 2014 947
Glance back to look forward; AS the main political parties try to react to the rise of Ukip, Labour MP Dave Anderson says his party should look instead to re-connect with its grass roots in places like the North East. Jun 3, 2014 2179
working -class h Party, took on m leader and lock hero who helped found Labour might of landowners as miners' ked horns with Lloyd George; THE BIG READ FORGOTTEN CAMP PAIGNER WHO MADE MARK ON UNION MOVEMENT. Mar 8, 2014 1018
Labour Party, labour movement? Parker, Cherry Dec 22, 2013 1781
John Peters, ed., Boom, Bust and Crisis: Labour Corporate Power and Politics in Canada. Rosenfeld, Herman Book review Sep 22, 2013 1363
ED THE gambler; LABOUR LEADER'S BOLD BID TO SHACKLE THE UNION BARONS Miliband praised for high-risk bid to clean up party and politics. Jul 10, 2013 752
Zelda D'Aprano, leadership and the politics of gender in the Australian labour movement, 1945-75. Grimshaw, Patricia Essay May 1, 2013 9388
Politics undercuts Lebanon's traditional union. May 1, 2013 1104
Britain's forgotten prime minister: Harold Wilson. Heptonstall, Geoffrey Biography Jun 1, 2012 2524
Occupy our occupations: why "we are the 99%" resonates with working people and what we can do to fix the American workplace. Leberstein, Sarah; Christman, Anastasia May 1, 2012 14270
Unions must stay true; RecordView. Apr 24, 2012 336
Nation-Wide Strike Goes On as Nigeria President Warns of Terrorist Sympathisers in Government. Jan 9, 2012 786
Wage deal throws government into disarray, splits labor unions--cabinet approves salary package despite opposition from economic sectors and trade unions--economic sectors call on Mikati to revoke salary raise decision, refuse to comply. Oct 13, 2011 1170
Life cycles of American legal history through Bob Dylan's eyes. Serafino, Laurie Oct 1, 2011 15597
UK Labor Unions and Government On Collision Course Over Pensions. Jun 18, 2011 619
It can happen here. Rosenfeld, Herman Column May 1, 2011 923
Costa Rican labor movement gears up for peaceful struggle against economic and tax policies. Rodriguez, George Mar 3, 2011 1213
The Portuguese communist party and the labour movement in the beginning of the carnation revolution (April-September 1974). Varela, Raquel Report Jan 1, 2011 7984
Obama, the rise of the hard right, Arizona and Texas, and the attack on racilized communities studies. Cha-Jua, Sundiata Keita Report Dec 22, 2010 2933
The rise and fall of employer sanctions. Bacon, David; Hing, Bill Ong Nov 1, 2010 11831
London Citizens--a response. Rutherford, Jonathan Sep 22, 2010 1327
The ILO's Better Factories Cambodia program: a viable blueprint for promoting international labor rights? Hall, John A. Jun 22, 2010 15047
The WTO distraction. Kolben, Kevin Jun 22, 2010 14845
Extraterritoriality by other means: how labor law sneaks across borders, conquers minds, and controls workplaces abroad. Arthurs, Harry Jun 22, 2010 13275
What next for European social democracy? The good society debate and beyond. Meyer, Henning; Spiegel, Karl-Heinz Essay Mar 22, 2010 5908
Not much to celebrate. Black, Jeff Jun 1, 2007 1309
It's Harper not Hargrove. Bickerton, Geoff May 1, 2006 680
Labor needs a radical vision. Bacon, David Sep 22, 2005 2339
Can Germany's corporatist labor movement survive? Schmidt, Ingo Sep 1, 2005 5610
CLC convention 2005: bold steps needed. Bickerton, Geoff May 1, 2005 821
How labor can be big again. (The Periodical Observer). Jun 22, 2003 445
Labour must act against war. Bickerton, Geoff Column Mar 1, 2003 776
The piquetero movement of greater Buenos Aires: working class protest during the current Argentine crisis. Epstein, Edward C. Jan 1, 2003 9208
The workers' movement in occupied enterprises: a survey. Palomino, Hector Jan 1, 2003 9297
Labour, the NDP, and contributory delegates. Bickerton, Geoff Jan 1, 2003 847
Unions, community organizing, social issues and electoral politics. (Editorial Essay). Miller, Mike Dec 22, 2002 4061
A. Philip Randolph. (Labor). Hill, Norman Jun 22, 2002 3395
Stomping labor. (Comments). Jun 1, 2002 2041
Labour and Violence. (Labour Report). Bickerton, Geoff Brief Article May 1, 2002 836
Labour and the NDP. (Labour Report). Bickerton, Geoff Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 775
Looking towards CLC 2002: Left organization needed. (Labour Report). Bickerton, Geoff Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 736
Social Policy Themes. (Editorial). Brief Article Dec 22, 2001 814
Resolution of support. (Labor Organizing). Dec 22, 2001 1283
Solidarity Sometimes. MEYERSON, HAROLD Sep 24, 2001 1901
Anti-sweatshop campaign mixes ethics, economics. BOLE, WILLIAM Brief Article Sep 7, 2001 1039
From Protest to Program. MASSING, MICHAEL Jul 2, 2001 5230
Labour Side Accords: Trojan Horse for Unions. BICKERTON, GEOFF Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 758
This Time, Labor's Ready. Moberg, David Feb 1, 2001 1808
Working for a Living Wage. Kern, Jen Jan 1, 2001 1576
Labour Must Rethink Its Electoral Politics. BICKERTON, GEOFF Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 793
Globalization From Below : INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY IS THE KEY TO CONSOLIDATING THE LEGACY OF SEATTLE. Brecher, Jeremy; Costello, Tim; Smith, Brendan Dec 4, 2000 2398
Reinventing the Labour Movement. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 800
Debating Fusion, Elections, Movement-Building and More. Mar 22, 2000 2847
What is Left Leadership All About, Anyway? BICKERTON, GEOFF Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 737
Working Class Politics in the 2lst Century. TASKFORCE, CAW Mar 1, 2000 1475
New year, new organizing efforts. Mattson, Kevin Oct 5, 1998 901
No more mourning in America: a forum. Rathke, Wade Cover Story Sep 21, 1998 585
Amy Newell. Cover Story Sep 21, 1998 531
Jerry Tucker. Cover Story Sep 21, 1998 655
Republicans warp the labor board. Moberg, David May 1, 1998 1821
Labor, the state, and class struggle. Wood, Ellen Meiksins Jul 1, 1997 6005
The French winter of discontent. Singer, Daniel Jul 1, 1997 3160
The politics of family leave. Buell, John Column Nov 1, 1996 1100
Ontario protests continue. Bickerton, Geoff Nov 1, 1996 651
The new union label. Moberg, David Apr 1, 1996 2750
Toying with workers. Rizvi, Haider Apr 1, 1996 729
Race and organized labor in Australia, 1850-1901. Markey, Raymond Jan 1, 1996 7540
The politics of free trade: the global marketplace as a closet dictator. Seybold, Peter Dec 1, 1995 1875
A new American Labor Party? Cockburn, Alexander Column Feb 6, 1995 594
West European labor in transition: Sweden and Germany compared. Thelen, Kathleen Oct 1, 1993 11542

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