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Intosai holds 23rd congress in Moscow Monday. Sep 22, 2019 293
Economy 'quite well' under PM Modi despite global slowdown: BJP hits out at 'puppet' Manmohan Singh. Sep 2, 2019 522
Jordan : MP Abu Rumman Hosts Abu-Ghazaleh in Honor of Chinese Ambassador to Jordan. Aug 27, 2019 297
RBA governor decries political shocks over effect on economy. Aug 26, 2019 141
RBA governor decries political shocks over effect on economy. Aug 26, 2019 139
Speaker of Arab Parliament condemns terrorist attack on Shaybah oil field. Aug 18, 2019 144
Arab parliament strongly condemns attack targeting Saudi oil field. Aug 18, 2019 144
Speaker of Arab Parliament condemns terrorist attack on Shaybah oil field. Aug 18, 2019 160
United States : Capito Encourages Support for Comprehen. Jul 31, 2019 246
Why do we always vote to self harm? Jul 22, 2019 990
Federal Reserve signals first US rate cut in a decade. Jul 13, 2019 522
Conversations on Capitol Hill: Metalcasters convened in Washington, D.C., to ask for investment in infrastructure and legislation that supports U.S. manufacturing. Jul 1, 2019 2308
Hungary : The Governments goal is to protect the results that the economy has achieved to date. Jun 6, 2019 980
Uzbekistan : Current trends in law-making: national and international experience. May 31, 2019 280
The UK growth outperforms the pessimists. May 29, 2019 373
The Global Threat of Populism in Europe. May 28, 2019 816
OECD cuts global growth forecast as US-China tensions rise. May 22, 2019 477
TRADING AMBITIONS MAKING SENSE OF TENSE TIMES; Markets are increasingly immersed in political risk, writes Ian Hall. May 21, 2019 814
Indonesia : IMF Staff Completes 2019 Article IV Consultation Mission to Indonesia. May 20, 2019 862
Govt to expand Internet connectivity. May 19, 2019 539
Canada : Positioning entrepreneurs and innovators to succeed in the global economy. May 18, 2019 355
Senior MP: US Unable to Stand Iran Crude Cut-off. Apr 22, 2019 670
Arab Strategy Forum: Dim 2019 forecast for world economy, politics. Dec 12, 2018 1068
Standing With Saudi Arabia: Trump's Foreign Policy in the Middle East. Badran, Tony Dec 3, 2018 249
United States : Global Fragility and Violence Reduction Act Passes House. Nov 29, 2018 774
Zeti: Malaysia can bounce back, education key to better resilience. Nov 4, 2018 739
Government urged to help Green industries. Oct 29, 2018 209
United States : Capito, Manchin Announce More Than $3.7 Million for Yeager Airport. Sep 20, 2018 230
United States : Gov. Brown signs historic bill putting California on the path to 100% clean energy. Sep 11, 2018 272
Recto urges DOF to cancel TRAIN 2. Sep 9, 2018 436
Reform global politics to make democracy work. Aug 9, 2018 768
The Global Political Economy of Fractured Regions. Ohanyan, Anna Essay Jul 1, 2018 8602
Russian Federation : 27th International Financial Congress. Key Takeaways. Jun 14, 2018 862
Managing China's global risks. Jun 3, 2018 1037
Global economic risks negatively affect draft budget for next year: parliament's planning committee. Jun 3, 2018 468
We Came Out Fighting: Looking back on the turbulent times of TAC's fifteen years. McConnell, Scott Editorial May 1, 2018 4929
US Domestic Politics and America's Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Implications for Southeast Asia. Narine, Shaun Apr 1, 2018 10643
Foundations of Economic Theory: Money, Markets and Social Power. Jacobs, Garry Report Mar 22, 2018 11183
Global summit to speed up economic expansion in Oman. Feb 17, 2018 791
Bad politics hurts global growth. Jan 26, 2018 831
Despite giddy markets and grim politics 2018 outlook positive. Jan 12, 2018 913
Giddy markets and grim politics. Jan 9, 2018 903
Why do so many Republicans seem to hate college? Jan 3, 2018 606
Why do so many Republicans seem to hate college? Jan 3, 2018 609
Why do so many Republicans seem to hate college? Jan 3, 2018 611
'Historic' Change: Two Major Insurance Trade Associations Welcome House Passage Of NAFTA; Advantages To Insurers, Service-Sector Jobs, Global Economy Cited. Jan 1, 2018 942
Restructuring: Time running out on oil -Ekweremadu. Dec 17, 2017 397
Palestinian-Israeli peace must be based on Arab Initiative - India, Russia, China. Dec 12, 2017 362
United States : Retailers Praise Quick House Passage of Tax Reform, Urge Senate to 'keep Up This Momentum'. Nov 17, 2017 441
United States : Hoeven Gathers Input From Rural Development Professionals for 2018 Farm Bill. Oct 3, 2017 450
United States : WTAS: Praise for President Trumps commitment to tax reform. Sep 8, 2017 976
Framing political change: Can a left populism disrupt the rise of the reactionary right? Comment on "politics, power, poverty and global health: Systems and frames". Labonte, Ronald Report Sep 1, 2017 2001
Guerrillas, marxists, terrorists, or trouble-makers? Doing sociology in high-risk violent conflict areas. Hristov, Jasmin Aug 1, 2017 1002
Africans need to invest in each other's economies: against the background of a sluggish global economy, intra-African investment is essential for realising the "Africa rising" narrative. Mataboge, Lerato D. Column Jul 1, 2017 480
Getting political. O'Rourke, Morgan May 1, 2017 331
Tetangco: PH economy ready to take on 2017. Jan 3, 2017 675
The market for global anticorruption enforcement. Brewster, Rachel; Buell, Samuel W. Jan 1, 2017 10735
Bezpecny Rozvoj Regionu. Zakladni Koncept. Vodakova, Jana Jan 1, 2017 350
Globalization's Last Gasp. Brief article Nov 23, 2016 233
Gulf union way forward. Nov 14, 2016 203
Trump on Trade: Some Risk, but Recession CyNot Likely,' Kleintop Says. Nov 11, 2016 928
Trouble ahead for the global economy. Lachman, Desmond Report Nov 1, 2016 2902
Lacking confidence in politicians adds to economic challenges - expert. Oct 23, 2016 258
Trade, EU as model for TPP, TTIP: the British voted to leave the EU, even as the United States is contemplating joining the TPP and TTIP "trade pacts" that will bind the United States in EU-style arrangements. Jasper, William F. Aug 8, 2016 2082
Brexit, TTIP-TPP, and lame ducks. Jasper, William F. Aug 8, 2016 790
Lessons to be learnt from Brexit. Jun 29, 2016 774
Cameron And His Personal Brexit. Jun 24, 2016 795
Iran's 2016 elections: change or continuity? Sabet, Farzan Jun 17, 2016 3210
What Macroeconomists Are Missing. Brief article May 25, 2016 240
We can flourish in world economy without EU's help. Apr 1, 2016 735
US election and global economy. Feb 29, 2016 844
A Bad Economy Overhangs Iran's Election. Feb 22, 2016 382
The challenge of governance. Bresler, Robert J. Jul 1, 2015 1020
Confronting the meta-problems of democracy. Papandreou, George Jul 1, 2015 5424
To compete in a global economy, TPA is crucial: thanks to NH leadership, a bill is heading to the U.S. House. Wivell, Dawn Jun 12, 2015 604
The Silence Of The BRICS. Brief article Sep 5, 2014 219
Pointless Punishment. Brief article Aug 23, 2014 243
Clashes With Russia Point To Globalization's End. Aug 7, 2014 1176
The Great Backlash. Brief article Jun 4, 2014 257
Restrained By Economic Mesh. May 12, 2014 919
The West's Financial Arsenal. Brief article Apr 23, 2014 250
A global value chain perspective on industrial policy and development in emerging markets. Gereffi, Gary Mar 22, 2014 10512
The decline of the US (and everyone else). Petras, James Mar 1, 2014 2581
IMF reforms: issues for Congress. Nelson, Rebecca M.; Weiss, Martin A. Report Mar 1, 2014 6955
Villar seeks approval of new Investments and Incentives Code. Jan 3, 2014 586
Uncertainties in the US haunts global economy. Sep 29, 2013 527
Uncertainties in the US haunt global economy. Sep 29, 2013 527
China-US Vie For World Approval. Stokes, Bruce Aug 22, 2013 1396
Obama warns cuts to hit US, global economy. Feb 28, 2013 727
Analysis: US cuts likely to hit global economy. Feb 28, 2013 886
Stubborn politics dragging down global economy. Jan 20, 2013 2456
Facing the global challenge: the political economy of late industrialisation in the Islamic World. Unay, Sadik Report Jan 1, 2013 4930
Eurozone now is danger zone igniting a worldwide crisis: the potential collapse of the Euro has brought Europe--and much of the global economy, including that of the U.S.--to its knees. Thomson, James W. Sep 1, 2012 2150
The Mexico-held G-20 voices its concerns over the situation in the EURO zone. Bajrektarevic, Anis H. Conference notes Jul 31, 2012 883
Politics, costs main hurdles to green world economy. Jun 21, 2012 702
Who Should Run The Global Economy? Brief article May 1, 2012 197
The power of economics and public opinion. Drezner, Daniel W. Essay Apr 1, 2012 4261
Does a free market exist or is the world economy rigged? Jan 29, 2012 958
Emission tax will harm global economy -- IATA. Nov 11, 2011 897
Denying imbalances, G20 risks chaos - part III. Fenby, Jonathan Nov 9, 2011 1410
Plaid revert to type as a parochial pressure group; It is a great political irony that with the world economy in crisis and international solidarity the solution we all seek, nationalist parties in Britain are increasingly looking inwards, says Mick Antoniw AM. Oct 20, 2011 878
The global economic crisis and the future of neoliberal globalization: rupture versus continuity. Onis, Ziya; Guven, Ali Burak Essay Oct 1, 2011 9299
IMF director: World economic recovery in danger of suffocation. Sep 23, 2011 636
Global economy: is anybody in control? Dapice, David Aug 9, 2011 1448
Growing economies, rising problems - part II. Dadush, Uri; Shaw, William Jun 23, 2011 1349
Latin America rising. Jun 22, 2011 415
Comparing perspectives about the global economic crisis: a cross-cultural study. Wachsman, Yoav May 1, 2011 4792
Dissension in the ranks: a commission was set up in 2009 to figure out who blew up the global economy. It ended up with three different conclusions--and no real answers. England, Robert Stowe Mar 1, 2011 9410
The political struggle ahead: only by understanding that the economic agenda is part of a wider social and political settlement will we succeed in opening up the debate on the alternatives. Massey, Doreen Report Jun 22, 2010 4976
Labor law beyond U.S. borders: does what happens outside of America stay outside of America? Gould, William B., IV Jun 22, 2010 14182
UAE Federal Government signs an Agreement with the World Economic Forum. Conference news Jun 2, 2010 499
Trends Shaping Tomorrow's World: economic and social trends and their impacts. Cetron, Marvin J.; Davies, Owen Excerpt May 1, 2010 12420
EDC to boost export opportunities in India. Apr 4, 2010 612
Federalism, subsidiarity, and the role of local governments in an age of global multilevel governance. Blank, Yishai Apr 1, 2010 22934
Canadian Foreign Policy: Time for a Revolution. Simpson, Jeffrey Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2010 5097
Revisiting global formulary apportionment. Morse, Susan C. Mar 22, 2010 23854
Former U.S Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Keynotes NBK's International Symposium. Conference news Mar 16, 2010 1162
Vulnerability and social protection in small island states: the case of Grenada/Vulnerabilidad y proteccion social en los pequenos estados insulares: el caso de Granada/Vulnerabilite et protection sociale dans les petits etats insulaires : le cas de la Grenade. Barrientos, Armando Mar 1, 2010 9481
International security and international law in the Northwest Passage. Kraska, James Oct 1, 2009 10645
Hating Milton Friedman. Root, Damon W. Brief article May 1, 2009 204
Ecumenical chronicle together on the way towards just peace. Mar 1, 2009 7623
Chicago Council on Global Affairs Conducts Discussions with Senior DIFC Officials. Feb 11, 2009 445
NBK hosts Former U.S President William Jefferson Clinton. Nov 18, 2008 800
We'll come through this together, Bush tells world; ECONOMY. Oct 11, 2008 412
Renewable energy gains global momentum: a global conference held in Washington, D.C., sought to surmount renewable energy R&D challenges and speed up market acceptance of renewables. Fischer, James R.; Buchanan, Gale A.; Orbach, Ray; Harnish, Reno L., III; , Jena, Puru Oct 1, 2008 2119
US Financial Crisis Threatens Global Economy. Sep 28, 2008 871
Global trade: we need each other. Editorial Aug 8, 2008 560
Global financial crisis: stage two. Hinkson, John Aug 1, 2008 2045
A history. Jun 1, 2008 373
Pakistan: economic outlook & perspectives. Akhtar, Shamshad Feb 1, 2008 2724
The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power and Politics of World Trade. Whaples, Robert Mar 22, 2007 1061
Asian financial cooperation: the problem of legitimacy in global financial governance. Sohn, Injoo Oct 1, 2005 7425
One size doesn't fit all: managing brands in global markets. Jul 1, 2005 1436
The miracle at Accra: German theologian Ulrich Duchrow tells how a visit to an African slave castle--and the movement of the spirit--created a "transforming moment" for Reformed Christians. Berger, Rose Marie Jul 1, 2005 1663
Neo-economics: the neoconservatives have measured American power solely by military might. They've left out something important. Steinberger, Michael Mar 1, 2005 3154
Don't mourn, organize: big business follows Joe Hill's entreaty to U.S. political dominance. Weissman, Robert Jan 1, 2005 2979
Global exchange: with globalization shaping up to be the next political showdown, Walter Russell Mead's argument that progressives shouldn't fight the global economy at every turn struck quite a chord. Responses ranged from accusations of apostasy to cautious praise. Plus: Mead responds; bitter pills; the land of milk and dioxins. Eckes, Alfred E.; Garrett, Geoffrey; Galbraith, James K.; Stern, Andrew L.; Rea, Paul W.; Madrick, J Letter to the editor May 1, 1998 1461

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