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The Najib tapes: Your privacy and the laws that allow phone tapping in Malaysia. Jan 10, 2020 2017
Newsmakers. Jan 1, 2020 396
Privacy Regulation and Innovation Policy. Lev-Aretz, Yafit; Strandburg, Katherine J. Jan 1, 2020 24044
SAVING THE WORLD WIDE WEB. Castelluccio, Michael Jan 1, 2020 851
IBM India calls for balance between protecting privacy, harnessing data and technology. ANI Dec 12, 2019 271
USIBC welcomes introduction of Personal Data Protection Bill in Lok Sabha, urge govt to focus on data privacy. ANI Dec 12, 2019 685
Tim Cook Urges US Government To Step In Creating Policies Protecting User Privacy. Nica Osorio Nov 24, 2019 350
Recto seeks legal framework for 'deep fakes'. Nov 17, 2019 392
Recto calls for Senate inquiry into proliferation of 'deepfakes'. Nov 16, 2019 196
Facebook has a job to win new cheerleaders; THE CITY VIEW. Nov 5, 2019 404
Snooping row: BJP is Bharatiya Jasoos Party, says Cong spokesperson Surjewala. ANI Nov 3, 2019 456
Meghan Markle thanks MPs who sent her letter of solidarity over press treatment. Oct 30, 2019 303
Wigan and Leigh MPs sign letter of support for Meghan over "distasteful and misleading" national newspaper stories. Oct 30, 2019 466
Congress Explores "Backdoor" Plan To Disrupt Facebook, Twitter, And Others. James Brumley Oct 26, 2019 1119
US online privacy rules unlikely this year, hurting big tech. Reuters News Service Sep 30, 2019 703
MPs and campaigners call for live facial recognition to be scrapped. Sep 19, 2019 152
MoS Home assures to look into 'violation of privacy' by Telangana govt. Aug 5, 2019 378
Facebook's currency plan gets hostile reception in Congress. Jul 17, 2019 1047
Facebook's currency plan heavily criticized by Congress Plan:. Jul 17, 2019 1022
Congress accuses TRS Govt of violating privacy of citizens. Jul 7, 2019 720
Border agents confiscated lawmakers' phones; Joaquin Castro captured photo, video anyway. Jul 4, 2019 991
BN lawmaker: Why should Malaysians know how much we're worth? Jul 1, 2019 420
Protecting the Accuracy of the 2020 Census: Public distrust of government, vulnerable computer systems, a possible citizenship question, and new privacy protection techniques are formidable challenges confronting the decennial count. Citro, Constance F. Jun 22, 2019 5397
Over 60% of World Population to Be Covered by GDPR-style Legislation. Jun 1, 2019 479
Congress needs to take new approach to protect Internet. May 2, 2019 562
Privacy omnibus advances in Senate. Apr 4, 2019 1289
With right people count, governments can plan better. Mar 21, 2019 632
Parliament to discuss protection of personal data in Egypt. Mar 17, 2019 250
Denials, impeachment talk greet 'politically motivated' narcolist. Mar 16, 2019 1185
PNP says right of public to information outweighs narco-politicians' right to privacy. Mar 15, 2019 820
Senators Propose Facial Recognition Technology Bill. Mar 15, 2019 295
Duterte could be impeached for releasing 'narcolist,' says solon. Mar 15, 2019 325
US lawmakers kick off debate on over online privacy. Feb 27, 2019 669
Barbers hails House approval of amendments to wire-tapping law. Nov 27, 2018 279
Intel data privacy bill looks to protect companies from fines, Reuters reports. Nov 7, 2018 103
Legal panel discusses amended cyber crimes bill. Oct 8, 2018 233
What's in new proposed Internet Bill of Rights? Oct 7, 2018 758
Apple to Congress: We support federal privacy regulation, Bloomberg reports. Sep 26, 2018 127
Upskirting is finally to be made illegal. Jun 21, 2018 121
PM slams Tory MP after he blocks upskirting Bill. Jun 16, 2018 175
Analysis: Facebook controversies could spark support for privacy bills in Congress. Derek Hawkins The Washington Post Jun 10, 2018 857
Congress to ratify national ID bill today. May 28, 2018 1007
New Wrap: Data privacy bill on agenda. May 27, 2018 203
National ID system infringes on right to privacy - solons. May 25, 2018 441
Facebook chief Zuckerberg faces EU grilling over his 'digital monster'. May 23, 2018 488
Zuckerberg to testify before European Parliament today. May 22, 2018 430
Facebook founder Zuckerberg to meet European parl over data breach. May 17, 2018 262
Oversight needed to ensure state doesn't invade privacy. Apr 20, 2018 433
Facebook's Social Responsibility Should Include Privacy Protection. Apr 17, 2018 1260
Mark Zuckerberg, Congress and the Facebook conspiracy theory you might believe. Apr 15, 2018 828
Senators propose legislation to protect social media users' data online. Apr 13, 2018 232
Security and privacy. Apr 3, 2018 650
Misuse of data: US Senate committee invites FB, Google, Twitter CEOs to testify. Mar 27, 2018 368
Senate approves national ID system law. Mar 20, 2018 371
National ID system: Zarate sees threats to sovereignty, security. Mar 18, 2018 480
SIIA Applauds House Leaders on Introduction of International Communications Privacy Act. Oct 27, 2017 279
Broadband Privacy Bill Would Protect Terrorists, Tech Lobbyists Said. Oct 26, 2017 702
House passes bill mandating nat'l ID. Sep 9, 2017 507
Will Alexa Take the Witness Stand? Smith, Patricia Cover story Sep 4, 2017 1091
Centre adopting double standard on right to privacy matter: Congress. Aug 25, 2017 346
Amit Shah comes down heavily on Congress over Right to Privacy issue. Aug 25, 2017 675
Congress welcomes Right to Privacy verdict, says Centre's attempt to curb privacy stands rejected. Aug 24, 2017 723
Law enforcement comes out against Texas "bathroom bill". Jul 25, 2017 745
A question of privacy for MP; APP'S NEW FEATURE PUTS YOUNG AT RISK. Jul 14, 2017 340
Can California Protect Consumers' Personal Data? Jul 5, 2017 954
Clare Johnston. Jun 26, 2017 453
Japan passes controversial antiterror law despite protests. Jun 15, 2017 316
Declassified Memos Show FBI Illegally Shared Spy Data on Americans with Private Parties. May 28, 2017 1759
Major U.S. tech firms press Congress for internet surveillance reforms. May 26, 2017 386
The CIA'S hacking ability: WikiLeaks released thousands of pages of information provided by an informant, showing that the CIA not only developed tools to hack every major electronic device, but lost them. Shaw, C. Mitchell Apr 17, 2017 4171
Non-consensual porn and the responsibilities of online intermediaries. Suzor, Nicolas; Seignior, Bryony; Singleton, Jennifer Apr 1, 2017 17534
AT&T, Comcast, Verizon Promise Not To Sell Customer Data. Apr 1, 2017 886
After U.S. Congress Strips Broadband Privacy Protections, Minnesota Drafts Its Own. Mar 31, 2017 426
Cards Against Humanity Creator Vows To Publish Browsing History Of U.S. Representatives. Mar 30, 2017 467
Will Trump Save Internet Privacy Protections? Mar 30, 2017 370
Congress Votes To Kill Broadband Privacy Rules. Mar 29, 2017 831
Senate Votes to Torpedo FCC Broadband Privacy Rule. Mar 24, 2017 409
Senate Votes To Kill Privacy Rules, Allow ISPs To Collect And Sell Sensitive Customer Data. Mar 23, 2017 619
Internet Privacy Rules Could Be Killed On Thursday. Mar 23, 2017 514
Democratic surveillance. Franks, Mary Anne Mar 22, 2017 27892
Senate May Kill Broadband Privacy Rules With Congressional Review Act As Soon As Next Week. Mar 18, 2017 789
Advertisers Lobby Congress To Roll Back Privacy Protections For Broadband Customers. Mar 14, 2017 479
Republican Senator Plans To Let ISPs Sell Customer Data Again. Feb 17, 2017 657
Japan, U.S. agree on cross-border privacy system. Jan 1, 2017 301
Push To Expand FBI Authority Threatens Email Privacy Bill. May 27, 2016 426
U.S. Chamber Applauds House Passage of Email Privacy Act. May 13, 2016 203
MP asks Prime Minister to introduce new legislation for privacy rights. Mar 18, 2016 215
Personal privacy up for grabs: even as Americans' actions indicate they are tired of government snooping into every facet of their lives, the government is trying to do away with publicly available encryption. Shaw, C. Mitchell Feb 8, 2016 4468
US Senate Delays Bill On European Data Privacy Deal. Jan 21, 2016 384
The illusion of patient privacy and private practice. Israel, Susan Dec 22, 2015 2598
MPs hiding behind law; VOICE OF THE. Editorial Dec 16, 2015 212
Privacy bill to allow past evidence in court. Nov 27, 2015 393
Social and political implications of the infringement of the right to private life. Voinea, Relu Eduard Essay Oct 1, 2015 4529
Pesky encryption: government snooping. Denning, C.R. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 216
Medical privacy bill advances. Jun 9, 2015 642
The Knowledge Congress Has Scheduled a Live Webcast on The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA): Updates in 2015 Live Webcast. May 15, 2015 493
Joanne Furtsch, Director, Product Policy/CIPP, TRUSTe to Speak at Knowledge Congress' Live Webcast. May 13, 2015 815
French Parliament begins debate on new anti-terror legislation. Apr 13, 2015 417
Privacy and democracy: what geeks understand that the left doesn't. Russell, Corvin Mar 1, 2015 2525
Out of the closet, into the database: public face comes at the cost of personal privacy. McCaskell, Tim Mar 1, 2015 2209
Privacy and the Creative Imagination in the Age of Data Surveillance. Hunt, Wayne A. Essay Sep 22, 2014 2120
Wi-Fi security: shaping data privacy rules. Voigt, Carla Jun 1, 2014 12824
MP warns that patient privacy is under threat. Mar 7, 2014 335
TE[pounds sterling]Sy-AD cautions Internet bill may violate human rights. Feb 5, 2014 732
Big data proxies and health privacy exceptionalism. Terry, Nicolas P. Jan 1, 2014 17753
Brazil responds to U.S. spying with international diplomacy and domestic lawmaking. Scruggs, Gregory Dec 13, 2013 1543
The real privacy problem. Morozov, Evgeny Nov 1, 2013 4761
File EU summit. Oct 24, 2013 613
Be very afraid: what we should have known about government spying before Edward Snowden's leak, why even innocent people have plenty to fear, and what you can do about it. Oct 1, 2013 3520
Invasion of privacy and personal data in Turkey. Sep 10, 2013 1420
Carter defends Snowden, says U.S. has no "functioning democracy". Aug 19, 2013 340
Orwellian Nightmare: Data-mining Your Kids: being implemented hand in hand with the new national curriculum standards being pushed on schools, called Common Core, is government surveillance of students. Newman, Alex Aug 19, 2013 2422
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Aug 2 - EU Lawmakers Urged To Track Fighters To Syria. Aug 3, 2013 541
NSA phone effort gets OK in House; Privacy rights debate precedes 217-205 vote. Cassata, Donna Jul 25, 2013 810
Congress seeks Google Glass privacy assurances. May 17, 2013 314
Joanne Furtsch, Director, Product Policy, TRUSTe to Speak at Knowledge Congress Event. May 16, 2013 733
The Love-Hate Relationship With Transparency. Apr 24, 2013 771
Cheat Sheet: In-house counsel's guide to privacy regulation. Mar 21, 2013 608
House OKs privacy bill. Anderson, Heather Mar 20, 2013 375
Steven Tyler Act Passes Hawaii Senate: Privacy Bill Spearheaded By Aerosmith Singer Limits Paparazzi. Mar 6, 2013 566
Privacy police: the FTC steps up enforcement as legislation stalls and consumer concerns multiply. Swanton, Mary Mar 1, 2013 2216
Government news. McCarty, Michael N. Mar 1, 2013 3354
CISPA Bill: Will The White House Support The Internet Privacy Bill Coming Before Congress Again In 2013? Feb 9, 2013 741
New senate unmanned aerial vehicle caucus to tackle privacy issues. Tadjdeh, Yasmin Dec 1, 2012 1424
California Senate passes social media privacy legislation. Aug 23, 2012 306
Materno-infantilism, feminism and maternal health policy in Brazil. Diniz, Simone Report May 1, 2012 5415
The online privacy debate: how to get to 'no'. Pike, George H. Dec 1, 2011 1038
International white collar crime and the globalization of internal investigations. Dervan, Lucian E. Dec 1, 2011 13534
If we cannot rely on the police to profect us, who can we rely on? Serious questions must be answered; Newcastle East MP Nick Brown found himself the target of phone hacking as a result of his friendship with Gordon Brown. He tells ADRIAN PEARSON why he believes new privacy laws are needed even as the Murdoch empire crumbles. Jul 20, 2011 897
Justin Brookman, Director, Consumer Privacy Project, Center for Democracy & Technology to Speak at KC's Federal Privacy Legislation in 2011 Live Webcast. Jun 9, 2011 706
Katrina Blodgett, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, Federal Trade Commission to Speak at KC's Federal Privacy Legislation in 2011 Live Webcast. Jun 3, 2011 546
Citizens, patients and policy: a challenge for Australia's national electronic health record. Showell, Christopher Morris Report Jun 1, 2011 4204
Kill Bill: California Senate stalls online privacy bill, Corbett vows to push harder. May 28, 2011 544
Judges accused of gagging media after clash with MPs. May 21, 2011 716
Judges: MPs should not 'flout' orders; But politicians condemn 'bid to gag media'. May 21, 2011 819
Fran Maier, Executive Chair and President, TRUSTe to Speak at KC's Understanding The Federal Trade Commission's Proposed Framework for Consumer Privacy Protection. May 12, 2011 667
Colin O'Malley, Co-Founder and Vice President, Evidon to Speak at KC's Understanding The Federal Trade Commission's Proposed Framework for Consumer Privacy Protection. May 7, 2011 695
What lies beyond lies within: global information flows and the politics of the state/inter-state system. Lundborg, Tom Reprint May 1, 2011 9420
William MacLeod, Partner, Kelley Drye & Warren to Speak at KC's Webcast, Understanding The Federal Trade Commission's Proposed Framework for Consumer Privacy Protection. Apr 27, 2011 653
The Knowledge Congress Has Scheduled a Live Webcast Understanding The Federal Trade Commission's Proposed Framework for Consumer Privacy Protection. Apr 13, 2011 341
Silence may not be golden: a review of health professionals' statutory obligations to report unfit drivers. Solomon, Robert; Chamberlain, Erika; Chiodo, Suzie Mar 22, 2011 6948
The Chinese Lady and China for the ladies: race, gender, and public exhibition in Jacksonian America. Haddad, John Biography Jan 1, 2011 13505
Citizens informed: broader disclosure and disclaimer for corporate electoral advocacy in the wake of Citizens United. Winik, Daniel Dec 1, 2010 19332
Border exceptionalism in the era of moving borders. Chacon, Jennifer M. Nov 1, 2010 12023
A new soft law approach to nanotechnology oversight: a voluntary product certification scheme. Marchant, Gary E.; Sylvester, Douglas J.; Abbott, Kenneth W. Jun 22, 2010 10856
How state supreme courts take consequences into account: toward a state-centered understanding of state constitutionalism. Devins, Neal Jun 1, 2010 33027
Instrumentalizing jurors: an argument against the Fourth Amendment exclusionary rule. Pettys, Todd E. May 1, 2010 17389
Transcendent homosexuals and dangerous sex offenders: sexual harm and freedom in the judicial imaginary. Fischel, Joseph J. May 1, 2010 20199
E pluribus unum: data and operations integration in the California criminal justice system. Ball, W. David Mar 22, 2010 15862
The unwelcome cohort: when the sentencing judge invades your bedroom. Bux, Elizabeth M. Feb 1, 2010 11504
Secret police: can personal privacy survive the digital revolution? Doherty, Brian Feb 1, 2010 2161
Parliament group calls for strong privacy legislation. Nov 1, 2009 398
The patriot act and early ALA action: Habermas, Strauss, or Derrida? Woolwine, David Oct 1, 2009 6629
Annoyancetech vigilante torts and policy. Blomquist, Robert F. Sep 22, 2009 10093
Books as weapons: reading materials and unfairly prejudicial character evidence. Varnado, Paul Jun 22, 2009 10412
The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act: a new look at an old problem. Ziskind, Sagit Jun 22, 2009 13998
Influenza vaccination for health care workers: towards a workable and effective standard. Rodal, Rebecca; Ries, Nola M.; Wilson, Kumanan Jan 1, 2009 16754
Kewanee revisited: returning to first principles of intellectual property law to determine the issue of federal preemption. Sandeen, Sharon K. Jun 22, 2008 28648
Privacy policy assessment for the Livingston Lord Library at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Voeller, Stacy Nov 1, 2007 14745
RIPA Part III goes before British parliament. Aug 1, 2007 284
Human rights and social policy in New Zealand. Palmer, Matthew Mar 1, 2007 12713
Travel News September 2005. Sep 30, 2005 2265
Cyber-democracy or cyber-hegemony? Exploring the political and economic structures of the Internet as an alternative source of information. Frechette, Julie Mar 22, 2005 9104
The USA PATRIOT Act and telecommunications: privacy under attack. Lee, Laurie Thomas Jun 22, 2003 12074
How to pry with maps: the Fourth Amendment privacy implications of governmental wetland Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Flannery, Peter M. Jun 22, 2003 9466
Notebook: regime change. Lapham, Lewis H. Feb 1, 2003 2492
Privacy, the Individual, and the 'Good' Society. (Philosophy). Watkins, Tamara E. Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 141
UP AGAINST ASHCROFT. Brief Article Dec 31, 2001 276
Liberty rights, the family and constitutional politics. Lessard, Hester Jul 1, 2001 21173
Affairs of State. ANDERSON, TERESA May 1, 2001 4074
Use of public record databases in newspaper and television newsrooms. Barnett, Brooke Statistical Data Included May 1, 2001 6192
Privacy. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 87
To Study Privacy, or to Protect It? PIAZZA, PETER Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 124
PRIVACY IN THE ONLINE WORLD. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 757
Just an Oversight. Hitchens, Christopher Brief Article Mar 20, 2000 1000
Privacy. ANDERSON, TERESA Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 124
PRIVACY CONCERNS ADDRESSED. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 164
Attempting to use legal means for protecting music in the era of digital technology evolution. Polon, Martin; Fredrickson, Scott Jan 1, 2000 5734
Privacy, Safety, and Genetics: Finding the Balance. Bradley, Bill Mar 22, 1999 1173
Public Purposes and Private Pursuits: Questions about Bill Clinton. HARGROVE, ERWIN C. Sep 22, 1998 2406
When Is Presidential Behavior Public and When Is It Private? JAMIESON, KATHLEEN HALL; ADAY, SEAN Sep 22, 1998 2529
No rights for the poor. Column Nov 1, 1996 498
The condom controversy in the public schools: respecting a minor's right of privacy. Ramos, Pilar S. Nov 1, 1996 20595
Those F.B.I. files. Cockburn, Alexander Column Jul 15, 1996 866
Legislative reports. Ford, Nancy; Bedard, Jean; Ford, Sylvia; Tanguay, Marie; White, Judy; Gagnon, Andre; Woods, Margaret Sep 22, 1995 6099
The politics of privacy, right and left. Wolfe, Alan May 1, 1993 1052
Should the press play vice cop? Peephole journalism. Von Hoffman, Nicholas Jun 20, 1987 1838

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