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Developer disputes mayor's allegations. Christopher Placek Feb 18, 2020 442
Senate passes six government bills, suspends question hour. Feb 15, 2020 328
Opposition senators block immediate passage of seven bills. Iftikhar A. Khan Jan 15, 2020 647
7 bills including Zainab Alert, Response, Recovery land in Senate. Jan 15, 2020 295
Departments to implement land reform action plans. Dec 19, 2019 620
Cabinet approves bill for ownership rights in 1,731 unauthorised colonies in Delhi. ANI Nov 21, 2019 332
Cabinet approves proposal to introduce Bill on unauthorised colonies of Delhi. ANI Nov 20, 2019 347
Second emergency session of HoP of FBiH Parliament convened for tomorrow. Nov 13, 2019 184
What Ivanka Trump's Visit Means for Morocco. Nov 9, 2019 1547
HoR of FBiH Parliament adopts a set of laws that regulate the notarial activity. Oct 29, 2019 229
Land reform still a priority, says Deputy President. Oct 22, 2019 518
Pressure-Release Valves in Participatory Fascism. Higgs, Robert Column Sep 22, 2019 688
President urges parliament for early passage of bills for swift justice. Sep 13, 2019 163
President urges parliament for early passage of bills for swift justice. Sep 13, 2019 163
Good to Be Guided by Politicos? Williamsen, Kurt Column Sep 2, 2019 812
KARENNI LAND CONFISCATION: Government's land reform amendment and its negative consequences. Aug 31, 2019 1504
IMC tracks implementation on land reform programme. Aug 16, 2019 568
South African land reform panel recommends seizures without pay in certain circumstances. Jul 29, 2019 461
Women empowerment via new laws priority of govt: Farogh. Jun 26, 2019 194
Legal Reform Bills will change lives of vulnerable: Farogh Naseem. Apr 27, 2019 250
Women protest personal status laws outside Parliament. Mar 25, 2019 555
Innovative financing. Mar 22, 2019 408
Govt. committed to introduce legislation for protection to women rights; says Farogh. Feb 21, 2019 545
The Sweat of the King: State Wealth vs. Private Royal Wealth in Pre-colonial Islamic Javanese Kingdoms. Ricklefs, M.C. Report Jan 1, 2019 2888
Sugar workers join calls to place Negros Island under land reform. Dec 11, 2018 344
Benitez seeks review of proclamations on urban land reform. Oct 17, 2018 405
Kavanaugh's impact will be felt quickly. Oct 6, 2018 1371
S.African farmers 'furious' over Trump land reform tweet. Aug 26, 2018 832
Stakeholders support Mindanao land reform plan - Castriciones. Aug 15, 2018 737
Land reform: The World Bank finally sees the light. Ankomah, Baffour Aug 1, 2018 2776
Charles Laurie, The Land Reform Deception: political opportunism in Zimbabwe's land seizure era. Lewanika, McDonald Book review Aug 1, 2018 962
'Boracay land reform not feasible, spooking investors'. Jun 25, 2018 637
Boracay land reform conversion questioned. Jun 21, 2018 557
Protect Ati tribe's property in Boracay land reform, group urges gov't. Jun 21, 2018 589
Senators thumb down plan to put Boracay under land reform. Jun 20, 2018 490
Drilon grills DAR on proposal to place Boracay under land reform. Jun 20, 2018 422
Boracay at crossroads: Tourism or land reform. Jun 6, 2018 1027
Group calls for study of Boracay land reform plan. Jun 6, 2018 672
Duterte keen on declaring land reform over entire Boracay. May 30, 2018 506
WATCH: Duterte reiterates Boracay will be 'land reform area'. May 30, 2018 199
Duterte puts entire Boracay Island under land reform. May 30, 2018 163
Secession Push Grows as South African Regime Plots Land Thefts. Apr 23, 2018 337
Boracay to become 'land reform area'. Apr 9, 2018 533
Crying wolf over S African land reform: The long-simmering issue of land redistribution in South Africa is heading towards a resolution and already the knives are out, threatening the country with doom and gloom should it go ahead. Ankomah, Baffour Apr 1, 2018 1320
Land reforms bill needs parliamentarians' attention. Feb 27, 2018 640
Duterte vows to fulfill land reform election promise. Dec 8, 2017 631
IN DEFENSE OF THE FEE SIMPLE. Wyman, Katrina M. Nov 1, 2017 28160
Legislature advances annexation bill to Gov. Abbott. Aug 13, 2017 539
A Noneventful Social Movement: The Occupy Wall Street Movement's Struggle Over Privately Owned Public Space. Cao, Hao Report Aug 1, 2017 9388
Thousands protest in Moscow against housing resettlement plan. May 14, 2017 415
What will China do when land use rights begin to expire? Stein, Gregory M. May 1, 2017 24232
AfDB plans to safeguard women property rights. Dec 22, 2016 290
Meet Johannesburg's new libertarian mayor: Herman Mashaba is something new in South Africa. But can a black pro-market politician make real changes? Louw, Leon Interview Nov 23, 2016 1658
Land reform - it is possible without blood shed. Aug 30, 2016 1082
Land reform--it is possible without blood shed. Aug 29, 2016 1120
Spurring private investment for development. Jun 13, 2016 812
Economic freedom and human flourishing: perspectives from Political Philosophy. Bilakovics, Steven; Boyd, Richard; Hanley, Ryan Patrick; Josephson, Peter B.; Levin, Yuval; Mansfiel Report Jun 1, 2016 16001
The state's right to property under international law. Tzeng, Peter Apr 1, 2016 6623
On cultural property. Borja-Villel, Manuel Essay Apr 1, 2016 2361
Outer space: global commons or a wild frontier--open for competitive exploitation, profit and resettlement? West, Jessica Mar 22, 2016 1830
Heritage Conservation Act under fire again. McKenna, Cara Jan 1, 2016 474
Kaynak raid places property rights under threat, politicians warn. Nov 19, 2015 339
Kaynak raid places property rights under threat, politicians warn. Nov 19, 2015 339
Turf war: Americans are fighting for their right to garden. Sibilla, Nick Aug 1, 2015 1854
Farming bodies call for overhaul of compulsory purchase legislation; The CLA and the CAAV are among those to comment on a set of proposals designed to balance public interest with the rights of private property owners. Jun 12, 2015 868
Becoming Indonesian citizens: subjects, citizens, and land ownership in the Netherlands Indies, 1930-37. Djalins, Upik Jun 1, 2015 9759
1 Forfeiture fortune. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 127
Indian opposition unites to oppose Modi's land reform push. Mar 17, 2015 388
Namibia Agricultural Union Congress to address land reform. Ngulu, Freeman Sep 26, 2014 477
Parliament Debates Bill to Restore Rights of Land Owners in North and East. Aug 13, 2014 237
Land reform slowed down by poor gov't land system-DAR chief. Jun 23, 2014 781
President certifies land reform bill. Jun 3, 2014 272
Wind farm opponents and property rights: the effort to stop certain energy projects has now taken a destructive turn. Bouthillier, Allen Mar 21, 2014 481
Beyond the third Chimurenga?: Theological reflections on the land reform programme in Zimbabwe, 2000-2010. Sibanda, Fortune; Maposa, Richard S. Report Mar 1, 2014 9408
Property as the law of democracy. Singer, Joseph William Mar 1, 2014 21256
The legitimate reach of the environmental revolution. Blais, Lynn E. Jan 1, 2014 4210
Political economy of agricultural market reform in Ukraine: "Good Bye Lenin". Krasnozhon, Leonid A. Sep 22, 2013 6916
SCOTLAND FOR SALE; LAIRDS ALMIGHTY CAMPAIGNERS ASK WHY JUST 432 OWN HALF OF SCOTLAND'S COUNTRYSIDE Revealed Escalating calls for land reform to protect and boost rural communities. Sep 22, 2013 1522
Indian business worried by new land reform law. Aug 30, 2013 673
Rethinking the federal eminent domain power. Baude, William May 1, 2013 13631
Rethinking the federal eminent domain power. Baude, William May 1, 2013 24569
Rep. Campbell introduces bill to block use of eminent-domain seizures. Oct 1, 2012 614
The bilateral amending formula as a mechanism for the entrenchment of property rights. Newman, Dwight Sep 22, 2012 3919
The effect of RLUIPA's land use provisions on local governments. Weinstein, Alan C. May 1, 2012 13065
Off the map, beneath our feet: cartographic amnesia and the national body. Rosen-Carole, Adam Company overview May 1, 2012 11521
Uneasy neighbours? For the past 12 years, South Africa (especially under former President Thabo Mbeki) has been a strong supporter of Zimbabwe, particularly after Zimbabwe's controversial land reform programme started in 2000. Now, as Tichaona Zindoga reports from Harare, the relationship appears to be going pear-shaped. Zindoga, Tichaona Apr 1, 2012 1052
Women and post-conflict society in Sierra Leone. McFerson, Hazel M. Mar 1, 2012 10823
The political economy of the original constitution. White, G. Edward Jan 1, 2012 8798
Economic uncertainty, the courts, and the rule of law. Zywicki, Todd Jan 1, 2012 7787
Constitutional hypocrisy. Spann, Girardeau A. Dec 22, 2011 9706
Skilling reconsidered: the legislative-judicial dynamic, honest services fraud, and the ill-conceived "Clean Up Government Act". Strader, J. Kelly Dec 1, 2011 14035
No room for squatters: Alaska's adverse possession law. Morawetz, Jennie Dec 1, 2011 13567
Peaceful spaces? "Walking" through the New Liminal spaces of peacebuilding and development in north Belfast. Mitchell, Audra; Kelly, Liam Reprint Nov 1, 2011 11187
Life cycles of American legal history through Bob Dylan's eyes. Serafino, Laurie Oct 1, 2011 15597
Women and post-conflict society in Sierra Leone. McFerson, Hazel M. Jul 1, 2011 10810
Land reform in Colombia: historical evolution of the concept. Towards an integrated contemporary approach/ Reforma agraria en Colombia: evolucion historica del concepto. Hacia un enfoque integral actual/ Reforme agraire en Colombie: l'evolution historique du concept. Vers un approche courant integre. Franco-Canas, Angelica-Maria; De los Rios-Carmenado, Ignacio Jul 1, 2011 8627
Lawyers or politicians -- who do you trust? Jun 12, 2011 1392
Gallenthin v. Kaur: a comparative analysis of how the New Jersey and New York courts approach judicial review of the exercise of eminent domain for redevelopment. Chen, Ronald K. May 1, 2011 16565
Public use in the dirigiste tradition: private and public benefit in an era of agglomeration. Eagle, Steven J. May 1, 2011 28861
Reclaiming the promise of the judicial branch: toward a more meaningful standard of judicial review as applied to New York eminent domain law. Franzese, Paula May 1, 2011 11499
The use and abuse of blight in eminent domain. Gold, Martin E.; Sagalyn, Lynne B. May 1, 2011 24746
Condemning the decisions of the past: eminent domain and democratic accountability. Serkin, Christopher May 1, 2011 7559
Let there be blight: blight condemnations in New York after Goldstein and Kaur. Somin, Ilya May 1, 2011 11920
Damages under the Privacy Act: sovereign immunity and a call for legislative reform. Kardon, Alex Mar 22, 2011 25686
Real estate valuation in Hong Kong. Lo, Raymond Case study Mar 22, 2011 9683
Women's rights: Tunisian women in the workplace. Sinha, Sangeeta Report Mar 15, 2011 6947
A simple approach to preventing the next housing crisis - why we need one, what one would look like, and why Dodd-Frank isn't it. Dana, David A. Mar 1, 2011 5137
Free markets, property rights and climate change: how to privatize climate policy. Dawson, Graham Feb 1, 2011 11487
Flood zone revisions and economic loss: an example from Florida. Cole, William; Stephan, Bruce; Chouinard, Nathan; Finch, J. Howard; Weeks, H. Shelton Abstract Jan 1, 2011 7257
The law of air mobility - the international legal principles behind the U.S. Mobility Air Forces' mission. Petras, Christopher M. Dec 22, 2010 38649
Back to Katz: reasonable expectation of privacy in the Facebook age. Plourde-Cole, Haley Dec 1, 2010 26714
Investor response to environmental risk in foreign direct investment. Goerzen, Anthony; Sapp, Stephen; Delios, Andrew Nov 1, 2010 12573
Why do firms bribe? Insights from residual control theory into firms' exposure and vulnerability to corruption. Lee, Seung-Hyun; Oh, Kyeungrae; Eden, Lorraine Nov 1, 2010 11112
"The big trees were kings": challenges for global response to climate change and tropical forest loss. Irland, Lloyd C. Sep 22, 2010 17691
MQM to table Land Reforms Bill in parliament. Sep 1, 2010 250
A Stupid Analogy. Tracy, Marc Aug 18, 2010 647
Corporate privilege and the challenge of sustainable democracy. Harris, Drew; Stookey, Sarah; Twomey, Teresa Company overview Jul 1, 2010 4925
Debate flares after failed bid to grant rights to Palestinians. Jun 17, 2010 515
Poverty among women in Sub-Saharan Africa: a review of selected issues. McFerson, Hazel M. May 1, 2010 10360
The "new" exclusionary rule debate: from "still preoccupied with 1985" to "virtual deterrence". Dripps, Donald A. May 1, 2010 26891
Political survival, energy policies, and multinational corporations: a historical study for standard oil of New Jersey in Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela in the twentieth century. Bucheli, Marcelo; Aguilera, Ruth V. May 1, 2010 13554
Can urban university expansion and sustainable development co-exist? A case study in progress on Columbia University. Hirokawa, Keith H.; Salkin, Patricia E. Apr 1, 2010 27942
Much ado about Pigou. Yandle, Bruce Mar 22, 2010 2503
An update on property rights compensation law for appraisers. Allen, Marcus T.; Carter, Charles C. Mar 22, 2010 7464
Nutrient pollution from land applications of manure: discerning a remedy for pollution. Centner, Terence J. Mar 22, 2010 15684
Our View: With ECHR ruling time has finally run out. Mar 7, 2010 810
Kyrgyz Parliament ratifies 49-year land rent agreement with Kazakhstan. Jan 22, 2010 628
How ordinary folk became involved in the Ambonese conflict: understanding private opportunities during communal violence. Adam, Jeruen Jan 1, 2010 10486
Bypolls rout scuttles govt move for land reforms. Nov 17, 2009 625
Condemning religion: RLUIPA and the politics of eminent domain. Serkin, Christopher; Tebbe, Nelson Nov 1, 2009 24719
What can developing countries learn from Finland's industrial transformation? Jantti, Markus; Vartiainen, Juhana Oct 1, 2009 1505
Faith-based politics, enlightened moderation and the pakistani women's movement. Zia, Afiya Shehrbano Company overview Sep 1, 2009 11784
The first global economic crisis in the 21st century. Prabhakar, A.C. Jul 1, 2009 6020
Contracting (out) rights. Sabbeth, Kathryn A.; Vladeck, David C. Jun 1, 2009 17267
Parliament of Kyrgyzstan adopts draft laws assigning property rights to land to foreign banks up to 1 year. Apr 10, 2009 140
Challenges to implementing good practice guidelines for evaluation with Maori: a Pakeha perspective. Roorda, Mathea; Peace, Robin Report Apr 1, 2009 8084
Law and Capitalism: What Corporate Crises Reveal About Legal Systems and Economic Development Around the World. Vandermeulen, Jackie; Perron-Savard, Philippe Book review Mar 22, 2009 15073
Year in review: developments in Canadian law in 2008. Mar 22, 2009 39579
Parliament of Kyrgyzstan passes 3 draft laws seeking to improve Kyrgyzstan\'s rankings in IFC-WB Doing Business. Mar 6, 2009 168
The athlete's right to respect for his private life and his home. Soek, Janwillem Jul 1, 2008 15588
It is a pity! It is a pity that the people who voted against President Mugabe have no ability to remember the servitude they existed in prior to the last eight years. Orakwue, Stella May 1, 2008 1713
Senate moves property rights measure forward. Jun 6, 2007 593
Aspects of proposed property rights bill in dispute. Parkhurst, David Jul 17, 2006 624
NLC, state leagues discuss eminent domain strategy. Casimiro, Stacy; Gomez, Jimmy Nov 21, 2005 460
NLC not surprised by passage of anti-eminent domain bill. Parkhurst, David Nov 14, 2005 797
House passes anti-eminent domain bill. Parkhurst, David Nov 7, 2005 258
Senate passes eminent domain amendment. Parkhurst, David Oct 24, 2005 300
Local officials tell Congress about the importance of eminent domain. Hogan, Cyndy Liedtke Sep 26, 2005 588
Local franchise authority, eminent domain key issues during Congressional recess. Hogan, Cyndy Liedtke Aug 15, 2005 514
Congress takes on eminent domain. Hogan, Cyndy Liedtke; Parkhurst, David Jul 11, 2005 456
An introduction to the special issues on financial markets of the Middle East. Shachmurove, Yochanan Jun 22, 2004 10263
Sorry, same story: disregard for human rights, governmental lies, corporate exploitation of resources. (Late Edition). Klotzer, Charles L. Jan 1, 2003 3811
INDIAN LAND RIGHTS AND LAND CONFLICTS IN BRAZIL. Pires-O'Brien, Joaquina Critical Essay Sep 1, 1999 2393
Borneo's Native Lands at Risk. Pancoast, Wick; Thompson, Harlan Jan 1, 1999 1023
None dare call it reason. Rauber, Paul Jan 1, 1997 1227
Taking and giving: police power, public value, and private right. Torres, Gerald Mar 22, 1996 13980
The politics of property rights. Firmin-Sellers, Kathryn Dec 1, 1995 12311
Ballot box zoning: 1994. Oct 1, 1994 540

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