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Catholics see hope in Green New Deal goals: Faith-based environmentalists examine ambitious climate plan. Roewe, Brian Jun 14, 2019 1915
European unity. Jun 14, 2019 165
Latinos could transform faith's role in US politics: El Paso Catholics, impacted by immigration, plan to vote their beliefs. Benevento, Maria Nov 2, 2018 2097
The Catholic vote: Is it possible to be both Catholic and politically involved today? Millies, Steven P. Nov 1, 2018 2345
Catholic drift seen in Irish abortion vote. Donald, Sarah Mac Jun 15, 2018 1310
Archbishop Dolan charges Democrats have slammed the door on Catholics: Party once embraced Catholics but no more. Andrusko, Dave Apr 1, 2018 540
Vice President Pence speaks to politically conservative Catholics. Jun 22, 2017 162
Policies of new US administration face Catholic opposition. Mar 24, 2017 1640
Keep the Johnson Amendment. Editorial Feb 24, 2017 743
Catholics find their voice as Trump debuts. Feb 10, 2017 2129
'Creating a Culture of Encounter' theme for National Migration Week. Conference notes Jan 13, 2017 381
There's a parallel to Trump in Italy's Berlusconi. Faggioli, Massimo Dec 2, 2016 1322
Voters reject nearly all ballot measures backed by Catholic leaders. Zimmerman, Carol Dec 2, 2016 722
Call to Action heads to New Mexico: Catholic reform group seeks to build diversity with conference changes. Manson, Jamie L. Nov 4, 2016 1000
Chaput welcomes smaller church of holier Catholics. Gibson, David Nov 4, 2016 965
When politics trumps faith. Keller, Paul Nov 1, 2016 1223
Trump pledges to 'be there' for Catholics. Roewe, Brian Oct 21, 2016 498
Electoral absence: the right to vote is precious, but I won't go to the polls for a president this year. Nussbaum, Melissa Musick Oct 21, 2016 1335
One-issue obsession imperils credibility. Oct 21, 2016 901
Religion is a complex factor in 2016 election. Reese, Thomas Aug 12, 2016 971
The Catholic vote is still unpredictable and still important. Gibson, David Aug 12, 2016 1176
Trust on the downslide: gathering discusses Americans' lost confidence. Roberts, Tom Conference notes Jul 29, 2016 1615
Winning the working-class vote: Part 2 of NCR's interview with E.J. Dionne on presidential politics. Winters, Michael Sean Interview Jul 29, 2016 2134
A Catholic role in healing US culture. Editorial Jul 29, 2016 999
What now for conservative Catholics? Cruz backers reluctant to turn to trump. Roewe, Brian May 20, 2016 1343
A prescription for justice: Catholics must help bring down barriers that block 2 billion from lifesaving medicine. Quigley, Fran Oct 9, 2015 1233
Pew survey: 71 percent of Catholics believe in global warming. Salgado, Soli Jul 3, 2015 657
Colliding visions of church: Cordileone's tenure in San Francisco has been tumultuous. Morris-Young, Dan May 22, 2015 3081
Celebration of the fall. Brief article Nov 21, 2014 121
Catholics in politics. Woodward, Mary Letter to the editor Aug 15, 2014 200
Meet the 'evangelical' catholics remaking the GOP. Bailey, Sarah Pulliam Jul 4, 2014 993
Church's Role in Politics. May 18, 2014 1623
Ukrainians worry over strife. Feb 14, 2014 151
Exhortation sparks political, economic debates. Jan 3, 2014 1086
Backed by a massive war chest and crowing ties to the Tea Party and Catholic hierarchy, the Religious Right is still very much in the came. Brown, Simon Cover story Nov 1, 2013 2341
Catholic leaders push House on immigration. McElwee, Joshua J. Aug 2, 2013 922
Bishop Macdonell and the friends of Ireland: mixing politics and religion in Upper Canada. Corcoran, Brandon S.; Smith, Laura J. Jan 1, 2013 8473
Catholics and the Liberal Party. Tuns, Paul Jan 1, 2013 1542
Batanes bishop tells anti-RH Catholics: God will finish the war for us! Dec 19, 2012 658
Votes up for grabs. Winters, Michael Sean Nov 8, 2012 1261
Outspoken bishops step into election fray: statements directed at catholic voters focus on abortion, same-sex marriage. McElwee, Joshua J. Oct 25, 2012 1283
Laity may differ on politics, just as bishops do. Oct 25, 2012 520
Same-sex marriage put to voters in Washington. Morris-Young, Dan Sep 28, 2012 740
Rise of the new Catholic politician: as two Catholics run for vice president, the church and its teachings are guaranteed to be front and center this fall. Winters, Michael Sean Aug 31, 2012 1084
PRIESTS READ THE RIOT ACT ON GAY MARRIAGE Catholics told; Catholics told to oppose planned law. Aug 27, 2012 421
Black Catholic Congress develops 5 year plans. Ryan, Zoe Aug 3, 2012 1242
A taxing problem: in a system that increasingly favors the wealthy, Catholic teaching calls upon the government to step in and level the playing field. Alessi, Scott Interview Jul 1, 2012 3618
In election year, bishops are picking a fight. Roberts, Tom May 11, 2012 2166
Not our cup of tea: Catholics fed on the church's social teaching won't like the taste of what the Tea Party is serving. Gehring, John Apr 1, 2012 2290
Santorum losing Catholics. Brief article Mar 16, 2012 144
Performance review: U.S. Catholic readers provide a progress report on Barack Obama's first term in office. Alessi, Scott Cover story Jan 31, 2012 2911
Catholics silent in Iowa caucus hype: Despite low profile, Catholic activists say they'll play role in GOP choice. Carney, Tom Jan 6, 2012 952
Fifty years since the "Goulburn strike": Catholics and Education Politics. Warhurst, John Report Jan 1, 2012 4002
Religion and political affiliation. D'Antonio, William V. Survey Oct 28, 2011 2041
Drawing, and crossing, the line: Catholic Filipinos challenge the hierarchy's rejection of the reproductive health bill. Vallido, Chi Laigo Sep 22, 2011 2634
Catholics tuning out bishops' voting guidelines. Sep 16, 2011 375
Twenty years of taking down the opposition: the Catholics for Choice guide to opposition research. Morello, Sara Jun 22, 2011 3083
Before (and after) Roe v. Wade: new questions about backlash. Greenhouse, Linda; Siegel, Reva B. Jun 1, 2011 28334
Catholics shift from Democrats to Republicans. Feb 1, 2011 378
China slams Vatican's criticism of Chinese Catholics' congress as 'very imprudent'. Dec 23, 2010 199
Power, politics and the church in Burma: Catholics question their hierarchy's nonconfrontational strategy. Jul 23, 2010 1500
We are the world. O'Connell-Cahill, Catherine Jun 1, 2010 464
Certifiably catholic: our place in the church isn't determined by politics or policy. Cones, Bryan Mar 1, 2010 736
The next big issues for Obama: looking past health care, Catholic progressives hope for social justice agenda. Winters, Michael Sean Jan 22, 2010 1088
Communion wars resurface in Rhode Island. Allen, John L., Jr. Dec 11, 2009 881
Catholics sway health care passage. Winters, Michael Sean Nov 27, 2009 941
In reform debate, pro-lifers undermine their cause: it is strange indeed to see conservative Catholics unwittingly aiding and abetting the agenda of the pro-abortion organizations they oppose. Winters, Michael Sean Sep 18, 2009 1102
Signs of peace: Catholics around the world can inspire us with the many ways--both personal and political--through which they build peace. Powers, Gerard F. Jul 1, 2009 1948
Catholic activist turned congressman has a seat at the table. Winters, Michael Sean Jun 12, 2009 1286
President Obama's Catholic problem. Winters, Michael Sean Viewpoint essay May 1, 2009 1350
Rendering unto Caesar: Catholic beliefs in political life. Chaput, Charles J. Cover story Apr 1, 2009 4785
Religion and politics: U.S.A. Cahill, Lisa Sowle Mar 1, 2009 2517
Catholics split on vote's meaning. Roberts, Tom Nov 14, 2008 2758
Obama Catholics will influence new administration. Feuerherd, Joe Nov 14, 2008 636
Triumph of hope challenges Catholics. Editorial Nov 14, 2008 821
Election year in a flyover state. Roberts, Thomas Oct 31, 2008 652
Abortion: its shifting place in the political landscape: Tom Roberts: the emergence of lay efforts. Roberts, Tom Oct 31, 2008 1438
Mersey MPs set to lead 'saviour siblings' revolt; Catholics' last bid to halt Fertility Bill. Oct 22, 2008 304
Duceppe lashes out at candidate's Opus Dei affiliation. Oct 1, 2008 355
Catholics boost values talk at convention: one-time Reaganite endorses Obama; study links social aid to fewer abortions. Sep 5, 2008 1355
New groups add broader Catholic views to politics: a result of the 2004 election was a surge of concern that Catholic social teaching was getting shortchanged. Roberts, Tom Essay Aug 8, 2008 1478
Bring 'em on: Catholic institutions should play host to this year's electoral contests. Cones, Bryan Jul 1, 2008 673
Secular and security-minded: the Catholic vote in summer 2008: a national opinion survey of likely catholic voters. Russonello, Belden; Russonello, Stewart Jun 22, 2008 1797
The looming battle: Our Lady of Fatima and public space in Cold War Queensland. Mason, Robert Jun 1, 2008 7092
The return of the communion wars: prominent Catholic Democrats targeted for Obama support. Barron, Mary May 30, 2008 1153
The Communion flap again: pope strikes a positive note, but Robert Novak stirs the waters. McBrien, Richard P. Column May 30, 2008 744
Dressed up for politics. Sweas, Megan May 1, 2008 473
Sen. Clinton's best hope--the Catholic vote. Barron, Mary Apr 18, 2008 1193
Beginning to restructure the institutional church: Canadian social catholics and the CCF, 1931-1944. Dennis, Robert H. Essay Jan 1, 2008 9399
US Bishops decide abortion is pre-eminent election issue. Dec 22, 2007 317
Index: the state of separation. Dec 22, 2007 345
The church inverted: Catholics must focus more on their base, less on their leaders. Hahnenberg, Edward P. Oct 26, 2007 1013
Catholics in congress appeal to bishops to help end the war. Huet-Vaughn, Emiliano Aug 17, 2007 512
Catholics in Congress protest Pope's comments on politics. Jul 1, 2007 230
Catholic voting patterns shift in U.S. election. Brief article Mar 22, 2007 109
Election analysis through the looking glass: political ideology is more important than religion when it comes to voting. Agiesta, Jennifer Mar 22, 2007 783
Theocons on the warpath: radicals turned republicans clothed initiatives in Catholic moral language. Rausch, Thomas Feb 9, 2007 954
Anti-Catholic drive persists. Brief article Jan 26, 2007 171
Sorting through imperfect choices. Nov 3, 2006 1083
The divided faith. O'Sullivan, Jim Aug 1, 2006 1596
Democrats seek to woo Catholics back to the fold. Feuerherd, Joe Cover story Jun 16, 2006 1719
Who owns the 'Catholic vote'? Roughly 40 percent of Catholics are reliable Republicans, and 40 percent are reliable Democrats. The rest could go either way. That makes Catholics the ultimate swing voters. Reidy, Maurice Timothy Jun 1, 2006 2062
A thorn in both their sides: if the church causes discomfort only to one political party when both are in need of repentance, it is not being the church. Dionne, E.J., Jr. Jun 1, 2006 2511
Against forgetting: memory, history, Vatican II. Schloesser, Stephen Jun 1, 2006 21019
What's the matter with Catholic voters? Barry, J. Esmonde Jan 1, 2006 1572
The society for Irish church missions to the Roman Catholics: philanthropy or bribery? Moffitt, Miriam Jan 1, 2006 5267
Khmer Rouge trial bogged down. Frazer, Barbara Nov 18, 2005 431
American Catholics and party politics: demography, commitment and social teachings. D'Antonio, William V. Cover Story Sep 30, 2005 2710
Why Kerry lost. Miller, Patti Jun 22, 2005 1709
Bush feted at Catholic prayer breakfast: president praises Benedict; Chaput warns of 'cowardice'. Feuerherd, Joe Jun 3, 2005 693
Promoting democracy in the church: by withholding donations, Catholics can press for change. Penalver, Eduardo M. May 27, 2005 955
Catholics for Kerry reborn. Brief Article Apr 8, 2005 158
An uncivilized discourse: the fixation on abortion by conservative Catholics and the church hierarchy during the 2004 US presidential elections was a disservice to the whole electorate. Ringuette, Michelle A. Mar 22, 2005 1627
Red and blue Catholics and more: U.S. Catholic church has at least three constituencies. McBrien, Richard P. Oct 29, 2004 785
Beyond primary colors: is the church, like the country, divided into "red" and "blue"? Mancini, Greg Oct 1, 2004 542
Sargent Shriver modeled activism based in faith. Podesta, John Sep 3, 2004 875
Will Catholic fuss really matter? Roberts, Thomas W. Editorial Jul 2, 2004 513
Covering the candidates. Letter to the Editor Jan 9, 2004 619
Croatian bishops address voters. Brief Article Nov 21, 2003 158
China's free trade binds church. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Nov 14, 2003 196
Bill C-13 The Vote. May 1, 2003 733
Bishops urge Catholics to take part in election. (World). Palumbo, Eugenio Brief Article Mar 21, 2003 181
No Eucharist for pro-abortion politicians, bishop says. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Feb 7, 2003 199
Pope approves efforts to join with mainland bishops. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Feb 8, 2002 223
Council urges U.S. not to abandon global role. Brief Article Oct 5, 2001 288
Grassroots `shadow synod' among alternatives to bishops' meeting. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Brief Article Sep 28, 2001 684
Jesus, Gandhi, King point the way. DOUGLASS, JAMES W. Brief Article Sep 28, 2001 719
"The gravest situation of our lives": conservatives, ulster, and the home rule crisis, 1911-14. Kennedy, Thomas C. Sep 22, 2001 6813
ADDENDA. Donovan, Gill Brief Article Sep 7, 2001 539
Feedback. Oct 1, 2000 1178
FROM THE BOOK OF NUMBERS. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 131
NATION. Malcom, Teresa Mar 17, 2000 2297
Catholics and fascism. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 798
Faith made in China. Haepp, Ingelore Aug 1, 1998 1257
The burden of being Catholic and right. Heckler-Feltz, Cheryl Aug 9, 1996 829
For U.S. Catholics, a greater bind lies ahead. Editorial Jan 8, 1993 421

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