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Drilon: Corruption, negligence behind Sanchez' clean prison record. Sep 3, 2019 578
Bihar floods: JD (U) MP faces wrath of villagers over 'negligence'. Jul 15, 2019 324
Mazari calls for probe into 'criminal negligence' of past rulers. Jun 26, 2019 246
Shireen Mazari calls for probe into 'criminal negligence' of past rulers. Jun 26, 2019 410
Brexit mess is criminal negligence. Dec 11, 2018 903
ElKhalil honoring Teymour Jumblatt in Hasbaya: Very painful to see negligence in State administration, rampant corruption in its institutions. Nov 3, 2018 206
MP wondering why experts on Burulai's case were not prosecuted for negligence. Sep 20, 2018 150
United States : Cantwell Provisions to Combat Opioid Epidemic, Hold Manufacturers Accountable for Negligent, Misleading Practices Pass U.S. Senate. Sep 19, 2018 804
"Unjustified and is big negligence": Zayed in parliament about Diarb Negm incident. Sep 18, 2018 302
Senate body shows concern over PTDC's negligence on grabbing of 172 acre land. Aug 9, 2018 417
CM Marri irked by negligent doctors, health staff. Aug 1, 2018 306
Sanction negligent officials - OFWs. Feb 19, 2018 986
Insurers seek brakes on comparative negligence for cyclists. Feb 6, 2018 963
Gorakhpur tragedy: Congress, SP corner Yogi Adityanath over 'sheer negligence'. Aug 12, 2017 805
Parliament refers floods report to government, calls for accountability over negligence. Nov 14, 2016 210
Rahi accuses political parties of negligence. Sep 19, 2016 118
Al-Maliki called on the Iraqi judiciary to take its role in the investigation and to hold negligent. Aug 3, 2016 215
The flint inquisition begins. Carpenter, Robert Aug 1, 2016 812
Speaker of Parliament confirms during a meeting with al-Adhadh that the Council is determined to accounting the corrupt and negligent. Jun 28, 2016 168
BATTLEFIELD SONIA. Apr 28, 2016 773
CDA negligence turns Parliament lodges into ruin. Dec 7, 2015 150
AK Party gov't should be blamed for blatant, fatal negligence in Soma. May 15, 2014 777
Firm linked to MP blamed for flooding. Dec 20, 2013 745
At best, this is negligent. At worst, reckless. What the hell were they doing? - Thomas Docherty MP yesterday; FURIOUS POLITICIANS CONDEMN CHEMICAL SALES TO WAR-TORN SYRIA. Sep 1, 2013 1511
NHS gaffes bill may be PS20bn-plus; NEGLIGENCE. Apr 11, 2013 195
PCNS members protest negligence in missing persons' issue. Feb 9, 2013 226
PCNS members protest negligence in missing persons' issue. Feb 9, 2013 226
Parliament to discuss campaign for girl killed by wall. Jan 24, 2013 537
MPs warn of protest over Herat kidnaps. Jul 30, 2012 197
Bankers jailed and PM faces charges - can Iceland happen here? Banks and bankers have dominated the headlines in recent weeks. Here Plaid Cymru MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Jonathan Edwards argues if there was any doubt of the toxic relationship between London's political and financial rulers, then this latest Libor scandal involving conspiracy, theft and fraud, blows it out of the water... Jul 5, 2012 795
Little help for Mari injured, House hears. Mar 31, 2012 719
Without legal obligation: compensating the wrongfully convicted in Australia. Dioso-Villa, Rachel Mar 22, 2012 17802
The cure for what ails: a realistic remedy for the medical malpractice "crisis". Williams, Alan G. Mar 22, 2012 22862
Tension in intersectional agency; a theoretical discussion of the interior conflict of white, feminist activists' intersectional location. Huijg, Dieuwertje Dyi Essay Mar 15, 2012 7775
Democratic dissolution: radical experimentation in state takeovers of local governments. Anderson, Michelle Wilde Mar 1, 2012 19879
Storm follows Mari indictments. Jan 26, 2012 602
Protecting state secrets as intellectual property: a strategy for prosecuting WikiLeaks. Freedman, James Jan 1, 2012 12891
Shooting the messenger: an analysis of theories of criminal liability used against adult-themed online service providers. Walters, Lawrence G. Jan 1, 2012 21429
Victimization on main street: occupy Wall Street and the mortgage fraud crisis. Jordan, Sandra D. Dec 1, 2011 11951
Legal aid cut will ruin lives; pounds 50m 'saving' hits most vulnerable, warns MP. Nov 1, 2011 499
Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit criticises Team Anna for targeting Congress. Oct 12, 2011 266
"Gunships and 'ding-bats': U.S. military operations during 'just cause'". Head, William P. Essay Sep 22, 2011 7585
Lawmakers condemn Delhi HC blast. Sep 7, 2011 405
Negligent and inept western politicians. Hill, David Aug 19, 2011 438
Armed March 8 men have entered Syria: opposition MP. Jul 5, 2011 340
The year in governance: and what a year it was--Dodd-Frank became the law of the land, say on pay gained traction, proxy access lurched forward, and board-shareholder engagement ramped to new levels. A month-by-month recap of the highlights and low points, the who's new and what's new, the successes and setbacks that shaped the boardroom in 2010. Kristie, James Interview Jun 22, 2011 18600
Lawyers or politicians -- who do you trust? Jun 12, 2011 1392
The conceptual structuring of the intelligence and counterintelligence processes: enduring holy grails or crumbling axioms --quo vadis? Duvenage, Beer P.C.; Hough, Mike May 1, 2011 13021
Bringing transparency and accountability to criminal justice institutions in the South. Geraghty, Sarah; Velez, Melanie Mar 22, 2011 17354
"Than that one innocent suffer": evaluating state safeguards against wrongful convictions. Norris, Robert J.; Bonventre, Catherine L.; Redlich, Allison D.; Acker, James R. Mar 22, 2011 25147
An integrated justice model of wrongful convictions. Zalman, Marvin Mar 22, 2011 26701
Public perceptions of radical Islam: democratic consolidation vs secular fundamentalism. Toprak, Metin; Uslu, Nasuh; Yilmaz, Murat Report Mar 22, 2011 11180
Policing Globopolis. Bowling, Ben; Sheptycki, James Essay Mar 22, 2011 8373
Citizens United v. FEC: the constitutional right that big corporations should have but do not want. Epstein, Richard A. Mar 22, 2011 9083
Damages under the Privacy Act: sovereign immunity and a call for legislative reform. Kardon, Alex Mar 22, 2011 25686
Engaging ancient Islamic traditions in the poetry of Saleha Ghabesh. Gohar, Saddik M. Mar 15, 2011 6739
Untangling a historian's misinterpretation of ancient Rome's treason laws. Colunga, Isaac J. Mar 1, 2011 11187
Free markets, property rights and climate change: how to privatize climate policy. Dawson, Graham Feb 1, 2011 11487
Analysis of fraud in the Medicare system and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Parhizgar, Suzan S.; Parhizgar, Kamal Dean Report Jan 1, 2011 2572
Health insurance reform rhetoric's two-valued orientation. Stephenson, D.L. Jan 1, 2011 4710
The national registration and accreditation scheme: what would inclusion mean for naturopathy and western herbal medicine? Part I: the legislation. Wardle, Jon Report Dec 22, 2010 5054
The law of air mobility - the international legal principles behind the U.S. Mobility Air Forces' mission. Petras, Christopher M. Dec 22, 2010 38649
Failing to achieve the goal: a feminist perspective on why rape law reform in Taiwan has been unsuccessful. Lin, Chih-Chieh Sep 22, 2010 20180
Do global strategies for poverty eradication in Sub-Saharan Africa work? An assessment of several international macroeconomic policies. Apodaca, Clair Essay Sep 22, 2010 9588
Rough justice: inside the British Asylum System. Burgess, Harvey Company overview Sep 22, 2010 9443
Diversity, dissonance and denial: exploring the Canengusian environmental connection. Pedersen, Ole W. Sep 1, 2010 11586
Chaucer, books, and the poetic library. Kupfer, David C. Sep 1, 2010 15676
Anadarko says will not help BP pay Deepwater oil spill bill. Jul 9, 2010 636
When less liability may mean more precaution: the case of nanotechnology. Dana, David Jun 22, 2010 18350
Breaking the gender barrier. Root, Rachel L. Report Jun 22, 2010 10491
The regional impact of political risk: the conflict in the Niger Delta and the political risk of the Gulf of Guinea. Bischoff, Emil; Lambrechts, Derica Company overview Jun 1, 2010 9490
"Just words": common law and the enforcement of state constitutional social and economic rights. Hershkoff, Helen Jun 1, 2010 33673
The "new" exclusionary rule debate: from "still preoccupied with 1985" to "virtual deterrence". Dripps, Donald A. May 1, 2010 26891
Instrumentalizing jurors: an argument against the Fourth Amendment exclusionary rule. Pettys, Todd E. May 1, 2010 17389
Respecting working mothers with infant children: the need for increased federal intervention to develop, protect, and support a breastfeeding culture in the United States. Kolinsky, Heather M. May 1, 2010 17501
Trends Shaping Tomorrow's World: economic and social trends and their impacts. Cetron, Marvin J.; Davies, Owen Excerpt May 1, 2010 12420
Govt negligence, HECs ineligibility stop projects of 9 universities. Mar 28, 2010 386
Govt negligence, HEC's ineligibility stop projects of 9 universities. Mar 28, 2010 386
Systemic accountability through tort claims against health regions. Hardcastle, Lorian Mar 22, 2010 2988
Time for more reflection, too soon for an inflection. DeLisle, James R. Mar 22, 2010 8372
Nutrient pollution from land applications of manure: discerning a remedy for pollution. Centner, Terence J. Mar 22, 2010 15684
The new rule 12(b)(6): Twombly, Iqbal, and the paradox of pleading. Kilaru, Rakesh N. Mar 1, 2010 13658
Countries/jurisdictions of primary concern. Report Mar 1, 2010 25811
Combating the funding effect in science: what's beyond transparency? Krimsky, Sheldon Jan 1, 2010 10436
The Alien Tort Statute and the limits of individual accountability in international law. Wallach, David Jan 1, 2010 28640
Fourth Amendment remedial equilibration: a comment on Herring v. United States and Pearson v. Callahan. Owens, David B. Jan 1, 2010 12991
MP Qabbani urges state of emergency over poisoned produce. Nov 9, 2009 563
Cancellation-of-indebtedness income and transactional accounting. Zelenak, Lawrence A. Sep 22, 2009 23616
Federal question jurisdiction and Justice Holmes. Woolhandler, Ann; Collins, Michael G. Jul 1, 2009 19452
The "person" at federal law: a framework and a RICO test suite. Gerardi, Michael J. Jul 1, 2009 14403
Discretionary fiscal policy and budget deficits: an 'orthodox' critique of current policy debate. Hart, Neil Report Jul 1, 2009 9124
A tale of two theories. Moore, Michael S. May 1, 2009 11180
The lack of maritime security in the Horn of Africa region: scope and effect. Potgieter, Thean Company overview May 1, 2009 12890
Kids on quads: responding to rural risks. Campbell, Maxine Report Apr 1, 2009 6375
Year in review: developments in Canadian law in 2008. Mar 22, 2009 39579
Reconstituting the neo-colonial state in Africa. Kieh, George Klay, Jr. Essay Mar 22, 2009 5938
Approve tort reform. Editorial Feb 27, 2009 496
The 'infernall kennell of Romish blood-hounds': discourses of persecution and pamphlet polemic in early modern England. Gerdelan, Louis Jan 1, 2009 8490
The uncertain status of the legal certainty test: the need for consistency among federal courts when determining the amount-in-controversy. Hurstak, Robert A. Jan 1, 2009 7455
Shooing the vultures away from the consumer bankruptcy carcass: attorney fees owed by debtors for marital dissolution are not domestic support obligations. Davis, Christopher V. Jan 1, 2009 13938
Influenza vaccination for health care workers: towards a workable and effective standard. Rodal, Rebecca; Ries, Nola M.; Wilson, Kumanan Jan 1, 2009 16754
Legal understanding and issues with electronic signatures - an empirical study of large businesses. Srivastava, Aashish Sep 22, 2008 12831
Teleradiology: images of an improved standard of medical care? Nayar, Vivek Sep 22, 2008 12484
The athlete's right to respect for his private life and his home. Soek, Janwillem Jul 1, 2008 15588
The Israeli-Hizbullah 34-day war: causes and consequences. Alagha, Joseph Event overview Mar 22, 2008 9701
Sfeir lashes out at leaders' 'negligence' in deadlock. Mar 3, 2008 562
In re Seagate: did it really fix the waiver issue? A short review and analysis of waiver resulting from the use of a counsel's opinion letter as a defense to willful infringement. Greenbaum, Dov Jan 1, 2008 20028
2006; THE YEAR IN REVIEW. Dec 31, 2006 2682
Politicians serving parties before serving people are traitors. Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2006 567
Chinese consumer law: recent developments and implications. Ip, Mary Mar 22, 2001 10406
Attempting to use legal means for protecting music in the era of digital technology evolution. Polon, Martin; Fredrickson, Scott Jan 1, 2000 5734

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