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Ghana aiming at introducing electric buses - Transport Minister-designate. Feb 25, 2021 773
Scotland's climate plan 'may not be enough for adequate emissions cuts'; There is a real risk that Scotland's climate plan will not deliver the reduction in emissions needed, environmental campaigners have warned. Katrine Bussey Feb 7, 2021 1002
Duterte demands 'climate justice'. Nov 12, 2020 601
A Perfect Storm: Environmental Justice and Air Quality Impacts of Offshore Oil and Gas Development in the Arctic Outer Continental Shelf. Race, Kayla Apr 3, 2020 27703
Unsure if moving away from a petrol or diesel for an electric model is right for you? AMARDEEP BASSEY Mar 29, 2020 734
ExxonMobil proposes framework for methane regulations. Mar 4, 2020 382
The Carbon Capture 'Con': Capturing carbon from power stations and other high-carbon processes is often described as a vital part of the overall strategy to control C[O.sub.2] emissions--but does it really work? Mar 1, 2020 851
Parliament supports European Green Deal and pushes for even higher ambitions. Jan 15, 2020 352
Top Tory says we should all carry on taking short flights despite climate crisis; Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Brits shouldn't cut down on short-haul, domestic flights within the UK despite his party's pledge to cut net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. By, Dan Bloom Jan 15, 2020 390
Resolution of MP on reduction of air pollution submitted for Parliament discussion. Dec 26, 2019 224
MPs ready nearly fight over Bishkek smog issue. Dec 26, 2019 257
Number of lawmakers believe some measures in resolution on reduction of smog are inexecutable. Dec 26, 2019 268
Measures proposed by Parliament for government to reduce air pollution in Bishkek. Dec 26, 2019 389
Lawmaker offers bill on reduction of smog in Bishkek. Dec 23, 2019 195
PM Khan Announces Government's Plan To Curb Air Pollution. Dec 1, 2019 558
EPP congress adopts climate policies. Xinhua Nov 22, 2019 236
Want PM to come up with new law to clean air: Cong MP Gogoi on Air Pollution. ANI Nov 18, 2019 277
Need to increase subsidy, machinery to avoid stubble burning: Amin. Nov 14, 2019 442
Need to increase subsidy, machinery to avoid stubble burning: Amin. Nov 14, 2019 442
Tech and innovation keep industries competitive. Oct 30, 2019 843
Ceres' Anne Kelly Testifies on Capitol Hill for a Science-Based Climate Policy Agenda. Oct 18, 2019 697
President Trump's Feud With California. Gopal, Deepa; S., Sukanya Oct 10, 2019 572
AFS Applauds House Passage of Diesel Emissions Reduction Act Reauthorization. Oct 1, 2019 182
SHOCK AND THAW. Galperin, Josh Sep 22, 2019 522
NY Billionaires Battle over Coal. Sep 22, 2019 360
Committee publish new report on Planetary Health. Sep 17, 2019 1228
Parliamentarians, MoCC join hands to regulate vehicular emissions. Aug 30, 2019 698
Regulating vehicular emissions on the cards. Aug 30, 2019 630
Senate body asks ministry to help draft law on vehicular emissions. Aug 30, 2019 371
Parliamentarians, MoCC join hands to regulate vehicular emissions. Aug 30, 2019 621
MP backs climate campaigners. Aug 28, 2019 201
With time to sign bills running low, governor puts pen to work Governor: Greenhouse gas bill doesn't set new standards. Aug 21, 2019 935
Audit sought on greenhouse gas emission level. Aug 4, 2019 546
Suburban Republican files bill to ban ethylene oxide emissions. Jul 31, 2019 353
Climate call by MP. Jul 10, 2019 148
THE NCSL STORY: NCSL has become the highly respected organization it is today under William T. Pound's leadership. Lays, Julie Jul 1, 2019 1772
9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air - WHO. Jun 5, 2019 421
Tighter controls on toxic chemical emissions clear Illinois House. May 29, 2019 627
In wake of Sterigenics emissions, tighter controls clear House. May 25, 2019 493
MP supporting call for pollution action. May 24, 2019 156
Most EU Governments Failed to File Air Pollution Plans by April Deadline. Apr 30, 2019 373
There are no powers under law for mayors to block air quality measures; COUNCILLOR REVEALS MAYORAL CANDIDATES ARE WASTING TIME WITH CAMPAIGN PLEDGES. Apr 6, 2019 585
EP Criticizes Bulgaria for Inaction Against Polluting Cars. Apr 4, 2019 405
Used car importers stage protest outside House. Mar 1, 2019 367
Coalition to lobby for transportation funding, emissions legislation. Spicer, Velvet Feb 11, 2019 409
'Walk for Clean Air' staged at Quezon Memorial Circle. Jan 29, 2019 792
clear skies ahead: Massachusetts's Supreme Judicial Court has reaffirmed that cutting climate-damaging emissions is the law of the land. Jan 1, 2019 411
Carbon emissions targets set. Dec 5, 2018 309
'Zero-carbon bid making no progress'. Oct 25, 2018 485
DEFINING THE LEGAL AND POLICY FRAMEWORK TO STOP THE DUMPING OF ENVIRONMENTALLY HARMFUL PRODUCTS. Andersen, Stephen O.; Ferris, Richard; Picolotti, Romina; Zaelke, Durwood; Carvalho, Suely; Gonzalez Sep 22, 2018 17534
Proposed Easing of Obama Fuel-economy Mandates Drives Left Mad. Hoar, William P. Correction notice Sep 17, 2018 2132
Strategy on way to tackle air pollution in Bahrain. Jun 18, 2018 702
Owners protest restrictions on two-stroke vehicles. Jun 17, 2018 340
Drawing Lines in the Sand: Parliament's Jurisdiction to Consider Upstream and Downstream Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions in Interprovincial Pipeline Project Reviews. Chalifour, Nathalie J. Jun 1, 2018 20320
Pakistan willing to reduce 20% Green House Gas emissions. May 30, 2018 684
Cyprus looking at scenarios for reducing emissions by 2020. May 29, 2018 342
Wales 'will fail to meet its target for emissions'. May 25, 2018 494
Plans to ban dirty fuels and tackle toxic emissions unveiled as part of government crackdown on air pollution; The Environment Secretary's new Clean Air Strategy will hand councils the legal power to create "Clean Air Zones" to lower emissions. May 22, 2018 460
Americans Want Government to Do More on Environment. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 29, 2018 1249
Mongolian Parliament speaker meets with Ankara mayor. Mar 13, 2018 248
Investigation into the Potentials of a Dedicated Multi-Point Injection System for a Production NG Single-Point Heavy-Duty Engine. Baratta, Mirko; Kheshtinejad, Hamed; Laurenzano, Danilo; Maino, Claudio; Misul, Daniela Anna Technical report Feb 1, 2018 8230
MP doubts tech inspection will help control car emissions. Jan 22, 2018 204
President Obama's War on Coal? Some Historical Perspective. Herrick, Charles N. Jan 1, 2018 950
Fitch: CPP Withdrawal Could Slow Declines in Coal Generation. Dec 15, 2017 386
Urgency marks latest UN climate conference. Roewe, Brian Conference news Dec 1, 2017 854
Gina Lopez, green groups back coal tax hike to curb emissions. Dec 1, 2017 628
Why the Law of Climate Change Matters: From Paris to a Local Government Near You. Deady, Erin L. Nov 1, 2017 4414
WHAT PEOPLE WITH ASTHMA NEED TO KNOW; Class action planned against UK Government. Jun 16, 2017 140
WHAT PEOPLE WITH ASTHMA NEED TO KNOW... Class action planned against UK Government. Jun 16, 2017 137
Investigation of Early and Late Intake Valve Closure Strategies for Load Control in a Spark Ignition Ethanol Engine. Lanzanova, Thompson; Nora, Macklini Dalla; Zhao, Hua Jun 1, 2017 8317
Exit strategy: Geographical's regular look at the world of climate change. This month, Marco Magrini looks at the UK's climate commitments. Magrini, Marco May 1, 2017 384
APHA to Congress: keep our air clean. Wahowiak, Lindsey May 1, 2017 259
New and notable titles: a selection of recent publications relating to parliamentary studies prepared with the assistance of the library of parliament (November 2016-February 2017). Mar 22, 2017 1648
As climate agreement enters into force, focus turns to making it work. Roewe, Brian Oct 21, 2016 1516
'Paris climate pact good for PH'. Oct 17, 2016 818
Pipeline safety bill becomes law; new proposed regs become more significant. Barias, Stephen Aug 1, 2016 1107
Use of the agricultural practice of pasture termination in reducing soil [N.sub.2]O emissions in high-rainfall cropping systems of south-eastern Australia. Belyaeva, Oxana N.; Officer, Sally J.; Armstrong, Roger D.; Harris, Rob H.; Wallace, Ashley; Parting Report Aug 1, 2016 10389
Our Obama moment: The Trudeau and Notley governments have changed the politics and possibility of Canada's climate and energy challenge. Berman, Tzeporah Jun 22, 2016 864
MPs in call for carbon emissions to be slashed. Apr 27, 2016 510
Catholic coalition backs EPA plan: thirty organizations, including three dioceses, file joint amicus brief with appeals court to support clean power. Roewe, Brian Apr 22, 2016 1174
Maryland takes lead in climate action. Venner, Marie Apr 22, 2016 910
US Can Meet Paris Climate Deal Goals Despite Court Ruling: White House. Brief article Feb 11, 2016 239
Setting the scene for 2016: from opioid addiction to fantasy sports, state lawmakers will have plenty on their plates this year - no matter who occupies the White House. Lays, Julie Jan 1, 2016 2178
Can Paris Reconcile Political And Economic Interests To Combat Climate Change? Dec 10, 2015 1394
COP21: A Potluck Dinner In Paris. Brief article Dec 4, 2015 238
Parties, politics, and regulation: evidence from clean air act enforcement. Innes, Robert; Mitra, Arnab Jan 1, 2015 11761
Origins of the Clean Air Act: a new interpretation. Ahlers, Christopher D. Jan 1, 2015 23408
Analysis: With two years left, Obama prepares to go it alone. Nov 26, 2014 840
Unclean air; bad politics. Nov 11, 2014 613
Mixed views on carbon curbs: an Environmental Protection Agency official ran into criticism in front of a House committee hearing over the agency's proposed rules to curb carbon dioxide emissions. Aug 1, 2014 305
Rise To The Rising Sea Levels. Jun 26, 2014 833
Putting a price on carbon: the metaphor. Driesen, David M. Jun 22, 2014 14704
Energy bill defused by dispute; Pipeline, emissions limits fueling latest political stalemate. May 13, 2014 749
European parliament spares foreign flights emission caps through 2016. Apr 3, 2014 507
Going underground. Rowe, Mark Jan 1, 2014 3975
Facts become Casualties in anti-energy war. Hoar, William P. Nov 18, 2013 2126
Teamsters throw support behind 'Safe Skies Act Of 2013' in US. Brief article Nov 14, 2013 151
MPs unite against plan to dilute climate targets; SCIENTISTS WARN NOT ENOUGH IS BEING DONE TO CUT EMISSIONS. Oct 8, 2013 642
State environmental policy innovations: North Carolina's Clean Smokestacks Act. Andrews, Richard N.L. Sep 22, 2013 8792
Scattered and dissonant: the Clean Air Act, greenhouse gases, and implications for the oil and gas industry. Ritchie, Alex Jun 22, 2013 7410
Climate change: the moral choices: the effects of global warming will persist for hundreds of years. What are our responsibilities and duties today to help safeguard the distant future? That is the question ethicists are now asking. Rotman, David May 1, 2013 2689
An EPA war on coal? New federal efforts to cut emissions are the result of longstanding legal and judicial mandates, not a sudden Obama administration push. Gordon, Richard L. Mar 22, 2013 3033
Carbon cleanup: acting to solve our climate problem will take big investment and a strategic approach. Long, Jane Mar 1, 2013 441
Changes in tariff bill could impact nonwovens industry: EPA finalizes emissions rules for boilers, incinerators and cement kilns. Franken, Jessica Feb 1, 2013 1385
Dear Mr. President: in a letter to President Obama, the editors of MIT Technology Review argue that addressing climate change must take top priority in the next four years. Jan 1, 2013 1286
Households to pay for bid to cut emissions. Nov 24, 2012 657
Climate change, presidential power, and leadership: "we can't wait". Wold, Chris Sep 22, 2012 3917
Climate change, presidential power, and leadership: "we can't wait". Wold, Chris Sep 22, 2012 20485
Science past: from the issue of July 28, 1962. Brief article Jul 28, 2012 126
Carbon green light for EPA. Editorial Jun 28, 2012 668
GOP's environmental siege. Jun 24, 2012 477
Of fables and federalism: a re-examination of the historical rationale for federal environmental regulation. Andresen, William L. Jun 22, 2012 8329
Of fables and federalism: a re-examination of the historical rationale for federal environmental regulation. Andresen, William L. Jun 22, 2012 21620
Playing without aces: offsets and the limits of flexibility under Clean Air Act climate policy. Richardson, Nathan Jun 22, 2012 24076
Using section 111 of the Clean Air Act for cap-and-trade of greenhouse gas emissions: obstacles and solutions. Enion, M. Rhead May 19, 2012 20278
The sweet taste of defeat: American Electric Power Co. v. Connecticut and federal greenhouse gas regulation. Trisolini, Katherine A. May 19, 2012 8081
Resistant to change: ocean acidification is a product of our emissions, but there's little will to change our ways. Belli, Brita Interview May 1, 2012 963
Pollution in Islamabad PEPA gets results. Jan 15, 2012 324
House panel plans to review, amend Clean Air Act. Jan 2, 2012 211
Canadian federalism in the context of combating climate change. Belanger, Alexis Dec 22, 2011 6829
Let's declare war on carbon. Robinson, David Dec 1, 2011 722
'We have a responsibility to do something about climate change.' Greg Combet, a former Secretary of the ACTU and now Minister for Climate Change talks about the federal government's plan to reduce carbon pollution. Interview Nov 1, 2011 1380
Three structural changes for a new system of international climate change mitigation agreements based on the WTO model. Spence, Samara Nov 1, 2011 16965
Setting the foundation: climate change adaptation at the local level. Gremillion, Thomas M. Sep 22, 2011 17407
Climate change: from Copenhagen to Cancun: Badar Iqbal reviews the outcome of the latest climate change summit and calls for a rethink at the forthcoming meeting in Durban. Iqbal, Badar May 1, 2011 3266
A call to arms. Hill, Wade G. May 1, 2011 324
House passes EPA greenhouse gas preemption bill, amendments fail in Senate. Berndt, Carolyn Apr 18, 2011 379
GOP introduces bill preventing EPA from regulating emissions. Apr 1, 2011 243
EPA delays emissions reporting; congress may prohibit EPA imposition of GHG controls. Apr 1, 2011 395
House votes on bill to block EPA climate rules: Senate also debates amendments to slow EPA'S rulemaking authority. Salmon, Stephanie; Strategies, Artemis; Hannapel, Jeff; Richter, Christian Apr 1, 2011 317
Australia's Carbon Farming Initiative: a world first. Sabto, Michele; Porteous, James Apr 1, 2011 1947
Heat expands all things: the proliferation of greenhouse gas regulation under the Obama administration. Adler, Jonathan H. Mar 22, 2011 12860
Protect EPA's authority. Editorial Feb 9, 2011 549
Senate proposals would restrict EPA's regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. Feb 7, 2011 519
Will Congress go to war against EPA regulations? Jan 24, 2011 300
Worth noting. Gajewski, Karen Ann Jan 1, 2011 678
MPs call for new emission standards. Dec 2, 2010 296
A climate tale of no tactics: as Europe prepares for a low-carbon future, Canada is still pretending. Beyer, Jeff Nov 1, 2010 625
The need for climate engineering research. Caldeira, Ken; Keith, David W. Sep 22, 2010 4453
Staving off the climate crisis: the sectoral approach under the Clean Air Act. Clemmer, Teresa B. Sep 22, 2010 16843
Federal control of greenhouse gas emissions. Reitze, Arnold W., Jr. Sep 22, 2010 35376
International free trade, the WTO, and the third world/global south. Litonjua, M.D. Essay Sep 22, 2010 10972
Senate rejects amendment to prevent EPA from regulating GHG emissions. Berman, Jeff Jul 1, 2010 588
Senate rejects Murkowski resolution. Jul 1, 2010 166
AFS opposes EPA regulation of greenhouse gases, says congress must do it. Jun 1, 2010 192
The potential and risks of geoengineering: one futurist proposes some radical ideas to stave off the worst effects of climate change. Cascio, Jamais May 1, 2010 950
A civil action. Mar 22, 2010 378
The Clean Air Senate showdown. Schneider, Erin Brief article Mar 10, 2010 245
Two House Committee Chairmen seek to block EPA greenhouse gas regulations. Mar 8, 2010 338
All hands on deck: local governments and the potential for bidirectional climate change regulation. Trisolini, Katherine A. Mar 1, 2010 36921
Demand drivers and price supports for bioethanol use as fuel in the United States: a brief review. Lu, Ning; Rice, Robert W. Feb 1, 2010 5478
Democrats to oppose efforts to strip EPA of authority over greenhouse gases. Jan 18, 2010 219
2009: the year in review: 2009 will be remembered as the year Australians stood up and demanded action on climate change. But it was also a year that Australia was rocked by the shocking Victorian bushfires; the Murray River was thrown a lifeline; Al Gore stopped by; and a strange-looking turtle got a break ... Vaisutis, Justine Jan 1, 2010 642
Politics-as-usual while the planet burns: the problem with climate legislation. Tokar, Brian Essay Jan 1, 2010 2735
Fire and ice: world renewable energy and carbon control mechanisms confront constitutional barriers. Ferrey, Steven; Laurent, Chad; Ferrey, Cameron Jan 1, 2010 29790
Climate exceptionalism. Nagle, John Copeland Jan 1, 2010 19849
California's climate change program: lessons for the nation. Nichols, Mary D. Dec 22, 2009 10197
Challenges and opportunities for regulating greenhouse gas emissions at the state, regional and local level. Doyle, Jim Dec 22, 2009 6267
The changing climate of cooperative federalism: the dynamic role of the states in a national strategy to combat climate change. Snyder, Jared; Binder, Jonathan Dec 22, 2009 11521
The role of Illinois and the Midwest in responding to the challenges of climate change. Scott, Douglas Dec 22, 2009 2712
Climate change action in Arizona. Owens, Steve Dec 22, 2009 6600
The essential role of state enforcement in the brave new world of greenhouse gas emission limits. Bogoshian, Matt; Alex, Ken Dec 22, 2009 5564
Constitutional implications of regional C(O.sub.2) cap-and-trade programs: the northeast regional greenhouse gas initiative as a case in point. Funk, William Dec 22, 2009 6575
SB 375: promise, compromise and the new urban landscape. Darakjian, John Dec 22, 2009 16245
Climate might be right for a deal: Copenhagen negotiations will take steps toward a climate-stabilizing treaty. Raloff, Janet Dec 5, 2009 2866
Is government action worse than global warming? Why policy nihilism may be the only rational response to climate change. Bailey, Ronald Dec 1, 2009 1117
MP backs cut in emissions. Nov 10, 2009 236
Indigenous perspective on [CO.sub.2]lonialism. Goldtooth, Tom B.K. Nov 1, 2009 1703
Too hot to handle: best-case scenario for a Copenhagen deal? Twice the warming the planet can take. McKibben, Bill Nov 1, 2009 2557
Agents of climate change: global warming has been good to K Street. Very good. Morris, Rachel Nov 1, 2009 597
Betting the farm: think the ag lobby--with so much to lose from global warming--might want to help pass a climate bill? Don't be silly. Drum, Kevin Nov 1, 2009 1540
City revs up plan to cut emissions. Sep 17, 2009 538
White House to regulate GHG if Congress fails to act. Sep 7, 2009 275
Not it. Brief article Jun 22, 2009 266
Pursuing environmental justice: obstacles and opportunities - lessons from the field. Kang, Helen H. Jun 22, 2009 14394
EPA takes big step to reduce C[O.sub.2] "pollution". Brief article May 1, 2009 211
Sabotaging free trade via C[O.sub.2] mitigation laws. Brief article May 1, 2009 278
Obama's climate lever. Editorial Mar 30, 2009 524
Ethanol and the petroleum supply chain of the future: five strategic priorities of integration. Russell, Dawn M.; Ruamsook, Kusumal; Thomchick, Evelyn A. Jan 1, 2009 10923
MPs back Bill to cut emissions. Oct 28, 2008 170
ETS may see demise of native forests. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 284
MPs want deadline to cut coal-fired power emissions; POLITICS. Jul 23, 2008 296
MPs urge deadlines for power stations; Technology to cut emissions 'must be used'. Jul 22, 2008 485
Carbon colonialism: real conservation is sidelined by carbon trading's bad math. Reddy, Trusha Jul 1, 2008 792
MPs join pop star to push for emissions law; POLITICS. May 28, 2008 192
Turning the corner: Government of Canada's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. May 1, 2008 582
The contribution of gas flaring in nigeria to global warming. Ikari, Ben Wuloo Mar 22, 2008 1780
Environmental stalemate? John, DeWitt Mar 22, 2008 1601
Global warming: man-made or natural? Singer, S. Fred Critical essay Mar 1, 2008 2759
Reports clarify energy issues. Colker, Ryan M. Report Jan 1, 2008 711
Greenhouse emissions targets: policy responses and their impact on low income households. Dufty, Gavin Dec 22, 2007 773
Bush to California: drop dead. Motavalli, Jim Brief article Dec 21, 2007 282
State standards trump federal efforts. Scheer, Roddy Brief article Dec 10, 2007 275
MEPS approve deal over particulate matter law: the European Parliament has approved a compromise with European Union (EU) ministers over limiting particulate matter (PM) in ambient air within Europe, a move that could pressure EU governments into limiting diesel use or introducing tougher standards on engine design. Nuthall, Keith Dec 1, 2007 278
Climate change: issues underlying negotiations at the Bali conference of parties. Fletcher, Susan R.; Parker, Larry; Leggett, Jane A. Nov 1, 2007 5222
Florida adopts caps on greenhouse gases. Arias, Donya C. Report Sep 1, 2007 167
European Parliament environment committee supports mandatory auto CO2 limits: the European Parliament environment committee has backed the European Commission in pressing for mandatory CO2 emission limits for cars and vans used in the European Union (EU). Nuthall, Keith Sep 1, 2007 255
Happiness is a carbon tax. Ross, Nicola Jul 1, 2007 500
Cars, cows and carbon: grade 10 students weigh in on technology fixes for the planet. Jul 1, 2007 1178
Time for compassion and democracy at the international level. Weir, Kay Editorial Jun 22, 2007 748
EPaTO TACKLE ITS OWN CARBON EMISSIONS. Brief article May 24, 2007 134
Western states agree on greenhouse gases. Arias, Donya C. Brief article May 1, 2007 186
An estimate of greenhouse gas emission in republic of Croatia until the year 2012. Grzin, Erika; Tadic, Davorin; Pupavac, Drago Report Jan 1, 2007 1480
Victory! CLF and state agree to transit settlement. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 163
European Parliament votes for tighter emission limits. Brief article Dec 14, 2006 108
European Parliament approves Euro 5 fuel engine emissions standards. Nuthall, Keith Dec 1, 2006 412
Members of Congress Press EPA on auto emissions. Sep 28, 2006 106
Kyoto and the Conservatives: although the current government's approach to the Kyoto protocol has yet to be clearly laid out, count on offsets to be part of the climate change plan. Banigan, John M. May 1, 2006 1565
From the ACF/Rehame newsroom. Apr 1, 2005 420
Clearing the air. Dietz, Francis Column Mar 1, 2005 845
Under the leadership of Governor Pataki, New York State has become a national leader in improving air quality and reducing pollution that negatively impacts our environment and public health. Crotty, Erin M. Brief Article Dec 1, 2004 185
Free transit on smog days. Brief Article Jun 22, 2003 303
Grandfather's Last Days? Groberg, David Feb 1, 2000 1367
Managing Uncertainty through Bureaucratic Design: Administrative Procedures and State Air Pollution Control Agencies. Potoski, Matthew Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 1999 6976
A bad air day: will industry lobbyists foul up the E.P.A.'s newly proposed regulations? Corn, David Cover Story Mar 24, 1997 2540
Schwartz urges prudence in Clean Air changes: 'the American people need far better assurances.'(National League of Cities (NLC) Pres. Mark Schwartz)(Cover Story) Kocheisen, Carol Cover Story Mar 10, 1997 461
A good, clean fight. Pope, Carl Column Mar 1, 1997 774
Now you see it, now you don't. Wunnicke, Pat Oct 1, 1993 2668
Ambushed from within: the White House tries to smother the Clean Air Act. McManus, Reed Sep 1, 1992 863

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