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APC, PDP Are Gangs Of Criminals Looking At How To Share Money, Says Pat Utomi. Oct 18, 2021 460
Senate President's aide inducted Fellow, Institute of Management Consultants. May 27, 2021 285
Booz Allen Hamilton announces senior leadership promotions. May 5, 2021 164
Ministry Of Petroleum Paid N718m To 11 Contractors Without Documents a Senate. Dec 20, 2020 561
Hontiveros presses Senate probe of Dito's China links. Dec 4, 2020 575
Canada: ALTEC Leads Pathway To Easy Migration For Africans. Nov 30, 2020 395
Lebanese Parliament recommends forensic audit of all state institutions. NAJIA HOUSSARI Nov 27, 2020 755
Reps query Sirika over N3bn budget for national carrier, N500m consultancy. Nov 13, 2020 238
Reps Query FG's Expenditure Of N3bn, N500m On National Carrier, Consultancy. Nov 12, 2020 860
NRM polls: Why minister Werikhe lost in Bugisu. Sep 8, 2020 829
Willis Towers Watson's Climate & Resilience Hub Taps Scott from BofE as Senior Director. Apr 15, 2020 467
Berri reiterates opposition to leaked rescue plan. Apr 14, 2020 286
GOP Consultants Form Super PAC To Take On Trump. Zaid Jilani Dec 18, 2019 376
US Senate Hearing Plays Down IMO 2020 Impact. FreightWaves Dec 11, 2019 1961
UPDATE-TRINIDAD-POLITICS-Opposition denies any involvement with British based political consulting firm. Nov 13, 2019 725
TRINIDAD-POLITICS-Government wants criminal investigations into activities of British political consulting firm. Nov 13, 2019 877
GRENADA-POLITICS- New opposition leader attributes 2018 defeat to British political consultancy firm. Nov 4, 2019 500
Gujarat-based firm awarded consultancy work for revamping parliament, central vista. ANI Oct 25, 2019 690
Twitter Blamed for Saudi Spy Hack of Activist Tied to Khashoggi. Oct 21, 2019 557
Ethiopian PM, Tinubu, Win African Democracy Awards. Sep 17, 2019 735
Sanjrani approaches legal consultants over no-trust motion. Jul 11, 2019 198
Sums will never add up for Wales' big projects; Cathy Owens, of public affairs consultancy Deryn, on why the political arithmetic in the Senedd meant the M4 Relief Road project was always destined for rejection. Jun 7, 2019 978
Senate body concerned over increasing project costs. May 28, 2019 570
Mark A. Gustafson, Vice President at Analysis Group, Inc. to Speak at The Knowledge Group's Live Webcast. May 9, 2019 575
FACEBOOK'S BAD MEMORIES; Luke Grahamlooksback at "The Cambridge Analytica scandal and asks what's changed in the last year? Luke Graham Mar 21, 2019 1214
Sindh's first-ever agriculture policy needs well-defined procedure, says FAO consultant. Dec 5, 2018 622
Kyrgyz MPs suggest reduction of consultancy fees in prospective agreements with donors. Nov 21, 2018 189
Rumbles, disquiet in nation's IMC space, as political campaign begins. Nov 19, 2018 1036
D. I. Khan-Zhob motorway project still in consultancy process: Senate body told. Sep 18, 2018 502
Parliament Lodges' renovation consultancy given to NESPAK. Sep 6, 2018 309
Devolution could open door to new house building; JAMES HALL, partner at planning and design consultancy Barton Willmore, asks what North of Tyne devolution will mean for housing. Aug 22, 2018 700
Emily Cotton, Vice President with Analysis Group, to Speak at the Knowledge Group's Antitrust Class Actions: 2018 Landscape Explored Live Webcast. Aug 22, 2018 516
Ajman reduces fees for suppliers, contractors and consultants. Jul 9, 2018 229
To Serve A Free Society, Social Media Must Evolve Beyond Data Mining. Jun 16, 2018 1422
Hospitals struggling to find enough consultants. Jun 7, 2018 351
More than half of consultant roles in region unfilled; MP CALLS FOR ACTION OVER STAFFING SHORTAGE. Jun 4, 2018 457
Hospitals are advertising for medical staff but can't find anyone to do the job; Edgbaston MP Preet Kaur Gill writes to the Health Secretary warning hospitals need help. May 29, 2018 493
Facebook's Zuckerberg to face EU parliament over data use. Adelle Geronimo May 17, 2018 361
Texas candidate for Blake Farenthold's seat fires firm over allegations consultant "sexually enslaved" fiancee. Apr 17, 2018 701
Report: Wall Street to be big benefactor from GOP tax law. Report Apr 12, 2018 414
Facebook's Zuckerberg to testify in US congress over data scandal. Adelle Geronimo Apr 5, 2018 608
Facebook's CEO to testify before U.S. Congress: source. Mar 28, 2018 748
Facebook under pressure as U.S., EU urge probes of data practices. Reuters News Service Mar 20, 2018 975
Rule of law essential to attract foreign investment, says top US management consultant. Feb 21, 2018 508
Na L. Dawson, Ph.D., Vice President, Analysis Group, Inc. to Speak at Proving Damages in Lost Profit Litigation: Surviving the Intricacies Live Webcast. Feb 14, 2018 571
Auto industry strategy to be issued early 2018. Dec 4, 2017 1143
Dr. Melissa Pittaoulis, Associate Director, NERA Economic Consulting to Speak at The Knowledge Group's Live Webcast. Oct 27, 2017 597
Jonathan Borck, Vice President, Analysis Group, Inc. to Speak at The Knowledge Group's Live Webcast. Oct 26, 2017 579
Increase in Welsh exports welcomed; All the latest business matters from the Assembly from public affairs consultancy Deryn. Oct 14, 2017 346
Pro-Duterte blogger quits DFA contract. Oct 11, 2017 426
Why reforms could fall short; James Hall, partner at planning and design consultancy Barton Willmore, explains why proposed Government reforms to boost housing supply across the UK could actually do the opposite for housing in the North East. Jul 27, 2017 900
FBI Raids GOP Fund-Raising Firm Strategic Campaign Group. May 12, 2017 597
150 medical practitioners attend Al Ahli Ophthalmology Congress. Conference notes Apr 29, 2017 523
Aguirre to NDF consultants: Show good faith, turn yourselves in. Feb 6, 2017 295
A Checklist for DC Plan Sponsors in 2017: Mercer. Dec 30, 2016 925
Parties unite in symbolic vote to end bridge tolls; Public affairs consultancy Deryn looks back on a week that saw debates on Severn Bridge tolls and an announcement on new jobs. Nov 19, 2016 697
Assembly keeps focus on Brexit; At the end of a tumultuous week, public affairs consultancy Deryn gives its regular roundup of events in Cardiff Bay. Nov 5, 2016 614
Feds Stall Another Clinton-Related Request Until After The Election. Sep 15, 2016 1277
We could be set for new devolution stage impasse; Public affairs consultancy Deryn on the Wales bill and what it could mean to us when it becomes law. Jul 11, 2016 634
Government must focus on getting the best deal; Public affairs consultancy Deryn on the EU referendum. Jul 2, 2016 1014
First Minister joins with PM to argue case for EU; Public affairs consultancy Deryn on latest business matters from Cardiff Bay and Westminster. Jun 18, 2016 792
Parliament objects to raising Industry Ministry's consultancy, research allocation to EGP 266m in next fiscal year. Jun 5, 2016 318
Anguished Republicans wrestle with whether to support Trump. May 5, 2016 580
Kitzhaber, Trump and transactional politics. Mar 25, 2016 709
'I'm passionate about politics as a force for good'. Mar 15, 2016 1291
Parties' pact gets budget passed with extra funds; A budget deal and news about the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon and Cardiff Airport dominated the week's business in Cardiff Bay, reports public affairs consultancy Deryn. Feb 13, 2016 741
Mixed messages over EU from Labour chiefs; The timing of the forthcoming referendum on Europe and and open letter from businesses about the M4 were the hottest topics in Cardiff Bay this week, reports public affairs consultancy Deryn. Feb 6, 2016 576
How to Kill DOL's Fiduciary Rule: Andy Friedman. Conference notes Feb 2, 2016 844
Jobs for a select few MPs; Committee chiefs on gravy train; EXCLUSIVE. Jan 13, 2016 374
Politics intrudes on M4 relief road decisions; Public affairs consultancy Deryn on business matters from Cardiff Bay and Westminster this week. Oct 17, 2015 696
PHYSICIAN CEO Announces Affiliation with the American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery (AECOS). Oct 1, 2015 712
Trillanes: COA has cleared my consultancy services expenses. Aug 24, 2015 249
Senators' consultants paid as high as P94,000 a month. Aug 22, 2015 601
NDFP: Free prisoners before talks. Jul 13, 2015 894
'[pounds sterling]7 billion' bill to fix parliament facing taxpayers; Study by independent consultants has highlighted the appalling state of Palace of Westminster. Jun 18, 2015 186
Summary of devolved taxes as cuts are to feature in budgets; Public affairs consultancy Deryn on business matters from Westminster and Cardiff Bay over the past week and what is in store for the week ahead. Calendar May 26, 2015 613
Senate to check report on overspending for consultants. May 11, 2015 366
Jordan Milev, Vice President, NERA Economic Consulting to Speak at KC's Event. May 7, 2015 540
From radical thinking to status quo, manifestos have the lot; It's less than a fortnight until polling and all of the UK's major political parties have been selling their wares to the electorate. But education has, for the most part, taken a back seat. Here Terry Mackie, director of educational consultancy Empathi Cymru, cuts through the spin and assesses each policy on its merits. Apr 25, 2015 646
Leviathan's reach? The impact of political consultants on the outcomes of the 2012 republican presidential primaries and caucuses. Cain, Sean A. Report Mar 1, 2015 11765
US secretly created Cuban Twitter; Goal of project: to create unrest. Butler, Jack Gillum Desmond; Arce, Alberto Apr 4, 2014 2312
ONE IN FIVE HOSPITALS SHORT OF A&E DOCS; MPs' shock report raps Hunt. Mar 4, 2014 362
Explaining the use of planning consultants in Ontario cities. Momani, Bessma; Khirfan, Luna Sep 1, 2013 9853
South Dakota Senate tables LTC study bill. Mar 5, 2013 204
MPs vote out Gulf Air board. Dec 5, 2012 686
Bahrain MPs vote against new Gulf Air board. Dec 5, 2012 713
MPs set to vote on Gulf Air consultants. Dec 3, 2012 429
The availability of common law privileges for witnesses in congressional investigations. Bopp, Michael D.; Lay, DeLisa Jun 22, 2012 12894
Consultancy, neo-liberal conservatism and the politics of anti-politics. Lattas, Andrew Mar 1, 2012 3446
MOD pounds 7.2M TO FATCATS; Tory donors profit as soldiers get sack. Mar 1, 2012 341
Win-win human resource strategies for working-hours reduction. Tseng, Fang-Tai Jan 1, 2012 6688
Accenture announces IT application services agreement with European Parliament. Sep 5, 2011 115
Harmonization in CSR reporting MNEs and global CSR standards. Fortanier, Fabienne; Kolk, Ans; Pinkse, Jonatan Sep 1, 2011 15525
The year in governance: and what a year it was--Dodd-Frank became the law of the land, say on pay gained traction, proxy access lurched forward, and board-shareholder engagement ramped to new levels. A month-by-month recap of the highlights and low points, the who's new and what's new, the successes and setbacks that shaped the boardroom in 2010. Kristie, James Interview Jun 22, 2011 18600
Let there be blight: blight condemnations in New York after Goldstein and Kaur. Somin, Ilya May 1, 2011 11920
Caring for America's colleges and universities: stewardship lessons from the Getty Foundation Campus Heritage Initiative: chief among the lessons learned--consideration of the effects of campus development on campus heritage need to be integrated within the planning process. Melnick, Robert Z. Report Apr 1, 2011 4225
Assessment, accountability, and honors education. Snyder, Christopher A.; Carnicom, Scott Report Mar 22, 2011 6647
USAID provides training for consultants and assistants to Kyrgyz MPs. Feb 4, 2011 122
Mica opens consulting firm. Marx, Claude R. Feb 2, 2011 304
Bernard Tubiana, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP to Speak at KC's Healthcare Reform and Its Impact on Insurance Carriers Live Webcast. Jan 11, 2011 405
We need an emphasis on encouraging development; Adrian Aston, director at property and construction consultancy Wakemans, suggests that the Government needs to address many of the uncertainties that have been created by proposed reforms to the planning system and regeneration mechanisms. Nov 11, 2010 696
The year in governance: and what a year it was--full of crises and challenges. Our biggest ever month-by-month recap of the highlights and low points, the who's new and what's new, the successes and setbacks that shaped board oversight in 2009. Kristie, James Interview Jun 22, 2010 23025
Extraterritoriality by other means: how labor law sneaks across borders, conquers minds, and controls workplaces abroad. Arthurs, Harry Jun 22, 2010 13275
Flexibility is the key to making a coalition successful; A hung parliament should not terrify us but will require a transformation of the way politicians work together, writes, William Buist, managing director of management consultancy Abelard. Apr 23, 2010 897
Abandoned plan for city may prove an opportunity; Gareth Hooper of planning consultants DPP examines what happens now after Cardiff Council abandoned its draft local development plan following concerns from the Welsh Assembly Government. Apr 7, 2010 807
Vulnerability and social protection in small island states: the case of Grenada/Vulnerabilidad y proteccion social en los pequenos estados insulares: el caso de Granada/Vulnerabilite et protection sociale dans les petits etats insulaires : le cas de la Grenade. Barrientos, Armando Mar 1, 2010 9481
Countries/jurisdictions of primary concern. Report Mar 1, 2010 25811
Role of innovation in growth of countries. Tejinder, Sara Company overview Jan 1, 2010 2051
The value of implementing enterprise architecture in organizations. Lin, Frank; Dyck, Harold Report Jan 1, 2010 6234
US push to expand in Pakistan meets resistance. Oct 6, 2009 1325
United States Push to Expand in Pakistan Meets Resistance: New York Times. Oct 6, 2009 1325
Government consults firms on pension plans. Sep 29, 2009 165
Call to free 21 more political prisoners. Aug 13, 2009 277
Administrative and financial strategies for implementing plans in political capitals. Gordon, David L. A.; Seasons, Mark L. Jun 22, 2009 8800
Is corporate green getting a yellow light? Marshall, Jeffrey Jun 1, 2009 1778
Restoring legal aid for the poor: a call to end draconian and wasteful restrictions. Diller, Rebekah; Savner, Emily Jun 1, 2009 10374
Senate confirms Mills as SBA administrator. Apr 17, 2009 390
Chrysalis Energy Partners Opens Renewable-Energy Consulting Firm. Feb 5, 2009 519
Community Infrastructure Levy will slow development; COMM PROP The Birmingham office of international property consultancy Drivers Jonas hosted a seminar on the latest proposals for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Here Jill Astley, development partner at the company, comments on the key findings of the seminar, and offers her thoughts on the Levy. Dec 4, 2008 830
The leading voice on procurement issues in Congress, Rep. Tom Davis, R-VA, said he will join Deloitte Consulting as a director in its Washington office. Nov 21, 2008 82
Porter's generic strategies: an exploratory study of their use in Japan. Allen, Richard S.; Helms, Marilyn M.; Takeda, Margaret B.; White, Charles S. Mar 22, 2007 8359
The political bull's-eye: persuading the right people with microtargeting. Weigel, David Feb 1, 2006 2501
Annex 6: Procurement and disbursement arrangements. Nov 1, 2001 7647

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