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Hotel Rwanda -- the end of the UK as a safe haven for asylum seekers? CM Guest Columnist Oct 5, 2022 1139
Tories seek to shift focus from economy after U-turn humiliation; The Government are turning their attentions to immigration and supporting Ukraine. By, Sophie Wingate & Dominic Picksley Oct 4, 2022 787
Padilla warns groups, organizations blocking passage of bills protecting OFWs. Sep 7, 2022 283
MEP Elena Yoncheva Agrees Roadmap for Reform of EU's Migration and Asylum Rules. Sep 7, 2022 214
Swedish politics 'volatile and unpredictable' ahead of weekend elections. Sep 6, 2022 1059
House panel OKs BI modernization bill. Aug 26, 2022 526
Record 1,295 migrants cross Channel in a single day despite Rwanda deportation threat; The number of people making the perilous journey through the Dover Strait in small boats has continued to rise despite the Government's controversial plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. By, Lizzy Buchan Aug 23, 2022 367
Anger over Rwanda political killings warning as deportation policy branded 'unworkable'; An email disclosed to the High Court said "arbitrary detention, torture and even killings" are "accepted" methods of maintaining control in the east African country, where the UK government plans to send refugees. By, Dave Burke Aug 17, 2022 949
Reforming the Reception and Inclusion of Refugees in the European Union: Utopian or Dystopian Changes? La Spina, Encarnacion Aug 13, 2022 8532
Unauthorized Immigrants: Frequently Asked Questions. Kolker, Abigail F.; Straut-Eppsteiner, Holly Report Aug 1, 2022 8725
In the five months since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, around 890,000 Ukrainians have sought refuge in Germany. That is almost identical to the number of people from Syria, Afghanistan, and elsewhere who applied for asylum in Germany in 2015, at the height of the European refugee crisis. Jul 31, 2022 1800
UK officials warned government not to pursue Rwanda deportation plan, court told. Reuters News Service Jul 19, 2022 531
'No evidence UK's Rwanda scheme will deter migrant crossings'. Jul 18, 2022 376
City MPs criticise 'utterly shameful Rwanda scheme. NICK SMITH Jun 21, 2022 375
English as national language? Border wall? Republican hopefuls in 11th Congressional Dist. discuss immigration. Russell Lissau Jun 17, 2022 648
English as national language? Border wall? 11th District Republicans discuss imm. Russell Lissau Jun 17, 2022 659
Coventry MPs criticise 'utterly shameful' Rwanda deportation policy; Zarah Sultana and Taiwo Owatemi have both slammed the controversial government policy. By, Nick Smith Jun 16, 2022 406
Human rights reforms 'on table', says No 10. DAVID HUGHES PA Political Editor Jun 16, 2022 812
Rwanda asylum storm: UK could now pull out of Europe's human rightspact. DAVID HUGHES Press Association Jun 16, 2022 860
Falana Writes British PM, Kicks Against Plan to Send Asylum Seekers, Refugees to Africa. Jun 15, 2022 562
Rwanda flight: ECHR asylum seekers decision meaning -and what happens next; Priti Patel is giving a statement to Parliament on the Rwanda flight after the European Court of Human Rights grounded a plane carrying asylum seekers. We explain what's going on, the ECHR and what's next. By, Dan Bloom Jun 15, 2022 1723
Nigerian Human Rights Lawyer Writes UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson Over Plan To Send Asylum Seekers, Refugees To Rwanda'. Jun 14, 2022 848
Falana Faults UK's Plan To Send Asylum Seekers To Rwanda. Jun 14, 2022 758
Should the UK send asylum seekers 5,000 miles away to Rwanda? Have your say; Under Government plans, human beings fleeing persecution and violence could be sent halfway around the world in a move criticised by human rights experts, lawyers, and even Prince Charles. By, William Morgan Jun 14, 2022 445
'Deporting migrants is immoral -Rwanda policy incites hate and is wrong'; Dumping people 4,000 miles away is 'immoral' (Church of England bishops), 'appalling' (Prince Charles) and 'ugly' (Tory MP and former minister Jesse Norman) when legal routes for refugees are largely shut. By, Voice of the Mirror Jun 14, 2022 332
Loose Women stars clash in tense chat over government's Rwanda migrant plan; Loose Women stars Charlene White and Jane Moore clashed on today's episode of the ITV lunchtime show, as they discussed the government's plan to send migrants to Rwanda. By, Jasmine Allday Jun 13, 2022 428
Prince remains 'politically neutral' despite private comments on policy. Jun 12, 2022 249
Huge protest at Gatwick Airport immigration centre as first Rwanda flight just days away -with refugees saying they'd 'rather kill themselves' than be sent there; Scores of activists marched to the Brook House Immigration Removal Centre, close to Gatwick Airport. By, Lucas Cumiskey & Hannah Kane Jun 12, 2022 844
Charles is 'politically neutral'. Jun 12, 2022 200
Prince Charles reportedly slams Government's 'appalling' policy to send migrants to Rwanda; The plan has proved very controversial and has ended up being fought in the courts. By, Robert Harries Jun 11, 2022 400
Russian Government Plans Deportation of 'Brilliant' Nigerian Medical Student over Corruption in Sokoto Scholarship Board. Jun 2, 2022 558
Asylum seekers given 'Home Office leaflets' advertising Rwanda as having a 'striking landscape'; The leaflet also dubs Rwanda as "fundamentally safe and secure" despite concerns from human rights charities. By, Unzela Khan May 31, 2022 632
insecurity: Jurist task FG on strict border management. May 22, 2022 800
MP Mhairi: 'Words hold no value for this government'. ELIZABETH ARNOLD May 20, 2022 345
Govt mulls digital policy for cross-border e-commerce. May 18, 2022 471
Gathering urges investment in Hispanic ministry. Salgado, Soli May 13, 2022 1798
Politician lashes out at bishops. Fraga, Brian May 13, 2022 273
Refugees in Kenya Gain Employment Rights as New Law Takes Effect. May 6, 2022 572
Immigration reform is needed for economic vitality: Our biotech company can't innovate, expand or compete if we're perennially short of employees. Amoh, Justice May 6, 2022 943
Council condemns 'abhorrent' plans for asylum seekers; Candidates slam UK Government's Rwanda scheme. Jack Thomson, LOCAL DEMOCRACY REPORTER May 4, 2022 480
Rwanda plan failing to deter migrants from crossing Channel; Refugee charities claim 254 people were detected in small boats from France on Sunday. By, Aine Fox, Luke O'Reilly and Gavin Cordon, PA & David Flett May 3, 2022 1088
Boris Johnson hit by flurry of Lords defeats on controversial immigration reforms; The Government is trying to ram contentious immigration and asylum reforms through Parliament before the end of the session. By, Lizzy Buchan Apr 26, 2022 669
Rwanda plan will leave migrants 'traumatised' BRUM CHARITIES SLAM 'CRUEL' GOVERNMENT SCHEME. NATHAN CLARKE News Reporter Apr 21, 2022 465
Cambodian activist safe in Thailand after 6-day flight through jungle. Apr 21, 2022 915
Theresa May questions legality of government's plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda; The ex-PM also demanded evidence that 'this will not simply lead to an increase in the trafficking of women and children'. By, Sam Blewett & Martina Bet & Ashley Summerfield Apr 19, 2022 317
Doubt raised over Thai labour plan to bring in migrant workers, including 39,333 from Cambodia. Apr 19, 2022 721
Theresa May questions legality of government's plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda; The ex-PM also demanded evidence that 'this will not simply lead to an increase in the trafficking of women and children'. By, Sam Blewett & Martina Bet & Ashley Summerfield Apr 19, 2022 317
Cheshire Tory MP's seen 'no workable alternatives' to Rwanda migrants plan; Local Labour MP rounded on the controversial policy as 'sewer politics'. By, Roland Gent Apr 19, 2022 745
Cheshire Tory MP's seen 'no workable alternatives' to Rwanda migrants plan; Local Labour MP rounded on the controversial policy as 'sewer politics'. By, Roland Gent Apr 19, 2022 745
GMB's Kate Garraway grills MP on Rwanda asylum plan in chaotic interview; Good Morning Britain's Kate Garraway and Adil Ray questioned Minister for Business and Energy Greg Hands on the Rwanda migrant scheme and the latest Partygate allegations. By, Rebecca Cook Apr 18, 2022 602
I couldn't love this country more - I just hate what your lot are doing to it; Neville BLASTS TORY MP IN ROW OVER SENDING ASYLUM SEEKERS TO Rwanda. STEPHEN TOPPING @STETOPPINGMEN Apr 18, 2022 405
Re-electing Macron: The Challenge of French Diffidence Versus African Confidence. Apr 17, 2022 3237
Immigration policy 'about saving Government's skin' CHARITY SLAMS CONTROVERSIAL REFUGEE PLANS. Geraldine Scott Political correspondent Press Association Apr 17, 2022 726
ITV Good Morning Britain viewers slam 'car crash interview' with government minister about plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda; The government minister was asked repeatedly whether he would live in Rwanda himself, but refused to answer the question. By, Elizabeth Haigh Apr 15, 2022 394
'Would you live in Rwanda?': Interview on asylum seeker plan grows heated as GMB's Adil Ray grills minister; 'If it's not good enough for you, why is it good enough for a Syrian or Afghan refugee?' Adil asked the MP. By, Gemma Jones & Catherine Swan Apr 15, 2022 386
Asylum seekers expected to be flown to Rwanda for processing in Government plans; It is thought the asylum seekers will be encouraged to relocate and rebuild their lives in Rwanda, rather than the UK. By, Sam Blewett and Flora Thompson, in Rwanda, PA & Will Maule Apr 14, 2022 964
Tory MP's 'car crash' TV interviews over new UK plan to send migrants to Rwanda; Tory MP and Secretary of State for Wales, Simon Hart, was criticised heavily on social media on Thursday after appearing on several breakfast TV shows including Sky News and Good Morning Britain. By, Kirsty McCormack Apr 14, 2022 587
Rwanda's human rights record from genocide to torture -as UK plan to send asylum seekers; The UK government is set to unveil its controversial plans to tackle channel crossings by 'offshoring' migrants to Rwanda. Labour called the plans 'unworkable and unethical'. By, Benjamin Lynch Apr 14, 2022 1059
Where is Rwanda? Why is UK sending asylum seekers there -- and is it safe? The UK is planning to send asylum seekers thousands of miles away to Rwanda to be processed. Here's where Rwanda actually is -and whether the country known for human rights abuses is safe for asylum seekers; The UK is planning to send asylum seekers thousands of miles away to Rwanda to be processed. Here's where Rwanda actually is -and whether the country known for human rights abuses is safe for asylum seekers. By, Dan Bloom & Benjamin Lynch Apr 14, 2022 929
Government to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing under 'cruel and nasty' new plans; Priti Patel is expected to announced the deal with the Rwandan government today. By, Gabriella Clare Apr 14, 2022 1009
Immigration reform can be quick and simple (Part 1). Apr 10, 2022 832
Liverpool MP Dan Carden rails against 'anti-migrant, racist rhetoric' as he urges support for refugees; Walton MP draws on his Irish immigrant roots as he calls for an end to 'anti-migrant, racist policies'. By, Liam Thorp Mar 28, 2022 472
MP fights bid to send refugees to ocean island. Mar 24, 2022 318
MP leads rebellion over plan for asylum seekers; THE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO SET UP A PROCESSING CENTRE OVERSEAS. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Mar 24, 2022 597
6 things the Government has snuck out during Russia's invasion of Ukraine; A gaffe-prone Tory who presided over the Covid exams chaos was awarded a knighthood. MPs got a pay rise, and poor Brit graduates learned they could pay £28k more towards student loans, over their lifetimes.... By, Aletha Adu Mar 12, 2022 1241
Prime Minister urged by faith leaders to reconsider sweeping asylum reforms; The proposed legislation is going through Parliament and due to enter the final stages in the House of Lords. By, Flora Thompson & Barry Ellams Feb 28, 2022 735
Prime Minister urged by faith leaders to reconsider sweeping asylum reforms; The proposed legislation is going through Parliament and due to enter the final stages in the House of Lords. By, Flora Thompson & Barry Ellams Feb 28, 2022 735
Prime Minister urged by faith leaders to reconsider sweeping asylum reforms; The proposed legislation is going through Parliament and due to enter the final stages in the House of Lords. By, Flora Thompson & Barry Ellams Feb 28, 2022 735
Buhari Writes House, Seeks Passage of Civil Defence, Immigration Services Board Bill. Feb 15, 2022 180
UK House of Lords throws cold water on offshore asylum processing plan. Christopher Hamill-Stewart Feb 8, 2022 686
Brexit key for BoJo but scandal-hit PM is like odious Trump. ANALYSIS POLITICAL EDITOR BY PAUL HUTCHEON Jan 22, 2022 519
Residents 'scared' of deportation over immigration bill; CONCERN MOUNTING AMONG PEOPLE IN WALSALL WITH DUAL NATIONALITY. GURDIP THANDI Local Democracy Reporter Jan 17, 2022 527
Build Back Better plan must help undocumented: PERSPECTIVE. Trujillo, Yunuen Jan 7, 2022 1140
Advocates push to include immigration reform in Build Back Better plan. Trey Arline Dec 19, 2021 391
HRW slams anti-immigration bill as 'perhaps the most draconian in UK history'. Arab News Dec 8, 2021 355
BREAKING MPs back Priti Patel's controversial bill which could turn migrants away at sea; The Nationality and Borders Bill could strip people's British citizenship without warning and turn migrants away from the UK Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper slammed the Home Secretary for allowing the surge of channel crossings under her watch. By, Aletha Adu Dec 8, 2021 230
Asylum offshoring plan threatens to create 'British Guantanamo,' MP warns. Arab News Dec 6, 2021 391
Defiant Tory MPs Slam Govt's Plans to Repel Migrant Boats Crossing Channel, Propose Alternative. Dec 5, 2021 339
New German Government Plans to Simplify Citizenship for Migrants. Nov 26, 2021 330
McCarthy Makes Dems Delay Vote on Biden's $1.75 Trillion Plan in Record-Breaking House Speech. Nov 19, 2021 482
The GOP fight that stopped Trump's immigration plan. Byron York Nov 14, 2021 749
New EU dynamics could unsettle the world. Karkouti, Mustapha Oct 1, 2021 1068
Cyprus must rethink asylum policies, says MP. fm Sep 24, 2021 737
Senate parliamentarian deals blow to Democrats' immigration push. ALAN FRAM Associated Press Sep 20, 2021 252
Operation Warm Welcome: UK Government releases more details of Afghan refugee resettlement plan; Indefinite leave to remain and £12m funding for school places announced. By, Max Channon Sep 1, 2021 1033
TWO YEARS AND SIX MONTHS IN BORDER PURGATORY. Echavarri, Fernanda Aug 24, 2021 5171
City set to offer hope for Afghan refugees; MAYOR SAYS LIVERPOOL 'IS READY TO ASSIST'. LIAM THORP Political editor @LIAMTHORPECHO Aug 18, 2021 321
UK To Announce Plans For Asylum-seeking Afghans Soon. Aug 17, 2021 388
Cardinal Gregory calls for immigration reform. Cedillo, Melissa Aug 6, 2021 631
Arab world Filipino diaspora hopes new OFW body will end bureaucratic labyrinth. ROMMER M. BALABA Jul 3, 2021 911
'Do not come' won't cut it for immigration policy. Editorial Jun 25, 2021 991
EXPLAINER: A new department for OFWs, migrant Filipinos: What is it? Jun 1, 2021 992
Duterte certifies as urgent bill creating dep't for migrant workers, overseas Filipinos. May 31, 2021 225
Tough asylum approach is slammed by United Nations. May 12, 2021 208
UK to ban asylum for refugees who've been through France in Tory clampdown; New plans to overhaul the asylum system to deter people from making the perilous Channel crossing have been set out in the Queen's Speech. By, Lizzy Buchan May 11, 2021 290
Activists call on Korean gov't to support building Myanmar refugee camp. May 5, 2021 620
U.S. Naturalization Policy. Straut-Eppsteiner, Holly May 1, 2021 14053
AP Fact Check: Biden skews record on migrants, support for his spending plans. ELLIOT SPAGAT and JOSH BOAK Associated Press Apr 29, 2021 1355
Pressure mounts on Malawi government to suspend its plan to relocate refugees to Dzaleka Camp. Apr 27, 2021 269
Uncertainty at US-Mexico border: Lack of plan for migrants inflames tensions, heightens worries for asylees. Salgado, Soli Apr 16, 2021 2291
GOP Senators Say No Immigration Reform on Table Until Border 'Crisis' Resolved. Mar 27, 2021 547
Biden Ends National Emergency Along Southern Border, Pushes Amnesty, Prompting New Immigration Crisis. Hoar, William P. Mar 22, 2021 1960
Good news for illegal American immigrants. Mar 21, 2021 629
US House passes immigration bills including pathway for 'Dreamers'. Mar 19, 2021 474
UK Government accused of 'lurching from one inhumane' proposal to another over plans to process asylum seekers abroad; The UK Government has been accused of "lurching from one inhumane' proposal to another over plans to process asylum seekers abroad. Alexander Brown Mar 18, 2021 410
Homeland Security head rejects GOP claims of border 'crisis'. BEN FOX and NOMAAN MERCHANT Associated Press Mar 18, 2021 842
Panic Grip African Migrants As German Government Begins Massive Deportation Of Nigerians Tomorrow. Mar 17, 2021 528
Durbin: Outlook bleak on immigration bills. ALAN FRAM Associated Press Mar 16, 2021 375
Biden's first 50 days: Where he stands on key promises. ALEXANDRA JAFFE Associated Press Mar 11, 2021 1236
Immigration reform changed my life; now, let's help others. Mar 10, 2021 759
Journalist on Biden's Border Policy: Illegal Immigration Contributes to Vaccine Scarcity in US. Mar 8, 2021 1014
A Nation Of Immigrants: 100 Years Ago US Senate Passed Law Setting Quota On Non-WASP Migrants. Feb 19, 2021 844
Democrats unveil immigration reforms offering citizenship to 11 M. Feb 19, 2021 714
TOP NEWS: Democrats To Unveil Biden's US Immigration Reform Bill. Feb 18, 2021 406
On Immigrants And Mobs. Feb 15, 2021 306
What If Biden Can't Deliver For His Party's Left Wing? Feb 7, 2021 632
Govt needs to rethink citizenship, immigration policies on foreign spouses to grow Malaysia's talent pool, says DAP MP. Jan 30, 2021 502
Congress has to seize moment to fix immigration. Jan 28, 2021 936
Biden's immigration bill: who benefits? Jan 23, 2021 782
Biden undoes Trump migration orders, pushes for major reform. Jan 22, 2021 751
Factbox: What's in Biden's immigration bill proposal? Jan 22, 2021 425
If Biden Gets Congress To Act On Immigration Reform, He'll Be A Miracle Worker. Jan 21, 2021 696
Biden begins sweeping away immigration barriers, announces return of US to global climate accord. Reuters News Service Jan 21, 2021 1567
Biden hits the ground running with flurry of orders. Jan 21, 2021 595
Biden immigration plan opposed by GOP, conservative groups. Fram, By Alan; Mascaro, Lisa; Press, Bill Barrow Associated Jan 20, 2021 921
How Biden Can Use Federal Power to Liberate Localities: REVERSING THE GOP'S WAR AGAINST MUNICIPAL SELF GOVERNMENT WOULD BE GOOD POLICY AND GOOD POLITICS. Block, Daniel Jan 1, 2021 5009
Back and Forth. Leutert, Stephanie Jan 1, 2021 3322
Moving Forward: With a new administration and Congress, NCSL looks ahead to advancing issues of importance to states. Jan 1, 2021 2092
Grand dialogue. Dec 27, 2020 902
US Senate fails to pass Hong Kong refugee bill. Dec 19, 2020 552
Canada: ALTEC Leads Pathway To Easy Migration For Africans. Nov 30, 2020 395
Iran's 'anti-human' migrant plan sparks anger in Kabul. Sayed Salahuddin Nov 28, 2020 671
Biden Plans Big Changes In Immigration System, But Some Won't Be Easy. Nov 22, 2020 917
Beyond 'pastillas' scam, reform at Bureau of Immigration? Nov 14, 2020 2425
More could be done to help vulnerable refugees, MPs say. Elias Hazou Nov 3, 2020 310
More could be done to help vulnerable refugees, MPs say. Nov 3, 2020 297
Rivals debate immigration policies, racial issues. Russell Lissau Oct 29, 2020 540
Duterte wants speedy creation of OFW agency stuck for funding woes. Oct 27, 2020 824
Duterte wants separate agency for seafarers' welfare, prods Congress to create new dept. of overseas workers. Oct 27, 2020 446
On US-Mexico border, despair at system 'broken by racism'. Oct 27, 2020 710
Trump-Biden final debate: Covid, wind and Hitler. Oct 23, 2020 668
Rivals debate immigration policies, racial issues and more in forum. Russell Lissau Oct 20, 2020 540
Tory MPs vote down law that would ensure child refugees are helped after Brexit; Just six Tory rebels stood firm in a bid to keep a House of Lords amendment that would have put the EU's Dublin III Regulation into UK law. By, Dan Bloom Oct 20, 2020 870
Tough visa rules for African students seeking to study in US. Sep 25, 2020 633
Kenyans abroad to enjoy state services just like locals if bill passed. Sep 17, 2020 536
Crucial asylum reform dismissed as a 'damp squib'. Elias Hazou Sep 13, 2020 1120
Crucial asylum reform dismissed as a 'damp squib'. Sep 13, 2020 1099
Senate panel calls for devising deportation policy. Sep 11, 2020 656
SDA collegium supports CikotiA's plan for managing the migrant crisis. Aug 24, 2020 674
'Politics playing part in housing asylum seekers' Fears cities are treated differently depending on who runs them. Tom Dare Local Democracy Reporter Aug 20, 2020 462
French MP savages 'dangerous' Tory plan for warships to push back migrant boats; Home Secretary Priti Patel is examining plans to deploy warships in the Channel -but incredulous Calais MP Pierre-Henri Dumont said: "What are they going to do... Is the British Navy going to shoot at a small boat?". By, Ben Glaze Aug 10, 2020 1002
Better immigration services pushed. Jul 16, 2020 602
Cypriot students in US relieved after Trump drops deportation plans. Jonathan Shkurko Jul 15, 2020 318
Cypriot students in US relieved after Trump drops deportation plans. Jul 15, 2020 289
Election 2020: Voltarians are under attack - NDC chairman. Jun 29, 2020 798
Greece to evict over 10,000 refugees from shelters. May 29, 2020 453
Media tycoon urges Taiwan government to lower immigration bar for Hongkongers. May 27, 2020 301
Immigration reforms suggest Covid-19 workers are unwelcome in the UK, claims Welsh MP. May 20, 2020 347
Osun Replies Zamfara, Gives Reasons For Arrests, Deportation Of Indigenes. May 2, 2020 439
We're Deporting Illegal Miners To Prevent Community Transmission Of COVID-19 a Osun Govt. May 1, 2020 382
Cabinet approves plan to tackle spike in migrants. Elias Hazou Mar 10, 2020 586
New immigration rules 'disastrous' for business; Fish firm boss criticises UK Government's planned regulations. KEITH FINDLAY Mar 4, 2020 585
Policies Affecting the Number of Physicians in the US and a Framework for Reform. Capretta, James C. Mar 1, 2020 8626
Tourism body calls on government to rethink immigration regulations. EDWARD THICKNESSE @edthicknesse Feb 26, 2020 178
Farmers' fears over immigration revamp; Visa change could leave crops'rotting in fields'. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Feb 21, 2020 622
Government gambles with migration reform; THE CITY VIEW. Feb 20, 2020 446
Immigration plans 'fundamentally misunderstand' how Scottish economy works. Feb 19, 2020 592
Bill Foster Bill Foster. Feb 18, 2020 1791
Bill Foster Bill Foster. Feb 11, 2020 1791
8TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Krishnamoorthi, challengers debate immigration reform. Eric Peterson Feb 5, 2020 658
8th CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Krishnamoorthi and challengers debate immigration reform. Eric Peterson Feb 5, 2020 578
Krishnamoorthi, 8th District challengers debate immigration reform. Eric Peterson Feb 5, 2020 665
Immigration. Wilson, Jill H.; Kandel, William A. Feb 1, 2020 1699
FM plans Scottish visa to bolster immigration. and the skills gap. The first BY PAUL HUTCHEON Political Editor Jan 28, 2020 541
Nicola Sturgeon's Scottish immigration visa plan refused by UK government. Jan 27, 2020 1439
US Immigration Policies Could Yield New Era In Border Politics. Jan 27, 2020 614
NA speaker urges UK to relax visa rules for Pakistanis. Jan 26, 2020 421
Boris Johnson 'plans to move EU immigration clampdown forward by two years'; The government is planning to introduce new immigration laws on day one after the Brexit transition period ends in 2021, according to reports. By, Oliver Milne Jan 19, 2020 318
Americans must act to fix immigration. Jan 11, 2020 1238
Gharib meets Swiss Delegation: We hope new government adopts refugee return plan. Jan 8, 2020 106
Boris Johnson condemned for stripping child refugee protections from Brexit Bill. Dec 20, 2019 461
Health Highlights: Dec. 18, 2019; No Flu Shots for Migrants Held by CBP is 'Unconscionable': Democrats Chili Peppers May Reduce Heart Attack, Stroke Death Risk New Rules Seek to Increase Organ Transplants in U.S. Dec 18, 2019 500
Rakgare assures Batswana of job creation. Dec 12, 2019 584
House Passes Bipartisan Bill Allowing Visas For Undocumented Immigrant Workers. Llowell Williams Dec 12, 2019 434
Legislation targeting Muslims. Dec 11, 2019 685
Remittances: Background and Issues for Congress. Weiss, Martin A. Dec 1, 2019 6429
AfCTA: Experts, Academia Task FG On Accelerated Infrastructural Development. Nov 18, 2019 938
Alone at the Border: Why have thousands of migrant children crossing into the U.S. at the southern border been separated from their families? Smith, Patricia Nov 18, 2019 3218
Dems Want Stephen Miller To Resign. Marcy Kreiter Nov 14, 2019 416
What's Fair Is Fair: "Ultimately, the [Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act] will not fix the entire immigration system, but it would accomplish its purpose: making the system fairer.". Bier, David J. Nov 1, 2019 1012
Collaboration On Capitol Hill Is The Key To Success. Miller, Derek Nov 1, 2019 800
Asylum seeking Pakistanis wrongly declared as Afghans. Imran Mukhtar Oct 30, 2019 431
Apple CEO Tim Cook Pushes Hard For Senate Immigration Reform Bill. Arthur Villasanta Oct 18, 2019 514
Immigration Voice Announces Disappointment in Senator Durbin's Blockade of the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019. Oct 18, 2019 493
Migrant proposal misses the point; THE QUEEN'S SPEECH. Oct 14, 2019 504
North career; Government to unveil migrants' points system; Rules to favour those settling outside London; THE BREXIT CRUNCH & THE QUEEN'S SPEECH. MIKEY SMITH Political Correspondent Oct 14, 2019 905
Boris Johnson's plan to send migrants to north 'confused and unworkable gimmick'; New rule designed to encourage migrants to go north has been slammed by Diane Abbott who says it's based on a 'fallacy'. By, Mikey Smith Oct 13, 2019 705
'Height of cynicism and cruelty'. Oct 2, 2019 168
BAHAMAS-WEATHER-Human rights group blasts government over deportation policy. Oct 2, 2019 810
Expedited Removal of Aliens: Legal Framework. Smith, Hillel R. Report Oct 1, 2019 34029
Government announces immigration plans for no deal Brexit. Sep 4, 2019 536
Around the World in Forty Years: How one family's journey from the Philippines to Texas tells the story of global migration. Woodard, Colin Sep 1, 2019 1521
JUDGE DREAD: Inside the courtroom of America's harshest asylum judge. Lanard, Noah Sep 1, 2019 1664
Zubiri bill seeks to institutionalize immigration policy. Aug 11, 2019 464
Zubiri bats for creation of Commission of Immigration to reinforce immigration policies. Aug 10, 2019 344
McConnell Supporters 'Groping & Choking' Ocasio-Cortez's Cutout. Aug 6, 2019 400
Trump Proposes Tighter Gun Control Tied to Immigration Reform. Aug 5, 2019 193
Trump tells black lawmaker to clean up 'disgusting, rat and rodent infested' district. Jul 28, 2019 702
Trump's Racist Tweets Are Loathsome. Jul 17, 2019 563
No justification to fund immigration policy. Jul 15, 2019 1719
No justification for funding Trump immigration policy. Jul 15, 2019 308
Activists want enforcement defunded. Remedios, Jesse Jul 12, 2019 790
IMMIGRANT INVASION. Kirkwood, R. Cort Jul 8, 2019 3842
Immigration System Hits Breaking Point, Goes Beyond. Hoar, William P. Jul 8, 2019 2247
Deadline up, so are ICE raids imminent? Jul 7, 2019 905
We Must Reform Our Immigration System. Newhouse, Dan Jul 1, 2019 294
House Democrats OK Senate Funding Bill To Save Migrant Children. Jun 28, 2019 632
Trump Delays Operation to Deport Migrant Families. Jun 23, 2019 537
Trump says planned immigration sweep delayed for two weeks. Jun 23, 2019 598
The Liberal Plan for Resettling Syrian Refugees in Canada: The Justificatory Narrative and Counter-Narrative. Garcea, Joseph; Kikulwe, Daniel Jun 22, 2019 8349
Western Isles MP calls for urgent reform of family reunion rules; REFUGEES. Jun 21, 2019 303
House OKs Dems' immigration bill. Jun 5, 2019 202
Beto's Immigration Plan Is A Big Miss That Will Only Divide. Jun 3, 2019 462
Voluntary Deportation Requests Spike Under Trump. Jun 3, 2019 322
Achieve reasonable abortion compromise. Editorial May 31, 2019 1125
Vague policy of refugees' repatriation. May 27, 2019 792
Trump's Weak Immigration Proposal To A Complex Problem. May 21, 2019 745
Cyprus and the Euro elections: a dearth of issues. May 19, 2019 1076
New banking bill to be referred to parl't before end of May: CBE. May 18, 2019 378
Trump unveils plan for migrants. Wagner, By John; Kim, Seung Min; Dawsey, Josh; Post, David Nakamura The Washington May 17, 2019 1494
Trump unveils plan for migrants Immigration: Pelosi calls use of word 'merit' condescending. Wagner, By John; Kim, Seung Min; Dawsey, Josh; Post, David Nakamura The Washington May 17, 2019 866
Trump to lay out his immigration policy this week. May 15, 2019 299
The Battle Over THE CENSUS: The decision to add a question about citizenship to the 2020 Census has prompted a massive fight over the once-a-decade national count. Smith, Patricia May 13, 2019 3161
New training document for asylum screenings reflects tougher US stance. May 5, 2019 925
Want Britain to retain its entrepreneurial crown? Bring back the post-study visa. May 2, 2019 519
Countdown to the Future of the West? May 1, 2019 514
Trump vs. the Border Invasion. Buchanan, Patrick J. May 1, 2019 801
Fann blocks bill for special tuition rate for dreamers'. Apr 26, 2019 1012
Sanguinetti seeks Rep. Casten's seat. Apr 23, 2019 863
Sanguinetti seeks Rep. Casten's seat Seeks: Sanguinetti says she'll focus on health care and immigration. Apr 23, 2019 863
Trump Says He Is Considering Putting Migrants in Sanctuary Cities. Apr 13, 2019 913
Trump says considering sending illegal migrants to sanctuary cities. Apr 12, 2019 925
Nationalist EU parties plan to join forces after May elections. Apr 8, 2019 540
Bernie Sanders for 'comprehensive' immigration reform. Apr 8, 2019 290
The trouble with plans to send 116,000 Burundian refugees home. Mar 31, 2019 1085
Will Immigrants Find Themselves in the Driver's Seat? Trump's ICE crackdown is increasing support for access to driver's licenses. Madrid, Manuel Mar 22, 2019 1938
THE EVD, DED, AND TPS DILEMMA. Leblang, David; Helms, Benjamin; Iadarola, Alexa; Satpathy, Ankita; Hunt, Kelsey; Brough, Rebecca; X Mar 1, 2019 814
Democrats oppose Trump, not the wall. Feb 23, 2019 141
Government, international community endorse new refugee response plan...2nd add. Feb 20, 2019 248
The Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) Lead More Than 500 in Solidarity at Grassroots Immigration Rally in Front of the White House on February 10th 2019. Feb 19, 2019 1382
Australia to reopen Christmas Island detention centre after defeat on refugee policy. Feb 13, 2019 693
Talks to avert shutdown 'stall' over immigrant detention policies. Feb 10, 2019 264
It's Democrats who won't deal on the wall. Feb 8, 2019 366
Trump's false crisis adds to growing national unease. Editorial Feb 8, 2019 780
THERE'S NO GOING BACK; PM won't ditch Brexit's Irish border 'insurance policy'. Feb 6, 2019 414
there's no going back; PM won't ditch Brexit's Irish border 'insurance policy'. Feb 6, 2019 422
Keys points ahead of Trump's State of the Union speech. Feb 5, 2019 988
Mamata rebuffs Modi on citizenship bill support. Feb 3, 2019 645
Focus On Real, Bipartisan Immigration Reform. Feb 2, 2019 422
If Democrats favor immigration reform, they should repeal the harsh laws signed by Bill Clinton. Feb 2, 2019 690
Government launches healthcare plan for refugees. Jan 29, 2019 386
Government unveils Shs2 trillion refugee health response plan. Jan 27, 2019 344
Fact check: Trump casts asylum restrictions as humanitarian relief. Salvador Rizzo The Washington Post Jan 24, 2019 1646
British MP questions UK involvement in Uganda's internal affairs. Jan 9, 2019 1004
Recent Migration to the United States from Central America: Frequently Asked Questions. Wilson, Jill H.; Bruno, Andorra; Elsea, Jennifer K.; Kandel, William A.; Kapp, Lawrence; Margesson, Report Jan 1, 2019 11264
APHA 2018 Day of Action calls for immigrant, migrant justice. Haskins, Julia Jan 1, 2019 692
Trump's Crucial Test at San Ysidro. Buchanan, Patrick J. Jan 1, 2019 795
Can the House Stop Trump's Gross Immigration Abuse? An overdue reform agenda awaits investigations and hearings. Madrid, Manuel Jan 1, 2019 1551
Bloc Party Federalism. Greve, Michael S. Jan 1, 2019 11512
TRUMP'S RIGHT: It's an Invasion: The radical Left wants open borders for the migrant caravan to solidify its power and that of Deep State globalists who would destroy American sovereignty. Kirkwood, R. Cort Dec 24, 2018 2187
Desperate Journeys: With little but poverty and violence at home, migrants from Central America are risking everything to get to the U.S. What will happen to them? Smith, Patricia Dec 10, 2018 3699
Japan passes controversial new immigration bill to attract foreign workers. Dec 8, 2018 791
A Christmas story: In the struggle for life, hope lights the way. Sorrentino, Joseph Dec 1, 2018 1408
Refugee Admissions and Resettlement Policy. Bruno, Andorra Dec 1, 2018 7150
DOLE seeks tighter rules in granting aliens visas. Nov 28, 2018 321
Deal with Mexico paves way for asylum overhaul at U.S. border. Nov 25, 2018 1586
Mexico backs Trump's plan to overhaul asylum rules: Washington Post. Nov 25, 2018 667
Trump plans asylum overhaul Deal with Mexico would keep migrants south of border during processing. Nov 25, 2018 1613
Trump plans asylum overhaul Deal with Mexico would keep migrants south of border during processing Overhaul: Statistics show fewer than 10 percent granted asylum. Nov 25, 2018 1613
Deal with Mexico paves way for asylum overhaul at U.S. border. Nov 24, 2018 923
Doomed by Open-border Policy, Germany's Merkel Won't Run Again. Nov 19, 2018 337
Govt launching Immigration and Welfare Policy soon: Senate told. Nov 10, 2018 163
Govt launching Immigration and Welfare Policy soon: Senate told. Nov 10, 2018 156
Morelle defeats Maxwell to replace Slaughter in Congress. Fanelli, Gino Nov 7, 2018 420
Latinos could transform faith's role in US politics: El Paso Catholics, impacted by immigration, plan to vote their beliefs. Benevento, Maria Nov 2, 2018 2097
Japan aims to open door wider to blue-collar workers. Nov 2, 2018 570
Trump seeks to limit right of citizenship for U.S.-born kids. Oct 31, 2018 522
Migrant Caravan: A Hot Issue In The U.S. Oct 30, 2018 579
Endorsement: Roskam for Congress in 6th District. Oct 7, 2018 292
Indian Refugee Policy And The Rohingyas. Oct 6, 2018 1095
Schneider, Bennett discuss immigration reform. Oct 4, 2018 937
WHAT IS POPULISM? Caldwell, Christopher Essay Sep 22, 2018 4363
Religious Studies. Report Sep 22, 2018 1330

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