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Parliament is the supreme body under constitution having sole right to legislate: Babar. Jun 18, 2021 321
Time ticking away, Democrats face wrenching test on agenda. LISA MASCARO AP Congressional Correspondent Jun 8, 2021 937
2023 polls 'under a new mechanism': Fawad. Jun 8, 2021 672
Pritzker signs redistricting plans for state legislative, appellate court districts Voting rights advocates had urged waiting for census data Maps. PETER HANCOCK Capitol News Illinois Jun 8, 2021 1120
Shibli for market based applied research for sustainable economic growth. Jun 3, 2021 811
Biden must press Congress to protect right to vote. Jun 3, 2021 468
Shibli for market based applied research for sustainable economic growth. Jun 3, 2021 811
Texas Democrats call on president to defend voting rights. Amy Gardner The Washington Post Jun 1, 2021 429
PDM wants ECP role in poll reforms. May 30, 2021 970
Internet voting, opportunities and challenges. Kanwar Muhammad Dilshad May 27, 2021 786
The Undemocratic Political parties: Hindering the Growth of Democracy in Afghanistan. May 26, 2021 941
'Villains' deliberately subverting 'reform agenda'. May 19, 2021 1073
A sun tan - and 163 steps in the right direction; It's a warm welcome back today to our regular columnist HILTON DAWSON. Hilton, a former Labour MP, stood for the North East Party at the Hartlepool by-election on May 6. HILTON DAWSON May 18, 2021 863
Republicans' real fears show in Cheney vote. May 18, 2021 544
Boris Johnson's plan for voter ID cards will damage democracy in the UK - Scotsman comment; Hot on the heels of the record turnout at the Scottish Parliament elections came news that the UK government aims to introduce a requirement that will, without any real doubt, cause a fall in voter numbers. Scotsman comment May 15, 2021 433
How Scottish Greens are going to make a real difference in this parliament - Lorna Slater MSP; The first week in a new job is always a slightly surreal experience. You meet new people, you get shown the ropes and there is a usually a glimpse of what is to come. Lorna Slater May 14, 2021 1052
Tory minister says voter ID proposal motive is 'nothing to do with party interests'; Civil liberties groups and MPs have criticised the proposal to force voters to bring ID with them, which critics say will disenfranchise voters. By, Simon Meechan May 12, 2021 528
PPP rejects amended election Ord. May 12, 2021 369
Fafen suggests referendum on EVMs, proportional representation system. May 12, 2021 883
Johnson to restore power to choose UK general election date. May 11, 2021 460
Parliamentarians term EVMs as best source to clear elections' ambiguities. May 8, 2021 717
Prospect of expats' participation in next general elections becomes brighter. May 6, 2021 617
Prospect of expats' participation in next general elections becomes brighter. May 6, 2021 615
Govt to introduce major vote reforms. May 3, 2021 541
Major Catholic funders spearhead voter suppression efforts. White, Christopher Apr 30, 2021 1780
Carter Center urges Israeli Government to respect Palestinian Political Rights. Apr 9, 2021 274
Georgia threatens Delta Air Lines tax break amid voter row. Apr 6, 2021 453
Why We Should Rethink Voting Rights From the Ground Up. Ahmed, Amel Apr 1, 2021 1205
Voting Rights Bill Tests Biden's Pledge To Unify The Country. Apr 1, 2021 744
'Are Women Allowed in the Senate?' An Interview With Wyoming Senator Affie Ellis. McClure, Megan Interview Mar 29, 2021 1215
Gillani declared Opp leader in Senate with support of 30 lawmakers. Mar 26, 2021 943
Dems launch Senate battle for expanded voting rights. MARY CLARE JALONICK Associated Press Mar 25, 2021 586
IHC throws out Gilani's plea challenging Senate top slot election. Mar 24, 2021 1148
Referendum Bill draft is published. Mar 23, 2021 287
Gilani challenges Senate chairman election in IHC. Mar 23, 2021 288
Scottish government publishes draft bill for second independence vote. Mar 22, 2021 805
Gilani challenges Senate chairman election in IHC. Mar 22, 2021 288
US Senate to debate Democrats' key voting rights bill. Mar 18, 2021 352
PM seeks multi-party parliamentary body to review electoral reforms. Mar 18, 2021 358
Giving prisoners chance to vote is 'shameful'. IAN BUNTING Mar 17, 2021 337
PM seeks multi-party parliamentary committee to review electoral reforms. Mar 17, 2021 507
Ruto's UDA to support Moses Kuria candidate in Juja by-election. Mar 16, 2021 630
CPP hits back at EP call to 'restore' Cambodian democracy. Mar 15, 2021 1031
PM Imran congratulates Sanjrani, Afridi on Senate victory. Mar 13, 2021 387
PDM rejects result of Senate chairman election. Mar 13, 2021 310
Opposition cries foul after losing Senate battle by 'seven rejected votes'. Mar 12, 2021 581
Pakistan has won! Imran Khan has won. Mar 12, 2021 593
Govt-backed candidates bag top Senate slots in major shock to PDM. Mar 12, 2021 1669
Biden marks 'Bloody Sunday' by signing voting rights order. AAMER MADHANI Associated Press Mar 8, 2021 263
PM says will fight till last ball. Mar 7, 2021 1619
PM vows to continue fighting against corrupt politicians. Mar 6, 2021 1345
America's Two Main Parties At War Over Voting Rules. Mar 5, 2021 1253
Gilani victory in fact triumph of dirty money: CM. Mar 5, 2021 499
Senate poll result vindicates PM's concerns CM Buzdar. Mar 5, 2021 305
Senate shocker forces PM to seek vote of confidence. Mar 4, 2021 1302
Voting barriers may stand. Associated Press Mar 3, 2021 334
Video Leak: Furore as PPP tries to buy PTI MNAs for Senate polls. Mar 3, 2021 881
New evidence of 'vote trading' emerges as lawmakers go for Senate polls today. Mar 2, 2021 1432
Accessibility To Polling Units: Challenges That Almost Marred Credibility Of 2019 Elections- Senate. Mar 2, 2021 907
Referendum on emigrants getting vote for presidents; Coveney insists giving ex-pats a voice will strengthen citizen bonds. MICHELLE DEVANE Mar 2, 2021 341
PPP rejects allegations of kidnapping of PTI MPs. Mar 2, 2021 575
Truth Sandwich: Accurate reporting takes layers. Tornoe, Rob Mar 1, 2021 1050
Horse Trading is a Game and Dice can Heavily Cast. Feb 24, 2021 799
Calls to scrap voting rights for prisoners. Feb 23, 2021 363
Always trust politicians to lie. Feb 23, 2021 908
PPP writes to NA Speaker, CEC for Khursheed's production. Feb 21, 2021 407
Political hypocrisy knows no bounds or borders. Feb 20, 2021 1558
Arrested Parliamentarians must be present during Senate polls on March 3, directs ECP. Feb 20, 2021 670
Karachi by-polls Bilawal says govt worried; PTI levels accusations. Akif Rashid Feb 18, 2021 1208
'Won't allow anyone to compromise Senate polls' Bilawal claims PTI members switching allegiances to PPP. Feb 18, 2021 974
Political parties' Senate seats should commensurate with number of seats in Provincial Assembly; SC. Feb 18, 2021 837
Political parties must have proportionate representation in Senate. Feb 17, 2021 903
Denies wheat hoarding allegations All PPP Senate candidates are party workers: Murad. Feb 15, 2021 457
ECP to hold Senate polls according to Article 266: CM Murad. Feb 14, 2021 740
ECP to hold Senate polls according to Article 266: CM. Feb 14, 2021 757
Murad says horse-trading allegation aimed at defaming lawmakers. Feb 14, 2021 725
APC Membership Revalidation: We Won't Join Issues With Tinubu, Akande, Oshiomhole -Udoedehe. Feb 14, 2021 1105
Bilawal demands 'establishment stay away from Senate elections, politics'. Feb 8, 2021 1386
Protection of rights of overseas Pakistanis a priority: Sassui Palejo. Feb 4, 2021 165
GOP not punishing Greene or Cheney. Fram, By Alan; Slodysko, Brian; -Clmn-, Kevin Freking Associated Press Feb 4, 2021 855
GOP not punishing Greene or Cheney Divide: House vote to put GOP lawmakers on the record over Greene. Fram, By Alan; Slodysko, Brian; -Clmn-, Kevin Freking Associated Press Feb 4, 2021 855
Gun Rights Advocate Elected to Congress. Krey, Patrick Feb 1, 2021 865
Will new women leaders carry on the legacy? Jan 30, 2021 2012
Syed Saddiq's Muda sues home minister, asks court to order RoS to approve party's registration. Jan 24, 2021 1649
Senate chairman endorses open-ballot mode. Jan 22, 2021 1034
What women want from leaders in 2021. Jan 16, 2021 2001
Govt has approached SC to stop sale, purchase of votes, ensure transparency in Senate elections: AGP. Jan 14, 2021 1483
Govt has approached SC to stop sale, purchase of votes, ensure transparency in Senate elections: AGP. Jan 14, 2021 1335
Harruna Attah writes: The Rape of Ghana/US Democracies. Jan 12, 2021 1716
Can Keir shake up shambolic Labour? Leader's challenge to win back the trust of traditional working class voters after disastrous election hampered by crisis of coronavirus. PETER MADELEY POLITICAL REPORTER Jan 11, 2021 634
Can Keir shake up shambolic Labour? Leader's challenge to win back the trust of traditional working class voters after disastrous election hampered by crisis of coronavirus. PETER MADELEY POLITICAL EDITOR Jan 11, 2021 634
Can Keir shake up shambolic Labour? Leader's challenge to win back the trust of traditional working class voters after disastrous election hampered by crisis of coronavirus. PETER MADELEY POLITICAL EDITOR Jan 11, 2021 634
K-P backs presidential reference on open-ballot at upcoming Senate election. Jan 10, 2021 1149
Voter list 'must be distributed to all political parties'. Jan 1, 2021 797
A progressive wish list for 2021. Dec 31, 2020 535
We effectively suppress the votes of those who choose smaller parties; When Donald Trump saw that he was losing the US presidential election, he repeatedly asked to "stop the count". Here in the UK nobody cries "stop the count"- but many votes do not count, argues GIUSEPPE BIGNARDI. Dec 30, 2020 741
Voting in Parliament a constitutional right, Ismail Sabri says in defence of MPs in PPE suits. Dec 15, 2020 317
Floor crossing disregards voter rights. Dec 10, 2020 552
Online voter registration gets nod from House panel. Romero, Jansen Nov 24, 2020 689
Right to vote and electoral commission's measures against COVID-19 in the upcoming elections. Nov 17, 2020 827
Wait almost over as G-B polling process comes to a close. Nov 15, 2020 1669
Credible, verifiable membership register solution to APC leadership crisis - Govs forum DG. Nov 12, 2020 868
Senators talk about voting by mail as another election option. Nov 9, 2020 283
Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was elected the nation's 46th president Saturday in a. Olorunnipa, By Toluse; Linskey, Annie; Post, Philip Rucker The Washington Nov 8, 2020 1226
Biden: 'Let's give each other a chance'. Olorunnipa, By Toluse; Linskey, Annie; Post, Philip Rucker The Washington Nov 8, 2020 1226
Shocker as 2019 election court cases hit 1,700. Nov 5, 2020 682
IT CAN HAPPEN HERE. Berman, Ari Nov 1, 2020 1581
America Needs Compulsory Voting. Oct 26, 2020 1038
Chileans vote overwhelmingly for new constitution. Oct 26, 2020 845
Extra day of voting to cost P2 billion Recto. Oct 23, 2020 829
Govt tables bill for 'open vote' in Senate polls. Oct 17, 2020 863
Govt tables bill for 'open vote' in Senate polls. Oct 17, 2020 843
Bayelsa West voters'll reject Dickson in bye-election -Olorogun. Oct 16, 2020 1286
New Zealand Gives US A Lesson In Pandemic Democracy. Oct 15, 2020 969
Barrett tells doubtful Democrats she'd keep open mind on court. Mascaro, By Lisa; Sherman, Mark; Press, Laurie Kellman Associated Oct 15, 2020 1035
Hanging on her answers. Seung Min Kim and Ann E. Marimow The Washington Post Oct 14, 2020 2048
Hanging on her answers Hearing: Barrett vows rulings without personal bias. Seung Min Kim and Ann E. Marimow The Washington Post Oct 14, 2020 2048
California officials clash with state Republican Party over ballot drop boxes. Reuters News Service Oct 13, 2020 645
Don't let this be your last vote. Winters, Michael Sean Oct 2, 2020 1127
Why nurses need to be politically engaged. Clendon, Jill Editorial Oct 1, 2020 834
Tolentino questions affidavit requirement for Filipino voters abroad. Oct 1, 2020 603
Delaying election is not just a bad idea - it's a dangerous one; 'Postponing the election would be seized on by populists as another example of politicians looking after themselves...'. Sep 30, 2020 945
UPDATE: Swiss Voters Refuse Immigration Cuts, Embrace Paternity Leave. Sep 27, 2020 732
Senators thumb down proposal to postpone 2022 national elections. Sep 25, 2020 1254
Who's a hypocrite? GOP, Dems debate past comments on court. MATTHEW DALY Associated Press Sep 23, 2020 991
Analysts: Overseas Malaysians deserves reform of voting system before next GE. Sep 19, 2020 700
Faith and Politics in a World Gone Awry. Ehman, Frank C., Jr. Book review Sep 14, 2020 569
Main opposition seeks to attract young people disgruntled with ruling party. Sep 11, 2020 774
In Illinois, 1M set to vote by mail Vote: Cook County Republicans calls mail-in expansion a partisan scheme. SOPHIA TAREEN Associated Press Sep 7, 2020 907
Legal reform key to increasing women representation in Legislature. Sep 3, 2020 996
Honoring 100 years of suffrage Sheila Simon is still encouraging women to jump into politics with both feet Simon:. HOLLY KEE Aug 26, 2020 667
Honoring 100 years of suffrage Sheila Simon is still encouraging women to jump into politics with both feet. HOLLY KEE Aug 26, 2020 666
National Party President Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo passes away in Karachi. Aug 21, 2020 1265
Hillary Clinton returns to DNC championing women in politics. SARA BURNETT Associated Press Aug 20, 2020 770
Americans Can Vote Safely Amid The Pandemic. Aug 18, 2020 901
Trump opposes postal money that would help vote-by-mail. DEB RIECHMANN and ANTHONY IZAGUIRRE Associated Press Aug 14, 2020 980
Trump blocks virus aid over postal funds. Aug 14, 2020 788
Biden's pick, a champion of law and order, and a trailblazer for equality and education; Who is Kamala Harris, Joe Biden's choice for vicepresident if he wins the 2020 United States presidential election? Bryan Cranston, an expert in US politics, reports. Aug 14, 2020 1081
Egypt's PM votes in Senate elections on Tuesday. Egypt Today staff Aug 11, 2020 298
Rights commission Suhakam joins call for law against party-hopping that Putrajaya says would violate freedom of association. Aug 6, 2020 453
Jos 2001 crisis: We're yet to see N10 billion relief fund FG promised -Rev. Fr. Lubo, Plateau CAN chairman. Aug 2, 2020 2169
Extended Commentary: James Hedges and Prohibition's "Faithful Remnant". Gillespie, J. David Aug 1, 2020 4435
How Igbo can get 2023 presidency - Idika Kalu. Interview Aug 1, 2020 3366
Memorial calls for Scotland's 'forgotten' first non-white MP; He was born to a wealthy Scots slave owner and and an unknown black mother in the West Indies and went on to become a MP in Scotland, serving his people for almost 30 years. Alison Campsie Jul 26, 2020 1029
Like Darfur, East Timor, Kashmiris must get right to self-determination: Shehryar Afridi. Jul 20, 2020 690
Afridi says political diplomatic support to Kashmiris to continue. Jul 20, 2020 659
Kashmiris must be given self-will right like Darfur East Timor. Jul 20, 2020 646
'Take a step toward democracy': Why a special election is absolutely necessary. Jul 12, 2020 4266
'An attack on press freedom, a charade'. Jul 11, 2020 1565
Fall election could decide Washington, D.C., statehood. Jul 8, 2020 740
Time to compile a clean voters' register is now! Jul 2, 2020 1729
GOING POSTAL: The pandemic gives the GOP a whole new way to squash the vote. Berman, Ari Jul 1, 2020 3132
INFECTING ELECTION INTEGRITY: Politicians and activists--mainly Democrats--are using the excuse of avoiding COVID-19 to move to mail-in voting and completely undo election integrity. Hyde, Kurt Cover story Jun 22, 2020 4992
Pritzker signs vote-by-mail expansion Recent voters, those who changed addresses will receive mail-in application. JERRY NOWICK Capitol News Illinois Jun 19, 2020 714
NPP Primaries: Bantama MP to step down if... Jun 16, 2020 1907
'Chaos in Georgia': Is messy primary a November harbinger? BILL BARROW Associated Press Jun 11, 2020 1019
NPP outlines guidelines for 2020 parliamentary primaries amid coronavirus. Jun 8, 2020 1816
Decision on granting leave for FR petitions Today at 3 PM. Jun 2, 2020 912
UK PM Johnson Facing Tory Revolt Over Plans To End Remote Voting. Jun 2, 2020 590
FR Case: Today, Counsels for the intervening Petitioners Will Continue Their Submissions. May 29, 2020 995
Uganda's early elections: Mixed fortunes for DP, UPC. May 29, 2020 1547
Opinion: Who is a Ghanaian? May 28, 2020 2523
Govt proposes 'open vote' for Senate elections. Amir Wasim May 21, 2020 938
Jean Mensa's EC set to disenfranchise 645,553+ eligible voters in Northern, Savannah regions. May 19, 2020 637
Citizens, politicians have different conceptions of political parties. May 17, 2020 1851
As mail voting pushed, some fear loss of in-person option. CHRISTINA A. CASSIDY and NICHOLAS RICCARDI Associated Press Apr 21, 2020 1050
Plans to give prisoners the vote in Wales are dropped. GARETH WILLIAMS Local democracy reporter Apr 11, 2020 653
Plans to give prisoners vote in Welsh council elections dropped. GARETH WILLIAMS Business Correspondent Apr 11, 2020 589
Virus delays plan to give prisoners vote. GARETH WILLIAMS Local Democracy Reporter Apr 11, 2020 621
Liberal and centrist parties likely to fall victim to scaled-down overseas voting. Apr 2, 2020 684
Lagman questions legality of House 'virtual' session. Mar 25, 2020 929
INSIGHT INTO THE ERA: Versions of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment have been rejected for nearly a hundred years, and there's good reason for that. Shaw, Lisa Mar 23, 2020 2338
Welsh prisoners in line to get the vote in council elections; BUT WELSH GOVERNMENT PLANS FACE SENEDD VOTE HURDLE. ADAM HALE Mar 9, 2020 347
LAW & LITERATURE / Democracy in Ruins: Flaubert's Sentimental Education and the fate of radical Democrats. Normey, Rob Mar 1, 2020 1280
One million voters to miss out on polls. Feb 26, 2020 923
Government, EC consider extension of voter registration exercise. Feb 20, 2020 658
'Malice toward none'? On eve of Lincoln's birthday, a reminder to rise above the bitterness. Feb 11, 2020 524
Karabakh's Azerbaijani Community calls on Armenians to vote in upcoming elections. Feb 6, 2020 472
Trump-Pelosi feud erupts during speech to Congress as impeachment trial nears end. Reuters News Service Feb 5, 2020 1130
PDP Backs Abaribe's Call For Buhari's Resignation. Jan 30, 2020 1195
Anti-political dynasty provision met with raised eyebrows in House panel. Jan 28, 2020 865
Democrats Push Back on White House Impeachment Claims, Saying Trump Believes He's Above Law. Jan 21, 2020 902
Finland as role model for Central Asia -- Part 2. Tariq Saeedi Jan 21, 2020 687
It's time to declare a holiday for a woman. Jan 21, 2020 688
PM should give us our right to vote. George BY PAISLEY MSP GEORGE ADAM Jan 20, 2020 577
Your Views. Jan 18, 2020 1268
Queen gives assent for votes at 16. ruth mosalski Political editor Jan 16, 2020 448
Give us MPs with some experience. Angus Long Jan 2, 2020 805
Joe Biden Touts His Opposition To GOP Voter Suppression. Zaid Jilani Dec 23, 2019 468
Abolish capital punishment, death row inmates tell MPs. Dec 23, 2019 614
Ethnoracial Identities and Political Representation in Ontario and British Columbia. Minani Passy, Pascasie; Gueye, Abdoulaye Dec 22, 2019 5907
Why Labour MP Jess Phillips is obvious choice for next leader -- Susan Dalgety. Dec 21, 2019 1111
Being elected MP again is a great honour. Alister Jack MP Dec 20, 2019 166
Impressed by MP's take on environment; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB. Letter to the editor Dec 12, 2019 1310
PU announces results of Senate's elections. Dec 7, 2019 173
Boris Johnson accuses Labour of trying to 'rig' second Brexit vote; The Prime Minister claims allowing EU citizens to vote is an effort to "fiddle" a second referendum, as Michael Gove claims next week's general election is on a knife edge. By, Dave Burke Dec 6, 2019 381
Esher teens give their blunt assessments of politicians and their parties after meeting them; First-time voters and those who aren't yet old enough explain who they would vote for. Rebecca Curley Nov 29, 2019 750
AMs support Senedd vote at age of 16. RUTH MOSALSKI Political Editor Nov 28, 2019 558
AMs support Senedd vote at age of 16. RUTH MOSALSKI Political editor Nov 28, 2019 559
Voting age lowered to 16 for Senedd elections. RUTH MOSALSKI Nov 28, 2019 532
Plasschaert Assures Al-Halbousi of the UN's Readiness to Provide Assistance and Expertise in the Election Mechanism and the Work of the Commission. Nov 26, 2019 159
Election is our only voice. Nov 25, 2019 809
General Election 2019: Corbyn and Johnson back on campaign trail after brutal grilling; Jeremy Corbyn promised to be neutral on another referendum -while Boris Johnson was challenged over "racist rhetoric" and trustworthiness during TV grilling. By, Sam Blewett & Shaun Connolly & George Ryan Nov 23, 2019 893
Hansard Society: Mock elections give future voters a taste for the real thing. Nov 17, 2019 668
Emergence of majoritarian politics in modern India. Dr Rajkumar Singh Nov 5, 2019 1216
The Impeachment of President Andrew Johnson. Byas, Steve Nov 4, 2019 3133
CAYMAN ISLANDS-POLITICS- Governor encourages Caymanians to vote in upcoming referendum. Oct 27, 2019 454
SISTERS SHO THE ROOFTO OUTING IT FROM OPS; THE BEAUTIFUL NO ORTH with DJ & broadcaster RIGSY Shannon O'Neill of Sister Ghost talks politics with h Rigsy. charlotte heathcote Oct 25, 2019 1182
GUYANA-POLITICS-President 'open' to nominations for prime ministerial candidate. Oct 25, 2019 834
Why NRM won Hoima Woman MP seat. Sep 29, 2019 1911
The real democracy for Hong Kong is the one that suits it. Sep 28, 2019 845
Bloomberg backs dialogue - in US politics and in the Middle East. RAY HANANIA Sep 25, 2019 1500
Labour women and local activism: gender and the foundation of the Labour Party. Davidson, Ruth Sep 22, 2019 2102
Global climate strike: Millions set to take part in 'largest climate protest in history'; Student campaigners will take to the streets across the globe today with protesters in London set to converge on Parliament to demand action on climate change. Nada Farhoud Sep 20, 2019 836
Homing in on politics; YOUR VOICE. Sep 19, 2019 129
MP Gavin: Check you're registered to vote. Sep 5, 2019 320
Court bids launched to stop Johnson suspending UK parliament. Aug 30, 2019 747
Advances for women, but more to be done. Aug 24, 2019 312
No plans to stop Ipelegeng, old age pension. Aug 20, 2019 547
Step back into Newcastle history, and the city's links to the Peterloo Massacre; Walking tour to showcase Newcastle's role in the battle for Parliamentary reform, marking 200th anniversary of the infamous Peterloo Massacre. Aug 14, 2019 1139
BJP's castle in the air. Aug 7, 2019 697
Is this Europe's politician of the future? Aug 5, 2019 1078
Untrustworthiness of lawmakers on both sides exposed once again. Aug 2, 2019 732
What Scottish unionists can learn from decline of Quebec's separatists -- Murdo Fraser. Jul 31, 2019 1034
Seven opposition parties to push for amendment of 2017 charter. Jul 21, 2019 853
K'taka Cong says Shrimant Patil 'abducted' by BJP, legislator refutes claim. Jul 18, 2019 831
Bus reforms and votes for 16-year-olds on way. Jul 17, 2019 525
I voted to keep abortion illegal after losing my babies, but my party's reaction left me furious; MP attacked over pro-life stance for Northern Ireland. Jul 14, 2019 845
What do Brexit AMs stand for? As the Brexit Party has no manifesto, political editor Ruth Mosalski asked the party's Assembly Members for their thoughts on some key issues. Only one would tell us... Jul 11, 2019 1239
Supreme Court abdicated its responsibility to defend voting rights. Jul 10, 2019 427
Taiwan's KMT primary contenders join protest against Referendum Act. Jul 7, 2019 633
MAP QUEST. Berman, Ari Jul 1, 2019 3644
African-origin politicians step into the breach. Goodwin, Clayton Jul 1, 2019 1320
A blow to democracy The Supreme Court abdicates its role to end gerrymanding and defend voting rights. Jun 30, 2019 437
Pass on those vital values as politics needs to be part of the curriculum. Jun 29, 2019 1804
Not teaching politics in Welsh classrooms is the biggest gap in the syllabus / Carolyn Hitt; 'While impartiality is central to the teaching of politics, there is still room to transmit essential values'. Jun 29, 2019 1868
Claiming One's Place--A Bigger Role for Indigenous Peoples and Parliamentarians in Ottawa. Whyte, Danielle; Aglukkaq, Leona; Vandal, Dan; Pitawanakwat, Brock Jun 22, 2019 4376
The question of progressive agency: What kinds of agency are most likely to bring about the changes in society we so urgently need? Rustin, Michael Jun 22, 2019 6690
BEST OF TWITTER. Jun 13, 2019 202
Women's gala is back in Durham; EVENT HONOURS FEMALES IN POLITICS. Jun 9, 2019 447
Raila, Uhuru should uphold Ruto's right to visit Kiambu. Jun 1, 2019 745
Tales from the coffeeshop: Why would anyone want to be an MEP? May 26, 2019 1830
Tories Face "Wipeout" As UK Parties Await Fate After European Election. May 24, 2019 924
Farage tells MPs: We're coming for your jobs. May 24, 2019 761
We will be watching you! May 23, 2019 320
SHAKE EM UP; RECORD VIEW Nine years of Tory rule have left the UK on its knees, with our most vulnerable mired in poverty while the Government wastes years dragging us out of the European Union. Send them a message today, reminding them that Scotland voted to Remain and reject the pro-Brexit parties. May 23, 2019 898
Arab Muslim congresswomen disrespected by fellow Democrats. May 15, 2019 1019
61M Filipinos cast their votes Monday. May 12, 2019 2266
May 13 declared a holiday. May 9, 2019 1140
MP Gavin: Don't miss the cut-off to vote at European Elections. May 4, 2019 174
Why it is so vitally important for Scotland's future that you vote in EU elections that were never meant to happen; 600,000 VOTERS RISK MISSING POLL DEADLINE It only takes a few minutes to ensure your voice is heard in Europe at crucial time for us all RECORDVIEW. May 2, 2019 1216
Politicians need to earn the trust of their people. Apr 27, 2019 226
SIS analyzes foreign media coverslip of the referendum, highlights press freedom. Apr 21, 2019 1243
It is the politics, stupid: (Not) Kenya Style. Apr 21, 2019 1414
In pics: PM Mostafa Madbouli votes in referendum, calls on Egyptians to participate. Apr 20, 2019 255
Azhar Imam, Grand Mufti cast vote in referendum. Apr 20, 2019 310
Democratic rope-a-dope and more. Apr 17, 2019 511
Senators ask Filipinos abroad to vote. Apr 15, 2019 334
Sen. Villar urges overseas Filipinos to exercise their right to vote. Apr 14, 2019 409
Capitol statue planned for early suffragist Frances Munds. Apr 12, 2019 789
Congress and Pakistan want similar things: PM Modi. Apr 9, 2019 436
Voter ID Laws Don't Seem To Suppress Minority Votes. Apr 5, 2019 1476
Foreigners in Slovakia: How to vote in the European Parliament elections? Apr 4, 2019 796
Record turnout sees teenage MYSPs elected. Apr 3, 2019 465
Representation grows, yet still work to be done for women in politics. Fanelli , Gino Apr 2, 2019 1208
Masisi challenges democrats to shun selfishness. Mar 31, 2019 540
Hopes for change on hold. Mar 30, 2019 878
Hopes for change on hold. Mar 30, 2019 864
MPs back overseas voting in civic polls. Mar 27, 2019 179
Western Mail letters: Tuesday, March 26, 2019; Your letters to the national newspaper of Wales. Mar 26, 2019 1310
India's 'Election tourism': A taste of the 'festival of democracy'. Mar 24, 2019 792
Majority of Berkshire voters want second Brexit referendum, reveals survey; That's according to a survey by a campaign group as a petition to revoke Article 50 reaches more than 4.7million signatures. Mar 24, 2019 438
Restructuring the House of Representatives: A Proposal for Constitutional Reform. Holcombe, Randall G. Report Mar 22, 2019 4776
Getting Serious About Power: Can we learn something about the right's strategic coherence without emulating either their ideas or their contempt for democracy? Fredrickson, Caroline Mar 22, 2019 1380
I'm not contesting elections, not campaigning for any political party: Salman Khan refutes poll rumours. Mar 21, 2019 367
I'm not contesting elections, not campaigning for any political party: Salman Khan. Mar 21, 2019 367
Thai politics is a man's world. How can we change that? Mar 21, 2019 1017
Gender Bill is good for everyone, don't blame women MPs if it fails. Mar 12, 2019 735
Female MPs captured ... to reflect upon freedom. Mar 4, 2019 394
Estonia Elects New Parliament. Mar 3, 2019 115
Legislation By Thunderbolt: the Remarkable Career of Dave Barrett. Normey, Rob Mar 1, 2019 1193
We're Donald's voices of the future; Young adults born on same day as opening of the Scottish; Parliament reflect on the difference it's made to their lives and family; 20 YEARS ON REMEMBERING FORMER FIRST MINISTER'S SPECIAL CEREMONY FOR DEVOLUTION BABIES. Feb 24, 2019 1285
Officer encourages politicians to shun voter trafficking. Feb 20, 2019 582
Trump vows to build border wall, announces new Kim meeting. Feb 6, 2019 1264
In Democratic rebuttal, Abrams castigates Trump over shutdown, voting rights. Feb 6, 2019 667
Donald Trump's State of the Union derailed as congress women dance and celebrate; The President was forced to stop his speech, saying "You weren't supposed to do that". Feb 6, 2019 436
Union address: Why women in white stood up to Trump. Feb 6, 2019 389

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