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Brexit 'distraction' threatens the future of UK's nuclear industry, MPs say. May 2, 2017 522
What on Earth: is happening to our temperature. Hiserodt, Ed; Terrell, Rebecca Apr 3, 2017 3964
CII presented 78 reports in parliament: Sherani. Nov 24, 2016 180
Senate passes 4 resolutions unanimously. Nov 22, 2016 357
First World Congress on Undergraduate Research kicks off in Doha. Nov 13, 2016 260
India : Curtain raiser -First-ever International Agrobiodiversity Congress to be held in New Delhi from 6-9 November, 2016. Nov 8, 2016 356
Five minutes with Anita Nouri, GESS UAE. Nov 2, 2016 432
United States : Secretary-General Urges European Parliament to Fast-Track Ratification of Paris Climate Accord, Pushing Deal over 55 Per Cent Threshold for Entry into Force. Oct 5, 2016 805
India : Government unveils sustainable Urban Development strategy for next 20 years. Oct 4, 2016 574
Belgium : UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to address EP plenary on the occasion of vote on the Paris Agreement. Oct 4, 2016 113
Senate committee seeks report on reported LNG terminal in Bundle Island. Sep 28, 2016 360
Building the Capacity of Rwandas Government to advance the National Adaptation Planning process. Sep 27, 2016 136
Building the Capacity of Malawis Government to Advance the National Adaptation Plan Process. Sep 27, 2016 145
First global conservation priorities set IUCN World Conservation Congress. Sep 7, 2016 480
United States : Government and partners plan State of Pakistan Cities Report. Report Sep 3, 2016 693
No LNG project exists in Bundle Island area: Senate body informed. Aug 24, 2016 341
Issues then, issues now. Aug 19, 2016 145
United States : Investment in Sustainable Development Good for Bottom Line, Our Common Future, Secretary-General Tells Conference on Blue Ocean Strategy. Conference notes Aug 17, 2016 308
United States : Investment in Sustainable Development Good for Bottom Line, Our Common Future, Secretary-General Tells Conference on Blue Ocean Strategy. Conference notes Aug 17, 2016 308
India : Widest Possible Consultations with MPs, MLAs Needed to Preserve Western Ghats. Aug 12, 2016 240
Campaign against climate-change skeptics. Hoar, William P. Correction notice Aug 8, 2016 1995
Denying the settled science of human life. Nussbaum, Melissa Musick Column Jul 29, 2016 1215
The transparency bullies: climate change skeptics have rights to free speech and privacy, too. Welch, Matt Jul 1, 2016 1304
Weatherman: Trump. Brief article Jun 17, 2016 164
An encyclical 'boost': year-old Laudato Si' has stirred up action for Earth. Roewe, Brian Jun 17, 2016 1896
PMD needs 10 weather stations for accurate predictions, Senate told. Jun 15, 2016 194
Party Groups Agree on Importance of Big Election Issues. Saad, Lydia Survey Jun 6, 2016 708
Pollution threatens mangroves, marine life in coastal areas. May 26, 2016 285
Senate body calls for measures to fight coastal pollution. May 26, 2016 1009
United States : Sierra Club endorses Rob Hogg for U.S. Senate. May 25, 2016 207
French parliament adopts bill to ratify Paris climate agreement. May 18, 2016 169
State AGs in "criminal conspiracy" to persecute climate skeptics. May 9, 2016 744
Read the Bible, MP tells Commissioners. May 6, 2016 213
175 Nations sign Paris Agreement on climate. Herlinger, Chris May 6, 2016 837
Senate body for intl, conference to discuss rising seal level. Conference news May 3, 2016 489
Growth is green: climate change is a threat, but development must take priority. Rorke, Catrina May 1, 2016 1564
Commons recall for EDF officials over Hinkley delay. Apr 27, 2016 248
Canada : ONTARIO plans over $5m in investment for soil mapping partnering the Federal Government. Apr 25, 2016 261
United States : Senators advocate for federal investment in environment protection programs, clean energy jobs. Apr 18, 2016 282
Senate body for elaborate plan to counter environmental threats. Mar 30, 2016 126
Senate body for elaborate plan to counter environmental threats. Mar 30, 2016 126
Climate and democracy. Oreskes, Naomi; Jamieson, Dale; Grundmann, Reiner Mar 22, 2016 1876
Science Committee sends another request to NOAA. Brief article Mar 22, 2016 162
Climate justice women & peace. Conference notes Mar 22, 2016 674
Belgium : Earth Hour: European Parliament to switch off its lights. Mar 18, 2016 248
Spring forward into global weirding. Democker, Mary Mar 1, 2016 959
High court puts Clean Power Plan on hold. Roewe, Brian Feb 26, 2016 1132
The perfect storm of education reform: high-stakes testing and teacher evaluation. Croft, Sheryl J.; Roberts, Mari Ann; Stenhouse, Vera L. Jan 10, 2016 9569
My climate change: decades of reporting on climate science and the climate policy debate have led me through a long evolution in my thinking, and I hope to a little practical wisdom. Revkin, Andrew C. Jan 1, 2016 7002
Exceptional circumstances: does climate change trump democracy? Stehr, Nico Jan 1, 2016 4554
Believers on the rise. Brief article Dec 16, 2015 232
Belgium : La Via: COP21 agreement sets out a clear course for climate policy over next century. Dec 15, 2015 405
White House's COP21 goals: Less climate idealism, more political realism. Dec 12, 2015 696
Is global warming the greatest threat to national security? Jasper, William F. Dec 7, 2015 1443
Clean Energy Victory Bond Push in Congress Would Steer $150 Billion to Clean Energy. Dec 3, 2015 967
US House of Representatives votes to overturn Obama's climate rule. Dec 2, 2015 197
When our "world view" collides with science: the price we pay. Lambert, David. P. Speech Dec 1, 2015 4515
Living under the influence of sky. Norman, James Dec 1, 2015 1191
India : Prime Minister calls for collective efforts to enable effective functioning of Parliament. Nov 26, 2015 664
HEAT is on with successful trip to Parliament. Nov 21, 2015 247
Coal's future looks increasingly bleak: industry chiefs; With the country's last deep mine shutting next month the future of the UK coal industry looks increasingly bleak. PETER MCCUSKER reports. Nov 12, 2015 1453
Meteorologist persecuted for debunking Climate hysteria. Nov 9, 2015 318
World's bishops pull together for climate. Roewe, Brian Nov 6, 2015 1604
Confronting a trinity of institutional barriers: denial, cover-up, and secrecy. Barker, Holly M. Nov 1, 2015 8380
Concerning our failure to appreciate the weather. Miesler, Peter Nov 1, 2015 1366
Agribusiness Congress East Africa Returns to Dar es Salaam as Region Focuses on the Business of Farming. Oct 2, 2015 873
Faith leaders press candidates. Brief article Aug 14, 2015 174
Pope's environmental encyclical calls for world government. Jul 20, 2015 738
Time to talk climate, says Iowa bishop. Roewe, Brian Jul 17, 2015 929
A call to all to save 'our common home'. McElwee, Joshua J. Jul 3, 2015 2158
Environment activists end day-long protest on New Zealand parliament roof. Jun 25, 2015 371
Climate clubs to overcome free-riding: climate clubs are a policy option that will put pressure on countries to participate in global agreements--or pay a price. Nordhaus, William Jun 22, 2015 4871
Labour MP strives for top job on Environmental Audit Committee. Jun 12, 2015 426
Mind over climate change matters: psychological barriers complicate overcoming denial, rousing action for Earth. Roewe, Brian Jun 5, 2015 1743
Encyclical on environment sparks hope among academics, activists. Reese, Thomas May 22, 2015 2138
Pre-encyclical pushback. Roewe, Brian Apr 24, 2015 2623
Will Nigel Farage deny Britain an in/out EU referendum? Editorial Apr 21, 2015 924
Rethinking cooperation: inequality and consent in international climate change politics. Ciplet, David Report Apr 1, 2015 12349
Climate change is #on my agenda. McKenzie-McHarg, Victoria Mar 1, 2015 766
Campaign updates. Mar 1, 2015 1442
Catholics launch global climate movement. Roewe, Brian Jan 30, 2015 1570
Tackle climate change and illicit financial flows together. Munang, Richard; Han, Zhen Dec 1, 2014 1104
Cooked-up climate contentions. Hoar, William P. Column Nov 3, 2014 2173
Old foes resume their barbs. Oct 16, 2014 653
Socially, politically and economically mediated health effects of climate change: possible consequences for Africa. Bowles, D.C.; Butler, C.D. Report Aug 1, 2014 2664
The climate price tag. Jul 8, 2014 474
I'm thrilled to step in as ACF's new climate campaign manager for the next 12 months. McKenzie-McHarg, Victoria Column Jul 1, 2014 342
Ecological change: cultivating resilience. Jun 1, 2014 531
Partners in clime: public-private partnerships and British Columbia's capacity to pursue climate policy objectives. Neuman, Joshua; Perl, Anthony Report Jun 1, 2014 6777
The Wilderness Act and climate change adaptation. Long, Elisabeth; Biber, Eric Mar 22, 2014 8626
The Wilderness Act and climate change adaptation. Long, Elisabeth; Biber, Eric Mar 22, 2014 27748
Conservatism and climate science: objections to liberal environmental orthodoxy have less to do with the specifics of the research or the economic interests of the fossil fuel industry than with fundamental questions about hubris and democratic values. Hayward, Steven F. Mar 22, 2014 4435
Head in the sand. Brief article Mar 14, 2014 172
Climate alarmism and the corruption of science: why, despite the overwhelming evidence that humans are not causing catastrophic global warming, governments and the UN continue to push the scary scenarios. Newman, Alex Dec 23, 2013 2538
Top scientists slam and ridicule UN IPCC climate report. Oct 21, 2013 349
Dual identity and issue localization: East Asia in global governance. Cho, Il Hyun Essay Oct 1, 2013 9589
House holds climate hearing. Brief article Sep 22, 2013 283
The climate-nuclear nexus. Ware, Alyn; Van Riet, Rob Jun 22, 2013 2348
Places we love. Henry, Don Apr 1, 2013 517
Climate change, nuclear power, and renewable energy: environmental reality vs political rhetoric. Hynes, H. Patricia Mar 22, 2013 1390
Climate justice in Bangladesh: a critical review. Mohammad, Noor; Hasani; Zinatul; Jady; Ruzian; Aminurasyed Report Mar 1, 2013 8633
They turned the White House green. Brief article Jan 7, 2013 119
The hidden risks of energy innovation: advocates of tackling climate change through innovation are at risk of dangerously overreaching at home and abroad; a more modest program could produce better results. Levi, Michael Jan 1, 2013 4234
Keep pushing. Editorial Dec 22, 2012 501
How well does climate change and human health research match the demands of policymakers? A scoping review. Hosking, Jamie; Campbell-Lendrum, Diarmid Report Aug 1, 2012 7665
Mexican Congress approves far-reaching environmental legislation. Navarro, Carlos Apr 25, 2012 1586
Points of progress. Roewe, Brian Apr 13, 2012 1227
Airline CO2 friction is hint of new climate politics. Mar 22, 2012 729
So long, farewell. Brief article Mar 14, 2012 219
Keystone XL pipeline = climate catastrophe: in all the political wrangling over the proposed tar sands pipeline from Canada to Texas, the climate change impacts have been nearly forgotten. Lieber, Don Mar 1, 2012 1687
Kicking the can on climate change surprise! Nations agree to keep talking about emission reductions for another year. Bailey, Ronald Column Feb 15, 2012 1142
Quickquotes. McManus, John F. Nov 7, 2011 519
Sovereign risk. O'Connor, Simon Nov 1, 2011 412
Adapting to climate change. Ashe, Dan Sep 22, 2011 521
Climate adaptation programs under fire. Sep 22, 2011 616
One step forward, two steps back. Jun 22, 2011 459
The breakthrough that wasn't. Bielicki, Richard F. Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2011 363
Energy in three dimensions: the rationale for energy policy must be about more than climate change and green energy. Richter, Burton Mar 22, 2011 2897
Globalizing responsibility for climate change. Vanderheiden, Steve Essay Mar 22, 2011 8558
Make the right change for climate: cut fuel subsidies for flood funds not emission reduction schemes. Lowe, Ian Mar 1, 2011 377
Price carbon cut pollution: the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee has a real opportunity to put a price on carbon and cut emissions. Maries, Claire Mar 1, 2011 706
Aynsley Kellow and Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen (eds.), The International Politics of Climate Change. Kavalski, Emilian Book review Feb 1, 2011 907
A hot day in Canberra: people power presents more than just support for a price on pollution to Federal MPs. ACF Climate Change Campaigner Simon Bradshaw reports. Bradshaw, Simon Jan 1, 2011 427
Climate change. Mohr, Tony Brief article Jan 1, 2011 284
Gormley's climate bill is published; LEGISLATION. Dec 24, 2010 110
Climate change campaign. Mohr, Tony Brief article Oct 1, 2010 230
The rise and fall of the climate change debate and political upsets in Australia. Suter, Keith Report Sep 22, 2010 4509
The need for climate engineering research. Caldeira, Ken; Keith, David W. Sep 22, 2010 4453
Reflections on the Cochabamba climate summit. Lander, Edgardo Reprint Sep 21, 2010 1193
The inflated promise of natural gas. Cox, Stan Sep 21, 2010 852
Energizing the nation. Johnson, William D. Sep 1, 2010 2475
Coalition of Consumers Urges Senate Not to Legislate Natural Gas Demand in Energy/Climate Bill. Jul 23, 2010 583
Climate bill in doubt as Democrats delay action. Jul 23, 2010 292
Senator Byrd and the climate bill. Webster, Rebecca Jul 7, 2010 299
Climate change, migration, and governance. Martin, Susan Essay Jul 1, 2010 7949
The road to a sustainable society is paved with good intentions: is the failure of national politicians to exercise leadership on climate change out of step with public opinion or does it in fact reflect a disconnect between our expressed concern and willingness to act? Vadasz, Danny Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2010 1261
Responding to climate crisis: modernisation, limits, socialism. Goodman, James Essay Jun 22, 2010 7725
Cap-and-trade con: climate-change alarmists use fabricated fear of global warming to establish Eco-government. Terrell, Rebecca Jun 21, 2010 2195
Problem solved. Brief article Jun 16, 2010 117
PCA: Energy, climate bill must balance ecological, cement interests. May 1, 2010 753
Norway looks forward to economic development of Arctic. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 155
What was decided in Copenhagen? Tokar, Brian Mar 22, 2010 1293
Subject to Debate. Mark, Jason Editorial Mar 22, 2010 551
New MPs are 'last chance' on climate. Mar 22, 2010 235
Climate change debate remains deadlocked. Jan 1, 2010 567
Politics-as-usual while the planet burns: the problem with climate legislation. Tokar, Brian Essay Jan 1, 2010 2735
Climate of risk: climate warming demands fresh thinking about security policy. Renner, Michael Jan 1, 2010 3795
Letter from the president. Lowe, Ian Brief article Jan 1, 2010 269
Climate change campaign. Mohr, Tony Brief article Jan 1, 2010 284
Beyond Copenhagen: the Copenhagen Accord that stumbled out of the last day and night of negotiations was only 'noted' by the UN because several countries would not support it. So what did Copenhagen actually achieve? And what happens next. Mohr, Tony Cover story Jan 1, 2010 1373
2009: the year in review: 2009 will be remembered as the year Australians stood up and demanded action on climate change. But it was also a year that Australia was rocked by the shocking Victorian bushfires; the Murray River was thrown a lifeline; Al Gore stopped by; and a strange-looking turtle got a break ... Vaisutis, Justine Jan 1, 2010 642
Environmental security and regional stability in the Persian Gulf. Russell, James A. Dec 22, 2009 6166
Climate might be right for a deal: Copenhagen negotiations will take steps toward a climate-stabilizing treaty. Raloff, Janet Dec 5, 2009 2866
Daily Wrap Up - Nov 2. Nov 2, 2009 414
When blue meets green: how the labor and environmental movements are making peace. Goffman, Ethan Cover story Nov 1, 2009 3266
Countdown to Copenhagen: the world faces an urgent climate crisis. Is the international community up to the task? Motavalli, Jim Nov 1, 2009 4275
Copenhagen: the dawning of a new era? UN countries have set themselves a deadline of December 2009 in Copenhagen, when they hope to reach an agreement regarding solutions to climate change. So what needs to be included in such an agreement and where do the key countries stand? Mohr, Tony Oct 1, 2009 541
Who controls the Northwest Passage? Byers, Michael; Lalonde, Suzanne Oct 1, 2009 35464
Justice and climate change: toward a libertarian analysis. Shahar, Dan C. Essay Sep 22, 2009 9382
House approves climate and energy bill, Senate begins work. Sep 22, 2009 751
Climate change and U.S. competitiveness: we need to move to a low-carbon, energy-efficient economy, but we also need to be sure that we don't lose critical manufacturing sectors in the process. Yudken, Joel S.; Bassi, Andrea M. Sep 22, 2009 4723
Green-Industrial complex: Al Gore and his allies know the color of money. O'Neill, Brendan Cover story Aug 1, 2009 2416
Climate change campaign. Mohr, Tony Brief article Aug 1, 2009 302
Who, us? Brief article Jun 22, 2009 215
Not it. Brief article Jun 22, 2009 266
Energy action: victory by degrees. Mark, Jason Jun 22, 2009 1343
Eco-equity: climate change's public secrets. Athanasiou, Tom Mar 22, 2009 1439
The greenhouse gas lobby. Wedekind, Jennifer Brief article Mar 1, 2009 266
MPs disagree over extent of the climate change impact; POLITICS. Jun 11, 2008 673
House band is feeling heat of climate change; SPIN DOCTOR. Jun 8, 2008 560
WWF Statement on Senate Climate Bill. Jun 6, 2008 571
Business Roundtable Statement on Senate Climate Change Legislation. Discussion Jun 2, 2008 283
Eleven Major Corporations Urge Senate Passage of Climate Change Legislation. Jun 2, 2008 667
Senate begins climate change debate; revised bill contains funding for NLC priorities. Berndt, Carolyn Jun 2, 2008 481
On things great and small. Rook, Alexandra Column Jun 1, 2008 651
MPs join rock star for climate change concert. May 28, 2008 244
U.S. Government Study Finds Climate Change Impacting Water Availability, Agriculture, and Wildlife. Report May 27, 2008 606
The climate is changing: the climate change debate is front and center in Washington, D.C., and it should be front and center in your metalcasting facility. Apr 1, 2008 1972
We cannot be anything less than courageous in our approach to tackling climate change. If we are not, the result will be catastrophe; Doomsday clock is ticking fast to midnight, warns Prince Charles. Feb 15, 2008 750
Republicans warm up to climate change. Scheer, Roddy Feb 11, 2008 375
Climate conflicts: oil, money, land--the opportunities for argument in the volatile Middle East region are myriad. But it is water and the results of global warming that present the region with its greatest potential hazard over the coming decades. Blanche, Ed Feb 1, 2008 2206
EU leaders 'must act' on climate change; POLITICS. Jan 22, 2008 283
Washington outlook. Gray, Gerry Jan 1, 2008 992
2007: the year in review: it was a year of working together on climate change, a federal election, awards, world leaders, and a visit from a humble buddhist monk. It was 2007 ... Vaisutis, Justine Jan 1, 2008 1063
Climate change plea to MP. Dec 7, 2007 149
The emerging politics of climate change. McKnight, David Dec 1, 2007 2283
'We all have to face the realities and change the way we live'. Nov 30, 2007 872
Thabo Mbeki: 'let our actions speak louder than our words'. Nov 1, 2007 1691
2007 Federal Election: progress scorecard on climate change. Tupper, Graham Oct 1, 2007 727
Assembly climate change powers row looms. Sep 24, 2007 927
Climate bills address competitiveness concerns. Sep 22, 2007 584
MP: Help us to slow down climate change. Sep 15, 2007 272
Climate change policy is incoherent, say MPs. Jul 30, 2007 350
WHOI scientists give testimony to Congress. Jul 1, 2007 327
IREM approves position on climate change and energy. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 158
U.S. intelligence tackles climate change. Treverton, Gregory F. Jun 22, 2007 1988
Time for compassion and democracy at the international level. Weir, Kay Editorial Jun 22, 2007 748
The can-do Congress? With Democratic control comes a flood of climate and energy initiatives. Motavalli, Jim May 1, 2007 3879
EU Commissioner Dimas Welcomes European Parliament Decision to Set Up Temporary Committee on Climate Change. Apr 25, 2007 282
A Rubicon crossed: the church consensus is solidifying on the need to save the planet. Rice, Jim Apr 1, 2007 629
The politics of climate change: an elemental blindness prevents us grasping the full significance of climate change. Hinkson, John Apr 1, 2007 2316
Securing the future. Hinkson, John Mar 22, 2007 2157
New US agreement on climate change; INTERNATIONAL. Feb 17, 2007 442
Energy Company Executive and Climate Change Expert to Discuss Measures to Advance Biofuels at BIO's World Congress. Feb 9, 2007 650
MP calls for ban on TV standby buttons; Clampdown on wasted electricity urged to combat climate change. Jan 2, 2007 363
Climate change at the tipping point: CLF's solutions are driving the debate. Scherer, Glenn Jan 1, 2007 1836
Science, public policy, and global warming: rethinking the market-liberal position. Dolan, Edwin G. Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2006 10627
Kyoto and the Conservatives: although the current government's approach to the Kyoto protocol has yet to be clearly laid out, count on offsets to be part of the climate change plan. Banigan, John M. May 1, 2006 1565
PNM Resources Executive Announces Eight Principles for Addressing Climate Change; Sterba Testifies on Climate Change Before U.S. Senate Energy Committee. Apr 4, 2006 577
Climate change: what the world needs now is ... politics. Goodstein, Eban Jan 1, 2006 2037
McCain continues push for climate change legislation. Jan 1, 2005 647
Climate change. (Legal Ease). Ranger, Edward M. Brief Article May 1, 2003 95
Striking a New Deal on Climate Change. BENEDICK, RICHARD E. Sep 22, 2001 3776
Climate Scientists Advise White Rouse on Global Warming. Sep 1, 2001 1092
The Wild Card in the Climate Change Debate. MACDONALD, ALEXANDER E. Jun 22, 2001 3642
Scientific Society Speaks Out on Climate. Dunn, Seth May 1, 1999 354
The PR plot to overheat the earth. Burton, Bob; Rampton, Sheldon Mar 22, 1998 1896

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