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Betraying the liberal Jewish tradition. Jul 25, 2018 768
Israeli bigotry stands exposed. Jul 22, 2018 957
Jewish MP: Israel's Jewish Nation-State Bill New Apartheid on Palestinian Lands. Jul 21, 2018 262
Israel adopts Jewish nation-state law. Jul 20, 2018 702
Israel's nation-state bill likened to apartheid. Jul 19, 2018 1233
Israel adopts divisive Jewish nation-state law. Jul 19, 2018 585
Labour MP Naz Shah who was suspended in anti-Semitism row becomes party's equality chief; Naz Shah was suspended in 2016 but later won the trust of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, which called her a "sincere friend". Jul 11, 2018 392
Antisemitic Labour supporters are so confident they spout hateful views to a top MP in the street; Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, revealed she had been approached openly by someone with 'terrible' opinions against Jews. Apr 22, 2018 407
Why Does Ontario Anti-Racism Subcommittee Include Individuals Tied to Racist Organization? Apr 20, 2018 1195
Azerbaijani MP: Armenia is intolerant not only to Jews. Apr 3, 2018 220
Labour MPs call for action on anti-Semitism. Mar 28, 2018 1146
MP leads calls to tackle anti-semitism in Labour, but warns that "words are not enough". Mar 28, 2018 747
Welsh Labour MP's 'shame' as Jewish leaders tell Corbyn 'enough is enough' over anti-semitism. Mar 27, 2018 1300
The American Soviet Jewry Movement's "Uneventful" 1968: Cold War Liberalism, Human Interest, and the Politics of the Long Haul. Kelner, Shaul Jan 1, 2018 14739
New Israeli law to prevent Palestinian from living in 1000 neighborhood under the claim they are Jews-only. Nov 30, 2017 344
Ultra-Orthodox Lawmaker: Reform Jews Don't Believe in Temple. Jun 28, 2017 1033
Feuchtwanger's Jud Suss and the ambiguities of Jewish political power. Cooper, Gabriel Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 8102
MP: Jews Enjoying Better Living Conditions in Iran Than Europe. May 16, 2017 227
Amid Anti-Semitic Attacks, Israeli Politician Preparing For Wave Of US Jews. Feb 28, 2017 491
Israel and US Jewry Moving Further Apart. Jan 18, 2017 523
Dutch Party Reported For Anti-Semitic, Anti-Gay Comments. Dec 9, 2016 330
Opening a Pandora's box of hate: moment editors look back at presidential campaign season 2116: there were an uncomfortable number of Jewish moments, some of which constituted outright anti-semitism. Nov 1, 2016 2489
Blowhard Curt Schilling Wonders Why Jews Back the 'Anti-Israel' Democratic Party. Bernstein, Jesse Oct 26, 2016 155
Three gentiles got FDR to save Jews. Rudin, A. James Essay Sep 23, 2016 1127
Jordanian member of parliament: 'kill the Jews'. Sep 8, 2016 277
Under Corbyn this Labour party is not a safe place for Jews..he must stand down; MP's attack after leader drops Israel-Isis gaffe. Jul 1, 2016 513
Under Corbyn this Labour Party is not a safe place for Jews..he must stand down; MP's fury after leader drops Israel-Isis gaffe. Jul 1, 2016 513
Under Corbyn our Labour Party is not a safe place for Jews. He has to step down; LABOUR IN TURMOIL: ROWSHIT ANTI-SEMITISM SUMMIT; Jewish MP walks out after 'attack' by activist; Leader slammed for comparing Israel to IS. Jul 1, 2016 961
Under Corbyn our Labour Party is not a safe place for Jews. He has to step down - RUTH SMEETH MP YESTERDAY; LABOUR IN TURMOIL: ROWS HIT ANTI-SEMITISM SUMMIT; Jewish MP walks out after 'attack' by activist; Leader slammed for comparing Israel to IS. Jul 1, 2016 998
Under Corbyn our Labour Party is not a safe place for Jews. He has to step down; LABOUR IN TURMOIL: ROWS HIT ANTI-SEMITISM SUMMIT Jewish MP walks out after 'attack' by activist Leader slammed for comparing Israel to IS. Jul 1, 2016 977
Bernie Sanders' Israel Revolution. Apr 16, 2016 2130
Stanford Univ. Senate Debates Whether 'Jews Control Banks and Media'. Apr 7, 2016 338
On Unorthodox, Talking Chai Fashion with Writer/Model Julia Frakes and Enviable Hebrew Words with Wordnik's Erin McKean. Unorthodox Sep 17, 2015 162
'The nuclear deal will also benefit Jews in Iran'. Sep 16, 2015 575
Renewed hate: the place of Jews and Muslims in contemporary white power thought. King, C. Richard Sep 1, 2015 3193
Shifting hierarchies of exclusion: colonialism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia in European history. Katz, Ethan B. Sep 1, 2015 5172
A turning point for Jewish republicans? It will take a lot more than the Iran deal to make American Jews switch parties. Guttman, Nathan Sep 1, 2015 896
RANTS OF A MONSTER; Moors murderer Brady reveals twisted mind in letters He backs Ukip to 'decimate' other parties in election Miliband labelled a privileged refugee and 'German Jew' Question Time is 'for the dumb' and soaps for the 'dotty'. Apr 26, 2015 1117
The Jews of the 114th Congress. Butnick, Stephanie Jan 6, 2015 157
The queen's Jews: religion, race, and change in twentieth-century Canada. Duffin, Jacalyn Dec 22, 2014 12474
Knesset Speaker: Christmas Trees are Offensive to Jews. Dec 18, 2014 148
Moving south: the other Jewish Winnipeg before the Second World War. Stone, Daniel Essay Sep 22, 2014 7003
Kentucky Senate Write-In Candidate Runs on Slogan 'With Jews, We Lose'. Rosenberg, Yair Sep 19, 2014 159
Scottish Jews Nervous on Eve of Independence Vote. Sep 18, 2014 1115
Michele Bachmann Says Jews Sold Out Israel By Supporting Obama. Butnick, Stephanie Mar 6, 2014 121
Spain easing path to citizenship for Sephardic Jews. Feb 18, 2014 359
The moment of creation: do America's current challenges in the Middle East trace back to Harry Truman's 1948 missteps? Gorenberg, Gershom Critical essay Jan 1, 2014 2566
'The War on Christmas' and Jews run Hollywood': a holiday parable: evangelists of conservatism bash bastions of pop culture with anything but peace on Earth. Lowry, Brian Dec 10, 2013 675
Obama's shortcomings: Kanye West defends President, says he lacks "Jewish connections". Dec 2, 2013 404
Jews to Gather in front of UN Office in Support of IranaACAOs Nuclear Activities. Nov 19, 2013 312
Former anti-semitic Hungarian politician embraces his Judaism. Oct 1, 2013 929
Antisemitica remembering pogroms--Kishniev, Limerick, Warsaw. Jun 1, 2013 727
Politics of memory in Yemen, Part 2: Yemen's Jews, modern life and heritage. May 30, 2013 592
Hungary President Condemns Anti-Semitism, As Far-Right Jobbik Party Blasts Jews. May 6, 2013 535
Jews mobilizing against Florida's anti-Sharia bill. May 3, 2013 768
Could FDR have saved more Jews? Breitman, Richard; Lichtman, Allan J. May 1, 2013 2008
Budapest Jews fear violent attack only 'a matter of time'. May 1, 2013 985
Bulgarian Parliament's Declaration on 70th Anniversary of Rescue of Jews. Mar 10, 2013 684
MP: JEWS' 'ATROCITIES' Fury at Lib Dem's Palestine jibe before Holocaust Memorial Day. Jan 26, 2013 287
MP: JEWS' 'ATROCITIES' Fury at Lib Dem's Palestine jibe before Holocaust Memorial Day. Jan 26, 2013 287
A Moral Imperative to Refuse Illegal Military Orders. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 106
Carpetbaggers, jacklegs, and bolting republicans: Jews in Reconstruction politics in ascension parish, Louisiana. Rockoff, Stuart Reprint Jan 1, 2013 11713
How Bulgaria Saved Its Jews. Sep 26, 2012 670
Jewish Actresses Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson to Speak at the Democratic National Convention. Rosenberg, Yair Brief article Sep 5, 2012 143
My Husband and I Made 'Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews.' You're Welcome. Shukert, Rachel Brief article Aug 30, 2012 181
The Times Breaks Another One. Chandler, Adam Jul 25, 2012 673
Jewish MP Strongly Praises Iranian Officials' Support for Jews. Jul 1, 2012 637
Natan Sharanksy act III, scene I: Soviet Jewry's leading man has had a career of many acts: dissident, politician and now, head of Israel's Jewish agency. Through them all, he has held on to his belief in peoplehood, an idea he thinks can cure what ails the Jewish world. Berman, Daphna Jul 1, 2012 5288
Reports of Jewish Left's Death: Premature? Tracy, Marc Brief article May 18, 2012 267
London Jews' Labour Problem. Kirchick, James May 3, 2012 1259
RLUIPA: necessary, modest, and under-enforced. Laycock, Douglas; Goodrich, Luke W. May 1, 2012 7270
Gore Vidal's Judenrein Politics. Miller, Judith Apr 26, 2012 948
GOP US Senate hopeful likens smoking ban to 'Nazi's persecution of Jews'. Apr 21, 2012 283
Defeats for Romney, Jew Pond. Tracy, Marc Mar 14, 2012 356
NYC Redistricting Shakes Up Jewish Pols. Tracy, Marc Mar 14, 2012 609
Romney in the Driver's Seat. Tracy, Marc Feb 29, 2012 523
A case of Arab democracy: the pursuit of equal rights by Israel's Arabs is challenging the Jewish character of the state. moment explores the tensions at the heart of the political relationship between Arabs and Jews. Green, David B. Jan 1, 2012 5989
On whiteness and the Jews. Maizels, Linda Essay Dec 1, 2011 10924
Jews in Afghan eyes. Silinsky, Mark Essay Dec 1, 2011 5021
Nov. 29, 1947: UN Partition Vote Day: Video and Quiz. Brief article Nov 29, 2011 108
Telling Israel 'no' upholds the liberal tradition of Jews. Oct 12, 2011 953
Of Ghosts and Dybbuks: the haunting of the Israeli imagination. Keshet, Yehudit Kirstein Viewpoint essay Oct 1, 2011 8591
The Jewish Question--a particular political issue in modern Romania. Schwarz, Adi Horatiu Essay Oct 1, 2011 3904
The Judgment of Secondary Jews. Brief article Sep 27, 2011 108
GOP Jews, Koch Weigh In on Post-Weiner Race. Tracy, Marc Sep 8, 2011 601
Uncommon alliances: Muslim and Jew, left and right. Sep 2, 2011 685
US-Romanian relations during the presidency of Gerald R. Ford. Mount, Graeme S. Essay Mar 22, 2011 17131
Religion, world order, and peace: Jewishness and global justice *. Israel, Jeff Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2010 3793
Homeland Insecurity. Brostoff, Marissa Jul 22, 2010 1857
Are European Jews Turning On Israel? Expert Says No. Brief article May 6, 2010 88
R. Eliyahu Slams Neturei Karta Chief, PA Claims Meah She'arim. Brief article May 4, 2010 90
'We're dealing with how do we live and work with this memory and what are we supposed to do about it': making use of Jewish liminality. Silverstein, Jordana Essay May 1, 2010 6908
Wake Up, Jewish Left! Brief article Feb 21, 2010 95
"Waltzing with Trauma". Brief article Feb 12, 2010 86
Bosnia Jew Wins Discrimination Suit. Brief article Jan 4, 2010 87
Demystifying Zionism. Rabkin, Yakov M. Nov 1, 2009 1426
The forgotten oppression of Jews under Islam and in the land of Israel. Green, Elliott A. Sep 1, 2008 4752
A Tisha b'Av meditation: Jewish power in the shadow of the Holocaust. Kavon, Eli Jul 1, 2008 4144
FDR played politics with lives of Jews. Brief article Dec 1, 2007 294
Between a rock and a hard place: US Jews are beginning to speak out against their own and the Israeli government's hardline attitude towards Palestinians and to work for a solution to the conflict that will suit both communities. Smith, Pamela Ann Jan 1, 2007 1485
Gender and survival: a Jewish family in occupied France, 1940-1944. Basch, Francoise Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2006 12648
Did it really hang on one vote? The resolution establishing the state of Israel. Feldestein, Ariel L. May 1, 2006 3769
Is the world too much with us? Sainer, Arthur May 1, 2006 2711
What does it imply? How does it apply?: holiday editorials in The Reconstructionist, 1935-1955. Caplan, Eric Mar 22, 2006 9567
Eleanor Roosevelt, liberalism, and Israel. Mart, Michelle Mar 22, 2006 14112
Magda Trocme: a mother responds, "hineni!". Fox, Deborah Mar 22, 2006 4189
IRAN - Dec 8 - Put Jewish Homeland In Europe - Ahmadi-Nejad. Dec 10, 2005 338
Context crucial in Vatican-Israel uproar. Allen, John L., Jr. Aug 12, 2005 942
Israel is not yet secure. Feingold, Henry L. Column Feb 1, 2002 1104
Jewish and realist impulses in Israeli foreign policy. Rodman, David Feb 1, 2002 3993
THE TURKS AND JERUSALEM. Aras, Bulent Oct 1, 2001 3534
Jacob Talmon: A Historian Ahead of his Time. Eyal, Eli Feb 1, 2001 1788
Anti-Semitism vs. homophobia. Kaiser, Charles Brief Article May 23, 2000 734

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