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Palace prodded to facilitate unreleased P10-billion Covid fund for small businesses. Nov 18, 2020 575
Tory parties pocket tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayer funded Covid-19 support cash; An investigation has revealed that a local parties across Yorkshire accepted funds from the Government designed to help small businesses. By, Alexandra Rogers Nov 16, 2020 966
Politicians must act now to support small businesses. Nov 16, 2020 528
GSIS rolls out educational, computer loans to soften COVID-19 impact; Sen. Go bats for small business loans, too. Aug 18, 2020 821
Give individuals and small businesses a government-backed line of credit. Veronique De Rugy Jun 26, 2020 709
Disaster Relief for Small Business Is a Disaster All Its Own: THE SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WILL ALWAYS FAIL THE PEOPLE IT'S MEANT TO HELP. De Rugy, Veronique Jun 24, 2020 3439
House OKs bill to ease access to small-business loans. Erica Werner The Washington Post May 29, 2020 561
Over 2.8M employees of small businesses receive cash aid-Duterte report. May 25, 2020 246
Lopez: Bills being pushed to add to P1 billion loan fund for micro, small business. May 23, 2020 449
MP warns against taxing small firms. MARK ANDREWS May 15, 2020 328
MP welcomes a PS617m grant for small businesses; Firms with fewer than 50 employees to get extra support. MARK ANDREWS May 11, 2020 264
DOF to seek Congress OK of prolonged tax relief for small businesses. Apr 27, 2020 324
Trump signs $484 billion relief bill to aid small businesses, hospitals. Xinhua Apr 25, 2020 483
Lawmakers close to deal on new coronavirus funding for small business. Reuters News Service Apr 19, 2020 568
Small business lending program on hold after reaching limit. JOYCE M. ROSENBERG and ANDREW TAYLOR AP Business Writer Apr 17, 2020 646
House says COVID-19 committee now crafting bill to support small businesses. Apr 17, 2020 530
Small businesses insist on reopening shops. Apr 10, 2020 481
Chris McLaughlin: Labour leader's first job is 'caring for their staff'; MPs are a law unto themselves -effectively small businesses, setting disparate pay and conditions across the board. By, Chris McLaughlin Feb 8, 2020 540
Wives of two ex-Tory MPs replace husbands in Parliament after sex claim scandals; Andrew Griffiths quit as Minister for Small Business, Consumers and Corporate Responsibility although was later cleared of any wrongdoing, while Charlie Elphicke stepped down to fight sexual assault charges. By, Dave Burke Dec 14, 2019 591
Small Businesses Top Concerns: Health Insurance, Immigration, Climate Change. Marcy Kreiter Nov 7, 2019 669
Public sector urged to lead way in timely bill payment; Supply chain issues are the daily bread and butter of the Federation of Small Businesses. Keith Findlay caught up with its chairman, Mike Cherry. Aug 19, 2019 1001
Legislation Highlights Why Cyber Market Should Keep Watch on Small Business Risk. Aug 19, 2019 997
Small firms demand cyber crime support. Aug 5, 2019 288
Small firms demand cyber crime support. Aug 5, 2019 288
Viewpoint: What Insurance Industry Should Acknowledge About Small Business Cyber. Jul 30, 2019 995
Brexit 'must help small firms get on'. Jul 18, 2019 172
SBA PRIMARY LOAN PROGRAM IN JEOPARDY. Barlas, Stephen Brief article Jun 1, 2019 248
Small business can create a new narrative. May 20, 2019 627
White House Policy Advisor On Health Care Tells PIA Conference Small Business Will Not Be Burdened. Conference news Apr 15, 2019 642
Lawmakers move ahead with SALT cap workaround for small business owners. Mar 19, 2019 383
Small business aide: Goli Ameri. Mar 15, 2019 415
Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Help Small Businesses Grow. Jones, Stephanie K. Brief article Mar 14, 2019 355
Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Help Grow Small Business. Jones, Stephanie K. Brief article Mar 13, 2019 355
Bill to help small businesses passes House. Mar 13, 2019 229
Senate minimum wage bill would give small businesses more time. Mar 7, 2019 244
BIPARTISAN BILL AGAINST PREDATORY LENDING. Barias, Stephen Brief article Mar 1, 2019 235
Small business owners in call for second Brexit referendum. Feb 28, 2019 320
State offices react to minimum wage increase Reaction: Wage increase could take its toll on small businesses. Feb 27, 2019 672
ILLINOIS' MINIMUM WAGE Plan for $15/hour advances Wage: GOP lawmakers are seeking input from small-business owners. Feb 7, 2019 480
Small firms feeling the pressure. Nov 7, 2018 254
Walker is committed to small business. Nov 1, 2018 282
Needed advocate for small businesses. Oct 31, 2018 196
Appraisal Institute opposes bills raising thresholds for SBA loans. Sep 22, 2018 169
Business bosses demand Government adopt five-point plan to save the high street; The Federation of Small Businesses says their plan would throw a "lifeline" to local traders. Sep 6, 2018 247
Election season in Pakistan gives a huge boost to small businesses : Report. Jul 21, 2018 583
The Development of the Creative Industries to Create a Competitive Advantage: Studies in Small Business Sector. Sasongko, Totok; Rifa'i, Muhamad; Sayekti, Rr Nugraheni Suci Report Jul 1, 2018 4697
Tax relief important to small businesses. Jun 16, 2018 1178
READY, WILLING AND ABLE TO WORK: How Small Businesses Empower People with Autism. Jun 1, 2018 671
MP supports digital high street scheme; Project aims to help small businesses use digital payments. May 17, 2018 404
MP: Application of int'l accounting standards should not affect small business in Azerbaijan. Apr 27, 2018 289
New credit law to help small firms. Mar 4, 2018 929
Small business takes a stand against gerrymandering. Feb 19, 2018 453
Small firms rip-off was 'systemic', says MP. Feb 7, 2018 219
Half of Small-Business Owners Give Administration High Marks. McMurray, Coleen; Newport, Frank Survey Jan 26, 2018 725
Youth Enterprise Fund in plans to loan out Sh1 billion to small businesses this year. Jan 23, 2018 395
Historic Tax Reform Passes on Capitol Hill: IFA continues to monitor developments with the fast-moving issue and seeks to ensure that franchise small businesses in the "professional services" category are considered pass-through businesses. Layman, Michael Jan 1, 2018 685
Trump Tax Reform Plan Could Roil Small-Business Retirement. Oct 4, 2017 648
State captain update: FAN State Captains and all franchise owners are being rallied to write opinion editorials for publications across the nation to voice concerns of small-business owners on issues, such as the joint-employer standard, and what Congress can do to lower barriers to growth and jumpstart the economy. Kennedy, Ryan; Murtaza, Haider Editorial Sep 1, 2017 458
How Replacing Obamacare Would Affect Small Businesses. Jul 16, 2017 992
Angara vows to study closely tax reforms to benefit small businesses. Jul 8, 2017 383
Small business is collateral damage in health care chaos. Shaheen, Jeanne Jul 7, 2017 496
Election turmoil may benefit small firms; Store owners look to the positives of operating amid a hung parliament. ROBIN MANNERING Jun 16, 2017 335
MULTIPLE CHOICE; The snap General Election has put a focus on what small businesses want from the next government. Here we look at the priority areas retailers would like to see tackled and nd out what the main parties are promising in their manifestos. ROBIN MANNERING Jun 2, 2017 1907
Will limit on investors for Angel funds increase? A bill to update SEC regulatory requirements would facilitate angel investment in small business. Barias, Stephen Brief article Jun 1, 2017 229
Small firms keen to see investment in all regions. May 26, 2017 214
'Political parties mustn't hinder small businesses'. May 6, 2017 573
business LEADE ERS'WISHLIST; Single market access and small business support among the demands. Steve Bagnall reports. Apr 26, 2017 905
business LEADE ERS'WISHLIST; Single market access and small business support among the demands. Steve Bagnall reports. Apr 26, 2017 900
Trump Taps WWE CEO To Run Small Business Adminstration. Dec 8, 2016 246
Small firms increasingly worried about UK economy, new report says; Survey by the Federation of Small Businesses sees big drop in business confidence after the EU referendum. Sep 22, 2016 588
Effective exit planning in regional small businesses--a borrow from the 'specialised clusters' approach. Khan, Ashfaq Ahmed Report Sep 1, 2016 9516
Ratzenberger, Elite Aviation CEO to testify before House Small Business Committee. May 11, 2016 276
Ratzenberger, Elite Aviation CEO to testify before House Small Business Committee. May 11, 2016 290
Retirement plans for small companies: a proposal from president Obama could make it easier for small companies to offer retirement plans for their employees. Barlas, Stephen Brief article Apr 1, 2016 212
Real political action. Tratensek, Dan M. Mar 1, 2016 548
Only in America! (and its outlying areas): the conflict between the SBA regulations and the far, and the importance of not burdening overseas and contingency contracting agencies with a requirement to execute U.S. small business set-asides. Mallone, Marc P. Dec 6, 2015 18361
Pro-small business health care fixes quietly signed into law: is it a sign of loosening partisan logjam or is congress just settling for the "lowest common denominator?". Serafino, Kevin Dec 1, 2015 788
Rep Rallies Small Businesses Behind Alternative to DOL Fiduciary Rule. Nov 17, 2015 464
America's forgotten formula for economic equality. Glastris, Paul Nov 1, 2015 814
UK government launches R&D plan to boost small businesses. Oct 29, 2015 239
UK government launches R&D plan to boost small businesses. Oct 29, 2015 237
Franchise action network: annual report: July 2014-June 2015: locally owned franchises are America's hidden small businesses. Sep 1, 2015 2129
Sarah Glendinning: Six things small businesses need to know about the new Government; The future success of the UK's small business population is crucial, says Sarah Glendinning of the CBI. Jun 8, 2015 486
Washington Governor OKs Small Business Retirement Marketplace. May 18, 2015 412
Small firms now at the heart of the UK political process; OPINION. May 6, 2015 676
Small business bill faces Veto: Significant support from Senate Democrats will be needed to win any override vote. Barias, Stephen Brief article May 1, 2015 162
GENERAL ELECTION: JOIN THE PARTY; Parliament has been dissolved and the countdown to May 7 has begun. As the political parties start their campaigning in earnest in what could be the closest election for years, Convenience Store takes a look at what they are promising to do for the small business sector. ROBIN MANNERING Apr 10, 2015 1731
Relief from Dodd-Frank rules? House passes promoting job creation and reducing small business burdens act, but Obama threatens to veto. Barlas, Stephen Brief article Mar 1, 2015 214
House Passes Bill to Make Some Small-Biz Tax Breaks Permanent. Feb 13, 2015 382
Small North East firms don't use Swiss bank accounts, says MP Helen Goodman; Labour MP Helen Goodman says the party has the support of small firms on the issue of a tax crackdown. Feb 13, 2015 252
Shipping out: Shaheen, Ayotte team up on export promotion effort. Brief article Jan 23, 2015 282
parties urged to back small firms By TONY MCDONOUGH. Jan 5, 2015 438
New year may bring more small business help from D.C. Rosenberg, Joyce M. Jan 4, 2015 714
Small business and politics: How did US Rep. Graves do? Rosenberg, Joyce M. Dec 14, 2014 705
What small business can expect in the new Congress. Rosenberg, Joyce M. Nov 9, 2014 548
The small business view on: Ebola, energy and elections. Oct 26, 2014 603
'Toxic loans' threat to small businesses highlighted by MP; Redress scheme call. Jul 5, 2014 888
Politicians must back our small businesses. May 14, 2014 323
IFA's 2013 Public Affairs Conference--protect your franchise small-business community. Fitzsimmons, Erica Conference news Jul 1, 2013 804
Agromin Selected "2013 Small Business of the Year" in Calif. Senate District 19. May 23, 2013 348
MP'S BACKING SMALL FIRMS. Sep 26, 2012 419
Small Business Congratulates Gov. Brown for Signing ADA Reform Bill. Sep 25, 2012 454
Small business regulation: a case study and options for reform. Batkins, Sam; Brannon, Ike Case study Sep 22, 2012 1368
Defense sequestration targets small business. Eaglen, Mackenzie Sep 22, 2012 1736
MP's call to help small businesses. Aug 6, 2012 209
How ObamaCare Will Strengthen Small Businesses. Jul 9, 2012 729
The Politics of Small Business. Brogan, Molly Jun 6, 2012 334
8(a) and Alaska native corporations: working as intended to help fulfill mandates. Cottrell, Paula Jun 1, 2012 1563
The impact of rising gas prices on small business. Jun 1, 2012 1154
Call for small businesses to get waste charge exemption; WALES URGED TO FOLLOW ENGLAND'S LEAD IN EFFORT TO BOOST TOURISM. Apr 21, 2012 704
NSBA, members of Congress urge tax reform. Apr 18, 2012 382
Small biz tax bills introduced in house and senate. Mar 28, 2012 625
Senate takes up small business capital access bill. Mar 21, 2012 441
JOBS Act, Ex-Im reauth topic of Hill debates. Mar 14, 2012 957
Do small-group health insurance regulations influence small business size? Kapur, Kanika; Karaca-Mandic, Pinar; Gates, Susan M.; Fulton, Brent Survey Mar 1, 2012 14010
President Obama Urges Congress for Small-Business Legislation. Feb 1, 2012 216
House passes two ACA-backed regulatory reform bills that would ease burden on small businesses. Jan 1, 2012 587
House passes three small biz capital access bills. Nov 9, 2011 219
Americans Trust Small-Business Owners Most on Job Creation; President Obama's views generate more trust than those of congressional leaders. Survey Nov 3, 2011 973
Senate small-biz cmte. approves Sargeant nom. Oct 13, 2011 286
Ad campaign showcases franchise small businesses as proven job creators: IFA public awareness campaign aims to educate members of Congress about the economic impact of franchising. Harrison, Alisa Oct 1, 2011 549
SMES and business information provision strategies: analytical perspective. Okello-Obura, C.; Matovu, James Oct 1, 2011 7743
SBA budget approved by approps.Committee. Sep 21, 2011 216
IFA franchise congress members strengthen SBA, lawmaker ties: IFA advocacy activities include co-sponsoring SBA's National Small Business Week, attending Startup America events and hosting elected officials at franchise businesses. Jul 1, 2011 653
Ex-Im Bank reauth begins, small biz lending up. Jun 1, 2011 947
SBIR reauthorized through fiscal year. Jun 1, 2011 420
Small biz energy efficiency bill introduced. May 24, 2011 228
While the U.S. Congress. May 11, 2011 530
2011 ushers in IFA victories on strategic issues: IFA and its members continue to press for regulatory and legislative correction to afford the best environment for franchise businesses. Apr 1, 2011 1301
Small-biz credit card bill introduced. Mar 30, 2011 243
House holds SBA budget hearing. Mar 9, 2011 510
NSBA Small Business Congress recap. Mar 2, 2011 887
SBA Chief of Staff to speak at WIMG Membership Luncheon at Congressional City Conference. Ramirez, Brenda Conference news Feb 28, 2011 335
Small businesses' chance to grill MPs. Feb 21, 2011 156
Small-Biz panels step up SBA oversight. Feb 2, 2011 605
Last day for early bird small biz congress. Jan 25, 2011 270
Last day for early bird small biz congress. Jan 19, 2011 271
Early bird deadline extended for small biz Congress. Jan 18, 2011 217
Early bird deadline extended for small biz Congress. Jan 11, 2011 218
Early bird deadline extended for small biz Congress. Jan 4, 2011 218
Food safety bill proceeds with small biz exemption. Dec 14, 2010 433
Now that the 2010 midterm elections are over, it's time to plan for 2012. Caldeira, Stephen J. Dec 1, 2010 786
Looking ahead to the 112th Congress: what do the midterm elections mean for franchising in 2011? Straczewski, Jason Dec 1, 2010 1229
Economic development outlook for the 112th Congress. Nov 4, 2010 812
Guided Business Plan Launches Entre Series: Network, Plan & Take Action in Response to New Federal Legislation to Fund Small Businesses. Oct 14, 2010 685
How health-care reform helps small business and the self-employed. Bragg-Gamble, Suzanne; Swayze, Jim Column Oct 1, 2010 672
Small business bill. Williams, Katy Brief article Oct 1, 2010 275
Senate passes Small Business package. Oct 1, 2010 154
Houses passes rural small biz efficiency bill. Sep 29, 2010 264
More than half of small firms say automatic pension plans will be too costly; GOVERNMENT REFORM AIMS TO HELP MORE PEOPLE SAVE. Sep 27, 2010 491
House to vote on Small Biz Jobs Bill. Sep 22, 2010 341
Small Business Coalition Wants Congress to Stop Federal Agencies from Flunking Their Contracting Goals. Sep 14, 2010 890
Small business: the most valuable player in Washington politics: the case is clear--small, franchise-business leaders are the most effective and influential advocates on Capitol Hill. French, David Sep 1, 2010 606
Small business urges Congress to act. Aug 25, 2010 418
Senate falls short on Small Business jobs bill. Aug 10, 2010 647
Small business jobs bill stalemate in the Senate. Aug 3, 2010 520
Small business aid bill stalls in Senate. Jul 29, 2010 864
Obama urges U.S. Senate to pass bill to aid small businesses. Jul 23, 2010 204
NSBA president urges passage of small biz jobs bill. Jul 21, 2010 279
Absent stimulus provisions, SBA lending plummets. Jul 21, 2010 377
Senate debates small business jobs bill. Jul 21, 2010 729
Senate jobs bill unveiled. Jul 14, 2010 958
SBA's open Government plan to increase 7(a) lender participation. Samaad, Michelle A. Jul 7, 2010 698
Franchise leaders outline: growth strategies to congressional committee: IFA members testify during "Heroes of Small Business" hearing. Jul 1, 2010 1176
What to do about "Death Taxes": adopt permanent reforms: "consider whom the Death Tax hurts the most: the small-business owner.". Kyl, Jon Jul 1, 2010 638
Senate tables extenders, moves to small biz bill. Jun 30, 2010 567
Summary of small business bills in Congress. Jun 23, 2010 309
House approves Small Business Lending Fund Act. Jun 23, 2010 562
SBA deputy administrator confirmed by Senate. Jun 23, 2010 154
NSBA announces 2010 Small Business Stars. Jun 2, 2010 923
ACCA SME Committee Experts Urge Coalition Government to Establish Recovery Plan for Small Businesses. May 30, 2010 540
The poor seen as winners in health care reform. Filteau, Jerry May 28, 2010 1222
Small firms want bank reform - and an election. May 12, 2010 459
Action on small business tax bill expected soon. May 12, 2010 620
Credit crunch roundup: good news and late news. Apr 13, 2010 724
Countdown to reform? small business owners continue to struggle with employee health benefits as the healthcare bill hangs in the balance. Hutson, Brittany Apr 1, 2010 594
Cumulating policy consequences, frightened overreactions, and the current surge of government's size, scope, and power. Higgs, Robert Mar 22, 2010 9370
Judge strikes down SBA parity rule for set-asides. Mar 19, 2010 339
Bill calls for small-biz patent reform study. Mar 16, 2010 469
President's plan gets hopeful reception. Smith, Ashley Feb 12, 2010 657
IFA urges passage of small-business proposals: the International Franchise Association recently organized a support letter signed by 55 other business trade groups calling for swift action by Congress on legislation to increase access to credit for small businesses. Many of these provisions were among the measures suggested by President Obama. Feb 1, 2010 388
After the LLC tax, get ready for other shoes to drop. Hess, David Jan 29, 2010 461
The demise of the federal government small business program. Bail, Philip G., Jr. Essay Jan 1, 2010 5775
President supports IFA recommendation to increase SBA loan limits: IFA urges Congress to take the next step and pass the legislation. Dec 1, 2009 740
Banks lukewarm on small-business loan plan: local bankers take a wait-and-see approach to Obama initiative. Sanders, Bob Nov 6, 2009 586
Worries of small firms aired to MP; business briefing. Oct 13, 2009 132
IFA recommends SBA lending increase. Straczewski, Jason Oct 1, 2009 763
For Congress, it's back to work. Sep 10, 2009 2281
IFA, hundreds of business organizations and small firms urge health reform caution: the business community is eager to work with Congress to reform the health-care system. Law overview Sep 1, 2009 462
Health care and small business: legislation progresses in Congress ... slowly. Sep 1, 2009 636
President Obama has signed a temporary two-month extension of the Small Business Innovation Research program amid signs that House and Senate negotiators are still deadlocked over the program's future. Aug 7, 2009 110
IFA Public Affairs Conference 2009: popular Washington, D.C. event re-branded to reflect franchising's policy-shaping role. Conference news Aug 1, 2009 2435
House, Senate pass dueling small business R&D bills. Jul 24, 2009 211
Moment to seize as ministers are ready to act on good ideas; russelllawson The voice of small business. Jul 15, 2009 941
Govt. takeover of health care is called scary; Small-business people are worried. Jul 11, 2009 550
Small business tax, health care bill introduced. Jun 24, 2009 342
MP gauges impact of recession on small firms. Jun 16, 2009 389
I'll help cut red tape for small businesses; WREXHAM MP VOWS TO AID RECOVERY IN FRONT BENCH ROLE. Jun 12, 2009 389
Both the House and Senate small business committees have begun steps to reauthorize the Small Business Innovation Research, which will sunset on July 31 without congressional action. Jun 12, 2009 142
Help small firms, pleads lobby group to Euro MP candidates. Jun 3, 2009 275
The death tax: will the new Congress bring relief to franchised small businesses? Flanagan, Troy Jun 1, 2009 670
Critical small biz amendment to credit card bill. May 13, 2009 420
Senate introduces small business health bill. May 13, 2009 502
Small businesses health care bill introduced. May 13, 2009 351
Health care reform: the American Dream or a small business nightmare. Jones, Daniel May 1, 2009 466
New small-biz amendment to credit card bill. Apr 29, 2009 329
Senate confirms Mills as SBA administrator. Apr 17, 2009 390
Plea to boost auto suppliers; BUDGET: MPs ask for Chancellor to help small firms. Apr 16, 2009 263
Plea to boost auto suppliers; MPs ask for Chancellor to help small firms. Apr 16, 2009 263
Mills confirmed by Senate as SBA administrator. Apr 8, 2009 379
Senate Committee holds hearing for SBA chief. Apr 1, 2009 658
Parking tax plan anger; Small Business. Mar 10, 2009 201
MP calls for small firms to get automatic rates relief; POLITICS. Feb 18, 2009 307
House panel will consider parity rule. Feb 6, 2009 404
Bipartisan leaders of the Senate Small Business Committee renewed their call for President Obama to elevate the SBA administrator to cabinet-level status. Feb 6, 2009 95
MP hoping to bring rate relief to all small firms; POLITICS. Jan 22, 2009 369
Rescue plan gets mixed reception; pounds 20 BILLION: Government package for small businesses divides opinion. Jan 16, 2009 422
Pull up a chair: small businesses should have a seat at the table in the Obama Cabinet. Snowe, Olympia J. Jan 1, 2009 789
Who's on first: a brief rundown of new leadership in Washington, D.C. Brogan, Molly; Jones, Dan; Kempf, Kyle; Milanese, Jody Jan 1, 2009 924
Government plans direct loans to struggling small businesses. Dec 19, 2008 197
The first 100 days. Smith, Greg Cover story Nov 1, 2008 2154
Tallying the score: a look at this season's winners and losers. Brogan, Molly Nov 1, 2008 499
Women entrepreneurship in micro, small and medium enterprises: the case of Ethiopia. Bekele, Eshetu; Worku, Zeleke Country overview Nov 1, 2008 7598
Banks are now snookering small firms, says MP Burt; POLITICS. Oct 21, 2008 385
Franchise Appreciation Day checklist: practical pointers: while preparations for the Ninth Annual Franchise Appreciation Day will include brushing up on the issues facing the industry, attendees can also benefit from a few practical pointers to make their grassroots lobbying experience more enjoyable. ADP Small Business Services is Founding Sponsor of the event and sponsor of the Franchisee of the Year award. Strahota, Hilary Conference news Sep 1, 2008 1265
The Senate appropriations committee voted to add $107 million to President Bush's proposed budget for the Small Business Administration. Jul 25, 2008 144
With Congress facing a Sept. 30 deadline to reauthorize the Small Business Innovation Research program, venture capital groups are lobbying hard to regain eligibility for grants. Jul 11, 2008 161
Battle on the hill: SBTC is fighting to keep "small business" in SBIR program. Glover, Jere; Morrison, Jim Jul 1, 2008 287
A bipartisan group of Congress members proposed creation of a Small Business Information Security Task Force within SBA to help small firms understand and respond to threats to their IT systems. Jun 13, 2008 149
Governor signs law requiring insurer wellness policies: mandate is designed to reduce costs for businesses. Jun 6, 2008 410
A message from NSBA's Chair: the small-business constituency. Landis, Marilyn May 1, 2008 577
Battle on the Hill: SBTC is fighting to keep "small business" in SBIR Program. Glover, Jere; Morrison, Jim May 1, 2008 286
Sounding off: SBEA testifies before congress on the power & potential of small business exports. Morrison, Jim May 1, 2008 298
Keep your eyes on family finance plan; Small business. Mar 18, 2008 388
The House Small Business Committee rejected President Bush's proposed SBA budget for 2009 as inadequate. Mar 7, 2008 97
Small firms fear worst; BUDGET: 'Unfair' tax burden will only worsen. Feb 29, 2008 254
Wanted: MPs who help small firms. Feb 14, 2008 187
Senators: expand women's set-aside program. Feb 8, 2008 423
The House has passed legislation to expand business opportunities for veterans and help military reservists keep their businesses afloat during and after deployment. Jan 25, 2008 109
SBA draws fire over women's set-aside. Jan 11, 2008 703
FPB urges Government to open up public sector contracts to small firms; ENTERPRISE. Nov 14, 2007 356
Senators push different contracting bill. Nov 9, 2007 362
Small firms are squeezed out by 'timid' procurement; POLITICS. Nov 8, 2007 499
Employers must abide by law or pay a high price; With at least a dozen material changes to employment law in the last 12 months alone Robert Wigley-Jones, Midlands head of human resource services at PricewaterhouseCoopers, argues that this is an area small business cannot afford to overlook. Nov 7, 2007 733
Congress members rip delay in women's set-aside. Sep 28, 2007 509
Small business could be the power house of the coming revolution in energy supply. Aug 22, 2007 672
House adds funds to SBA budget. Jul 13, 2007 205
Business benefits: Indiana's new health insurance has some incentive for small business, too. Held, Shari Jul 1, 2007 1163
The Senate Small Business Committee approved legislation expanding SBA loan programs. Jun 1, 2007 81
The Senate approved $97 million in additional funding for SBA, a 21% increase over President Bush's fiscal 2008 budget request. Apr 6, 2007 99
Small businesses face tax challenges: Congress begins to look for answers to AMT, tax gap. Apr 1, 2007 653
Small business owners could get more tax deductions. Johnson, Richard Mar 26, 2007 907
Senators say SBA budget is inadeqaute. Mar 9, 2007 570
Bipartisan leaders of the Senate Small Business Committee say their first priority is overhauling SBA's disaster loan program. Jan 12, 2007 139
SBA drops annual re-certification proposal: five-year re-certification may be challenged in Congress next year. Nov 24, 2006 999
Office of small and disadvantaged business utilization. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 133
Small business groups grade congress members on issues. Oct 27, 2006 423
Republican view: the choice on Nov. 7 is clear: the choice for voters this Election Day could not be clearer, pro-growth U.S. House Republicans with a strong record of accomplishment are facing serious challenges from pro-tax Democrat candidates who want to put the hammer to small businesses. Reynolds, Tom Oct 1, 2006 873
None of big political parties do enough for small businesses. Sep 20, 2006 701
Senate panel backs annual recertification: but congressional session may end without action on SBA bill. Aug 11, 2006 456
Senate fails to move forward on small business health plan legislation. Jul 1, 2006 176
Small Business Health Plan legislation moves out of senate committee. May 1, 2006 193
"Congressional concerns" hamper Energy Dept.'s effort to increase opportunities for small businesses. Apr 21, 2006 539
Senate votes to increase SBA budget. Mar 24, 2006 496
The House and Senate added $3 million to President Bush's 2006 budget request for the Small Business Administration. Dec 2, 2005 98
Gulf Coast Small Business Recovery Act introduced in the House. Dec 1, 2005 277
Small business health plan facts: the U.S. Congress is considering legislation (H.R. 525 and S. 406, the "Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2005") to expand the availability of health coverage for employees of America's small businesses. This legislation would allow the formation of small-business health plans. Sep 1, 2005 950
Beyond small business health plans: what else is Congress doing? Bonanno, Jessica Sep 1, 2005 1619
Senate Small Business Committee Chair Olympia Snowe (RME) has introduced legislation to increase the size of loans. Aug 26, 2005 106
IFA hosts U.S. small business committee breakfast session: on May 19, the International Franchise Association hosted a breakfast for members of the U.S. House Committee on Small Business. This monthly opportunity allows those representing the small-business community in Washington, D.C. to get together with members of the committee and their staffs. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 141
The Hill: Franchise Association ranked among top small-business lobby organizations. Jul 1, 2005 211
House backs lower fees on SBA 7(a) loans. Jun 24, 2005 307
Support for women's set-aside program: congressional democrats back lawsuit against SBA. Jun 10, 2005 398
The Congressional Budget Office reports small businesses are feeling the pinch from the call-up of military reserves. May 27, 2005 139
Insurance policy: rising health-care costs are making it exceedingly difficult for small businesses to provide coverage. Wilson, Dave May 1, 2005 539
SBA has joined contractor groups in urging Congress to repeal a law. Apr 1, 2005 178
Franchising World Q & A with U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe: U.S. Sen. Olympia J. Snow (R-Maine) chairs the Senate Committee on Small Business. She recently introduced S. 406, the Small Business Health Fairness Act (association health plan legislation) with Sens. Jim Talent (R-Mo.) and Christopher Bond (R-Mo.). Apr 1, 2005 1130
Cuba--is the "special period" really over? Benzing, Cynthia Feb 1, 2005 7271
2. Product market competition and economic performance. Dec 1, 2004 18606
Senate approves new bundling restrictions; but House, Senate are at odds over 8(a), HUBZone programs. Oct 3, 2003 508
House, Senate SBA reauthorization bills compared. Oct 3, 2003 670
House small business committee. Ireton, Donna S. Sep 1, 2003 194
Democratic members of the House Small Business Committee branded President Bush's small business agenda a failure, saying the administration has failed to follow up on the promises the president made nearly 18 months ago. Brief Article Aug 8, 2003 139
Annual recertification rule draws fire. Jul 11, 2003 634
Army Contracting Agency sets small business plan. Brief Article Aug 9, 2002 570
Kelman, "government reinventor," defends reforms. Brief Article Aug 9, 2002 623
Bill establishing pilot program for small business concerns introduced in Senate. (Legislation). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 128
Bill restricting bundling of DOD contract requirements introduced in Senate. (Legislation). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 159
SBA plans "overhaul" of 8(a) program: Barreto defends parity rule. Brief Article Feb 22, 2002 932
Having our say at the White House: outnumbered minority business owners aim for lawmakers recognition. Reynolds, Rhonda May 1, 1995 566
Senator Borah's crusade to save small business from the New Deal. Horowitz, David A. Biography Jun 22, 1993 6590

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