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Ian Blackford called 'wholly irresponsible' over claim Scottish voters 'could face independence referendum in late 2021'; Opposition parties have heavily criticised Ian Blackford after the SNP's Westminer leader insisted Scottish voters could face another independence referendum in late 2021. Alexander Brown Mar 5, 2021 592
'Relief road referendum calls should be pondered'. Mar 5, 2021 263
IndyRef2: SNP's Ian Blackford says Scottish voters 'could face independence referendum in late 2021'; The SNP's Westminster leader has said a Scottish independence referendum could take place "as early as late 2021". Gary Flockhart Mar 5, 2021 588
Fresh infighting at IEBC may delay June referendum. Mar 4, 2021 636
Newport Council wants Welsh Government to 'carefully consider' referendum over M4 relief road; Plans for a new relief road south of Newport have been considered since 1991, and were officially dropped in 2019. By, Emily Gill, Local Democracy Reporter Mar 4, 2021 329
Cabinet backs local government reform referendum. Jonathan Shkurko Mar 3, 2021 247
Ruto: No need for contested BBI referendum. Mar 3, 2021 563
Policy change could be worth the gamble for Plaid Cymru; Polls suggest that despite an apparent surge in support for an independent Wales, voters would still reject the proposal in a referendum. Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton asks what polling tells us about Plaid Cymru's strategy. Mar 2, 2021 1014
Nouris to propose single referendum on local government reform. George Psyllides Mar 2, 2021 330
Referendum on emigrants getting vote for presidents; Coveney insists giving ex-pats a voice will strengthen citizen bonds. MICHELLE DEVANE Mar 2, 2021 341
Winfield Fire Protection referendum. Submitted by Mary Pritchard Mar 2, 2021 151
Raila tours Taita Taveta to popularise BBI ahead of referendum. Mar 1, 2021 611
Tolgos confident Rift Valley will back BBI at referendum. Mar 1, 2021 565
Taiwan algal reef protection campaign nearly surpasses referendum threshold. Mar 1, 2021 264
I think we lost support because Labour weren't even on the pitch; EXCLUSIVE ANAS SARWAR SAYS HIS PARTY WILL BRING HOPE New leader says second place is possible.. and why voters need an alternative to Union Flag-waving, chest-beating unionism and Saltire-waving, 'referendum now' nationalism. PAUL HUTCHEON Mar 1, 2021 988
Parliament will allocate cash for referendum - Kimunya, Mbadi. Feb 28, 2021 746
SPLIT DOWN THE MUDDLE; COUNTRY EVENLY DIVIDED OVER REFERENDUM AS INFIGHTING THREATENS TO SHATTER SNP DREAM Bombshell survey shows support for indy plunges Votes for Yes and No now at 50% after Salmond feud More than third believe there has been a cover-up Half think Sturgeon should quit if she's broken the rules. John Ferguson ? Political Editor Feb 28, 2021 1083
SPLIT DOWN THE MUDDLE; COUNTRY EVENLY DIVIDED OVER REFERENDUM AS S INFIGHTING THREATENS TO SHATTER SNP DREAM Bombshell survey shows support for indy has plunged Votes for Yes and No now at 50% after Salmond feud More than third believe there has been a cover-up Half think Sturgeon should quit if she's broken the rules. John Ferguson ? Political Editor Feb 28, 2021 1009
Civic education needed before BBI referendum. Feb 25, 2021 248
ANP calls Nowshera by-poll result referendum against govt. Feb 25, 2021 472
How Uhuru, Raila plan to deliver June referendum. Feb 25, 2021 1233
Parliament's role mere formality in BBI referendum push. Feb 24, 2021 829
League of Women Voters hosts virtual forum on Winfield Fire Protection referendum. Submitted by Mary Pritchard Feb 23, 2021 191
Youth lobby rallies Kenyans to shoot down BBI referendum. Feb 23, 2021 640
MPs to budget for referendum after IEBC issues dates. Feb 22, 2021 514
Taiwan's KMT collects enough signatures for referendums to progress. Feb 20, 2021 260
Scottish Independence: Court appeal over Indyref 2 permission; A decision has been made on an appeal hearing over court action on whether Scotland can hold a second independence referendum without Westminster's consent. Scott McCartney Feb 19, 2021 556
League of Women Voters hosts virtual forum on Winfield Fire Protection Referendum. Mary Pritchard Feb 18, 2021 189
'No legal advice' on draft Scottish independence bill despite potential 'wildcat' referendum; SNP ministers have not sought nor received any legal advice on their draft independence referendum bill that could pave the way for a potential 'wildcat' poll, it has emerged. Conor Matchett Feb 16, 2021 740
Tax referendums back on ballots Ballots: Advisory questions gauge public sentiment. Katlyn Smith Feb 15, 2021 881
Switzerland to Hold Referendum on Government's Pandemic Powers. Feb 15, 2021 330
Scottish Government set to reveal new Scottish independence Bill within six weeks; The Scottish Government intends to set out the timing and question of a second independence referendum within the next six weeks it has been revealed, with the move criticised by the Scottish Conservatives as "reckless". Gina Davidson Feb 14, 2021 573
Party set to make a referendum pledge. Feb 13, 2021 165
How BBI court order could jolt June referendum push. Feb 12, 2021 1664
Court order won't derail June referendum - Raila. Feb 11, 2021 647
National Assembly prioritises JLAC's Referendum Bill. Feb 11, 2021 243
Egypt hosts Libyan meeting on arrangements for constitutional referendum. Daily News Egypt Feb 9, 2021 175
Assuring ballot space to the public Quinn's right: State law limiting the number of referendums needs revision. Feb 9, 2021 462
Raila, Ruto tussle over referendum question, allies brace for battle. Feb 8, 2021 946
When will we have a referendum law? Feb 7, 2021 1493
Douglas Ross says a second independence referendum would be "wholly irresponsible"; It would be "wholly irresponsible" for a referendum on Scottish independence to be held this year, Douglas Ross has said. Lewis McKenzie Feb 5, 2021 829
Indyref2 court ruling bid is rejected by judge; A judge has rejected a court bid to assess whether the Scottish Parliament can stage an independence referendum without approval from Westminster. Angus Howarth Feb 5, 2021 414
Mike Russell pledges to 'redouble' independence referendum push over Brexit impact; Scottish independence will allow the country to escape the worsening impact of Brexit and rejoin the EU, the Constitution Secretary has told MSPs. Scott Macnab Feb 3, 2021 603
Tory leader's indy debate challenge; war over second referendum Ross wants poll chat but Sturgeon questions motive. CHRIS McCALL Feb 2, 2021 313
Federalism could make Scotland feel like an independent state without the costs of becoming one - Professor Marc Weller; The people of Scotland will be given their voice. A referendum on independence will come. Marc Weller Feb 2, 2021 2382
Douglas Ross challenges Nicola Sturgeon to debate on indyref2; Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has challenged Nicola Sturgeon to face him in a debate on SNP demands for a second referendum on Scottish independence. Scott Macnab Feb 1, 2021 579
Independence referendum legality - your views; Alister Jack says any referendum without UK government approval would be 'illegal'. Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2021 724
Alister Jack says any referendum without UK Government approval would be 'illegal'; Alister Jack had claimed any independence referendum without UK Government approval would be "illegal". Alexander Brown Jan 31, 2021 608
Scottish independence campaign must overcome serious obstacles if it is to win decisive support - Joyce McMillan; Wee, sleekit, courin' timorous beastie; in the week of Burns Night, the First Minister quoted the famous phrase from To A Mouse, with the word "sleekit" diplomatically deleted, in relation to Boris Johnson, whom she accused - perhaps with some reason - of being afraid to face the challenge of a second Scottish independence referendum. Joyce McMillan Jan 29, 2021 1048
Forbes warned not to 'waste' cash on new independence referendum. Jan 29, 2021 221
Second independence referendum 'not inevitable', Labour Scotland Secretary says; A second independence referendum is "not inevitable", Labour's shadow Scotland Secretary has claimed. Alexander Brown Jan 29, 2021 446
Delayed referendum law spells trouble for BBI - ELOG. Jan 29, 2021 419
Boris Johnson defends Scotland visit and dismisses referendum discussion as 'completely irrelevant'; Boris Johnson has defended his Scotland visit and dismissed calls for a referendum as "completely irrelevant". Alexander Brown Jan 28, 2021 447
Tymoshenko To Initiate Referendums On 5 Issues. Jan 27, 2021 253
Rada Adopts Draft Law On An All-Ukrainian Referendum With Possibility Of Raising Questions About Changing Territory And Repealing Laws Adopted By Parliament By Online Voting. Jan 26, 2021 1127
SNP 'could use international law' in push for indyref2, says former UN adviser; The Scottish Government could use international law and the "principle of self-determination" to ramp up demands for a referendum on independence, a global constitutional law expert has said. Scott Macnab Jan 26, 2021 615
SNP reveals its 'roadmap' to a new referendum. Jan 25, 2021 245
PM 'frightened' of referendum vote. Jan 25, 2021 327
Douglas Ross calls for boycott of 'wildcat' independence referendum; Tory leader Douglas Ross has stepped up calls for a boycott of an independence referendum in Scotland that is not agreed legally with the UK Government. Scott Macnab Jan 25, 2021 423
Could Scotland stage an independence referendum without UK approval? What the law says; Can Scotland force a referendum on independence against the wishes of the Downing Street? Marc Weller Jan 25, 2021 1659
Scottish independence referendum: SNP 'roadmap' to second referendum explained - and does it need Westminster approval? The 11-point plan has been described as exploitative and "reckless" by Scottish opposition parties; The 11-point plan has been described as exploitative and "reckless" by Scottish opposition parties. Chelsea Rocks Jan 25, 2021 947
Referendum demand threatens to derail local government reform. Elias Hazou Jan 25, 2021 546
One in three want a referendum on an independent Wales to be held. GAVIN CORDON AND MICHELLE DEVANE Press Association reporters Jan 25, 2021 942
SNP reveals its roadmap to a Scottish referendum. Jan 25, 2021 332
1 in 3 'now back indy referendum for Wales' 52%'DON'TWANTINDEPENDENCE'. GAVIN CORDON and MICHELLE DEVANE Jan 25, 2021 413
SNP reveals its 'roadmap' to a new referendum. Jan 25, 2021 245
Boris Johnson branded a 'cowerin' timorous beastie' by Nicola Sturgeon for blocking IndyRef2; Nicola Sturgeon invoked the spirit of Robert Burns when she was asked if she would hold a so-called "wildcat referendum" on Scottish Independence. Conor Matchett Jan 24, 2021 427
Analysis: Where does the SNP's roadmap leave the indyref2 debate? The SNP has outlined how it wishes to hold a second independence referendum if it wins a majority in May with the publication of its 'roadmap to a referendum'. Conor Matchett Jan 24, 2021 590
Scottish independence referendum campaigner has no legal standing in case, court told; A court has been told it cannot accept the legal standing of a man campaigning to determine whether Scotland can hold a second independence referendum without the UK Government's consent. Douglas Barrie Jan 22, 2021 390
Future of city mayor role to be put to public vote; REFERENDUM IN TWO YEARS TO CHANGE WAY CITY IS GOVERNED. LIAM THORP Political Editor @LIAMTHORPECHO Jan 21, 2021 619
Libyan Constitutional Committee agrees to hold constitutional referendum. Daily News Egypt Jan 21, 2021 423
Jacob Rees-Mogg says SNP are 'still grumpy' over referendum result; Jacob Rees-Mogg has accused the SNP of being "still grumpy" over the independence referendum result. Alexander Brown Jan 21, 2021 440
Uhuru, Raila have never lost a referendum. Jan 21, 2021 705
SSANU, NASU hold referendum on proposed nationwide strike. Jan 20, 2021 291
"If people in Scotland want a referendum, Labour has to listen and not arrogantly tell them they just can't have it; LEADER HOPEFUL MONICA LENNON EXCLUSIVE LABOUR Negotiation is key part of candidate's vision. PAUL HUTCHEON POLITICAL EDITORLABOUR leadership contender Monica Interview Jan 20, 2021 775
Libyan sides meeting in Egypt agree on constitutional referendum. Mohammed Abu Zaid Jan 20, 2021 372
UNSMIL praises Libyan Constitutional Committee agreement on holding referendum. Egypt Today staff Jan 20, 2021 519
SSANU, NASU hold referendum on indefinite nationwide strike. Jan 19, 2021 414
Facial coverings: Switzerland recommends rejection of ban during March referendum. Jan 19, 2021 443
Monica Lennon insists Scottish Labour should not stand in the way of a second Scottish independence referendum; Scottish Labour should not block a second independence referendum, according to leadership contender Monica Lennon, as she set out her position on a raft of constitutional issues facing the country. Conor Marlborough Jan 19, 2021 641
Swiss gov't urges voters to reject burqa ban in March referendum. Reuters News Service Jan 19, 2021 375
New Scottish independence 'taskforce' announced by SNP; An SNP plan to create a new "independence taskforce" to kickstart a grassroots campaign and prepare for a second referendum has been criticised by opposition parties for taking the focus of tackling the Covid pandemic. Gina Davidson Jan 17, 2021 571
Referendum only solution to Nigeria's problems -Kanu. Jan 16, 2021 477
Give us Referendum or we pay any sacrifice for freedom - Kanu. Jan 15, 2021 482
Boris Johnson dismisses second referendum and insists public want to focus on tackling coronavirus; Boris Johnson has again dismissed holding a second independence referendum. Alexander Brown Jan 13, 2021 428
Nicola Sturgeon urged to set March 31 independence referendum deadline; The Scottish Government should set Boris Johnson a March 31 deadline to agree to an independence referendum or press ahead with a Holyrood-sanctioned vote, it has been claimed. Scott Macnab Jan 11, 2021 605
A 'divisive referendum' is not the way forward; Labour leader Starmer rejects idea of IndyRef2 but John Swinney says it's 'essential' for Scotland. PAUL HUTCHEON Political Editor Jan 11, 2021 373
Swinney: Referendum 'essential priority' for coronavirus recovery. Jan 11, 2021 408
People's vote referendum only used when needed; YOU SAY. Jan 10, 2021 330
SNP told to ditch plans for independence referendum by Sir Keir Starmer; Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said SNP demands for a referendum on independence should be ditched because it is not a priority for the people of Scotland. Scott Macnab Jan 10, 2021 635
Fair maps advocates hopeful with deadline looming for redistricting referendum. Elena Ferrarin Mar 30, 2020 857
Chances of referendum in 2020 slim as BBI clouded in uncertainty. Mar 25, 2020 879
Plans to push ahead with vote for independence put on hold; REFERENDUM. TOM PETERKIN POLITICAL EDITOR Mar 19, 2020 316
Plans for counties' referendum law. Mar 15, 2020 833
Controversy surrounds referendum flyer from Pingree Grove fire district. Elena Ferrarin Mar 13, 2020 505
Elk Grove board moves to block another term limits referendum. Christopher Placek Mar 12, 2020 387
Elk Grove Village board moves to block another term limits referendum. Christopher Placek Mar 12, 2020 398
SNP goes all out for 2020 independence vote; REFERENDUM. KATRINE BUSSEY Mar 10, 2020 277
We've already had a second referendum. Mar 9, 2020 375
Dueling groups weigh in as Naperville approaches pot sales referendum. Marie Wilson Mar 8, 2020 1110
Naperville pot sales referendum question hotly-debated topic Referendum: Tax revenue estimates range from $133,000 to $500,000 per store. Marie Wilson Mar 8, 2020 1100
Referendum possible before end of July, says Orengo. Mar 7, 2020 449
BBI divide: Leaders clash over proposed referendum date. Mar 6, 2020 943
Brexit preparations cost British taxpayers [pounds sterling]4.4 billion says watchdog; The National Audit Office said planning to 'get Brexit done' has cost at least [pounds sterling]4.4 billion since the EU referendum in 2016. By, Mikey Smith Mar 6, 2020 287
Let's deal with coronavirus and locusts first before referendum. Mar 6, 2020 903
EXPLAINER: Why Kenya is unlikely to go a referendum this year. Mar 6, 2020 478
No cash for referendum in budget. Mar 4, 2020 1101
Referendum not needed if BBI is all about inclusivity. Mar 3, 2020 386
Kenyan leaders split on early referendum. Mar 1, 2020 843
KamberoviA: Archival material and referendum data 'scattered' across collections. Mar 1, 2020 530
Leaders split on early referendum. Feb 28, 2020 872
Referendum meeting Monday:. Feb 27, 2020 399
Why Supreme Court's denial of term-limit referendum is a big win for Elk Grove's. Christopher Placek Feb 27, 2020 861
Backers say it's referendum time Time: Unions have been canvassing to promote 'yes' vote. Bob Susnjara Feb 24, 2020 633
Backers say it's referendum time Time: Unions have been canvassing in order to promote a 'yes' vote. Bob Susnjara Feb 24, 2020 633
Backers say the time is right for $147M Barrington 220 referendum. Bob Susnjara Feb 24, 2020 644
Kalonzo roots for early referendum. Feb 20, 2020 602
SNP MP warns against 'wildcat independence referendum' claiming it 'terrifies' new supporters. Feb 19, 2020 624
Raila lays out referendum plan, says BBI rallies end in March. Feb 15, 2020 1187
Defy Johnson on referendum, says MSP; ? Senior SNP figure happy for court battle. KATRINE BUSSEY Feb 10, 2020 438
SNP needs more than narrow poll lead before Scottish independence referendum -- Ian Swanson. Feb 4, 2020 589
AID to hold fundraiser for 708 Board referendum. Submitted by Association for Individual Development Feb 2, 2020 228
Brexit 'makes it easier to win second referendum' SNP. STEFAN MORKIS Feb 1, 2020 278
Unison members back second Scottish independence referendum. Feb 1, 2020 297
Patience is key in road to indie referendum. Feb 1, 2020 476
Brexit: Boris Johnson is refusing independence referendum for one simple reason -- Nicola Sturgeon. Jan 31, 2020 1004
Nicola Sturgeon predicts Brexit 'anger' in new push for independence this year; Scotland's First Minister warned the status quo that won in 2014 will vanish at 11pm tonight -and said she was not ruling out a 'consultative' referendum to heap pressure on the UK government. By, Dan Bloom Jan 31, 2020 731
Referendum backed by Holyrood y; ? MSPs endorse motion put forward by the first minister. Jan 30, 2020 506
'Nissan has held Sunderland hostage ... if they want to go, let them go' As the EU referendum results were delivered in 2016, Sunderland's 61% majority for Brexit was one of the early signs of the final result. But as we prepare to leave the European Union tomorrow, has anyone changed their mind? NICOLE GOODWIN found out. Jan 30, 2020 482
Holyrood to vote today on plans for second Scottish independence referendum. Jan 29, 2020 606
Six reasons for Scotland to stop talking about a second independence referendum -- Susan Dalgety. Jan 27, 2020 312
Ugunja MP wants BBI referendum held in April. Jan 27, 2020 356
Poll: Majority of Scots now back Holyrood power to hold independence referendum. Jan 26, 2020 322
Mhairi Black: A wildcat Scottish independence referendum should be considered. Jan 26, 2020 248
BBI Mombasa rally: Murkomen changes tune, backs referendum. Jan 25, 2020 440
Senior Labour MSP: Scottish independence referendum should be decided by Holyrood. Jan 23, 2020 794
Wildcat referendum on Scottish independence will simply worsen division -- Alex Cole-Hamilton. Jan 22, 2020 665
Kenya can't escape a referendum, BBI taskforce says. Jan 22, 2020 636
Should Nicola Sturgeon hold a fresh independence referendum without UK Government agreement? Jan 21, 2020 581
Scottish independence: Consultative referendum could face 'Unionist boycott'. Jan 20, 2020 380
SNP MSP Alex Neil: Boycott of 'wildcat' independence referendum won't matter. Jan 19, 2020 468
Judge tosses state term limits law Limits: New objection to referendum may come. Christopher Placek Jan 16, 2020 450
Referendum meetings set:. Jan 16, 2020 383
Barrington 220 hosting community meetings on March 17 referendum. Daily Herald report Jan 16, 2020 229
Sturgeon anger over refusal to allow new referendum. KATRINE BUSSEY Reporter Jan 15, 2020 488
When No means Yes just getting stronger; JOHNSON REFUSES 2ND REFERENDUM; Sturgeon says PM's simply making the case for indy. TORCUIL CRICHTON Jan 15, 2020 711
No second Scottish referendum, Boris Johnson tells SNP's Nicola Sturgeon. CATHERINE NEILAN @CatNeilan Jan 15, 2020 200
Referendum 'no' angers MP Mhairi. Jan 15, 2020 237
London Rejects Scotland's Request for Second Independence Referendum. Jan 14, 2020 290
Nearly 400 stations set up for gathering signatures in support of referendum on suspended bills. Jan 13, 2020 294
BBI referendum unstoppable - Coast politicians. Jan 13, 2020 466
Dodik: People in RS will decide on integration with NATO in a referendum. Jan 13, 2020 383
Two Kamba MPs support June referendum call. Jan 12, 2020 259
Referendum impossible in June, says Duale. Jan 12, 2020 483
MPs' proposal to hold referendum alongside 2022 polls wrong footing. Jan 11, 2020 480
8 referendum questions for DuPage voters Questions: Pot, taxes on ballot. Robert Sanchez Jan 11, 2020 796
DuPage referendum questions: From pot to schools. Robert Sanchez Jan 11, 2020 796
Labour leadership race: Clive Lewis calls for referendum on future of royal family. Jan 10, 2020 383
Jack rules out referendum powers; INDYREF2. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE WESTMINSTER REPORTER Jan 9, 2020 315
Boris Johnson and Scottish Secretary reject calls for independence referendum. Jan 8, 2020 622
Uhuru, Raila allies upbeat on referendum, Ruto team wary. Jan 6, 2020 1182
Orengo to Uhuru: Gazette BBI team extension for July referendum. Jan 6, 2020 201
Hollywood actor Brian Cox calls for second Scottish independence referendum. Jan 5, 2020 488
Chance of Scottish independence referendum in 2020 'likely nil' says new SNP MP. Jan 2, 2020 854
Hold referendum on the number of states in South Sudan. Jan 1, 2020 3154
60 per cent want BBI referendum - Poll. Dec 31, 2019 539
Chilean President signs decree on holding April 2020 referendum to amend Constitution. ANI Dec 28, 2019 291
'No majority' to hold border poll; Decline in unionist support 'not a one-off'; Taoiseach cool on unity referendum plan. MICHAEL McHUGH Dec 27, 2019 326
Parliament to verify signatures collected for constitutional referendum. Dec 26, 2019 187
New Scottish independence referendum won't be 'any time soon', says Kenny MacAskill. Dec 23, 2019 518
Here's how unionists can end the SNP's independence referendum hopes -- John McLellan. Dec 21, 2019 1176
Scottish independence referendum: Sturgeon speaks for SNP, not Scotland -- Brian Wilson. Dec 21, 2019 695
Why can't Scotland have same referendum rights as Northern Ireland? -- Christine Grahame. Dec 20, 2019 632
Sturgeon calls for referendum. Dec 20, 2019 229
Nicola Sturgeon demands permanent power to hold Scottish independence referendums. Dec 19, 2019 1327
Will Scotland get a second independence referendum? What Nicola Sturgeon, Boris Johnson and the polls have said about Indyref2. Dec 19, 2019 631
Ex-First Minister Henry McLeish says Labour must accept Scottish independence referendum will happen. Dec 19, 2019 505
Europe's top court rules Catalan leader imprisoned over independence referendum should have 'immunity'. Dec 19, 2019 296
Queen's Speech rules out new Scottish independence referendum. Dec 19, 2019 407
Calling for second independence referendum is fine, but voters have another big issue -- Kenny MacAskill. Dec 19, 2019 842
Sturgeon demands independence referendum powers be devolved. Dec 19, 2019 573
Scottish leader steps up battle for independence referendum. Egypt Today staff Dec 19, 2019 390
Mamata Banerjee calls for referendum on Citizenship Amendment Act to be conducted by UN. ANI Dec 19, 2019 365
RSNA conclusions on self-determination and referendum optional. Dec 18, 2019 437
Nicola Sturgeon calls for Labour support to secure Scottish independence referendum. Dec 17, 2019 908
Boris Johnson adopting 'anti-democratic position' on Scottish independence referendum. Dec 16, 2019 351
Lesley Riddoch: Overwhelming majority is now open to another Scottish referendum. Dec 16, 2019 1027
THE CLASH OF 2020; Songwriter says PM's punk stunt only underlines the need lines for another referendum. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR Dec 15, 2019 791
Senior Scots Labour figures come out in favour of independence referendum. Dec 15, 2019 552
Michael Gove rules out independence referendum for five years. Dec 15, 2019 315
Sturgeon demands independence referendum. Dec 14, 2019 337
First minister sees SNP gains as perfect referendum catalyst; INDYREF. TOM PETERKIN Dec 14, 2019 344
Leading Scottish Labour politician calls for second referendum on Scottish independence. Dec 14, 2019 219
The one reason why Boris Johnson might allow Scottish independence referendum in 2020 -- John McLellan. Dec 14, 2019 1196
Taiwan approves plans for a referendum to revive contested 4th nuclear plant. Dec 13, 2019 330
County house prices up since EU referendum. LAUREN WISE @Laurenwise Dec 12, 2019 436
NZ congratulates PNG and Autonomous Bougainville Government on referendum. Dec 12, 2019 189
Sturgeon insists she still wants a new referendum; SCOTLAND. Dec 12, 2019 258
Tory referendum knife-edge warning. Dec 10, 2019 223
Nicola Sturgeon suggests Brexit referendum would be held before second vote on Scottish independence. Dec 9, 2019 619
'Second referendum plans ready' LIB DEMS. Dec 9, 2019 455
Swinson: New referendum legislation 'ready to go'. Dec 9, 2019 188
Parties wrong to refuse referendum. Dec 9, 2019 173
S. Sudan proposes referendum to solve states impasse. Dec 8, 2019 412
Referendum call 'highly irresponsible' says peer; LIB DEM. Dec 6, 2019 303
Survey has Elmhurst Park District taking new look at projects, referendum Projects: Future of Kleft Brothers site in question. Robert Sanchez Dec 6, 2019 483
Survey has Elmhurst Park District taking new look at projects, referendum. Robert Sanchez Dec 6, 2019 483
Let's have referendum before August - Rift leaders. Dec 6, 2019 281
Rift Valley lawmakers make an about-turn and back BBI referendum. Dec 6, 2019 454
Saying 'NO' in the referendum sets back freedom. Dec 5, 2019 1396
Catholic Bishops Conference wants education on referendum intensified. Conference news Dec 5, 2019 358
CHaLoG commends NHC, NDC for 'No' stance on referendum. Dec 5, 2019 431
Fife councillors reject second Scottish independence referendum. Dec 5, 2019 917
Scottish ministers reject bid to ensure new referendums need confirmatory vote. Dec 4, 2019 605
Embu MCAs, elders back referendum to enact BBI. Dec 4, 2019 602
Uhuru hints at referendum to implement BBI report. Dec 4, 2019 548
CAYMAN ISLANDS-POLITICS-Court orders delay of port referendum. Dec 4, 2019 360
BBI proposal must go via referendum. Dec 3, 2019 491
Does Westminster really have control over staging an independence referendum? Dec 3, 2019 478
Referendums Framework Bill passes third reading. Dec 3, 2019 357
Referendums website and initial cannabis Bill launched. Dec 3, 2019 733
No more 'corrosive' referendums on Brexit or Scottish independence, pledges Jackson Carlaw. Dec 2, 2019 601
BBI proposals should be subjected to a referendum, says Osotsi. Dec 2, 2019 415
Referendum is not necessary for BBI. Dec 1, 2019 304
Atwoli slams Duale, Murkomen and Kuria over referendum. Dec 1, 2019 544
Jeremy Corbyn confirms he'll vote in new Brexit referendum -but doesn't say how; Labour's leader confirmed he will mark his own ballot in the privacy of the polling station -despite pledging to stay neutral during a second referendum between a Labour deal and Remain. By, Dan Bloom Dec 1, 2019 251
Kenya is ready for a referendum - DP Ruto. Nov 30, 2019 698
Why Kenya doesn't need referendum. Nov 30, 2019 459
Uhuru, Ruto allies lock horns over referendum talk. Nov 30, 2019 921
Prepare for BBI referendum - Raila. Nov 29, 2019 413
Moses Kuria hits out at Raila over BBI referendum. Nov 28, 2019 1021
Call off the Referendum, unless... Nov 28, 2019 1127
NDC MP reveals sabotage of referendum. Nov 28, 2019 835
We can elect MMDCEs without a Referendum. Nov 28, 2019 2105
Berekum East MCE educates churches on referendum. Nov 28, 2019 551
Gov't should halt referendum to avoid political suicide. Nov 28, 2019 1076
Asutifi North and Berekum East Assemblies brainstorm on referendum. Nov 28, 2019 938
BBI proposals will not lead to a referendum - Duale. Nov 26, 2019 574
Boris Johnson warns referendums on independence and Brexit would cost more than [pounds sterling]150m. Nov 26, 2019 363
Boris Johnson vows to stop second independence referendum. Nov 24, 2019 395
Corbyn: I would stay neutral in a second Brexit referendum. Reuters News Service Nov 22, 2019 434
BBC Question Time: Jeremy Corbyn says he will be 'neutral' in second EU referendum. Nov 22, 2019 394
MFA says referendum in Nagorno-Karabakh illegal. Nov 22, 2019 610
December 17 Referendum: No procrastination -IDeG. Nov 21, 2019 617
Intensify education on referendum'. Nov 21, 2019 661
ISD embarks on sensitisation of students on referendum. Nov 21, 2019 458
Humphrys: Second Brexit referendum undemocratic. ALEX GREEN Nov 21, 2019 483
Michael Gove: Nicola Sturgeon is not getting a second independence referendum - it's a waste of time. Nov 20, 2019 630
Humza Yousaf believes 'without a doubt' that Jeremy Corbyn will allow a second independence referendum in 2020. Nov 20, 2019 261
Sturgeon urged to invest indyref2 cash in schools; SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE ? Cost of staging fresh referendum put at around PS17 million. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE Nov 20, 2019 336
Bosniak caucus vetoes RSNA conclusions on self-determination and referendum. Nov 20, 2019 269
MSP's outrage over Referendums Bill. Nov 20, 2019 309
On Punjab CM's request, Google takes down '2020 Sikh Referendum' app from Play Store. ANI Nov 19, 2019 435
No second independence referendum as long as I'm PM, Boris Johnson tells Scotland. Nov 19, 2019 719
No referendum for two years, Mr Corbyn? The First Minister will be absolutely delighted. CHRIS DEERIN Nov 17, 2019 582
Jeremy Corbyn fails to clarify his campaign stance in a second EU referendum. Nov 17, 2019 1475
Sturgeon: Vote on Brexit ote not our top priority; ? First minister says indyref2 more important than second EU referendum. AOIFE MOORE Nov 16, 2019 809
Sturgeon: Vote on Brexit ote not our top priority; ? First minister says indyref2 more important than second EU referendum. AOIFE MOORE Nov 16, 2019 649
Corbyn lampooned over er fluid indyref2 stance; ? Leader comes up with Labour's fourth position on fresh referendum in two days. TOM PETERKIN Nov 15, 2019 725
Corbyn rules out indy referendum. Nov 14, 2019 428
Corbyn's Scottish policies 'incoherent' says Jack; ? Different messages over referendum in campaign trip. TOM PETERKIN POLITICAL EDITOR Nov 14, 2019 453
FMQs: Nicola Sturgeon wants to hold Scottish independence vote before Brexit referendum next year. Nov 14, 2019 880
New Zealanders to vote in referendum on legalising euthanasia. Reuters News Service Nov 13, 2019 374
BARBADOS-MARIJUANA-Pollster calls on Barbados to move beyond referendum on decriminalisation of marijuana. Nov 13, 2019 881
Nicola Sturgeon tells Scots to prepare for 2 referendum votes in 2020. Nov 13, 2019 926
It's poll to poll with .. Nicola Sturgeon; first minister backs two referendums next year SNP wants people to have final EU say but insiders fear Remain vote could scupper independence hopes. PAUL HUTCHEON Political Editor Nov 13, 2019 601
VukanoviA: Dodik makes referendum on RS independence absurd. Nov 12, 2019 323
Activists plan to organize national referendum in Nur-Sultan. Nov 11, 2019 175
- Richard Leonard on a Labour government There will be no independence referendum for years and, by then, Scotland won't want one; BRITAIN DECIDES 31 DAYS TO GO Scottish Labour leader says PM Corbyn will not rush to green-light another vote on the constitution. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR Nov 10, 2019 789
SNP vows to push for a referendum. Nov 9, 2019 161
SNP vows to push for a referendum. Nov 9, 2019 161
Just think...without Brexit we would not have been able to enjoy all these nice new words! ALEX GREEN on the additions to the English language that have popped up in the three and a half years of arguments, failed votes and deadline extensions since Britain's EU referendum. ALEX GREEN Nov 7, 2019 282
Step up public education on upcoming Referendum - Catholic Bishop. Nov 7, 2019 473
John Boadu leads NPP campaign for yes vote in referendum. Nov 7, 2019 549
Labour pledges a Brexit referendum by summer. PATRICK DALY Press association Nov 6, 2019 609
Fresh warrant issued for Ponsati over referendum; POLICE. Nov 6, 2019 241
Referendums and the flawed politics of simple solutions. Chandrahas Choudhury Nov 6, 2019 1073
Referendum propaganda. Nov 5, 2019 112
Referendum law is vital. Nov 4, 2019 316
MP: Armenia has no right to hold referendum in Nagorno-Karabakh region. Nov 4, 2019 183
Sturgeon insists 'things have changed' as PM rejects second Scottish referendum. Nov 4, 2019 404
MPs craft referendum bill as Kenyans await BBI report. Nov 3, 2019 650
We may fight BBI referendum, pro-Ruto faction says. Nov 3, 2019 274
FM's rallying call: We must tell Westminster it's time for e get out in numbers and us to choose our future - Nicola Sturgeon at Yes rally yesterday; First Minister promises another independence referendum next year but opponents question how as party leaders hit the campaign trail. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR Nov 3, 2019 1019
FM's rallying call: We must tell Westminster it's time for e get out in numbers and us to choose our future; First Minister promises another independence referendum next year but opponents question how as party leaders hit the campaign trail. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR Nov 3, 2019 1014
Advisor: Referendum among Indigenous Palestinians Only Solution to Crisis. Nov 2, 2019 347
Leonard in new row on referendum. ANDY PHILLIP Oct 31, 2019 166
IDEG trains Journalists, CSOs on December 17 referendum. Oct 31, 2019 891
Western Sahara: Morocco's UN Ambassador Says 'Referendum Is Over'. Oct 31, 2019 439
Scottish independence: SNP's referendum plans suffer blow in Holyrood report. Oct 31, 2019 461
Referendum more than an opinion poll. Oct 30, 2019 160
Bid to block Elk Grove term limits referendum delayed, for now. Christopher Placek Oct 30, 2019 451
Duale wants MPs to elect President but won't back referendum. Oct 28, 2019 666
Uhuru, Raila to decide whether to go for referendum on BBI report. Oct 27, 2019 1159
Union leader Len McCluskey door on support for Scottish calls on Corbyn to close independence referendum; Unite general secretary says Labour leader should not concede to First Minister's demands during visits north of border. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR Oct 27, 2019 702
Union leader Len McCluskey door on support for Scottish calls on Corbyn to close independence referendum; Unite general secretary says Labour leader should not uld concede to First Minister's demands during visit north of border. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR Oct 27, 2019 799
CAYMAN ISLANDS-POLITICS- Governor encourages Caymanians to vote in upcoming referendum. Oct 27, 2019 454
Police support for Bougainville referendum. Oct 25, 2019 289

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