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Biden CIA nominee Burns calls China an 'authoritarian adversary'. Reuters News Service Feb 24, 2021 604
Subordinating Intelligence: The DoD/CIA Post-Cold War Relationship. Lester, Genevieve Dec 22, 2020 672
Egypt's General Intelligence Chief meets Libya's Haftar, Aguila Saleh in Benghazi. Daily News Egypt Dec 20, 2020 271
In pics: Egypt's intelligence chief meets with Haftar, Aguila Saleh in Benghazi. Egypt Today staff Dec 19, 2020 374
President slams Russia probe; Dems cry foul. DEB RIECHMANN Associated Press Oct 8, 2020 556
Intelligence services focused on Russian and Chinese activities in Slovakia. Sep 28, 2020 649
Trump campaign's Russia contacts 'grave' threat, Senate says. ERIC TUCKER and MARY CLARE JALONICK Associated Press Aug 19, 2020 1280
Concerns grow over 'overpowered' police. Jul 31, 2020 577
Government failed to investigate Russia threat to UK voting, long-awaited report finds. DAVID HUGHES Jul 22, 2020 1294
Government 'failed to consider Russia threat'. SIMON STONE Jul 22, 2020 866
Government 'failed to consider Russia threat'. SIMON STONE Jul 22, 2020 866
MI5 set for extra powers to protect UK after government slammed in damning Russia report; MI5 are set to be given extra powers to try and stop Russian interference after a damning report said the government had been too slow to react to the threat posed by the Kremlin. By, Shaun Connolly & Jeremy Culley Jul 22, 2020 641
'Publish Russia report before summer', Intelligence and Security Committee told; EXCLUSIVE: A prominent former member of the committee spoke out as MPs prepare to vote on the watchdog's members. By, Ben Glaze Jul 12, 2020 584
China's plans for security agencies in Hong Kong will 'silence city', activists say. Reuters News Service May 22, 2020 856
Canadian media exposes India. Apr 30, 2020 967
Trump fires watchdog who handled Ukraine complaint. MARY CLARE JALONICK Associated Press Apr 4, 2020 484
Trump again picks Ratcliffe for top intelligence official. Associated Press Feb 29, 2020 164
Ministers questioned on the publication of the Intelligence and Security Committee's report into Russia. Nov 5, 2019 579
PSC Blamed State Intelligence Service For Easter Sunday Carnage. Oct 24, 2019 2187
Whistleblowers: What Does US Law Say About Them? AFP News Oct 6, 2019 604
US acting CIA chief vows to protect whistleblowers. Sep 26, 2019 223
Sources: Ukraine at the center of intelligence official's complaint. The Washington Post Sep 20, 2019 1050
Sources: Ukraine at the center of intelligence official's complaint Complaint: House Dems already probing Trump's phone call with president. The Washington Post Sep 20, 2019 1050
Sources: President's talks with foreign leader part of whistleblower complaint. Miller, By Greg; Nakashima, Ellen; Post, Shane Harris The Washington Sep 19, 2019 1024
Lords debates recent work of Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament. Sep 9, 2019 236
MP Calls For Activating Security And Intelligence Measures To Protect The Visitors Of Karbala On The Anniversary Of Its Immortal Epic. Aug 31, 2019 217
Intelligence chief nominee withdraws. Aug 3, 2019 476
U.S. intelligence shakeup could be risky. Aug 1, 2019 807
Bizenjo claims spy agency hijacked Senate vote. Aug 1, 2019 162
Not a slam dunk? Questions: Ratcliffe's confirmation will take a simple 51-vote majority. Jul 30, 2019 738
Not a slam dunk? Jul 30, 2019 738
Trump Confirms John Ratcliffe Is New Director Of National Intelligence. Jul 29, 2019 619
Iranian Lawmakers Laud Intelligence Ministry for Disbanding CIA-Linked Spy Team. Jul 28, 2019 1003
Mueller made a case for election security, but lawmakers seemed largely disinterested. Jul 26, 2019 837
De Lima seeks creation of body to ensure proper use of gov't intel funds. Jul 25, 2019 517
Mafraji: The Intelligence Service Told Security Forces Two Days About The Attacks In Kirkuk. May 31, 2019 277
Only question is how much the FBI spied on Trump campaign. May 9, 2019 656
Another spy to take charge of police service. Mar 14, 2019 422
Trump's Vital Intelligence. Buchanan, Patrick J. Mar 1, 2019 836
US Intelligence Chiefs Hit Democracy's Slam Dunk. Feb 3, 2019 818
Trump slams U.S. intel chiefs as 'naive and passive' on Iran. Jan 31, 2019 722
Neither Taliban nor Afghan govt can win war, warn US agencies. Jan 31, 2019 891
Russia, China are top U.S. threats, intel chief says. Shane Harris The Washington Post Jan 30, 2019 944
Russia, China are top U.S. threats, intel chief says Threats: Intel chiefs also wary of ISIS' ability to strike U.S. Shane Harris The Washington Post Jan 30, 2019 944
US Senator: Pompeo, Mattis Said White House Prevented Haspel from Briefing on Saudi Arabia. Nov 29, 2018 1056
Khashoggi killing: Democrats indicate probe into Trump's knowledge of CIA report. Nov 24, 2018 423
Indian, Afghan spy agencies destablising Balochistan, says Senator. Nov 8, 2018 318
An enduring Cold War enigma: Rita Ricketts takes another look at allegations that Paddy Costello was a Soviet agent. Ricketts, Rita Essay Nov 1, 2018 4125
What did US spy agencies know about threats on Khashoggi - and when? Oct 20, 2018 898
AfD members monitored by spy agency are now in parliament. Oct 18, 2018 401
Second suspect in Skripal poisoning 'was a hero of the Russian Federation'. Oct 10, 2018 1110
Following release of CIA document, MPs rebuke Brotherhood's terrorist dogma. Aug 14, 2018 710
Despite Trump, business as usual for spy agencies. Jul 21, 2018 889
Report: British Police, Intelligence Use Child Spies in Secret Operations. Jul 21, 2018 318
Kit Siang: Najib must explain to Parliament about CIA letter. Jul 19, 2018 345
Trump Intelligence Dismissal in Helsinki Causes Outrage in Washington. Jul 17, 2018 771
Ryan, others rebuke Trump's remarks on Russian interference in US election. Jul 16, 2018 535
US Senate committee backs intelligence community conclusion that Russia meddled to aid Trump. Jul 4, 2018 245
Jeff Beals: That Bernie Sanders CIA Guy Running for Congress from Woodstock. Rosen, Armin Jun 14, 2018 288
The politics of a spy swap. May 30, 2018 653
Politician would have been declared 'traitor' for writing book with an Indian: Raza Rabbani. May 26, 2018 252
Donald Trump demands Justice Dept and FBI investigate presidential campaign 'spy' - and they agree; The FBI and US intelligence agencies will now share highly-sensitive information with politicians about their investigation. May 22, 2018 489
Russia is no threat for the intelligence service. May 22, 2018 766
Bombshells & Black Holes: House Intel Report on Russia Collusion Finally Released ... Sort of: No Trump-Russia collusion, but plenty of anti-Trump collusion and conspiracy by Deep State operatives such as Comey, Clapper, and Brennan. Jasper, William F. May 21, 2018 2180
Human Rights Groups Decry Gina Haspel's Confirmation as CIA Chief. May 20, 2018 401
Gina Haspel confirmed as CIA's first female director. May 18, 2018 115
Senate confirms CIA's 1st female director. May 18, 2018 624
Trump's CIA nominee wins support of Senate Intelligence Committee. May 16, 2018 126
Haspel Unrepentant Over CIA Torture At Senate Hearing. May 13, 2018 600
Trump's CIA pick faces Senate grilling. May 10, 2018 371
CIA nominee decries torture as an interrogation technique. May 10, 2018 960
US Senate confirms CIA chief Pompeo as secretary of state. Apr 26, 2018 102
America's Dark History Of Torture. Mar 18, 2018 733
ECP may get intelligence agencies' help to probe horse-trading in Senate election. Mar 15, 2018 250
ECP to probe horse-trading, get assistance from FIA, spy agencies. Mar 15, 2018 497
ECP to probe horse-trading, get assistance from FIA, intelligence agencies. Mar 15, 2018 459
REPUBLICANS ON INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE SAY: Trump, Russia did not collude DEMOCRAT CALLS DRAFT REPORT A 'TRAGIC MILESTONE' Collusion: Public won't see report until Democrats, intelligence community review it. Mar 13, 2018 1008
JO: Weakened intelligence services failed to update govt about clashes. Mar 10, 2018 150
Spy agencies: Russia still targeting votes. Feb 14, 2018 277
Highland Park-born CIA director; star of 'Peyton's Place'. Jan 21, 2018 996
FISA Gets Extended For Next 6 Years. Jan 19, 2018 550
South Korea to reform 'omnipotent' prosecution, spy agency. Jan 14, 2018 766
Spy agency to be stripped of espionage cases. Jan 14, 2018 701
Curbing abuse of power. Jan 14, 2018 470
DEEP STATE: Underbelly of the Intelligence Community: U.S. intelligence agencies operate without any meaningful congressional or other governmental oversight, yet they take actions that affect U.S. policies worldwide and override U.S. laws and American freedoms. Newman, Alex Jan 8, 2018 3800
CIA's Pompeo says Russia and others trying to undermine U.S. elections. Jan 7, 2018 411
Extremism, support of spy agencies, main causes of regional terrorism: Iran Speaker. Conference notes Dec 25, 2017 597
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Section 702: Mend It, Don't End It. Barfield, Claude Essay Nov 1, 2017 6632
Pak Senator calls for investigation on reports about intelligence agencies 'shielding' terrorists. Sep 30, 2017 345
'CIA discussed political scenarios in event of Indira Gandhi's death'. Aug 9, 2017 387
Trump Administration Returns CIA Torture Report. Jun 3, 2017 546
Declassified Memos Show FBI Illegally Shared Spy Data on Americans with Private Parties. May 28, 2017 1759
How intelligence works (when it does). Meyer, Herbert E. May 1, 2017 2396
Putin-linked think tank drew up plan to sway 2016 U.S. election. Apr 20, 2017 993
Spies Won't Say How Many Americans Caught In Expiring Surveillance Programs. Mar 10, 2017 746
Warner Wants Flynn To Testify Before Intelligence Committee. Mar 5, 2017 507
House Intel Chair Says 'No Evidence' Of Ties To Russia. Feb 28, 2017 435
A view from the CT Foxhole: an interview with John Brennan, Director, CIA. Cruickshank, Paul; Dodwell, Brian Interview Sep 1, 2016 5792
Policing terrorism in a void: John Battersby reviews New Zealand's approach to a major security concern in light of recent study group findings. Battersby, John Essay Jul 1, 2016 3386
Afghan lawmakers approve defence, intelligence chiefs. Jun 20, 2016 164
Pakistani Hindus show concerns on arrest of alleged Indian spy in Balochistan. Mar 26, 2016 363
Govt undecided on bill seeking to tame intelligence agency's powers. Mar 8, 2016 432
Top intelligence agency accused of stealing data, taping phones of politicians, journalists. Dec 21, 2015 240
Top intelligence agency accused of stealing data, taping phones of politicians, journalists. Dec 21, 2015 239
Bulgaria MPs Override Presidential Veto on Military Intelligence Act. Nov 5, 2015 261
Bulgaria DefMin Urges Parliament to Revoke Intelligence Act Changes. Oct 16, 2015 148
Bulgariaa[euro][TM]s President Vetoes Controversial Change to Military Intelligence Act. Oct 15, 2015 257
Time for curbs on spies who hold our privacy in contempt. Jul 25, 2015 588
SCANDAL OF BRIT SPOOKS SPYING ON MSPs; GCHQ rewrite rules to pry on Scots politicians EXCLUSIVE THE GCHQ CHARTER TO SPY ON HOLYROOD SCANDAL MPs ARE PROTECTED FROM SNOOPING .. BUT MSPs ARE NOT SCANDAL MPs ARE PROTECTED FROM SNOOPING .. BUT MSPs ARE NOT Politicians' case in secret court reveals no safeguards in place for devolved assemblies. DAVID CLEGG Political Editor Jul 24, 2015 851
U.S. Senate lets NSA spy program lapse. Jun 1, 2015 216
U.S. Senate lets NSA spy program lapse, at least for now. Jun 1, 2015 879
U.S. spy agency's surveillance program set to expire at midnight. Jun 1, 2015 520
Lawmakers divided on whether CIA or Pentagon should operate drones. May 7, 2015 622
French parliament approves controversial law on intelligence Services. May 5, 2015 188
US intelligence official supports NSA reform. May 1, 2015 149
German Government Accused of Lying to Parliament over Spy Claims. Apr 29, 2015 276
How to build a nuclear bomb scare: though U.S. intelligence agencies have never produced evidence that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon, the U.S. government has a long history of punishing Iran for doing it. Kenny, Jack Apr 20, 2015 3032
My-T head's reappointment raises concerns of partisan intelligence. Mar 11, 2015 1344
My-T head's reappointment raises concerns of partisan intelligence. Mar 10, 2015 1345
MUM.I.5; 'Alpha male' spy chiefs must sign up more Jane Bonds, MPs claim. Mar 6, 2015 329
House Speaker Turns Parliament's Session To Secret To Discuss (Iraqi National Intelligence Act). Jan 22, 2015 114
Senate Intelligence Committee releases report on CIA torture. Jan 5, 2015 339
Interrogation program mismanaged; Senate, CIA agree on the agency's missteps. Braun, Stephen Dec 25, 2014 1001
Fresh scrutiny in torture probe; HOT SPOTS CIA REPORT. Dec 16, 2014 190
Senate Report: CIA 'Wrongfully Imprisoned' 26 People. Dec 13, 2014 308
Brutal CIA questioning didn't work, U.S. report says. Dec 10, 2014 676
CIA tortured and lied, Senate report reveals. Dec 10, 2014 404
US senate report on CIA reveals widespread use of torture. Dec 10, 2014 1059
Brutal interrogation didn't work; Senate report says CIA misled everyone. Klapper, Bradley; Dilanian, Ken Dec 10, 2014 1037
Senate report: CIA enhanced interrogation not effective, torture. Dec 9, 2014 638
The irrelevance of the spy commission. Nov 21, 2014 748
Is the NSA grabbing all Americans' phone call content? The NSA has been caught time and again blatantly lying to the public and Congress about its spying activities, but it is possible it may truthfully say it is not spying, when it is. Eddlem, Thomas R. Nov 3, 2014 1879
Intelligence agencies should brief Senate on security situation: Zafarul Haq. Oct 24, 2014 384
Australia passes tougher spy laws. Sep 26, 2014 371
Obama backs CIA chief, admits US torture. Aug 2, 2014 426
The menace of secret government: Obama's proposed intelligence reforms fail to safeguard civil liberties. Bailey, Ronald Column Apr 17, 2014 1195
Senate panel votes to release CIA torture report. Apr 4, 2014 343
A Washington feud focuses on CIA interrogations. Apr 3, 2014 819
Senators vexed over absence of spy agencies chiefs. Apr 3, 2014 420
Congress should investigate U.S. intelligence abuse. Mar 28, 2014 814
CIA denies illegally spying on Senate staff. Mar 12, 2014 180
Senator: CIA searched our computers; Lawmakers were investigating alleged torture. Cassata, Donna Mar 12, 2014 1057
Key dates in complex CIA-Senate dispute. Cass, Connie Mar 12, 2014 1201
Senior MP: Iran Holds Documents Proving BahaaACAOis Spying for Mossad, CIA. Feb 18, 2014 243
Senior MP Blames Western Spy Agencies for Recent Blasts in Iraq. Dec 18, 2013 362
Parliament, Intelligence Ministry Officials Studying Possible Tapping of MPs' Cell Phones. Dec 8, 2013 416
US Senate Asks CIA to Spy on IranaACAOs Cooperation on Geneva N. Deal. Dec 7, 2013 230
Oversight for UK spies barely exists, claims MP. Nov 14, 2013 561
US spy policy: Pressure mounts on White House. Oct 30, 2013 406
For the sake of peace and jobs, US politicians and its spies should grow up; Western Mail. Oct 26, 2013 442
Senators outline bill to both limit, hike NSA spying. Dozier, Kimberly Sep 27, 2013 760
White House denies spying on US citizens. Jun 8, 2013 279
White House denies spying on US citizens. Jun 8, 2013 279
U.S. Senate OKs Obama's counterterrorism adviser Brennan to head CIA. Mar 11, 2013 278
U.S. Senate votes to confirm Brennan as CIA chief. Mar 8, 2013 257
Senator to speak 'as long as it takes' over CIA pick. Mar 7, 2013 723
US Senate panel votes in favor of Brennan as next CIA director. Mar 6, 2013 161
Senate Committee Approves John Brennan As CIA Chief. Mar 5, 2013 245
MP Stresses Iran's Intelligence Supremacy over Enemies' Plots. Feb 2, 2013 657
Explaining the absence of a Japanese Central Intelligence Agency: alliance politics, sectionalism, and antimilitarism. Williams, Brad Report Jan 1, 2013 10991
Pak Senate body proposes new intelligence outfit. Dec 1, 2012 344
Those funded by intelligence agencies should quit politics: Imran. Nov 15, 2012 476
Those funded by intelligence agencies should quit politics: Imran. Nov 15, 2012 476
Intelligence agencies should work under Constitution: Senate committee. Sep 29, 2012 959
Independent probe into spy's death called for by politicians; CONCERNS OVER BREAKDOWN IN AGENCIES' COMMUNICATION. May 4, 2012 655
Eyes on spies; Congress and the United States intelligence community. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 139
Chinese Firm Helps Iran Spy On Citizens. Brief article Mar 30, 2012 204
Pak parliament should limit intelligence agencies' criminal activities to protect Baloch people: Editorial. Editorial Feb 7, 2012 336
Pak hardline party submits Bill in parliament seeking clipping of intelligence agencies' draconian powers. Feb 5, 2012 425
Abu Musab al Zarqawi: the making and unmaking of an American monster (in Baghdad). Chambers, Peter Report Feb 1, 2012 12175
Parliamentarians and national security in Canada. MacDonald, Nicholas A. Report Dec 22, 2011 6764
Fixing the Facts or Missing the Mark? Intelligence, Policy, and the War in Iraq. Handley, John Dec 21, 2011 396
Hezbollah MP: CIA officers meet Lebanese agents in public. Dec 13, 2011 654
Fixing the facts; national security and the politics of intelligence. Book review Dec 1, 2011 132
Lebanon to seek U.S. clarifications over alleged CIA spies--Israel worried over capture of CIA agents in Lebanon--Hizbullah urges government to take action on spy attack. Nov 24, 2011 868
MP Warns of Enemy Spying Activities around Iran. Nov 10, 2011 499
The role of the police in the post election violence in Kenya 2007/08. Okia, Opolot Report Sep 22, 2011 6708
Washington politicians might be talking about success in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, but the nation's intelligence agencies are thinking otherwise. Giraldi, Philip Brief article Aug 1, 2011 309
The "secret" patriot act: the admissions of whistle-blowers and high-level intelligence personnel make almost certain that U.S. intelligence agencies are wiretapping all Americans indiscriminately. Eddlem, Thomas R. Jul 18, 2011 2127
The Cia's weather underground: are Republicans putting the intelligence community's climate projects on ice? Sheppard, Kate Jul 1, 2011 427
U.S. Senate Confirms Petraeus as CIA Chief. Jun 30, 2011 226
Senate Confirms Petraeus as CIA director. Jun 30, 2011 138
Intelligence chief offers to resign over Abbottabad raid. May 15, 2011 337
Intelligence issues for Congress. Best, Richard A., Jr. Report Apr 1, 2011 14006
President address: Parliament House combed through by Intelligence agencies. Mar 23, 2011 218
"Gang of Four" congressional intelligence notifications. Cumming, Alfred Report Mar 1, 2011 4496
MP Lauds Intelligence Forces' Performance in Spy War. Jan 12, 2011 415
Intelligence issues for Congress. Best, Richard A., Jr. Report Jan 1, 2011 13908
MP stands by assistant arrested in spy probe. Dec 5, 2010 322
Senior MP Underlines Capability of Iranian Intelligence Forces. Nov 13, 2010 796
Can America afford to modernize the Air Force? Coggins, George A. Report Sep 22, 2010 8569
The politicization of intelligence: the Bonapartist Intelligence Model. Cristescu, Claudia Essay Jul 1, 2010 6137
The Sahara Emirate: Al Qaeda in the West, for the West? Keenan, Jeremy H. Jun 22, 2010 9792
Intelligence issues for Congress. Best, Richard A., Jr. Report Jun 1, 2010 13000
Taliban planning to attack Parliament House, warns Pak intelligence. May 20, 2010 148
Draft National Security Strategy Provides for 'Bulgarian CIA'. May 14, 2010 502
Third World/Global South: from development to globalization to imperial project. Litonjua, M.D. Report Mar 22, 2010 10677
Congressional oversight of intelligence: current structure and alternatives. Kaiser, Frederick M. Report Mar 1, 2010 15915
Country reports. Report Mar 1, 2010 25729
Jordan's GME & Int'l Roles. Jan 25, 2010 375
A delicate balance: re Charkaoui and the constitutional dimensions of disclosure. Hudson, Graham Jan 1, 2010 6331
Pak senators table bill in Senate against forced detention by intelligence agencies. Nov 27, 2009 207
Spy agencies intervention in political matters unconstitutional --- Bhutto tasked ISI to provide intelligence on internal situation: Javed. Nov 3, 2009 263
Insurgency and counter-insurgency in Afghanistan and the role of Pakistan. Kruys, George Nov 1, 2009 9769
Congress and the CIA. Book review Nov 1, 2009 121
Official MI5 history confirms former Midland MP Stonehouse was KGB spy. Oct 6, 2009 363
Arctic warming: environmental, human, and security implications. West, Mary Beth Oct 1, 2009 11383
A new 'grand bargain' is needed for the Central Intelligence Agency. Sep 17, 2009 879
Political wings in intelligence agencies to control political parties: Mushahid. Aug 25, 2009 213
Political wings in intelligence agencies to control political parties: Mushahid. Aug 25, 2009 213
Cheney 'silenced CIA over spy plan'. Jul 13, 2009 552
Democrats letter claims CIA misled Congress. Jul 9, 2009 245
US Republicans back CIA in dispute with Pelosi. May 16, 2009 489
Crisis decision making under the state of exception. Kumar, Dhruba Report Jan 1, 2009 14139
Senate report details White House's 'misleading' strategy to sell Iraq war. Jun 7, 2008 1187
Intelligence Reform: GAO Can Assist the Congress and the Intelligence Community on Management Reform Initiatives. Mar 1, 2008 673
Congressional oversight of US intelligence isn't working. Dec 13, 2007 859
Revisiting intelligence reform. Shorrock, Tim Dec 6, 2007 3114
Marking intelligence smart. Colby, Elbridge A. Aug 1, 2007 5048
The role of intelligence in countering terrorism and insurgency. Kruys, G.P.H. May 1, 2007 7212
IRAQ - Pentagon Office 'Misled' On Iraq War. Feb 19, 2007 367
Dead end: counterinsurgency warfare as military malpractice. Luttwak, Edward N. Essay Feb 1, 2007 5633
Bush defends CIA program, urges Congress to set detainee standards. Sep 18, 2006 522
Spying trouble: culture clashes among the FBI, CIA, and the military intelligence agencies are some of the problems cited in the intelligence community. This report looks at whether progress is being made. Gips, Michael A. Aug 1, 2006 4072
CIA secretly gave money to LDP to weaken leftists in 1950s-60s: U.S. Jul 31, 2006 397
The NSA and domestic spying: the Bush administration's warrantless surveillance has become a concern for both sides of the political spectrum, but it's still being defended. Mass, Warren National organization overview Jul 24, 2006 1161
CIA secretly gave money to LDP to weaken leftists in 1950s-60s: U.S. Jul 24, 2006 397
Intelligence issues for Congress. Best, Richard A., Jr. Jul 1, 2006 8904
The surveillance state unveiled: President Bush and adherents to his viewpoint have defended the idea that the government has a right to wiretap, but their assertions do not stand up to scrutiny. Eddlem, Thomas R. Jun 26, 2006 2215
Politicians take Bush to task as NSA spies on US citizens. May 12, 2006 288
South Africa: spy wars. Nyanto, Kgomotso May 1, 2006 1214
Who gives a flying flag? The smearing of Joe Wilson, the excuses for Karl Rove: for the pundits of the right, national security is just a bumper sticker. Gitlin, Todd Sep 1, 2005 1601
Towards more rational military budget formation in sub-Saharan Africa: the relevance of security sector reform. Harris, Geoff May 1, 2005 7161
Negroponte, senators lack curiosity: intelligence nominee avoids questions about role in Honduras. Feuerherd, Joe Apr 22, 2005 759
Politicize the CIA? You've got to be kidding! Cockburn, Alexander Dec 20, 2004 997
Spectrum, first responder issues tabled in intelligence reform bill. Pluviose-Fenton, Veronique Dec 20, 2004 433
Destabilizing the CIA. Vest, Jason Dec 13, 2004 1120
Counterintelligent: how the GOP keeps the FBI stupid. Marshall, Joshua Micah Jul 1, 2003 3514
The 'intelligence' game. (Comment). Vest, Jason Jun 30, 2003 952
IRAN - Dec. 3 - Pollsters On Trial For Collaboration. Brief Article Dec 7, 2002 222
Park three: the organization, functions and focus of intelligence in the RSA. Topic Overview Nov 1, 2002 15239
Part four: the functioning of the intelligence community in the RSA. Topic Overview Nov 1, 2002 26394
South Africa the men who sent Mandela to jail. (For the Record). Oct 1, 2002 1015
'Things are going to get dirtier': President Levy Mwanawasa has had his "zero tolerance on corruption", but his victims appear to have something that could bring the house down on him. (Around Africa: Zambia). Jere, Muzondwasi Oct 1, 2002 1076
Political intelligence: what happens when United States spies get the goods--and the government won't listen? Silverstein, Ken; Isenberg, David Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 808
A mini-C.I.A. Ratner, Michael; Lerner, David Aug 15, 1987 552

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