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At least politics is competitive again. BEN BRADSHAW Nov 25, 2021 502
MPs snub Nigel Farage's 'political comeback musings' following migrant crossing surge; The former UKIP leader claimed he is giving serious thought to a return to British politics as the Government is failing to handle the 'migrant crisis'. By, Aletha Adu Nov 22, 2021 538
'We are seeing the negative effects of Brexit escalating day after day' Former Welsh Labour MEP Jackie Jones was elected this week as chairman of the Wales for Europe group. Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton asked her how she envisages the role. Nov 13, 2021 1136
Majority opinion is sacrosanct Knowledge; your views. Oct 21, 2021 234
Will there be another Scottish referendum? As Twitter hashtag calls for independence; A Twitter hashtag has gone viral counting down the days the COP26 summit as a ploy to raise awareness for a new independence referendum amidst growing frustration in Scotland surrounding a variety of issues including Brexit and Covid-19. By, Harry Thompson Oct 19, 2021 537
Refugees coming to the UK need our support, not punishment; The UK Government has made changes to its controversial Nationality and Borders Bill - but they're unlikely to be enough to stem criticism that it stigmatises asylum seekers, argues political editor-at-large Martin Shipton. Oct 18, 2021 1003
Who is David Amess? Tory MP known for infamous Brass Eye hoax and actress daughter; Everything you need to know about David Amess, the Conservative MP for Southend West, who recently spoke about knife crime and was known for the infamous Brass Eye 'cake' scene. By, Benjamin Lynch Oct 15, 2021 369
Boris Johnson on course for new row with Parliament and courts over Brexit deal; Boris Johnson is seeking to tear apart his own Brexit deal less than a year after it was signed. By, Lizzy Buchan Oct 10, 2021 539
My Brexit breakdown; Labour MP needed therapy over brick ordeal and Jo Cox murder. RACHEL WEARMOUTH Oct 8, 2021 185
'Bad Boy of Brexit' loses PS160k donations appeal. Oct 7, 2021 200
Labour MP Neil Coyle opens up about mental breakdown during the Brexit wars; The 42-year-old -who had a brick hurled through his bedroom window -also spoke about his turbulent childhood and his friend, the late MP Jo Cox. By, Rachel Wearmouth Oct 7, 2021 600
Britain's crisis-hit PM faces tricky party conference. Conference news Oct 1, 2021 637
Why won't Labour go on offensive over Brexit disaster? Even Boris Johnson has admitted that a US-UK free trade agreement now seems unlikely - an outcome that would see yet another supposed advantage of Brexit crumble into dust. So why is the Labour Party behaving so timidly, asks political editor-at-large Martin Shipton. Martin Shipton Sep 24, 2021 990
Nancy Pelosi warns UK-US trade deal 'unlikely' if Northern Ireland peace destroyed; The US House of Representatives Speaker said damage to the Good Friday Agreement would derail trade talks. By, Lizzy Buchan Sep 17, 2021 392
''here's a new centralism in London... we'll have Union Jacks instead of the Brussels stars' BREXIT THE FALLOUT Nineteen months have passed since the UK left the EU and eight months since we left the European single market and customs union. What impact has this had in Wales? Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton spoke to five people in different sectors. In his final article of the series, he speaks to Cardiff University Professor Kevin Morgan. Sep 3, 2021 1978
'My worry really is twofold - research and student fees' Nineteen months have passed since the UK left the EU and eight months since we left the European single market and customs union. In the second of two special features, political editor-atlarge Martin Shipton looks at how it has affected different sectors in South Wales. Today he speaks to Cardiff University Professor Kevin Morgan... Sep 3, 2021 1987
Italexit... Huxit... Who will be next to leave the EU? John Tennant Sep 1, 2021 619
Brexit problems have not gone away; Talkback. Jul 19, 2021 243
MPs' fears for struggling seafood firms. TORCUIL CRICHTON Jul 14, 2021 202
Propaganda on Brexit 'rife' in community; MPs told Protocol positives ignored. REBECCA BLACK Jul 8, 2021 406
High Court's dismissal surprising to few people; COMMENT. BRENDAN HUGHES Jul 1, 2021 322
Five years on, 'Brexiternity' looms for UK and EU. Andrew Hammond Jun 24, 2021 876
Five years on, 'Brexiternity' looms for London and Brussels. Jun 24, 2021 845
Five years after Brexit vote, there are still questions to answer... Five years since Britain voted to leave the European Union, former chair of Wales for Europe Geraint Talfan Davies sees further battles to be won. Talfan Davies Jun 23, 2021 1204
UK still as divided as ever over Brexit, five years on, says poll; If the referendum were re-run today the result would be a narrow win for Remain -- by 51% to 49%. By, Neil Shaw Jun 23, 2021 351
5 years after the Brexit referendum, 25% of people would change their vote. Jun 23, 2021 402
Six ways UK is still divided 5 years after Brexit vote -from immigration to trade; Wednesday marks exactly five years on from the Brexit referendum and the country is still torn over our exit from the EU. A new poll finds that if the vote was re-run now the result would be a narrow win for Remain -- by 51% to 49%. By, Pippa Crerar Jun 23, 2021 1312
Brexit, Megxit, sausages -what happened when six politically opposed pairs came together; BRITAIN TALKS EXCLUSIVE: The Mirror's Britain Talks project saw a staggering 9,434 brave people sign up this year -here are six politically opposed pairs who like healthy disagreement but found many things in common. By, Ros Wynne Jones & Maryam Qaiser Jun 23, 2021 1911
People in the UK are as divided as ever about Brexit five years on; A new poll shows Remain would beating Leave by 51% to 49% if the referendum were held again today five years after the 2016 vote. By, Jonathon Hill Jun 23, 2021 565
EU 27 meet with a new 'spring in their step'. Andrew Hammond Jun 19, 2021 857
Sister of tragic MP stands in same seat. Jun 13, 2021 225
PR no good for MPs; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB. Jun 12, 2021 209
Scottish home prices: compatible with Euro membership? Miles, William Jun 1, 2021 5323
Covid: Dear Nicola Sturgeon, don't place too much faith in Dominic Cummings' word - Brian Wilson; I did not believe Dominic Cummings over Brexit. Or over Barnard Castle. I see no particular reason to regard him as the font of truth over handling of Covid-19. Brian Wilson May 29, 2021 746
Violence in Northern Ireland. May 28, 2021 199
We're denying children life-changing medicine; FAMILY PLEA FOR SON'S CANNABIS OIL MP warns of looming post-Brexit crisis. MARK MCGIVERN Chief Reporter May 25, 2021 392
Region's electoral 'red wall' could still crumble further, warn MPs. Jonathan Walker Political editor @jonwalker121 May 16, 2021 607
Readers' letters: Labour voters move behind independence; " As Professor John Curtice pointed out Brexit has changed the dynamics of Scottish politics". Letter to the editor May 15, 2021 599
Readers letters: Election figures point way to referendum; " David Cameron enacted a referendum on Brexit with a paltry 36.1 per cent of the vote". Letter to the editor May 12, 2021 610
Boris Johnson drags the Queen into his revenge feud with the courts for second time; After he risked embarrassing the Queen by forcing a shutdown of Parliament to push through his Brexit plan for a second time -today he had her announce his plan for revenge on the courts for embarrassing him. By, Mikey Smith May 11, 2021 351
Party can't take people 'for fools' - MP Ian Lavery; EX-CHAIR SCATHING AFTER LOSSES. Jonathan Walker Political editor @jonwalker121 May 9, 2021 477
Boris Johnson will say no, so it's time to enact Plan B - Readers' Letters; In 2017 Nicola Sturgeon went cap-in-hand like Oliver Twist begging weak Theresa May for "permission" to hold an independence referendum. "Now is not the time," was the reply. The country had to wait until the Brexit process was complete. Readers' Letters Letter to the editor May 9, 2021 1644
Labour has a huge task but it must get moving now; RECORD VIEW. May 8, 2021 485
What does the Scottish Parliament election result mean for a 2nd Scottish independence referendum? It is looking increasingly likely that the SNP will form a partnership with the Scottish Greens for the next term of the Scottish Parliament but what does this result mean for a second Scottish independence referendum? Stephen Emerson May 8, 2021 1147
Scotland votes to decide the fate of independence movement. Reuters News Service May 6, 2021 645
Clara Ponsati: Removal of immunity from MEP facing extradition challenged by lawyers; Lawyers are challenging the European Parliament's decision to remove immunity from prosecution for an MEP who could face extradition to Spain. Laura Paterson May 4, 2021 389
Boris Johnson insists he is focused on his job as flat refurbishment row rumbles on; He refused to say whether he received an initial donation from the Conservative Party to cover the costs. By, David Hughes, PA & Lorna Hughes Apr 30, 2021 401
EU lawmakers clear post-Brexit trade deal with Britain. Reuters News Service Apr 28, 2021 397
TOP NEWS: Post-Brexit trade deal backed by European Parliament. Apr 28, 2021 182
European Parliament to wave through Brexit trade deal. Apr 27, 2021 621
Von der Leyen warns UK that EU will act if Brexit deal breached. Apr 27, 2021 616
German industry urges Britain to stick to Brexit trade pact. By: BNA Apr 27, 2021 258
Michel Barnier admits Brexit is 'failure of the EU' as MEPs vote on divorce deal; MEPs met to finally to ratify the pact -- nearly four months after the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the UK and the bloc came into force. By, Ben Glaze Apr 27, 2021 547
Brexit boss and five Cabinet ministers back new hard-right, low-tax Tory group; Vote Leave chief Matthew Elliott, who is credited with several successful political crusades, is on the Free Market Forum's advisory board. By, Ben Glaze Apr 21, 2021 362
The U-turn on motor insurance that's driven by Brexit - Ian Leach; Scots law has had - and continues to have - many influences, from ancient Rome to the modern day parliaments and courts. European, UK and Scottish legislation all continue to play a part in Scots law, albeit that Brexit has greatly diminished the European influence in terms of new EU laws post-UK exit and enabled UK parliaments to depart from pre-exit EU laws where permissible. Ian Leach Apr 16, 2021 532
Half of MPs believe that Scottish independence is now more likely as a result of Brexit; A new poll shows that 51% of MPs think that Scottish Independence is more likely due to Brexit, with only 37% disagreeing. Rachel Mackie Apr 16, 2021 317
Funding formula lacks transparency. Apr 10, 2021 397
Plaid exposes fallacy of post-Brexit regional aid. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Apr 10, 2021 747
Boris, Johnson and 'getting Brexit done' Talkback. Apr 10, 2021 222
MP hits out at'Brexit failings'. Mar 30, 2021 231
Famed spin doctor gives insider's take; Alastair Campbell lifts the lid on the turmoil behind the scenes of the desperate campaign to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom - and reveals Brexit, and Boris Johnson as prime minister, have made him more understanding of the independence cause. ANDY PHILIP, POLITICAL EDITOR Mar 19, 2021 566
UK still bound to EU as abuses of planet and people addressed; Brexit may have happened but we can't escape the EU, argues Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton as he examines how a new EU law will force UK companies to conform to requirements aimed at combating environmental damage and human rights abuses. Mar 16, 2021 957
Tory MPs in 'systematic attack' on devolution; Russell claims funding is diverted. CHRIS MCCALL Mar 9, 2021 316
Scotland leaving UK would be 'immensely worse' than Brexit, claims Douglas Ross; The logistics of Scotland leaving the United Kingdom would be "immensely worse" than Brexit, the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party has said. Jane Bradley Mar 8, 2021 591
Seafood businesses need further Brexit bailout, MPs told. Henry Sandercock Mar 6, 2021 318
Minister is asked to say sorry to fishermen; CITY MP CALLS FOR APOLOGY OVER BREXIT DEAL WITH EU. PHILIP BOWERN Mar 6, 2021 483
Reshaping the future of Wales at this time of uncertainty; Here, Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton argues that Wales is at a crossroads and why May's Senedd election is the most important for some time amid Covid, Brexit and constitutional questions. Martin Shipton Mar 1, 2021 1881
Student Mobility and the Internationalisation of Higher Education in the UK. Liu, Hao Mar 1, 2021 7136
How and why brands got political Getting stuck in: five brands to have spoken up; politics; With social media affording more space than ever before for food and drink brands to have a 'voice', an increasing number are speaking out on political issues. So what are the benefits - and how can it backfire? Feb 27, 2021 3347
MSPs told 'no winners in Brexit' as MEP says UK has to adapt to third country status; The UK and EU must stick to the terms of the negotiated trade agreement, MSPs have been told, if issues with exports are to be resolved. Gina Davidson Feb 26, 2021 1032
'People will not thank Labour for not speaking up over Brexit' Reports that the Labour Party hierarchy has been keen to keep its own MPs from discussing problems created by Boris Johnson's Brexit deal have exposed new divisions within the party's ranks, says Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton. Feb 23, 2021 1018
Why reliance on social media is bad for our politics - Alastair Stewart; There's a curious triangulation going on at the moment: Scottish nationalists condemning the folly of Brexit and Brexiteers discrediting Scotland's right to choose its future. Somewhere in the middle is the rest of us scratching our heads. Alastair Stewart Feb 22, 2021 895
Government report urges regulations bonfire to give UK a 'Brexit dividend'. Stefan Boscia Feb 16, 2021 499
Brexit border problems need resolution; the saturday essay. John Longworth Column Feb 13, 2021 488
Border control is a tricky puzzle. Feb 13, 2021 584
Holyrood must overhaul way of working in post-Brexit landscape; A major overhaul of the way Holyrood operates is needed in response to the post-Brexit constitutional landscape, a new report has found. Scott Macnab Feb 12, 2021 618
MP should tell truth about Brexit process; Talkback. Feb 12, 2021 246
Sort out touring deal or face the music, MPs told. JONATHAN WALKER editor Feb 11, 2021 860
Healthy way to help end seafood sector woes and make blame game irrelevant. Alex Bell Feb 11, 2021 875
Far more sinister than many realise; LETTERS. Feb 8, 2021 445
Independence would be Brexit 2.0 and make things 'even worse', Lib Dem MP claims; Scottish independence would be a Brexit 2.0 and make things "even worse", a Lib Dem MP has claimed. Alexander Brown Feb 6, 2021 614
Brexit: Boris Johnson may seem invulnerable to domestic criticism but storm clouds are gathering on world stage - Joyce McMillan; If there is one thing we should have learned from the strange presidency of Donald Trump, it is that under 21st-century conditions, it's possible for some politicians of the right to pull off a spectacular manoeuvre, in relation to public opinion, that leaves them almost invulnerable to the kind of criticism that can damage or end ordinary political careers. Joyce McMillan Feb 5, 2021 1022
Mike Russell pledges to 'redouble' independence referendum push over Brexit impact; Scottish independence will allow the country to escape the worsening impact of Brexit and rejoin the EU, the Constitution Secretary has told MSPs. Scott Macnab Feb 3, 2021 603
Tory Party taken over by the extreme right. Feb 1, 2021 223
Calls for taskforce to tackle Scottish salmon Brexit trouble. Jan 30, 2021 197
Brexit, deals and politicians we can surely trust; LETTERS&OPINION. Jan 28, 2021 584
European Parliament wants to continue working with young Britons after Brexit. Jan 25, 2021 482
Scotland to press ahead with post-Brexit freeports network; Scotland is to develop its own network of "freeports" in a move aimed at boosting post-Brexit trade and growth, it has been announced. Scott Macnab Jan 21, 2021 564
Was Brexit inevitable? Jan 20, 2021 1168
Musicians treated as 'collateral' by Brexit agreement that fails to provide touring visas, SNP MP says; Musicians are being treated as "collateral" by a Brexit agreement that fails to provide touring visas, an SNP MP has claimed. Alexander Brown Jan 19, 2021 432
Britain denies wanting to reduce workers' rights post-Brexit. Reuters News Service Jan 15, 2021 362
MP backs scrapping committee on Brexit. Jan 13, 2021 182
Politicians of all parties in the dark. Jan 13, 2021 363
Michelle Ballantyne MSP: who is the new Scotland leader of Nigel Farage's political party Reform UK? Nigel Farage, formerly of UKIP and the Brexit Party, said his new party was "up and running" in Scotland; Nigel Farage, formerly of UKIP and the Brexit Party, said his new party was "up and running" in Scotland. Finlay Greig Jan 12, 2021 661
No matter your politics, we must all be Brexiteers now - Brian Monteith; First the good news. Whether you supported it or not, Brexit it is over. It has happened. Elvis has left the building, so to speak. You are - I think - going to hear a lot less from me about Brexit. Brian Monteith Jan 11, 2021 979
This madness couldn't happen here - could it? Jan 9, 2021 579
This madness couldn't happen here - could it? Jan 9, 2021 579
Welcome to 2021? New start or yet more of the same? george muirhead A commoner's view of politics from street level. Jan 9, 2021 577
Transatlantic Tranquility? Ashton, Baroness Catherine Jan 1, 2021 2949
Boris Johnson: Britain's 'cakeist' Brexit leader. Jan 1, 2021 818
A difficult but not necessarily 'hard' Brexit deal. Dec 31, 2020 602
2020: World rocked by Covid-19, Trump and Black Lives Matter. Dec 27, 2020 1113
Britain faces major Brexit challenges after last-minute deal. Dec 26, 2020 697
British MPs warn country not ready for Brexit. Dec 19, 2020 572
EU leaders spar over climate in marathon summit. Dec 11, 2020 868
Johnson jets in to Brussels in bid to save Brexit deal. Dec 9, 2020 854
The Battle of Brexit. Analysis of the 2019 United Kingdom General Election Results. Toszek, Bartlomiej H. Report Dec 1, 2020 5894
New life, political storms and a brush with death: Johnson's 'hell of a year. Jul 24, 2020 800
Where Does the Buck Stop with the Backstop? The Irish-UK Border in Brexit Negotiations: June 2016-January 2019. McNamara, Paul Report Jun 1, 2020 17992
KEIR STORMS HOME IN LEADERSHIP VOTE; Ex-Brexit shadow is new Labour chief as Angela Rayner secures deputy post. LIAM THORP Political editor @LIAMTHORPECHO Apr 5, 2020 557
What Labour's new leader must do now -six experts give their verdict on party's future; Labour members have spent months deciding between Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lisa Nandy and Sir Keir Starmer -with the former Brexit Secretary being the favourite to win the contest today. But the winner inherits a party full of challenges. By, Oliver Milne Apr 4, 2020 1450
EU can't get Brexit done in the middle of this crisis; SNP IN PLEA TO PAUSE WITHDRAWAL TALKS Whitford fears new blow to economy. John Ferguson / Political Editor Mar 29, 2020 515
Lib Dems: What we must do to win back the West Midlands voters. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Mar 20, 2020 562
It's time for the Lib Dems to look well beyond Brexit; Acting leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey says that the party's'sole focus on Brexit'may have cost it support. Political Editor JONATHAN WALKER reports on the party's plans to win back voters. Mar 17, 2020 860
Brexit preparations cost British taxpayers [pounds sterling]4.4 billion says watchdog; The National Audit Office said planning to 'get Brexit done' has cost at least [pounds sterling]4.4 billion since the EU referendum in 2016. By, Mikey Smith Mar 6, 2020 287
Tories unite to fight the Huawei battle. Catherine Neilan Mar 5, 2020 576
Hold on, we're in for bumpy ride as next phase begins. John Tennant Mar 4, 2020 698
The City must stop complaining and start talking about the opportunities of Brexit. Adam Vile Feb 28, 2020 505
TOP NEWS: UK To Set Out Stall Thursday For Post-Brexit EU Trade Talks. Feb 27, 2020 677
End of EU's Brexit bounce. Feb 25, 2020 983
How Yes, Minister made British politics a joke long before Brexit; It's four decades since Sir Humphrey first bamboozled bewildered MP Jim Hacker with his stylish chicanery. Feb 23, 2020 379
How Yes, Minister made British politics a joke long before Brexit; It's four decades since Sir Humphrey first bamboozled bewildered MP Jim Hacker with his stylish chicanery. Feb 22, 2020 378
How Yes, Minister made British politics a joke long before Brexit; It's four decades since Sir Humphrey first bamboozled bewildered MP Jim Hacker with his stylish chicanery. Feb 22, 2020 379
How Yes, Minister made British politics a joke long before Brexit; It's four decades since Sir Humphrey first bamboozled bewildered MP Jim Hacker with his stylish chicanery. Feb 22, 2020 379
The end of the EU's Brexit bounce. Feb 21, 2020 949
Government gambles with migration reform; THE CITY VIEW. Feb 20, 2020 446
Fishing risks landing PM in deal of trouble. Dan O'Donoghue Feb 19, 2020 855
Will Scotland's population fall as a result of UK immigration reforms? Feb 19, 2020 625
SNP MP warns against 'wildcat independence referendum' claiming it 'terrifies' new supporters. Feb 19, 2020 624
Sir Keir Starmer defends party's Brexit position. STEFAN BOSCIA @Stefan_Boscia Feb 17, 2020 166
Even with Corbyn Gone, Antisemitism Threats Will Keep Destroying the UK Labour Party. Feb 14, 2020 4279
Why is local carabao milk more expensive than imported milk? Feb 11, 2020 1053
Why Boris's Brexit woes may be only just beginning. Hafed Al-Ghwell Feb 8, 2020 1371
EU must unite and reform in wake of Brexit. Randa Takieddine Feb 6, 2020 930
My worry is that even with Brexit 'done' we won't get voters back; Ex-MP says party credibility was hit. Feb 5, 2020 955
MEPs for Bucks, including Nigel Farage, share their thoughts on Brexit. Feb 4, 2020 977
SNP needs more than narrow poll lead before Scottish independence referendum -- Ian Swanson. Feb 4, 2020 589
PM urged to put food standards pledge into law before EU talks; LEGISLATION. Feb 3, 2020 219
GREAT 'It was Brexit.. & Corbyn' THE FIGHT FOR LABOUR: 'RED WALL'; TOUR Voters in Grimsby tell us why they ditched the party at election. Feb 3, 2020 1039
It was Brexit.. & Corbyn' THE FIGHT FOR LABOUR: 'RED WALL' TOUR; Voters in Grimsby tell us why they ditched the party at election. Feb 3, 2020 1008
GREAT 'It was Brexit.. & Corbyn' the fight FOR LABOUR: 'RED WALL' TOURVoters in Grimsby tell us why they ditched the party at election. Feb 3, 2020 1039
Journalists walk out after Number 10 bars outlets from Brexit briefing. Feb 3, 2020 292
Veteran of the first backs FM's plan for constitutional conventionanother...but not yet; Lord Steel says Nicola Sturgeon should wait until Brexit dust settles before talks start. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR Feb 2, 2020 450
Grimsby was a brick in Labour's 'Red Wall' for 74 years-what went wrong? MP Melanie Onn says she wasn't surprised when she lost her seat and said it was 'quite obvious' people were not keen on Labour; MP Melanie Onn says she wasn't surprised when she lost her seat and said it was 'quite obvious' people were not keen on Labour. By, Ben Glaze Feb 2, 2020 806
Euan McColm: Nicola Sturgeon's knack keeps both sides on message. Feb 2, 2020 1051
MEPs now that we're out? What does future hold for; LEAVE MEANS LEAVE FOR REPRESENTATIVES AS THEY PACK UP TO GO. Jonathan Walker Political editor Feb 2, 2020 808
The DEVIL, the deep blue sea and Scotland, Palestine and Cyprus. Alper Ali Riza Feb 2, 2020 1038
It's time to accept Brexit and move on, leadership hopefuls urge Labour. PATRICK DALY Feb 2, 2020 521
Former North East MEPs reveal what they will do after the UK leaves the European Union; They'll be out of a job so what does the future hold for our MEPs? Jonathan Walker Feb 1, 2020 797
Brexit Day celebrations: Photos capture joy and sadness as Britain remains divided; Brexit Day saw Union Jack waving crowds line Parliament Square in celebration at leaving the EU -but others mourn the loss already. By, Bradley Jolly Feb 1, 2020 559
UK Enters New Era After Leaving EU But Told Trade Talks Won't Be Easy. Feb 1, 2020 828
Brexit: UK enters 'tough' new era after leaving European Union. Feb 1, 2020 837
Defiance on show outside Scottish Parliament Uni celebrates its Euro links. Feb 1, 2020 492
Time to make the best of Brexit; The Voice of the North. Feb 1, 2020 409
Brexit 'makes it easier to win second referendum' SNP. STEFAN MORKIS Feb 1, 2020 278
FM urges patience over indyref2; POLITICS ? Sturgeon says vote could have to wait until after Holyrood election in 2021. KATRINE BUSSEY Feb 1, 2020 631
Marriage of convenience - enience - then divorce; BREXIT DAY As Brexit finally becomes a reality, our Westminster reporter Daniel O'Donoghue takes a look at how we got here. Daniel O'Donoghue Feb 1, 2020 897
Moray MP tells of 'optimism' on visit to north-east plant; FISHING. REBEKAH MCVEY Feb 1, 2020 162
Brits bid cheerio to the European Union. Mick O'Reilly, Foreign Correspondent Feb 1, 2020 1372
Brexit is done ... but now for the hard part. Cornelia Meyer Feb 1, 2020 1066
Brexit At Last: Britain Leaves EU As Champagne Corks Fly. Feb 1, 2020 510
Hard choices lie ahead for Britain. Feb 1, 2020 870
New era for divided Britain as it leaves EU. Feb 1, 2020 1507
Patience is key in road to indie referendum. Feb 1, 2020 476
missing eu already; POLITICIANS' APPEALS FOR UNITY FALL ON DEAF EARS Scots campaigners hold vigils as UK finally quits nearly 4 years after poll. BEN GLAZE Feb 1, 2020 900
New era for divided Britain as it leaves EU. Jan 31, 2020 540
Brexit: Boris Johnson is refusing independence referendum for one simple reason -- Nicola Sturgeon. Jan 31, 2020 1004
Dear Europe, I'm so sorry about Brexit and Scotland wants to come back -- Tommy Sheppard MP. Jan 31, 2020 713
Tory Brexiteers are driving away moderate Scottish voters -- Joyce McMillan. Jan 31, 2020 1074
Gina Dowding: Farewell to my life as a European politician. Jan 31, 2020 932
James Grundy MP: Raise a glass for Brexit. Jan 31, 2020 572
Mixed emotions on an historic night; The celebrations will be loud and long tonight. They will undoubtedly drown out the more sombre feeling among those in Britain who still hanker to remain inside Club Europe. PETER MADELEY POLITICAL EDITOR Jan 31, 2020 1722
Mixed emotions on an historic night; The celebrations will be loud and long tonight. They will undoubtedly drown out the more sombre feeling among those in Britain who still hanker to remain inside Club Europe. Jan 31, 2020 1922
Critical time ahead for county's farmers. LUCY TODMAN Jan 31, 2020 350
Tonight marks the start of a brave new post-Brexit future. Matthew Elliott Jan 31, 2020 888
'Leave a light on for Scotland' Brexit Secretary Mike Russell's Holyrood plea ahead of departure. KATRINE BUSSEY Jan 31, 2020 598
No fireworks, no bongs, no booze at Farage 'party' to celebrate exit. EXCLUSIVE BY MIKEY SMITH Jan 31, 2020 322
Brexit: Ann Widdecombe leads barmy boastful bagpiping bye-bye from Brussels; Brexit Party MEPs made a triumphant show of leaving Brussels -complete with a piper playing Cock o' the North, waving from the window of her taxi, and claiming it was 'like storming the beaches all over again'. By, Nicola Bartlett Jan 31, 2020 726
Nicola Sturgeon predicts Brexit 'anger' in new push for independence this year; Scotland's First Minister warned the status quo that won in 2014 will vanish at 11pm tonight -and said she was not ruling out a 'consultative' referendum to heap pressure on the UK government. By, Dan Bloom Jan 31, 2020 731
Tyneside staff witness history as MEPs mark UK's exit from the European Union by singing Auld Lang Syne; Laura Ranahan, from Whitley Bay, and Matthew Hogarth, from Tynemouth, both work at the European Parliament helping Labour MEPs and they watched members overwhelmingly back the terms of the UK's departure from the EU. Lisa Hutchinson Jan 31, 2020 1383
We asked people who voted Leave what their greatest hope for the future was; Friday is Brexit Day, so how are leave supporters feeling? Ruth Mosalski Jan 31, 2020 1739
Britain may be out, but the Brexit process is far from over. Chris Doyle Jan 31, 2020 1008
Emotional farewell for those at the sharp end of Brexit; Tonight at 11pm Britain leaves the European Union. While for the UK it has meant years of uproar and two general elections, for two North East people it has boiled down to something far simpler - the loss of a job they loved. LISA HUTCHINSON spoke to them. LISA HUTCHINSON Jan 31, 2020 794
We asked people who how they feel now that voted to leave the EU about the UK is finally departing; Today is Brexit Day. Leave supporters tell us of their emotions and hopes. Political editor Ruth Mosalski reports. Ruth Mosalski Jan 31, 2020 1649
Wales will continue to show tolerance and respect to all; Here is our message to all Wales' European residents - we still value and love you COMMENT. Jan 31, 2020 1133
We are asking our friends in Europe to leave a light on for Scotland so we can find our way home. PAGE 6 MORE AT DAILYRECORD.CO.UK short changed. NICOLA STURGEON FIRST MINISTER by catherine stihler by ANDY PHILIP by ALYN SMITH SNP MP & FORMER MEP Jan 31, 2020 1765
Britain hails new start as it says farewell to EU. Jan 30, 2020 812
Brexit: Mike Russell accused of trying to 'veto' Scottish involvement in UK-EU trade talks. Jan 30, 2020 747
Farage: Britain never coming back to the EU; MEPs rebuked for waving Union Jacks as Brussels sets seal on Brexit. SIMON STONE Jan 30, 2020 603
Farage: Britain never coming back to the EU; MEPs rebuked for waving Union Jacks as Brussels sets seal on Brexit. SIMON STONE Jan 30, 2020 603
Brexit: The end of the beginning. Gulf News Jan 30, 2020 594
On eve of Brexit, Britain faces critical test to defend drug trial crown. Jan 30, 2020 1164
Friday, 11pm: Little changes for now, but the argument will be over... JONATH WALKER Jan 30, 2020 910
'Let peace reign' - MP calls for calm over Brexit Day. TONY EARNSHAW Local Democracy Reporter @LdrTony Jan 30, 2020 374
Brexit is having an adverse affect on mental health. Jude Kirton-Darling Jan 30, 2020 646
'Nissan has held Sunderland hostage ... if they want to go, let them go' As the EU referendum results were delivered in 2016, Sunderland's 61% majority for Brexit was one of the early signs of the final result. But as we prepare to leave the European Union tomorrow, has anyone changed their mind? NICOLE GOODWIN found out. Jan 30, 2020 482
We won't be back, says Farage as deal is approved. ALEX METCALFE AND PRESS ASSOCIATION Jan 30, 2020 629
MEPs sing Auld Lang Syne as Brexit backed. RUTH MOSALSKI Political Editor Jan 30, 2020 688
European Parliament Bids UK Farewell Ahead Final Brexit Vote. Jan 29, 2020 888
Watch: MEPs belt out Auld Lang Syne as European Parliament backs Boris Johnson's Brexit deal. Jan 29, 2020 523
Brexit: MSPs vote to keep flying EU flag at Scottish Parliament after heated debate. Jan 29, 2020 607
Brexit: EU flag will fly at Holyrood after Brexit, after government overturns decision of impartial parliament body. Jan 29, 2020 1490
Pro-EU campaigners to hold rally in Edinburgh on Brexit Day. Jan 29, 2020 389
Bill helps keep subsidies for farmers going Co-operation: Ousted Tory MP urges closer working on visas; AGRICULTURE. ELIZABETH ARNOLD Jan 29, 2020 562
Brexit Day: The point of no return. Mick O'Reilly, Foreign Correspondent Jan 29, 2020 682
Britain hands in Brexit documents as its EU lawmakers say 'au revoir'. Reuters News Service Jan 29, 2020 444
European Parliament To Vote On Brexit Deal To Seal Friday Exit For UK. Jan 29, 2020 376
Tears and cheers as EU lawmakers give final nod to Brexit. Reuters News Service Jan 29, 2020 598
Are politicians in process of altering face of politics? The latest ideas from Adam Price and Sir Keir Starmer suggest that something strange is happening to our politics, argues chief reporter Martin Shipton. Martin Shipton Jan 28, 2020 1244
EU Exit: the Get ready for Brexit campaign. Jan 28, 2020 607
Brexit crusader Farage: 'I'll miss playing the villain'. Reuters News Service Jan 28, 2020 498
In Parliament this week: Brexit, better pay for women, Holocaust remembrance. Jan 27, 2020 356
Scottish Parliament to back indyref2 this week as Nicola Sturgeon sets out "next steps". Jan 27, 2020 646
Welcome to Brexit Britain: thousands of EU nationals face being criminalised -- Christine Jardine. Jan 27, 2020 914
Brian Monteith: It is my last week as an MEP, here is what I'll do. Jan 27, 2020 961
Future of EU flag up in the air; Meeting will be held to discuss symbol on display at Renfrewshire House ... four weeks after Brexit. STEPH BRAWN Jan 27, 2020 466
What Brexit really for us Wales? will day meanin; Political Editor Ruth Molaski looks at things that will and won't change after January 31 because of Brexit. Ruth Molaski Jan 27, 2020 1944
David Martin: No way back to the European Union in my lifetime. Jan 26, 2020 1118
WHAT WILL BREXIT DAY REALLY MEAN FOR US IN WALES? Political Editor RUTH MOLASKI looks at the things that will and won't change after January 31 because of Brexit. RUTH MOLASKI Jan 26, 2020 1913
As EU withdrawal looms, Brexit's new phase dawns. Andrew Hammond, Special to Gulf News Jan 26, 2020 928
The final countdown - what to expect when Brexit takes place on January 31; Here's what to expect after we finally leave the EU. Jonathan Walker Jan 26, 2020 1088
Doubts over independent Scotland rejoining EU quickly as Brexit clock counts down. Jan 24, 2020 773
'Devolved nations ignored' as Queen gives Johnson's Brexit bill Royal Assent. Jan 24, 2020 264
EU officials signs off Brexit agreement. ANI Jan 24, 2020 217
Brexit: the Withdrawal Agreement passes the first European Parliament test. Jan 24, 2020 394
EU signs Brexit withdrawal agreement. Jan 24, 2020 101
EU Prepares To Sign-Off On Withdrawal Agreement As Brexit Day Looms. Jan 24, 2020 398
TOP NEWS: EU Chiefs Sign Brexit Deal Ahead Of Parliamentary Vote. Jan 24, 2020 427
British PM hails 'fantastic moment' as Britain, EU sign Brexit deal. Jan 24, 2020 463
Brexit will make Catalan academic Clara Ponsati immune from extradition, claims lawyer. Jan 23, 2020 512
Boris Johnson hails crossing the "Brexit finish line" after Parliament approves his deal. Jan 23, 2020 339
Government urged to up scrutiny of City regulator in wake of Brexit. HARRY ROBERTSON @harrygrobertson Jan 23, 2020 139
Johnson defies Lords and presses on with Brexit; POLITICS ? Amendments from peers are easily defeated in Commons. Jan 23, 2020 441
Brexit Bill Clears UK Parliament, Set to Become Law After Royal Assent. Jan 23, 2020 233
UK Gov't Votes Against Measures Protecting Child Refugees. Jan 23, 2020 431
Imagination required if second-phase Brexit deal to be agreed. Andrew Hammond Jan 23, 2020 960
Britain's Brexit bill clears final hurdle in Parliament. Associated Press Jan 23, 2020 374
Brexit Set To Happen Next Week, As UK Parliament Assents To Johnson's Withdrawal Bill. Neer Varshney Jan 23, 2020 405
British Parliament vote bring UK closer to an orderly Brexit on 31 January - Foreign Ministry. Jan 23, 2020 403
Johnson Declares UK Has Crossed "Brexit Finish Line" As EU Deal Passes. Jan 23, 2020 354
Boris Johnson promises Bracknell will be 'epicentre of global free trade' after Brexit; The Prime Minister made the pledge in the House of Commons. Ollie Sirrell Jan 23, 2020 346
UK Queen approves Brexit bill. Jan 23, 2020 117
MPs overturn Brexit legislation changes. Jan 23, 2020 249
Wales hasn't stomach to leave the EU. Jan 23, 2020 179
SNP mounts devolution protest at Privy Council over Brexit bill. Jan 22, 2020 439
Devolution first as Senedd refuses to back Brexit deal; Concerns for Union as Senedd says no to Brexit deal. RUTH MOSALSKI Political editor Jan 22, 2020 996
Devolved authorities all reject Brexit deal. Jan 22, 2020 301
Farming bill is arming labelled 'last-minute fix' ? Ministers accused of not planning ahead over Brexit. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE WESTMINSTER REPORTER Jan 22, 2020 555
What's ahead: the future of business in the north; As 2020 gets under way, Peter Ranscombe gazes into his crystal ball to explore important milestones coming up in the year ahead. Peter Ranscombe Jan 20, 2020 1171
In Parliament this week: Brexit, Nato and Vietnam. Jan 20, 2020 330
UK PM Johnson defeated on Brexit legislation for first time since election. Reuters News Service Jan 20, 2020 331
Boris Johnson 'plans to move EU immigration clampdown forward by two years'; The government is planning to introduce new immigration laws on day one after the Brexit transition period ends in 2021, according to reports. By, Oliver Milne Jan 19, 2020 318
Brexit: Rows over flags and bells should not obscure this one key fact -- leader comment. Jan 18, 2020 472
Scots Tory leadership candidate Michelle Ballantyne on Boris, Brexit and a 'blue collar revolution'. Jan 18, 2020 2063
Brexit, At Last! Misha S, Writer Jan 17, 2020 655
Labour MP urges working-class voters to sign up. JONATHAN WALKER Political editor Jan 17, 2020 695
It's all gone wrong for Brexit bong; Commons says it's not practical. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor Jan 17, 2020 150
Minister: Wales won't lose a penny over Brexit; FEARS TORY AREAS WILL GET FUNDS. SOPHIE MORRIS and LIZZIE ARNOLD Jan 16, 2020 469
Nigel Farage moans Brexit fireworks have been blocked -but there's a reason; The Brexit Party is joining celebrations organised by Leave Means Leave to mark the occasion on 31 January but there have been a number of obstacles. By, Nicola Bartlett Jan 16, 2020 616
Brexit: MEPs concerned about citizens' rights. Jan 15, 2020 419
Number of members in Parliament's committees to change after Brexit. Jan 15, 2020 350
'Bung a bob for a Big Ben bong' on Brexit night under Government plans. Jan 14, 2020 253
'Scotland's Right to Choose': Thousands Join Pro-Independence March in Glasgow. Jan 12, 2020 447
The chimes they are a-changin'... Email OPINION Corridors of Power OUR POLITICAL EDITOR JONATHAN WALKER ON THE Jan 12, 2020 520
Labour leadership hopeful Clive Lewis says Brexit campaign 'had racism at its heart'; The outspoken Labour MP has also suggested he was struggling to get enough nominations from his colleagues because of racism and because he was saying things that they did not want to hear. By, Nicola Bartlett Jan 12, 2020 704
Prince Harry's royal resignation bruises Britain ahead of Brexit. Tim Ross Bloomberg Jan 11, 2020 1084
British Parliament clears Boris Johnson's Brexit deal. ANI Jan 10, 2020 311
Next Steps in Britain's EU exit. Jan 10, 2020 274
House Of Commons Give Final Backing To Brexit. Palash Ghosh Jan 10, 2020 610
Peers warned as MPs pass Brexit deal. Jan 10, 2020 165
Brexit: revised Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration report published by Committee. Jan 10, 2020 190
What is in the Brexit deal approved by MPs? Jan 10, 2020 706
British Lawmakers Set To Approve Brexit Deal Thursday. Jan 9, 2020 360
Union demands food standards stay high; NFU wants reassurance any post-Brexit trade deals will be properly scrutinised. JAMES PUGH Jan 9, 2020 293
UK lawmakers vote on Brexit bill; EU warns of choppy waters. Jan 9, 2020 742
British MPs Finally Prepare To Approve Terms Of Brexit Deal. Jan 9, 2020 448
Britain Moves Closer to Leaving EU as MPs Scrutinise Brexit Deal. Jan 8, 2020 601
Fight for the soul of Labour; Would-be PMs pitch ideas to the party; LEADERSHIP CONTEST:where the candidates stand. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor and NICOLA BARTLETT Political Correspondent Jan 8, 2020 2446
Fight for the soul of Labour; Would-be PMs pitch ideas to the party; LEADERSHIP CONTEST:WHERE THE CANDIDATES STAND. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor and NICOLA BARTLETT Political Correspondent Jan 8, 2020 2487
Scottish Parliament votes to reject Boris Johnson's Brexit Bill. Jan 8, 2020 304
MSPs at Holyrood to reject Boris Johnson's Brexit deal. Jan 8, 2020 311
MP welcomes funding pledge by government. Jan 7, 2020 336
EU bill 'could hand UK ministers power to overrule Scottish Parliament'. Jan 7, 2020 424
Assembly overshadowed as the new political year gets under way; A new political year has got under way. But with no election due until May 2021, what does 2020 hold for those interested in Welsh politics, asks chief reporter Martin Shipton. Martin Shipton Jan 7, 2020 860
With clock ticking, British MPs scrutinise Brexit deal. Jan 6, 2020 514
Brexit means Scotland now 'likely' to vote for independence, says Labour MP. Jan 6, 2020 475
Stephen Phillips: 'Get Brexit Done' is simply, and only, a slogan, not a plan. Jan 6, 2020 714
Back to school time: MPs set to debate the Brexit bill on return to Westminster. STEFAN BOSCIA @Stefan_Boscia Jan 6, 2020 214
Nigel Farage 'plans different kind of Brexit party for January 31''. Jan 5, 2020 193
We didn't win any seats but 'changed the narrative' THE BREXIT PARTY. Jan 4, 2020 310
We didn't win any seats but 'changed the narrative' THE BREXIT PARTY. Jan 4, 2020 310
Charting a new course for the EU in 2020. Mick O'Reilly, Foreign Correspondent Jan 4, 2020 983
Protecting people the aim of the game as laws are reformed in Wales; Despite all the wrangling over Brexit, some new laws have actually been passed in time for 2020. Here, Laura Clements looks at the main laws, as well as changes in benefits, coming into effect in Wales and the UK over the next few months. Laura Clements Jan 4, 2020 2327
The year ahead in politics: Brexit will be done - but far from dusted as IndyRef2 demands step up. Jan 3, 2020 1456
Lib Dems to call for Brexit inquiry. SAM BLEWETT Press Association Jan 3, 2020 451
Lib Dems to call for public inquiry into Brexit. Jan 3, 2020 332

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