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MIAMI NOISE MACHINE. Lanard, Noah Jan 1, 2021 1558
Confounding Democrats, Trump makes inroads with Latinos. NICHOLAS RICCARDI and ADRIANA GOMEZ LICON Associated Press Nov 7, 2020 1215
RAISING * ARIZONA: Latinx activists are closer than ever to flipping the state--if Democrats don't take them for granted. Echavarri, Fernanda Nov 1, 2020 1698
It's time to bury the idea that demography is destiny. Winters, Michael Sean Oct 30, 2020 884
Latinos might hold key to this election: From El Paso to Miami, campaigns appeal to diverse voters. Guidos, Rhina Oct 16, 2020 1583
Latino vote in Florida may hinge on faith. Feuerherd, Peter Oct 16, 2020 905
Why aren't pollsters asking how religion affects Latinos' voting? Winters, Michael Sean Oct 16, 2020 1389
Latino groups want more from Biden. Sean Sullivan The Washington Post Sep 14, 2020 883
How Our Divided Social Networks Explain Our Politics: Findings from the American National Social Network Survey. Cox, Daniel A.; Streeter, Ryan; Abrams, Samuel J.; Clemence, Jacqueline Sep 1, 2020 19840
Four important data points 56 days before the November 3 elections. Andrusko, Dave Sep 1, 2020 683
White Electorate Dying; Hispanics Set to Outnumber Blacks in 2020. Mar 4, 2019 333
STRENGTH IN ETHICS: Cristina Antelo, Principal at Ferox Strategies, paves the way for Latino representation in politics. Luckow, Kaitlyn Nov 1, 2018 580
Trump administration wants to block Texas groups from census citizenship fight. Aug 27, 2018 1133
Texas Hispanic groups sue Trump administration over census citizenship question. May 31, 2018 817
Politicians and Faith Leaders to Discuss Immigration at National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast. May 25, 2018 474
Identity politics, changing demographics take center stage in Sheryl Cole and Chito Vela's race in Austin. May 21, 2018 1608
How a fluke win diminished the political clout of Hispanic voters in this Texas congressional district. Apr 17, 2018 127
Turning the Southwest Blue with "Brown and Beautiful" Millennials: Want to flip Texas and Arizona? Nearly one million Latino citizens turn 18 every year. Tzintzun, Cristina; Pastor, Manuel Essay Mar 22, 2018 2140
There are three Hispanic Republicans in the Texas Legislature. Only one is coming back. Mar 7, 2018 1243
Spanglish: The Hybrid Voice of Latinos in the United States/Spanglish: la voz hibrida de los latinos en los Estados Unidos/Spanglish: la voz hibrida de los latinos en los Estados Unidos. Casielles-Suarez, Eugenia Essay Dec 1, 2017 8947
Kevin De Leon: President Pro Tempore, California Senate. Andrade, Jane Carroll Jan 1, 2017 899
Leaders on Trump. Cover story Jan 1, 2017 3020
California Democrats Prepare Immigration Battle With White House. Dec 5, 2016 370
Outcome unexpected: highrer education weighs in on the young Latino vote in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Sep 22, 2016 1274
Another shade of brown: Hispanics and choice in public education. Robinson, Gerard; English, Elizabeth Report Sep 1, 2016 1652
In Texas, Hispanic Republicans Grapple With Trump. Aug 30, 2016 1737
Herrera Nomination May Hit Political Speed Bumps. Jul 14, 2016 765
Diversity and potential: the Latino electorate in the 2016 elections. Bell, Aaron T. Essay Jul 1, 2016 8066
Is this the year of the Latino voter? Latinos have had some of the lowest voter turnout rates, but this November--with unprecedented mobilization campaigns and the specter of a Trump presidency--may be different. Carney, Eliza Newlin Essay Jun 22, 2016 2926
Arizona's blue horizons. Baptiste, Nathalie Essay Jun 22, 2016 2562
Race, place, and power. Stephanopoulos, Nicholas O. Jun 1, 2016 12888
Race, place, and power. Stephanopoulos, Nicholas O. Jun 1, 2016 22044
Historic Nature of Latina's Campaign Drew Attention But Not Enough Support. Mar 11, 2016 1789
Why are so many Hispanic politicians Republican? Nov 22, 2015 1146
New in Texas Weekly: Latino Leaders and the GOP Field. Oct 23, 2015 137
With numbers comes influence: talk of Latinos' potential political clout dominates La Raza gathering. Salgado, Soli Jul 31, 2015 1218
An eye for Latino politics: Adrian Carrasquillo, an editor at BuzzFeed, is ready to cover what could be the most Hispanic political season ever. Moreno, Eric Interview Jun 1, 2015 873
Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable: Ruben Navarrette, the popular columnist, on politics, community and why the biggest enemy of Latinos is not a rival party, but envidia. Reagan-Porras, Laura Jun 1, 2015 877
15 Rising Hispanic Politicians. Rivas, Laura Jun 1, 2015 2141
Turning out the Hispanic vote -- or not. Cepeda, Esther J. Apr 5, 2015 735
What's Ahead for Americans in 2015? Newport, Frank Dec 31, 2014 1735
Hispanics' Support for Obama Climbs After Executive Order. McCarthy, Justin Dec 10, 2014 653
Abbott's Political Tightrope: Balancing Far Right and Hispanics. Dec 7, 2014 1266
10 1st-time Latino candidates eye Congress. Lugo, Luis Alonso Oct 30, 2014 663
Villalba Urges GOP to Woo Hispanics. Aug 1, 2014 696
Hispanic Republicans in House Look Past March. Jan 22, 2014 1061
The mythical monolith. Arana, Gabriel Jan 1, 2014 3199
Spanish-Speaking Candidates Have an Edge With Hispanic Voters. Dec 19, 2013 1222
A Continuum of Raw, Cooked and Rotten Politics: Metaphors of Decay in Marco Antonio de la Parra's Lo crudo, lo cocido y lo podrido. Namaste, Nina B. Nov 1, 2013 7710
Abbott Gets Boost From National Republicans in Effort to Reach Hispanics. Oct 9, 2013 475
El Paso Lawmaker Can't Join Hispanic Caucus; Some Seek Rule Change. Jul 24, 2013 867
Latinos failed by politics. Jul 11, 2013 745
Immigration Reform 2013: Rubio Could Steal Half Of Obama's Latino Voters In 2016, Says Poll. Jul 2, 2013 343
The party of immigration: Republicans need a new approach to Hispanics and other newcomers. Dalmia, Shikha Column May 1, 2013 614
George P. Bush: The TT Interview. Jan 15, 2013 1850
Reform agenda gains strength: the 2012 EdNext-PEPG Survey finds Hispanics give schools a higher grade than others do. Howell, William G.; West, Martin R.; Peterson, Paul E. Survey Jan 1, 2013 6086
Plans Show Wide Gap Remains on Immigration. Nov 29, 2012 1095
Hispanic women in Congress. Manning, Jennifer E.; Shogan, Colleen J. Nov 1, 2012 115
George P. Bush Pushing GOP's Hispanic Outreach. Aug 29, 2012 694
Guest Column: Cruz Proves the Case for Hispanic Republicans. Column Aug 21, 2012 944
Half of U.S. Hispanics Identify as Political Independents; But more than half identify as or lean Democratic. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jul 2, 2012 950
Texas Democrats Elect Their First Hispanic Chairman. Jun 9, 2012 1095
Obama's Monthly Job Approval Edges Higher in March; Approval high among core supporters; still lags with Hispanics, low-income adults. Newport, Frank; Saad, Lydia Survey Apr 9, 2012 1111
Drawing lines in shifting sands: the DOJ, the VRA, and the 2011 redistricting process. Persily, Nathaniel Mar 22, 2012 11997
Democrats at DOJ: why partisan use of the Voting Rights Act might not be so bad after all. Katz, Ellen D. Mar 22, 2012 8357
Political Districts Expose Split in Minority Ranks. Mar 9, 2012 846
Abrajano, Marisa A. and Michael R. Alvarez, New faces, new voices: the Hispanic electorate in America. Krauer-Pacheco, Ksenia Feb 1, 2012 1153
Obama's September Approval Rating Remains at Term-Low 41%; Obama loses disproportionate support among high-income Americans and Hispanics. Newport, Frank; Bertane, Clancy Survey Oct 7, 2011 1087
Youth movement: building on the assets of community for school reform. Johnson, Ethan; Brown, Andrae Report Sep 22, 2011 8036
Hispanics at Heart of Redistricting Debate. Apr 8, 2011 635
Two New Texas Latino Seats in Congress? Apr 7, 2011 1288
Eight isn't enough: Congressional Latinas: to date, there have been fewer than 100 Hispanics elected to the United States Congress, only eight of those Latinas. Will this trend continue or will the surging Hispanic population force the needle into the other direction? Rivas, Laura Interview Apr 1, 2011 1644
First in line: Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Rivas, Laura Apr 1, 2011 981
Captive constituents: prison-based gerrymandering and the current redistricting cycle. Ho, Dale E. Mar 22, 2011 19718
Latino fretting. Kirkwood, R. Cort Mar 1, 2011 905
Hispanic Lawmakers Spar Over Politics of Race, Education. Feb 28, 2011 776
MALC's Makeover. Nov 8, 2010 1057
Green Irene Founder Caballero Receives Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Recognition in Nation's Capital. Sep 19, 2010 338
Hispanics flex their political muscle. Rodriguez, Samuel Sep 1, 2010 1725
The Map: Get Out the Vote. Jul 27, 2010 2207
Stepping up for the nation. Pedrero, Wendy; Miller, Corina Cover story Jun 1, 2009 1820
Colonial subjects, imperial discourses: Rosario Ferre's The House on the Lagoon and Judith Ortiz Cofer's The Line of the Sun. Magnani, Jessica Report Mar 22, 2009 12006
Latino Politics: Identity, Mobilization, and Representation. Vargas-Ramos, Carlos Mar 22, 2009 1932
'Fronteras' Delivers Presidential Issue to Hispanic Readers. Nov 6, 2008 345
In search of the presidency: John McCain: the Achievement that is sitting down to chat with a presidential candidate in the middle of his campaign can be the stuff of legends. Their schedules, intensely packed with things to do, pieces to go, end people to meet often leave them with no time to rest, let alone talk to the media. Sussman, Soll Cover story Sep 1, 2008 2044
The final countdown: Rodolfo de la Garza: Vice President of Research The Tomas Rivera Policy Institute: as the 2008 presidential election season enters the home stretch, it seems appropriate to consider, at least one more time, what's at stake for all voters, particularly Latinos. Menard, Valerie Interview Sep 1, 2008 609
Hispanic Voters Solidly Behind Obama; Few demographic differences evident among Hispanics. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jul 2, 2008 604
Latino voters. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 85
The Spanish-language press delves into racial complexities. Shore, Elena Jun 22, 2008 1288
The "Food Before Fuel Campaign"--a new partnership of more than 20 environmental, retail, hunger, Hispanic and food industry groups--launches a cooperative effort urging Congress to revisit the nation's food-to-fuel policies. Jun 1, 2008 179
Latino Politics in the United States: Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in the Mexican American and Puerto Rican Experience. Santiago, Aldo Lauria Sep 22, 2007 1001
US's first Hispanic attorney general quits; INTERNATIONAL. Aug 28, 2007 230
Who will be the next president? Allen, Kerri Cover story Jul 1, 2007 3010
Nydia Velazquez: congresswoman: U.S. Congress, 12th District, New York. Almonte, Mayerlin Apr 1, 2007 696
Boricua lesbians: sexuality, nationality, and the politics of passing. Torres, Lourdes Report Mar 22, 2007 8481
An unreported result from the midterm elections. Brief article Dec 28, 2006 159
Hispanic voters in the 2000 and 2004 presidential general elections. Kenski, Kate; Tisinger, Russell Jun 1, 2006 6810
Immigration controversies. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 273
Shirley Rodriguez Remeneski: founder and president, 100 Hispanic Women. Gutierrez, Mariana May 1, 2006 832
Esmeralda Santiago in the marketplace of identity politics. Cruz, Maria Acosta Report Mar 22, 2006 8602
Being the Boss: Richard M. Daley runs a seemingly unstoppable political machine that's figured out how to win big support among Chicago's Black and Latino majority. But what has he done for them? Dumke, Mick Sep 22, 2005 3999
Forget the Nascar dad. Brief Article Sep 22, 2004 94
Frank Guerra: spellbinder of the latino vote. Ferraez, Jorge; Sgambati, Albert Jun 1, 2004 1201
Immigration conflagration: Bush's guest-worker plan was a clumsy attempt to pander to Hispanics. It didn't please them, and now border-state conservatives are up in arms. Blumenthal, Max Apr 1, 2004 1251
Jews in play? Republicans go after the Jewish vote (again). (Dispatches). Franke-Ruta, Garance May 1, 2003 1502
'No real choice' in two new Latino wards. Lewis, Pamela A. Feb 1, 2003 2257
The rising Latino tide: in Florida and Texas, as in California, the immigrant influx is creating a Democratic future (if not necessarily a Democratic present). Meyerson, Harold Nov 18, 2002 3378
Campaigns vie for suburban Latinos. Lewis, Pamela A. Oct 1, 2002 2240
Toward a left without borders: the story of the center for autonomous social action-general brotherhood of workers. Garcia, Arnoldo Jul 1, 2002 4107
Conflicts in the coalition: challenges to black and Latino political alliances. Franklin, Sekou; Seltzer, Richard Jun 22, 2002 9016
Open Letter to Left-Wing Magazines, Including Us. Shorris, Earl Brief Article Jul 16, 2001 526
City Attorney Defeats Latino State Legislator in Runoff for L.A. Mayor. Brief Article Jun 11, 2001 358
Ambassador of Mexico Hosts HELO Event at CCC. Gordon, Mary France Brief Article Mar 26, 2001 588
Hispanics, Social Capital, and Civic Engagement. Segura, Gary M.; Pachon, Harry; Woods, Nathan D. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 4857
Promoting a Feminist Policy Agenda: Indigenous Women Leaders and Closet Feminism. PRINDEVILLE, DIANE-MICHELE Oct 1, 2000 3968
Latino Politics in the United States: An Introduction. Affigne, Tony Sep 1, 2000 3105
Latino Participation, Partisanship, and Office Holding. Hero, Rodney; Garcia, F. Chris; Garcia, John; Pachon, Harry Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2000 4310
The Politics of Population Mobility - Knowing where the immigrant population lives is key to understanding its political influence. GIMPEL, JAMES G.; EDWARDS JR., JAMES R. May 1, 2000 1872
The Political Awakening of Blacks and Latinos in New York City: Competition or Cooperation? Sales Jr., William W.; Bush, Rod Mar 22, 2000 11175
Vote for Me, Amigos. Brief Article Feb 14, 2000 804
Watch what you say. Hentoff, Nat Brief Article Feb 7, 2000 806
Washington Visits Help HELO Define Agenda. Gordon, Mary France Brief Article Feb 7, 2000 640
EL Gobernador. DUBOSE, LOUIS Nov 23, 1999 2609
Hispanization of the U.S. Colorito, Rita Oct 1, 1999 2337
Race for Latino California: the Dornan-Sanchez rematch will show the staying power of 1996 coalitions. Frayne, Gabriel, Jr. Oct 26, 1998 2442
Who killed bilingual education? Acuna, Rodolfo F.; Rodriguez, Gregory Jun 29, 1998 1558
Labor-Latino beat in CA. Cooper, Marc Jun 29, 1998 1014
Proposition 209 creates new social turbulence. Wirpsa, Leslie Nov 22, 1996 792
Su voto es su voz: Latino political empowerment and the immigration challenge. Baker, Susan Gonzalez Sep 1, 1996 3205
Our next race question: the uneasiness between blacks and Latinos. Panel Discussion Apr 1, 1996 6396
Latino unionists pursue big goals. Bacon, David Jan 19, 1996 874
"Together, forever, tonight": Latinos and social revolution in the United States. Rodriguez, Luis J. Mar 22, 1993 2397
Latino politics: the focus is on foreign policy. de los Angeles Torres, Maria Jul 16, 1988 2377

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