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Political cracks in Turkish govt. deepen in nationalist's favor. MENEKSE TOKYAY Nov 25, 2020 897
Erdogan slams jailed Kurdish leader, fuelling scepticism about reform pledge. Reuters News Service Nov 25, 2020 416
Turkish government's shaky strategy against Kurds goes on. Arab News Nov 21, 2020 795
Crackdown on Turkey's pro-Kurdish party raises concerns among opposition. Arab News Oct 9, 2020 952
Kurdish politicians arrested in Turkey. Arab News Oct 4, 2020 428
Fresh allegations about mistreatment of Kurds in Turkey. Arab News Sep 29, 2020 820
Turkish man 'confesses' to Austrian authorities about plot to kill Kurdish politician. Arab News Sep 24, 2020 222
Turkish court sentences pro-Kurdish MP to jail on terrorism charges. Lara Benjamin Sep 11, 2020 304
Turkish politics split over pro-Kurdish party. Arab News Jun 11, 2020 885
Turkey jails three MPs stripped of parliamentary status. Reuters News Service Jun 5, 2020 344
Crackdown on Turkish opposition accelerates: Sign of a snap election? Arab News Jun 5, 2020 586
Turkey's Kurds demand spending probe, end to military ops in Libya, Syria. Arab News Jun 2, 2020 437
How Turkey's courts turned on Erdogan's foes. Reuters News Service May 13, 2020 2342
Speaker Of Kurdistan Parliament Stresses The Need For The Kurds To Participate Effectively In The Political Decision In Iraq. Jan 28, 2020 195
Parliament's Session Turns Into Deliberation And Clear Absence For Kurdish MPs. Jan 22, 2020 108
In Today's Session .... The Kurdish MPs Are Absent And A Weak Presence Of Sunni MPs. Jan 5, 2020 104
Middle Eastern Women between Oppression and Resistance: Case Studies of Iraqi, Palestinian and Kurdish Women of Turkey. Khodary, Yasmin; Salah, Noha; Mohsen, Nada Case study Jan 1, 2020 12598
A Former Kurdish MP: The New Election Law Stands Against The Regional Power Parties. Dec 26, 2019 214
A Turkmen Politician Rules Out Handing Kirkuk Over To The Kurds In Exchange For Supporting The Construction's Candidate For PM. Dec 24, 2019 124
Kurdish Blocs: We did not vote on the Law of Elections for the Parliament. Dec 24, 2019 374
Daesh and the false dawn of Kurdish statehood. Omer Taspinar Dec 12, 2019 1061
Kurdish MP: Kurdistan And Baghdad Are Close To Final Agreement. Nov 24, 2019 190
US House approves Turkey sanctions in rare bipartisan rebuke of Trump. MENA Oct 30, 2019 279
Joy In Armenia, Fury In Turkey As US House Recognizes 'Genocide'. AFP News Oct 30, 2019 632
U.S. senators want expedited visa for Kurdish commander. Oct 24, 2019 160
Kurdish politician appeals to Israel for help in northern Syria. Oct 19, 2019 209
SOHR says pro-Turkey rebels execute civilians including a Kurdish politician, Ankara denies. Bassant Mohammed Oct 14, 2019 362
Kurdish politician among nine civilians shot dead by 'Turkish-backed militia' in Syria. Oct 13, 2019 695
US Republicans seek sanctions on Turkey over Syria. Oct 11, 2019 241
Iranian Parliament Speaker Advisor Warns of Consequences of Turkey's Syria Incursion. Oct 10, 2019 785
Turkish parliament extends motion for cross-border operations in Iraq, Syria. Xinhua Oct 9, 2019 272
White House says Turkey will invade Northern Syria. Zeke Miller Associated Press Oct 7, 2019 345
The Kurds and the Politics of Turkey: Agency, Territory and Religion. Brief article Oct 1, 2019 111
Parliamentary Finance Committee to (NINA): The General draft Budget law will arrive in Parliament After the Agreement Between the Central Government and the Kurdish Delegation. Sep 28, 2019 226
Kurdish MP: The Share Of Kurdistan Region And Its Entitlements At The Top Of The Talks Of Kurdish Delegation In Baghdad. Sep 16, 2019 147
Syria in Last 24 Hours: Ankara Planning to Assassinate Kurdish Commanders, Figures in Eastern Syria. Jul 27, 2019 550
Ankara Planning to Assassinate Kurdish Commanders, Figures in Eastern Syria. Jul 26, 2019 509
Iraqi Kurdistan arrests suspected shooter of Turkish diplomat. Jul 20, 2019 309
After The Attack On Iraqi Kurds In Turkey .. Kurdish MP Calls On The Govt To Intervene. Jul 19, 2019 207
Kurdish MP: Political Conflict Within Barzani Family Destabilized Security In The Kurdistan Region. Jul 18, 2019 238
Accusing Massoud Barzani of Negative Interference, A Kurdish MP proposes to adopt a democratic constitutional solution to the problem of Kirkuk. Jul 14, 2019 275
MPs of the Arabs of Kirkuk call on the Arabs and Turkmen to reject the interference of the Kurdish parties in the affairs of the province. Jul 12, 2019 327
How will Turkey's ruling party respond to electoral setback? Jun 30, 2019 898
Managing Democratization: Achievements and Limitations in AK Party Era. Babacan, Abdurrahman Jun 22, 2019 9976
A Kurdish MP confirms stopping of the transfer of citizens' registrations to Kirkuk. Jun 17, 2019 171
Kurdish MPs Call On Baghdad And Erbil To Resolve The Oil Disputes And Resort To The Judicial Decision. Jun 13, 2019 242
Kurdish MP Calls For KRG To Send A Delegation To Baghdad To Settle Differences And Resolve Outstanding Issues. Jun 12, 2019 130
Kurdish Militias Stress Preparedness for Talks with Damascus Along with Reported Efforts to Set up Autonomous Region. Jun 4, 2019 594
Iraqi Kurdish leader faces a delicate balancing act. May 31, 2019 827
Iraq's Kurdish parliament elects president for northern region. May 28, 2019 161
Wanted Kurd was granted asylum because of Turkish persecution. Apr 24, 2019 311
A Kurdish Website: The Barzani party is working secretly to hold another referendum on independence. Apr 16, 2019 222
87-year-old from West London joins hunger strike in protest against treament of Kurdish MP; Margaret Owen OBE is a international human rights lawyer, specialising in women's rights. Apr 7, 2019 348
Haddad: Kurds are partners in this country and as they have rights, they have duties. Mar 28, 2019 272
Haddad Stresses The Need Of Kurdish Forces To Unite Visions And Strengthen Relations Between The Parliamentary Blocs. Mar 18, 2019 211
No banned books in north says Akinci, after politician's arrest. Mar 13, 2019 595
Lebanese Paper: Washington Threatening Kurds Not to Vote for Bill against US Military Buildup in Iraq. Mar 2, 2019 518
A Kurdish MP: The formation of the Regional government depends on the consensus on Kirkuk. Feb 17, 2019 250
ECHR:Turkey holding Kurdish politician too long without trial. Nov 20, 2018 432
Kurdish MP: The Govt Formation Will Be Completed Soon .. The Share Of The PUK Is Ministry of Justice or Immigration And Displaced. Nov 8, 2018 166
Kurdish Politician: US Unable to Halt Turkey's Attacks on Kurds. Nov 7, 2018 318
Kurdish MP: We Will Not Give Up The 17% Of The Budget. Nov 6, 2018 168
Kurdish factor bodes well for Iraqi federalism's future. Oct 22, 2018 868
Barzani Party: Our victory in the regional parliament elections will give us the opportunity to form the government and the Presidency of parliament. Oct 6, 2018 137
Cardiff Uni graduate is new Iraqi president. Oct 4, 2018 411
New Iraq president Barham Salih has his task cut out. Oct 3, 2018 341
Kurdish MP: We Hopes To Reach A Consensus On A Candidate President's Post, And Fouad Hussein Closest To The Post. Oct 2, 2018 207
MP Of Barzani Party: We Will Enter With 2 Candidates For The President's Post. Oct 2, 2018 157
Parliament elects Kurdish politician Barham Salih president of Iraq. Oct 2, 2018 111
Veteran Kurd Barham Salih to become Iraq's next president. Oct 2, 2018 372
A Kurdish MP: Most Candidates For President Post Will Withdraw Or Will Not Get Enough Votes. Sep 29, 2018 300
MP Calls On Kurds To Quickly Resolve Their Candidate For The Post Of President. Sep 29, 2018 171
Kurdish MP Calls Kurdish Blocs To Meet To Choose One Candidate For The Presidency. Sep 27, 2018 140
Al-Halbusi stresses the importance of uniting the Kurdish position with the candidate file of the post of President of the Republic. Sep 27, 2018 165
A meeting of the two main Kurdish parties at the headquarters of the Kurdistan Alliance in the presence of the candidate for President Fuad Hussein. Sep 26, 2018 102
Iraq's parliament final date for presidential election is next Tuesday. Sep 25, 2018 223
Kurdish deputy: The Delay In Resolving The Candidate For President Caused By Incompatibility Of The Two Main Parties On One Candidate. Sep 24, 2018 186
Kurdish Sources: Electing President Will Be After The Provincial Parliament Elections Next Week. Sep 23, 2018 339
A KDP Delegation Will Arrive Tomorrow To Baghdad To Negotiate About President Post. Sep 22, 2018 121
Kurdish MP: The Two Main Parties Will Decide Their Candidate For President Post In The Next Few Days. Sep 22, 2018 272
Al-Nasr Coalition : The Kurds will join the largest bloc after the election of the President of the Republic .. Al-Abadi is still the favored for a second term. Sep 22, 2018 293
Kurdish Votes in the June 24, 2018 Elections: An Analysis of Electoral Results in Turkey's Eastern Cities. Alptekin, Huseyin Sep 22, 2018 8176
Kurdish party nominates Iraqi veteran Barham Salih for next president. Sep 20, 2018 685
A Kurdish MP: The Nomination of the candidate for the President of the Republic will be before the next Parliament session. Sep 19, 2018 253
Iraq's Kurdistan regional Gov't condemns Iran shelling at Kurdish party. Sep 9, 2018 152
Hassan Al-Masoudi: The Kurds are closer to joining the bloc of Reform and Reconstruction Alliance of the other party. Sep 5, 2018 167
Except Talabani and Barzani Parties.. Kurdish Agreement To Form A Coalition Of 4 Parties Within Federal Parliament. Aug 27, 2018 249
President Discusses With A Kurdish Delegation Of (KDP And PUK) The Efforts To Form The Largest Bloc. Aug 26, 2018 194
Kurdish Official To NINA: Talks With Political Forces In Baghdad Still Early. Aug 3, 2018 141
PUK Bloc Calls On The Kurdish Parties To Form A Strong Front In Baghdad. Jul 1, 2018 238
Opposition Parties In Kurdistan Consult To Provide A Candidate For Kurdistan Presidency. Jul 1, 2018 196
Turkey election: President Erdogan vows to liberate Syria as he tightens grip on power with historic win; The 64-year-old leader overcame the biggest challenge to his rule in more than a decade as he won an absolute majority. Jun 25, 2018 581
Iraq Starts Manual Recount Vote in Kurdish Region. Jun 24, 2018 200
The Islamic Group accuses Talabani and Barzani parties of deepening the gap between the Kurdish parties. Jun 18, 2018 163
Analyst: Kurds Left with No Option but Talks with Syrian Gov't. Jun 11, 2018 513
McCork will meet tomorrow with Kurdish parties rejecting the results of the elections in Sulaymaniyah. May 21, 2018 190
Turkish presidential administration says fighting PKK is a priority. May 18, 2018 282
Mohsen al-Saadoun: Sharing the post of the President and Parliament between Kurds and Sunnis depends on the number of parliamentary seats and agreement between them. May 2, 2018 197
Former Secretary OF Iraqi Communist Party: The Referendum Was The Biggest Defeat Of The Kurdish Issue In Modern History. Apr 25, 2018 230
US, UK must support Kurds in Syria: British politicians. Apr 21, 2018 901
Kurdish MP: There Are Consultations Between KRG And Baghdad To Return Peshmerga To The Disputed Areas. Apr 10, 2018 234
Defeating ISIS in Syria May Bring More Chaos for the Kurds. Apr 8, 2018 1585
MP Urges Kurdish Fighters, Syrian Army to Set up Joint Operation Room to Face Turkish Army. Apr 3, 2018 357
Kurdish MP: Political Forces Fear The Political Majority. Mar 19, 2018 102
Turkey Insists 'Won't Stay' in Syria's Afrin. Mar 19, 2018 338
Saadoun: The KRG, And Kurdish Parties Have Not Yet Taken A Decision To Challenge The Budget Or To Withdraw From The Political Process. Mar 8, 2018 277
After the adoption of the budget in the absence of Kurds .. Al-Saadoun: We have two options first to go to the Federal Court and the second the withdrawal from the political process. Mar 4, 2018 356
Iraqi Parliament approves budget amid Kurdish boycott. Mar 3, 2018 327
Adel Nuri: Kurds Consider To Withdraw From The Political Process Entirely. Mar 3, 2018 221
An MP From Change Movement Bloc Calls On Kurdish Parties To Respond To The "Marginalization" Of The Kurdistan In Budget. Mar 3, 2018 223
Al-Najafi confirms to a Kurdish delegation that the national unity will only be achieved by self-reforming of politicians and officials. Mar 2, 2018 230
PUK Bloc: The Kurdish Blocs Consider The Option Of Withdrawal From The Political Process. Mar 2, 2018 190
Kurdish Parties Call Religious Authorities To Intervene To Resolve The Crisis Between Baghdad And Erbil. Mar 2, 2018 275
Sheikh Mohammed: The insistence on passing the budget without taking into account the rights of the Kurds is a clear marginalization and abortion of what they agreed upon. Mar 1, 2018 261
Kurdish MP: Wholesale corruption in the lists of employees of the KR government. Feb 24, 2018 230
Kurdish MP: Turkey's Afrin Offensive Launched after NATO's Green Light. Feb 21, 2018 377
Kurdish MP: The Lack Of Participation Of Any Kurdish Official In Kuwait Conference Is Evidence Of Baghdad's Lack Of Interest In The Region. Conference news Feb 17, 2018 180
Kurdish MP: We Will Remain Boycotting The Parliament's Meetings Because Abadi Did Not Respond To Our Demands. Feb 15, 2018 182
A Kurdish MP: The Kurdish blocs will resort to the Federal Court in the event of passing the draft budget. Feb 11, 2018 212
Kurdish MP Denies News About The End Of The Problems Between Erbil And Baghdad. Feb 11, 2018 196
Turkey's pro-Kurdish opposition elects new leaders. Feb 11, 2018 426
Kurdish MP: Kurdish Blocs Will Not Participate In The Session Of The Parliament On Monday. Feb 4, 2018 205
Kurdish MP: Al-Abadi is obliged to pay the salaries of all employees in the Kurdistan Region. Feb 2, 2018 166
Russia hosts showpiece Syria congress despite last-minute setbacks. Jan 31, 2018 669
Kurdish Blocs: We Will Not Vote On The Budget As Currently Drafted At All. Jan 31, 2018 258
Syrian Kurds won't attend Russia's Sochi congress. Jan 25, 2018 277
Ankara's red lines prevail on Sochi guest list. Jan 24, 2018 897
Turkey Detains 91, Including Politicians, Journalists, Over Syria Comments. Jan 24, 2018 501
Syrian MP: Turkey Seeks to Reoccupy Aleppo by Afrin Attack. Jan 23, 2018 350
Kurdish Blocs Decide To Boycott All Parliamentary Sessions Related To The Budget. Jan 17, 2018 289
UK 'inadvertently helped neuter' Iraqi Kurds. Jan 8, 2018 641
Al-Jubouri to the Kurdish delegation: Iraqis were able by their unity to eliminate terrorism. Jan 4, 2018 239
Date set for Sochi talks on Syria. Dec 23, 2017 570
Iraq's Kurdistan PM calls for parliamentary election. Dec 18, 2017 239
Othman: Baghdad's Decisions Towards Kurdistan Negatively Affected Kurdish Citizens More Than Kurdish Govt., Officials And Parties Of The Regions. Dec 12, 2017 298
Theresa May backs unified Iraq in call to Kurdish PM. Dec 12, 2017 405
Kurdistan: Klaus Dodds is Professor of Geopolitics at Royal Holloway, University of London and author of Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction. Dodds, Klaus Dec 1, 2017 859
What next for Baghdad and Erbil? Dec 1, 2017 1020
Kurdish MP: A Large US Force Arrives To Kirkuk. Nov 29, 2017 127
No pay until Kurds give up referendum, Baghdad says. Nov 28, 2017 669
Now that Baghdad has won, it's time to talk to the Kurds. Nov 23, 2017 623
Iraqi Federal Court rules Kurdish referendum unconstitutional. Nov 20, 2017 192
How the Kurds' referendum blunder has rippled through the Middle East. Nov 14, 2017 1279
MP: We Will Not Allow Kurdish Separatist MPs To Enter The Parliament Before The Federal Court Decides. Nov 12, 2017 285
Kurdish quagmire gets murky. Nov 10, 2017 829
'US forced Kurds to hold referendum'. Nov 10, 2017 229
Leader of Hezbollah al-Nujaba: Bloodshed in Iraq Prevented by General Soleimani's Talks with Kurds. Nov 5, 2017 735
Iraq's parliament reinstates ban on Israeli flag. Nov 2, 2017 450
Iraqi troops gain first foothold at Kurdish frontier with Turkey. Oct 31, 2017 685
KRG Official: Kurds Warned by General Soleimani of Consequences of Referendum. Oct 29, 2017 578
Iraqi forces, Kurdish Peshmerga agree on ceasefire -- Kurdistan. Oct 27, 2017 586
Iraqi Prime Minister Calls for Total Annulment of Kurdish Independence Vote. Oct 26, 2017 381
Kurds offer to put secession drive on hold, seek talks. Oct 26, 2017 650
Ex-Deputy PM: Iraqi Kurdish Leaders Revoke Kurdistan Referendum Results on General Soleimani's Bid. Oct 25, 2017 480
Kurdish Opposition Calls on Barzani to Step Down. Oct 23, 2017 219
KRG Official Lauds General Soleimani for "Sincere" Behavior towards Iraqi Kurds. Oct 22, 2017 418
Unfortunate consequences for Kurdistan in Kirkuk. Oct 19, 2017 717
Speaker's visit to Kurds divides Iraqi Parliament. Oct 9, 2017 490
US affirms Kurdish referendum "without a doubt destabilizing". Oct 4, 2017 274
Top Security Official: Iraqi Kurdistan Referendum Against Kurds Interests. Oct 3, 2017 372
Kurdish 'Yes' vote impels soul-searching for Iraq. Oct 3, 2017 936
Iraq's Kurdistan region plans presidential, parliamentary votes. Oct 3, 2017 432
A Vote For Independent Kurdistan. Oct 3, 2017 609
Paper: Iraqi Kurdish Forces Deport Arabs, Turkmens. Oct 2, 2017 390
Pakistan ,CiThrows Support behind Iraq Govt, Opposes Kurdish Referendum. Oct 2, 2017 638
Official: Barzani Seeking Coup Against Rivals by Holding Kurdish Referendum. Oct 1, 2017 179
Speaker's Advisor: Kurdish Referendum to Empower Israel, ISIL. Oct 1, 2017 334
Turkey raises oil threat after Iraqi Kurds referendum. Sep 30, 2017 473
As Kurdish borders close, war of words heats up. Sep 30, 2017 518
Iraqi Kurds face isolation after vote on independence. Sep 29, 2017 637
Why the Kurdish referendum means the end of Iraq. Sep 28, 2017 1219
Kurdish referendum entails potential for a new conflict. Sep 28, 2017 417
Baghdad steps up efforts to isolate Irbil. Sep 28, 2017 654
Speaker's Advisor: Kurdish Referendum Paving Way for Terrorists' Presence. Sep 27, 2017 547
Iraq's Kurds vote 'yes' to independent state (Updated). Sep 27, 2017 961
The troubling ethnic dimensions of the Kurdistan referendum. Sep 26, 2017 1320
Turkey threatens retaliation after Iraqi Kurdish independence vote. Sep 26, 2017 817
Viral Videos Claim to Show Vote Rigging in Kurdistan's Referendum. Sep 26, 2017 627
EU regrets Kurdish referendum in Iraq. Sep 26, 2017 189
Iran's parliament Speaker disappointed with Kurdish referendum. Sep 26, 2017 186
A Bridge Too Far: Kurdish Secession from Iraq. Sep 26, 2017 812
EU deplores Kurdish referendum in Iraq. Sep 26, 2017 192
Iran, Turkey Discuss Kurdish Independence Referendum. Sep 25, 2017 232
Iraqi Parliament Demands Troops Be Deployed to Areas Disputed with Kurds. Sep 25, 2017 176
Israel and Russia Snub Allies, Push for Iraqi Kurdistan. Sep 25, 2017 938
Iraqi lawmakers mull retaliation for Kurdish independence vote. Sep 25, 2017 205
Iraqi Kurds vote in historic independence referendum. Sep 25, 2017 575
Why the Kurds seek a country of their own. Sep 24, 2017 983
Kurdistan, the New Israel? Iraqi Kurds Vote Monday on an Independence Referendum. Bengio, Ofra Sep 24, 2017 252
World concerned over Kurdistan's referendum Sept. 25. Sep 24, 2017 599
Why the Kurds seeks a country of their own. Sep 24, 2017 983
Storm Clouds Gather over Iraqi Kurdish Referendum. Sep 24, 2017 531
Al-Hayat: Gaps Widening among Kurdish Parties, Barzani Likely to Remain Lonely in Referendum. Sep 24, 2017 284
US warns citizens over Kurdish independence referendum. Sep 24, 2017 161
Turkish Cabinet Adopts Contingency Plan for Kurdish Vote to Split from Iraq. Sep 23, 2017 225
Kurdish referendum should be handled delicately. Sep 23, 2017 459
Turkey plans security steps over Iraqi Kurdish referendum. Sep 23, 2017 623
Kurdish delegation holds fruitless talks in Baghdad. Sep 23, 2017 148
Turkey plans security steps over Iraqi Kurdish referendum. Sep 23, 2017 528
Iraqi Kurds Abroad Begin Voting In Disputed Independence Referendum. Sep 23, 2017 203
Reports clash over fate of Kurdish independence vote. Sep 23, 2017 113
Kurdish lawmakers in Baghdad for talks ahead of independence vote. Sep 23, 2017 246
US "strongly opposes" Iraqi Kurdish independence referendum. Sep 21, 2017 259
Police deploy in Kirkuk ahead of Kurdish vote. Sep 20, 2017 432
Crisis Group : result of Iraqi Kurdistan referendum legally non-binding. Sep 20, 2017 254
Iraq top court orders suspension of Kurdish independence vote. Sep 19, 2017 673
Police deploy in Iraqi oil city Kirkuk after deadly clash. Sep 19, 2017 348
Iraq's PM demanded suspension of Kurdish referendum. Sep 18, 2017 136
The Positions Of Kurdistan's Neighbours. Sep 18, 2017 591
Saudi Arabia offers mediation between Kurds and Baghdad. Sep 17, 2017 166
Iran warns border will be shut if Kurds go ahead with referendum. Sep 17, 2017 407
Kurdistan Referendum: A Bargaining Chip for Deluded Fantasies. Sep 17, 2017 818
US urges Iraqi Kurds to call off referendum. Sep 16, 2017 244
UK opposes to Kurds' referendum. Sep 16, 2017 162
Kurdish Referendum: A Recipe for Disaster. Sep 15, 2017 1021
Kurdish independence referendum in Iraq "risky" for region - Turkey. Sep 14, 2017 204
Iraqi parliament votes against Kurdish independence referendum. Sep 13, 2017 381
Iraq PM calls on Kurdish leaders for dialogue on referendum. Sep 13, 2017 181
For Iraq's Long-Suffering Kurds, Independence Beckons. Sep 12, 2017 363
Iraqi parliament rejects Iraqi Kurdish referendum. Sep 12, 2017 214
Iraqi Parliament Opposes Kurdish Independence Vote. Sep 12, 2017 193
Referendum shortens road to Kurdish independence. Sep 11, 2017 778
Kurds go to the polls. Sep 1, 2017 1261
Turkey's Bahceli says Kurdish referendum a potential reason for war. Aug 24, 2017 365
Mattis asks Kurds to postpone referendum. Aug 23, 2017 623
Will the Levant implode? Aug 23, 2017 810
Turkey Asks Kurdistan to Be 'Wise' and Not Go Ahead With Independence Referendum. Aug 17, 2017 144
Kurdish independence referendum in Iraq to undermine regional stability: Turkey. Aug 17, 2017 638
Kurdistan referendum to go ahead despite warnings. Aug 16, 2017 1060
Iraqi Kurds' referendum for political relevance. Aug 12, 2017 1523
A referendum won't solve Iraqi Kurds' problems. Jul 27, 2017 634
The rise of Kurdistan. Jul 19, 2017 928
Envoy: Kurds' Independence Referendum Illegal, US Deployment in Iraq Temporary. Jul 15, 2017 335
Flanders govt in Belgium supports Kurdish referendum in Iraq - report. Jul 13, 2017 270
Israel should support the Kurdish Independence Referendum. Jun 27, 2017 107
Women's news agency in Turkey targeted. Sabaghi, Dario Jun 22, 2017 950
Iraqi Kurds are holding secession vote on Sept. 25. Jun 16, 2017 802
Iraqi Kurds plan independence referendum on Sept 25. Jun 7, 2017 212
Turkey's pro-Kurdish party spokesman 'briefly detained' (Update). Jun 2, 2017 302
Turkey's pro-Kurd party elects new co-leader. May 20, 2017 347
Iraqi Kurds hopeful about referendum. May 16, 2017 639
Where do Kurds fit in Iraq's jigsaw puzzle? Apr 20, 2017 902
Rise and fall of the AK Party's Kurdish peace initiatives. Kose, Talha Essay Mar 22, 2017 11101
Sunnis and Kurds Oppose Hashd Law Passed by Iraqi Parliament. Nov 28, 2016 348
European lawmakers call for end to Turkey membership talks. Nov 22, 2016 440
Turkish police detain veteran Kurdish politician in south-east. Nov 21, 2016 370
Kurdish MP Blasts SDF Operations to Liberate Raqqa as US Plot. Nov 8, 2016 729
Kurdish - Arab Parties In Kirkuk Agreement On The Entry Of Iraqi Army To Liberate Hawija and to Stop Demolitions and Deportation. Nov 7, 2016 292
Kurdish Politician: US Blocking Syrian Army Advances in Raqqa. Nov 5, 2016 382
Kurdish MP: We Will Present Three Candidates To Replace Zebari Next Week. Oct 20, 2016 202
The Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament will meet next Tuesday with the heads of blocs in Sulaimaniya. Oct 16, 2016 201
Change Movement: Barzani Party exploits what achieved by the Peshmerga to keep its boss in power. Oct 12, 2016 236
Kurd group says it will stop attacking Pasdaran. Oct 7, 2016 365
Turkish Kurdish Official Calls Political Parties in Kurdistan By Making Flexibility And Stay Away From Chaos. Sep 24, 2016 201
Kurdish National Congress ... Strategic and Current Aspirations. Sep 19, 2016 2412
Turkish ruling party politician gunned down in restive south-east. Sep 14, 2016 399
A leader in the Talabani party accuses Barzani's party, of using the self-determination as a political slogan. Sep 7, 2016 145
Kurdish MP: Change Movement MPs Will Vote On Sacking Zebari, According To Their Personal Convictions. Sep 3, 2016 214
Kurdish politicians declare hunger strike to protest Ocalan communication ban. Sep 1, 2016 829
Kurdish MP Rules Out Approval on Oil and Gas Law For Lack of Agreement on a Single Formula Between Arbil and Baghdad. Aug 27, 2016 250
An MP from Talabani's party warns of the implications of the differences between the Kurdish blocs on the interests of the Kurds. Aug 18, 2016 172
Kurdistan awaiting Unit of (PUK) and (Gurran) and Islamist alliances! Aug 8, 2016 583
Turkey Boosts Military Powers in Fight Against Kurdish Militants. Aug 8, 2016 749
Senior MP: Kurds Should Coordinate Anti-Terrorism Activities with Damascus, Tehran, Moscow. Aug 7, 2016 272
Kurdish MP: The Parliament Is Weak And Paralyzed And Is Subject To Executive Influence. Jul 26, 2016 169
TURKEY - Jul 13 - Turkey Sees Red Over Euro Parliament's Kurdish Photo Exhibit. Jul 16, 2016 364
Muhsin al-Sadoun: The Kurds are committed to activate the Parliament legislative and oversight work. Jul 15, 2016 218
Turkey sees red over euro parliament's Kurdish photo exhibit. Jul 13, 2016 396
A Kurdish Official: The Kurdish blocs will return to Baghdad to participate in the House of Representatives sessions. Jul 10, 2016 129
Saleh Calls On All Kurdish Political Parties To End Their Political Differences. Jul 6, 2016 127
The Kurdish Delegation Meets Head Of Political Body Of Sadrist Movement. Jun 28, 2016 230
UK the Kurds big partner Out of European Union. Jun 27, 2016 527
-The Kurdish Parties Do Not Agree On What Barzani Put On The Referendum And Independence Of Kurdistan. Jun 26, 2016 220
Prime Minster Meets A Kurdish Delegation. Jun 26, 2016 176
Talabani party: A referendum on Kurdish state requires Kurdish national consensus. Jun 25, 2016 185
A leader in Talabani party considers the agreement between his party and the MC is an urgent need to activate the Kurdish parliament. Jun 23, 2016 200
TURKEY - Jun 5 - Turkey Kurdish Leader Says 'Not Afraid' Of Trial. Jun 11, 2016 273
Othman: The Position Of The Kurdish Parties Toward Baghdad Is Not Unified. Jun 11, 2016 156
Suppressing Kurdish Independence Would Be Political Arson. Jun 6, 2016 869
Kurdistan rising? Considerations for Kurds, their neighbors, and the region. Rubin, Michael Report Jun 1, 2016 12444
Kurdistan rising? Considerations for Kurds, their neighbors, and the region. Rubin, Michael Report Jun 1, 2016 11116
Kurdish MP: The Quorum Of The Parliament Session Is Not Depend On The Presence Of Kurdish MPs. May 31, 2016 172
Kurdish MP: US Ensuring Turkey of Strong Opposition to Formation of Kurdish Cantons in Northern Syria. May 30, 2016 476
All effort needed to unite the Kurdish House. May 30, 2016 345
Kurdish Blocs' Members Arrive to Baghdad To Participate In The Session Scheduled Today. May 29, 2016 244
Al-Jubouri meets the Kurdish MPs in Erbil within his attempts to hold a parliamentary session. May 23, 2016 222
A Kurdish parliamentary source: Pressure on the Kurdish MPs, and the American consul contacted the heads of Kurdish blocs calling them to return to Baghdad. May 20, 2016 206
Iraqi Kurdish leader on planned 2016 independence referendum: "Inshallah.". May 19, 2016 259
US Consul in the Kurdistan Region requested the return of Kurdish MPs to Baghdad. May 19, 2016 161
Divisive Turkish plan to strip MPs' immunity could go to referendum. May 18, 2016 304
Abdul-Mahdi Calls On Kurd MPs To End Their Boycott To The Parliamentary Sessions. May 17, 2016 284
The Kurdish blocs refuses to return to Baghdad in the current circumstances. May 16, 2016 186
Mullah Bakhtiar: Kurdish Parties Agreed With DPK About Holding a Referendum. Apr 29, 2016 159
Professionalism in Kurdish media and politics. Apr 25, 2016 577
Kurdish MP: Recent Events In Parliament Unit Kurds And Make Them More Powerful And Influential To Solve The Problems Between Baghdad and Erbil. Apr 23, 2016 206
President of Kurdistan Parliament: A Political Party In Kurdistan Uses The Kurdish Issue To Stay In Power. Apr 7, 2016 303
Kurdish MP Warns Of Baghdad Coup Against The partnership And the Constitution. Apr 2, 2016 345
Exclusion and violence in post-2003 Iraq. Kuoti, Yasir Report Mar 22, 2016 4214
Turkey And The Kurds: A Sticky Issue. Mar 15, 2016 471

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