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'Political parties mustn't hinder small businesses'. May 6, 2017 573
Don't Believe Everything You Hear About Senate Bill 478. Apr 19, 2017 726
CCP to brief Senate body on anti competitive rules. Apr 13, 2017 144
Senate passes State Life Insurance Corporation Bill. Oct 8, 2016 146
Senate committee gives approval to amendments in State life Insurance Corporation bill. Sep 29, 2016 233
With ObamaCare hemorrhaging, the feds offer cure: more bleeding. Hoar, William P. Sep 19, 2016 2007
Family Research Council Action and Susan B. Anthony List Co-Hosting 'Celebrating Life & Values' Luncheon During GOP Convention. Jul 19, 2016 302
Bank of England eases rules for banks to meet Brexit challenge. Jul 5, 2016 832
Insurers call on government to open flood market to private carriers. May 11, 2016 451
Professional Insurance Agents Laud House for Passing Bipartisan Private Flood Insurance Bill. Apr 28, 2016 500
Senate panel reviews asbestos legislation: insurers say bill would reduce fraud affecting bankruptcy trust funds. Klimko, Frank Apr 1, 2016 410
FAIR Calls for an Override to Governor Scott's Veto of HB 1087. Jun 15, 2015 589
Brace yourselves for THEWELSH parliament. May 28, 2015 198
Give young people a habit they'll keep for life... voting. Nov 14, 2014 565
National Insurance is key to job creation. Editorial Nov 6, 2014 422
Right to vote under threat, says city MP. Oct 24, 2014 583
Hub International Insurance Services Inc, Chief Compliance Officer Sibyl Bogardus to Speak at 6th Annual Healthcare Reform Conference. Conference news Aug 21, 2014 572
NAMIC Hails Senate Vote to Protect Economy from Terrorism. Jul 17, 2014 517
Could FSOC crimp business financing options? Barlas, Stephen Jul 1, 2014 612
AIA President: industry 'more comfortable' calling for a permanent extension to TRIP. Jeffrey, Jeff May 1, 2014 757
United States : Honda Announces 'Leading Mobility Innovation' as Theme for 2015 SAE World Congress. Apr 16, 2014 456
Federal Insurance Director To Keynote 2014 Insurance Public Policy Summit. Feb 26, 2014 1562
House Introduces NFIP Rate-Hike Delay That Is Gaining Bipartisan Support. Feb 24, 2014 823
United States : Marvell Drives Smart Life and Smart Lifestyle End-to-End Solutions at Mobile World Congress 2014 by Showcasing New 4G LTE Mobile Devices, SSD-Class Mobile Storage, Kinoma and Other Con. Company overview Feb 20, 2014 433
The Washington Report: House Flood Bill; AIG and a Sign of the Times; Federal Regulation in 2014. Feb 17, 2014 1062
Limited justice as MPs clear Bill. Jan 9, 2014 507
A glimpse of health care reform's next chapter. Francis, Theo Jan 1, 2014 1636
Supporting government healthcare: republican stalwarts claim to want smaller government, including less involvement in healthcare, but their occasional constitutional rhetoric seldom is followed by proper action. Vance, Laurence M. Dec 23, 2013 2742
The Coalition for Competitive Insurance Rates: Senate Finance Committee Tax Reform Draft Ignores Warnings on Harmful Reinsurance Tax. Nov 19, 2013 623
The affordable care act: an annotated timeline. Francis, Theo Chronology Nov 1, 2013 1932
To Industry's Chagrin, Congress Intros Bills to Delay Flood Rate Increases. Oct 29, 2013 775
Global Agricultural Insurance Congress in Vienna: New Responses to Climate Change. Oct 16, 2013 640
Terrorism risk coverage on the line as Senate debates TRIA. Oct 2, 2013 481
Implementing the federal contraceptive coverage guarantee: progress and prospects. Sonfield, Adam Sep 22, 2013 3423
Health care reform puts insurance industry first. Sep 9, 2013 778
Stop encouraging whiplash fraud, MPs warn insurers; MINISTERS FACE CALL TO TIGHTEN REGULATIONS FOR CLAIMANTS. Jul 31, 2013 653
Argentina: investors wanted: the country hinders its growth with politically driven policies. Smith, Kate Jul 1, 2013 1587
Tough sell: Anne Filipic, the head of Enroll America, has a mammoth challenge ahead of her: getting the public to embrace--and enroll in--Obama's health care law. Mayer, Kathryn Cover story Jul 1, 2013 1600
Deal reached on aligning N.H. health insurance rules. Jun 28, 2013 403
Healthcare back in the ring: supporters and opponents of Obamacare might go one more round. Besesparis, Ted Jun 1, 2013 1604
Florida Gov. Scott Signs Bill to Reform Last-Resort Insurer. May 30, 2013 703
Florida Lawmakers Advancing Bills to Reform Last-Resort Insurer. Apr 30, 2013 513
hCentive Executive Discussing Ramifications of Exchange Reconciliation at 10th Annual World Health Care Congress. Apr 10, 2013 703
House eyes changes to tort laws. Blankenship, Gary Mar 15, 2013 1452
Scott J.F. Goldstein, Counsel, Sidley Austin LLP to Speak at Knowledge Congress Event. Mar 8, 2013 650
House Financial Services Committee Tells FIO to Pick Up the Pace on Insurance Reports. Feb 15, 2013 500
Defending your life: tax reform and the inside buildup: A revenue-starved federal government could threaten the tax-advantaged status of life insurance. But without it, the product would be unaffordable and unavailable. Lehmert, Robert Feb 1, 2013 1924
Winners and losers as state pension heads for a shake-up; MINISTERS PROMISE STABILITY, LABOUR TALKS OF CONCERNS. Jan 15, 2013 1513
Employers united: an empirical analysis of corporate political speech in the wake of the Affordable Care Act. Leonard, Elizabeth Weeks; Scholz, Susan; Alexander, Raquel Meyer Jan 1, 2013 21621
Medicare Secondary Payment Bill Passes Through Congress. Dec 26, 2012 499
Coverage, access, and affordability under health reform: learning from the Massachusetts model. Long, Sharon K.; Stockley, Karen; Nordahl, Kate Willrich Dec 22, 2012 9020
How the supreme court doomed the ACA to failure the Roberts "tax" ruling undermines the new health care law. Lambert, Thomas A. Dec 22, 2012 5482
House Passes Industry-Supported Medicare Secondary Payment Bill. Dec 20, 2012 624
High and dry: Congress's failure to act on farm bill hurts drought-stricken farmers. Grande, Jimi Nov 1, 2012 1382
New Survey Shows How Americans View Responsibility in Politics. Oct 24, 2012 703
New Survey Shows Most Parents Rarely Talk to Their Kids about Politics. Oct 11, 2012 806
United States : Despite Party Affiliation, Allianz Life Survey Finds Transition Boomers United in Concerns about Retirement Outlook. Oct 11, 2012 418
Despite Party Affiliation, Allianz Life Survey Finds Transition Boomers United in Concerns about Retirement Outlook. Oct 10, 2012 895
The dangers of ignoring the middle market: while wealthy consumers get plenty of attention from independent producers, the channel still can't figure out how to meet the glaring needs of the middle market. It's a disparity that's risky for middle-income families, the tax-advantaged status of life insurance--and the independent distribution channel itself. Anderson, Brian Oct 1, 2012 2776
Study Finds Democrats Are More Optimistic Than Republicans about America's Economic Outlook. Survey Sep 25, 2012 963
Health reform and the Supreme Court: the ACA survives the battle of the broccoli and fortifies itself against future fatal attack. Ouellette, Alicia Sep 22, 2012 14925
A physician's solution to healthcare: neither of the country's main political parties has a plan to dramatically lower healthcare costs and extend medical services to all of the needy--this doctor has such a plan. Eck, Alieta Aug 6, 2012 4187
War between the states: some regulators persist in trying to undermine the risk retention group industry. Elsass, Sanford "Sandy" Aug 1, 2012 1438
Millions in Rebates Doled Out to Insured Texans. Jul 26, 2012 1223
Industry Reps Warn Congress About Over-Regulating Healthy Insurance Industry. Jul 25, 2012 436
Politics, Policyholder Sentiment Drive Rapid Residual Market Growth. Jul 12, 2012 882
A.M. Best Upgrades Ratings of Priority Health Government Programs. Jul 10, 2012 600
Allstate Hails Congressional Action That Will Help Save Thousands of Young Lives. Jun 29, 2012 451
The constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: swimming in the stream of commerce. Tribe, Laurence Jun 22, 2012 5149
The health care policy trap: lessons for Canada from health care reform in the United States. Marchildon, Gregory P. Jun 20, 2012 1935
BestWeek: Post-Dodd-Frank, Lack of Insurance Action in Congress Prompts Decline in Insurance Lobbying Efforts. May 29, 2012 574
Experts to discuss UAE medical law at congress. May 8, 2012 562
Little love for healthcare reform: holistic practitioners are less than excited about the Affordable Care Act, and many believe it will never see the light of day. Goldman, Erik May 1, 2012 2637
From acorns to Zucchini: the federal crop insurance program began nearly 75 years ago. now a public/private partnership, agents write more than 1 million crop insurance policies. as congress looks at a 2012 farm bill, learns what agents need to know about this "growing: industry. Hillebrand, Melissa Company overview May 1, 2012 2628
'Flood the Hill' Effort Sees Insurer Groups, Others Team Up for NFIP Extension. May 1, 2012 473
Health care reform marks second anniversary, additional guidance issued. Berger, Barrie Tabin; Gaffney, Susan Apr 1, 2012 1129
Guardian to Speak at the 2012 World Congress 2nd Annual Leadership Summit on Ancillary Products & Voluntary Benefits. Mar 21, 2012 1298
Trillium Asset Management Withdraws Three Shareholder Resolutions Related to Corporate Political Spending. Mar 21, 2012 601
Congress gets no respect? When congress is clear, bureaucrats shouldn't second-guess it. Besesparis, Ted Mar 1, 2012 1625
Do small-group health insurance regulations influence small business size? Kapur, Kanika; Karaca-Mandic, Pinar; Gates, Susan M.; Fulton, Brent Survey Mar 1, 2012 14010
Consultant in chief: instead of planning to cut government, Mitt Romney is repackaging the same old Republicanism. Suderman, Peter Feb 15, 2012 5892
Nine 2011 votes from the house of representatives examined. Feb 1, 2012 7274
Obamacare: it's toast. Pollack, Harold Jan 1, 2012 1946
Four constitutional limits that the minimum coverage provision respects. Siegel, Neil S. Dec 22, 2011 13012
Potential Frankenstein: FIO study of insurance regulation could be flawed. Besesparis, Ted Dec 1, 2011 1284
MResult Corporation to Sponsor 2nd Annual Life Sciences West Coast Compliance Congress. Nov 3, 2011 363
Health Net Promotes Thomas Carrato to President of Health Net Federal Services. Oct 24, 2011 536
The Conference Board to Release Corporate Political Spending Report at October 20 Symposium on Corporate Political Spending. Oct 5, 2011 532
Evan Greenberg Comments on Transmission of FTA's to Congress. Oct 4, 2011 270
The high cost of healthcare reform: the healthcare reform law is placing added pressures on employers, as it adds direct and indirect costs to providing healthcare benefits to workers. Starner, Tom Reprint Oct 1, 2011 476
Selling in the age of health care reform: how top producers are addressing the challenges: three top producers share their strategies for dealing with--and capitalizing on--the uncertainty caused by PPACA. Hirsch, Charles K. Oct 1, 2011 4831
Health Net Sponsors 2011 Congressional Medal of Honor Convention and Star-Studded Tribute Concert. Sep 26, 2011 653
Incentive-robust financial reform. Calomiris, Charles W. Company overview Sep 22, 2011 10671
Reframing economic substance. Burke, Karen C. Sep 22, 2011 11244
Comity in congress? Although an NFIP extension passed, don't hold your breath for other bipartisan bills. Besesparis, Ted Sep 1, 2011 1352
Farmers Insurance Mobile Command Center Bus (MCC) is Leaving World Congress Exhibition Hall Friday Evening August 26 to Help Hurricane Irene's Victims. Aug 25, 2011 594
HHS Testifies to U.S. Senate: Power to Reject Rates Provides Consumers "Maximum" Protection from Unjustified Health Insurance Rate Hikes. Aug 2, 2011 877
HHS and states move to establish Affordable Insurance Exchanges, give Americans the same insurance choices as members of Congress. Jul 11, 2011 730
A.M. Best Upgrades Ratings of Priority Health Government Programs. Jul 8, 2011 685
No less than our liberty is at stake. Emord, Jonathan W. Jul 1, 2011 3773
State health insurance exchanges taking shape nationwide. Krisberg, Kim Jun 29, 2011 1244
Controlling health care costs through public, transparent processes: the conflict between the morally right and the socially feasible. Orentlicher, David Jun 22, 2011 7776
Moral obligation and social rationality of government: the affordable care act. Okeke, Timothy C. Jun 22, 2011 16657
CHOICE Administrators Exchange Services Issues Seven-Step Strategy to Help States Comply with Health Reform Mandates. Jun 15, 2011 841
House passes bill to set up health insurance exchange. Jun 8, 2011 374
A call for patient safety: with more changes slated for 2012 as part of healthcare reform, professional liability insurers should approach medical injury prevention with a new focus on clinical risk management. Power, Matthew F. Jun 1, 2011 1411
ObamaCare's Annual check-up: ailing, to get worse. Hoar, William P. May 9, 2011 1330
Presidential character and judgment: Obama's Afghanistan and health care decisions. Wayne, Stephen J. May 3, 2011 8206
Can costs be controlled? Health care costs for businesses are rising despite efforts at reform, and the tide isn't likely subside anytime soon. In the meantime, there are specific steps companies can take to control cost increases and create a framework for future savings. Slay, Jeff May 1, 2011 1727
Allstate Applauds Bipartisan Support of STANDUP Act in House. Apr 20, 2011 527
Aon Hewitt Report Shows Potential Impact of Health Care Reform on Retiree Medical Programs. Apr 20, 2011 1693
Navigating Health Care Reform: A Practical, Affordable Guide Published by ALI-ABA. Apr 19, 2011 526
Failure is an option: an ersatz-antitrust approach to financial regulation. Macey, Jonathan R.; Holdcroft, James P., Jr. Apr 1, 2011 22901
U.S., Global Health Care Leaders to Convene in Washington D.C., April 4-6, for 8th Annual World Health Care Congress. Mar 29, 2011 648
Citizens United v. FEC: the constitutional right that big corporations should have but do not want. Epstein, Richard A. Mar 22, 2011 9083
WikiLeaks: 'Uncensored' 2005 US Diplomatic Cable on Organized Crime in Bulgaria. Mar 18, 2011 5525
Helping women stay healthy--good policy & good politics. Allina, Amy Mar 1, 2011 2114
Constitutional challenges to compulsory insurance: a guide through the gauntlet. Hall, Mark A. Mar 1, 2011 1701
The derivatives market's payment priorities as financial crisis accelerator. Roe, Mark J. Mar 1, 2011 23125
2011 Legislative & regulatory priorities: National Apartment Association National Multi Housing Council. Mar 1, 2011 13356
Moving target: as the insurance industry adapts to the new reality of healthcare reform, many of the smallest players face a sobering choice: keep up, team up or get out. Lenckus, Dave Cover story Feb 26, 2011 3424
Upstate Young Republicans Elect Nick Yaworsky as Chairman. Feb 2, 2011 319
New faces in places: how will state legislative changes affect industry issues? Tetrault, Paul Feb 1, 2011 1344
Whole Foods Market Co-CEO John Mackey, Aetna President and CEO Mark Bertolini, U.S. Senator Max Baucus, Novartis CEO Joseph Jimenez at 8th Annual World Health Care Congress, April 4-6, 2011, Washington, D.C. Jan 26, 2011 756
What if repeal succeeds? Editorial Jan 21, 2011 708
The Knowledge Congress Has Scheduled a Live Webcast Healthcare Reform and Its Impact on Insurance Carriers. Jan 19, 2011 282
Bernard Tubiana, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP to Speak at KC's Healthcare Reform and Its Impact on Insurance Carriers Live Webcast. Jan 11, 2011 405
Marcia L. Augsburger, Partner, DLA Piper to Speak at KC's Healthcare Reform and Its Impact on Insurance Carriers Live Webcast. Jan 10, 2011 443
Jane Cline, Commissioner, West Virginia Office of the Insurance to Speak at KC's Healthcare Reform and Its Impact on Insurance Carriers Live Webcast. Jan 9, 2011 358
Steven Serra, Senior Medical Director, New Product Business, Aetna, Inc. to Speak at KC's Healthcare Reform and Its Impact on Insurance Carriers Live Webcast. Jan 9, 2011 436
Secretaries Sebelius, Solis, and Geithner Update Congress on Affordable Care Act Implementation, How Reform Will Continue to Give Americans More Freedom in Health Care Choices. Jan 5, 2011 5032
Corporate governance reform in a time of crisis. Bruner, Christopher M. Jan 1, 2011 19690
The sausage-making of insurance reform. Hall, Mark A. Jan 1, 2011 1293
Envisioning a free market in health care. Schansberg, D. Eric Jan 1, 2011 10321
In medicine, money matters: real health care reform would change incentives. Hyman, David A. Cover story Dec 22, 2010 5175
How to fix the mandate. Dec 14, 2010 526
The race for health reform enters a whole new stage: while Republicans promise to change the law, key provisions impacting care delivery and payment are likely to move forward. Aston, Geri Dec 1, 2010 1934
Collective action federalism: a general theory of article I, section 8. Cooter, Robert D.; Siegel, Neil S. Dec 1, 2010 36059
Senate body summons DG FIA for failing to arrest two NICL directors. Nov 10, 2010 298
Senate body summons DG FIA for failing to arrest 2 NICL directors. Nov 10, 2010 298
BestWeek: Health Reform Foes Win State Races; Could Complicate NAIC Rulemaking. Nov 8, 2010 291
What Now, for Health Reform? Nov 4, 2010 1527
Eliza Corporation to Present with Aetna Pharmacy Management at the World Congress Leadership Summit on Predictive Analytics. Oct 28, 2010 846
Federal surplus lines reform and those devilish details. Mang, Douglas A.; Santurri, Richard J. Oct 1, 2010 1364
Reform promises dollars, but not soon enough: hit hard by recessionary cuts, providers battle their way toward a brighter future. Albright, Brian Cover story Oct 1, 2010 3510
AIG Announces Plan to Repay U.S. Government. Sep 30, 2010 1311
"ObamaCare": what is in it. Orient, Jane M. Sep 22, 2010 7567
Insurance coverage and abortion incidence: information and misinformation. Gold, Rachel Benson Sep 22, 2010 2431
MPs support moves for pensioners' payback. Sep 18, 2010 249
Rogue states the revolt against ObamaCare. Suderman, Peter Essay Sep 10, 2010 3818
MICA Tells Congress Private Mortgage Insurance is the Future of Housing Finance. Jul 29, 2010 565
A general semantics approach to health care reform, or, looking for a cure for my IFD disease. Wiebe, Carolyn Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2010 7013
Obama says health reform shouldn't be excuse to raise insurance rates. Jun 28, 2010 340
ObamaCare: not what the doctor ordered. Schlafly, Andrew L. Jun 22, 2010 2665
The year in governance: and what a year it was--full of crises and challenges. Our biggest ever month-by-month recap of the highlights and low points, the who's new and what's new, the successes and setbacks that shaped board oversight in 2009. Kristie, James Interview Jun 22, 2010 23025
The impact of the national practitioner data bank on licensing actions by state medical licensing boards. Jesilow, Paul; Ohlander, Julianne Jun 22, 2010 7765
Americans Begin to Feel Benefits of Health Reform, but Republicans Like Reps. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Mario Diaz-Balart, and Ros-Lehtinen Threaten to Take it all Away. Jun 10, 2010 810
Remaking behavioral healthcare: how five challenges of healthcare reform will shape our future. Albright, Brian Jun 1, 2010 2620
Perplexing prescription: examining the new health care law. Swanton, Mary Cover story Jun 1, 2010 3063
What healthcare reform means for you: President Obama recently signed historic legislation to make healthcare available and affordable to millions of Americans. Here's how the new law could affect you. Jun 1, 2010 3582
Parity and the medicalization of addiction treatment. Roy, Ken; Miller, Michael Jun 1, 2010 4845
Checking the fact check on health reform. Walsh, Mary Ann May 28, 2010 1456
AEGON N.V. - AEGON Reports Q1 2010 Results. May 12, 2010 8926
Embattled doctors & patients: the ballyhooed healthcare reform bill is advertised as the vehicle that will improve access to medical care, while making it better and more "fair." But it will do the opposite. Orient, Jane M. May 10, 2010 3723
Senate Fix Needed to Meet White House Promise That Financial Reform Won't Weaken State Insurance Regulation. May 5, 2010 573
MPs discuss plans in election debate; business briefing. Apr 26, 2010 208
BJP supports FDI in pension, insurance sectors: Gadkari. Apr 11, 2010 439
IT'S MP HAMMER. Apr 9, 2010 508
N.H. Senate takes on health care. Sanders, Bob Apr 9, 2010 539
PMQs: Economy, Afghanistan and political reform. Apr 8, 2010 214
PMQs: Economy, Afghanistan and political reform. Apr 7, 2010 214
Will health insurance premiums really go down? Let's take a realistic look at the federal reform package. Seefeldt, Terri L. Apr 1, 2010 1762
Ob.gyns. Consider impact of landmark health reform law. Schneider, Mary Ellen Apr 1, 2010 784
Putting passion to work: Former U.S. Rep. Jim Ramstad joins the team at Hazelden to continue his advocacy for addictions issues. Barba, Lindsay Apr 1, 2010 838
Health Care CEOs to Converge April 12-14 in Washington, D.C. for First Post-Reform Meeting at 7th Annual World Health Care Congress. Mar 31, 2010 687
DeFazio lauds health reform. Mar 30, 2010 566
BestWeek: With Reform Passage, Health Industry Braces for Fast Changes, 'Wild Ride'. Mar 26, 2010 334
Health care reform survives; House votes 219-212 for insurance overhaul. Mar 22, 2010 988
Prevention and national health reform. Jonas, Steven Mar 22, 2010 1429
Facilitating economic recovery and sustainable growth through reform of the securities class-action system: exploring arbitration as an alternative to litigation. Bondi, Bradley J. Mar 22, 2010 12349
Finish job on health care. Editorial Mar 14, 2010 522
Business leaders call for 'credible' economic revival plan. Mar 8, 2010 481
CBI tells Darling he has to reveal spending plans. Mar 8, 2010 495
Obama seeks to push healthcare to final vote. Mar 4, 2010 490
Zacks Industry Outlook Highlights: WellPoint Inc., Health Net Inc., BioScrip, Inc. and ZOLL Medical Corporation. Industry overview Mar 4, 2010 917
PR drives antitrust repeal efforts. Grande, Jimi Mar 1, 2010 627
Industry perspective: blues support health care reform done right. Loepp, Daniel J. Mar 1, 2010 631
Countries/jurisdictions of primary concern. Report Mar 1, 2010 20505
Johnson & Johnson CEO William Weldon, Aetna CEO Ronald Williams, CBO Chief Douglas Elmendorf, David Cordani, CEO, CIGNA, lead 7th Annual World Health Care Congress, April 12-14, 2010, Washington, D.C. Feb 25, 2010 975
President Obama Puts Foreign Reinsurance Tax Loophole in Cross Hairs. Feb 5, 2010 402
Health care reform and older adults. Gorin, Stephen H. Editorial Feb 1, 2010 2998
Government urged to scrap 'tax on jobs'. Jan 23, 2010 239
Government urged to scrap 'tax on jobs'. Jan 22, 2010 239
The gatekeeper: how a little bureaucratic office became the biggest impediment to Barack Obama's health care plans. Suderman, Peter Jan 1, 2010 4204
Progressives vs. democracy: the health care debate reveals a nasty tendency thin liberal politics. Doherty, Brian Jan 1, 2010 1955
Bad medicine: republicans enter the healthcare debate--posing as Democrats. Richman, Sheldon Jan 1, 2010 2297
Collision course. Ivy, Jenny Jan 1, 2010 2156
Aetna Commends U.S. Senate on Adoption of Health Care Reform. Dec 24, 2009 376
The case for regulatory reform in the business and healthcare environments. Younis, Mustafa Z.; Barhem, Belal; Hamidi, Samir; Inungu, Joseph; Prater, Gwendolyn S.; Okeefe, Arth Dec 22, 2009 4066
Health care reform through community benefit leadership. Dec 22, 2009 4491
Top 20: stories of 2009 the in-house bar couldn't afford to miss. Flahardy, Cathleen; Maleske, Melissa; Swanton, Mary; Williamson, Lauren Company overview Dec 1, 2009 7728
Unintended Consequences: House Health Care Reform Bill Would Disrupt Dental Coverage, Limit Competition in Virginia. Nov 30, 2009 770
DeFazio touts health bill equity. Nov 10, 2009 785
AIG not a reason for charter, congressional staff told. Nov 1, 2009 153
No cure for 'healthcare reform syndrome': offering an objective view of what needs to happen on the healthcare front to affect real change in public health. Goldman, Erik Oct 1, 2009 2366
Contract enforcement reform. McMath, Sandy S. Sep 28, 2009 692
Baucus readies Senate health care reform. Sep 16, 2009 826
Prudential Calls for Clarity in Retirement Plan Disclosures. Sep 15, 2009 871
Obama tackles debate on health care reform in Congress. Sep 11, 2009 691
Obama looks to rejuvenate push for healthcare reform. Sep 10, 2009 716
US Democrats seek to build healthcare momentum. Sep 10, 2009 550
Obama's health care speech on September 9 (video +transcript). Sep 10, 2009 5545
Now is time to deliver on US health care reform, Obama tells Congress. Sep 10, 2009 794
Obama s authority on line in Congress speech. Sep 9, 2009 717
Obama says health care to reach "a breaking point" (speech excerpts). Sep 9, 2009 1315
Health reform legislation yet to be hammered out. Ault, Alicia Sep 1, 2009 1517
Making heads or tails of the health care debate: a lot of sensationalism surrounds Obama's health care plan. Franken, Jessica Sep 1, 2009 1383
Congress returns to tackle health reform. Ault, Alicia Sep 1, 2009 1516
A work in progress. Barlas, Stephen Sep 1, 2009 3059
Obama's healthcare prescription: President Barack Obama is playing doctor with America's healthcare system, pushing a reform plan that merits an examination before Congress tries to fill his prescription. DuBord, Steven J. Cover story Aug 17, 2009 4985
Checking the pulse; Obama takes on questions in NH about health care reform. Aug 12, 2009 1265
Anti-Competitive and Anti-Consumer Insurance Tax Bill Introduced. Jul 30, 2009 873
Remarks by President Obama at Health Care Reform Town Hall (Full transcript). Jul 24, 2009 7740
Aetna Wins Department of Defense Tricare Contract. Jul 13, 2009 803
Obamacare: seven bad ideas for health care reform. Tanner, Michael Jul 1, 2009 5995
NSBA's health care reform scorecard. Jun 24, 2009 781
Reality bites health reform. Monheit, Alan C. Jun 22, 2009 2977
Employer-sponsored health insurance and the promise of health insurance reform. Buchmueller, Thomas C.; Monheit, Alan C. Jun 22, 2009 9064
Ceridian Engages in Health Care Reform, Asks Clients to Help Preserve Tax Advantages of FSAs for Working Families. Jun 18, 2009 518
Markers for `real reform'. Editorial Jun 17, 2009 554
Current Administration's New Regulatory Reform Proposals under Fire from National Center for Regulatory Reform. Jun 17, 2009 418
Sun Life Financial Targets Public Sector Employee Benefits Market. May 18, 2009 625
The Life Settlement Institute Applauds U.S. Senate for Reviewing Emerging Industry. Apr 29, 2009 595
SeaBright Testifies on Collectively Bargained Workers' Compensation at Nevada Senate Committee Hearing. Apr 27, 2009 278
Public health plan option threatens health care reform. Apr 15, 2009 514
House bill caps workers' comp fees. MacQueen, Kim Apr 15, 2009 883
Obama's budget outlines health reform. Apr 1, 2009 237
The consolidation of financial regulation: pros, cons, and implications for the United States. Pellerin, Sabrina R.; Walter, John R.; Wescott, Patricia E. Mar 22, 2009 15292
US House moves to tax AIG bonuses. Mar 20, 2009 527
AIG boss defends $165m bonuses. Mar 18, 2009 577
Will budget woes squeeze out industry concerns? Experts predict what the industry can expect this session. Fineout, Gary Cover story Mar 1, 2009 606
The forgotten entitlements. Olsen, Henry; Flugstad, Jon Feb 1, 2009 5290
Leading Companies From Europe and U.S. Join 5th Annual World Health Care Congress Europe, 13-14 May, Brussels, Belgium. Jan 14, 2009 399
The Climate for Healthcare Reform in 2009. Jan 14, 2009 365
A new agenda: the 111th U.S. Congress will need to consider several proposals involving insurance legislation. Griffin, Michael T.; Kritzman, Alfred J. Jan 1, 2009 1438
MPs backing report critical of handling of Equitable Life; In association with INSURANCE. Dec 16, 2008 365
Wall street bailout? Is the government's rescue plan good for Main Street and you? Holmes, Tamara E. Dec 1, 2008 2140
Half the workforce will be worse off, say Tories; POLITICS TAX Shadow spokesman hits out at Brown's taxation measures. Nov 26, 2008 577
'Big Three' US car firms go cap in hand to Senate; AUTOMOTIVE. Nov 20, 2008 543
BestWeek: Dodd Keeps the Wheel as New Congress Charts New Course for Regulation. Nov 7, 2008 445
Cameron disagrees with Labour's Keynesian spending project; POLITICS. Oct 21, 2008 238
Nationwide Retirement Plans Launches Clear Advantage(SM). Oct 8, 2008 680
Congress, Stakeholders Make History Achieving Mental Health Parity. Oct 3, 2008 345
The road to November. Oct 1, 2008 3729
Getting their political messages across: seven party health spokespeople had their chance to tell conference delegates how their party would tend the health portfolio. O'Connor, Teresa Oct 1, 2008 1882
FBI investigates fraud in failed firms. Sep 25, 2008 366
Quick action urged on markets bailout; FBI launches investigation into firms. Sep 25, 2008 440
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Provides Testimony at Senate Hearing in Washington. Sep 23, 2008 442
Teleradiology: images of an improved standard of medical care? Nayar, Vivek Sep 22, 2008 12484
H.R. 5792: scrap that ASAP: expanding coverage areas for risk retention groups without corresponding regulation is a mistake. Grover, Nancy Sep 15, 2008 615
Corporate Volunteer Award Presented to Health Net Federal Services at the 23rd Annual Blinded American Veterans Foundation Congressional Awards Reception in Washington, D.C. Jun 12, 2008 883
Aetna Chairman and CEO Ron Williams Presents Health Care Reform Options before U.S. Senate Finance Committee. Jun 10, 2008 611
The Hartford's Neal S. Wolin Testifies Before Congress In Support of H.R. 5840, Legislation Creating Federal Office of Insurance Information. Jun 10, 2008 579
Health care package touted; Drug sellers banned from gift giving. Mar 4, 2008 751
If Senate concurs, it'll be `hold that call' for drivers. Jan 24, 2008 669
A path to universal access: what should health care reform look like, and how do we get it under way? Three commentators respond to DeGrazia. Menzel, Paul T. Jan 1, 2008 1784
Statement of Ramani Ayer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Hartford, on the House Passage of the Terrorism Insurance Act. Dec 18, 2007 363
Insuring Canada's exports: the case for reform at export development Canada. Kotowski, Maciej Dec 1, 2007 11906
Statement of Ramani Ayer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Hartford on the Senate's Passage of a Terrorism Insurance Act. Nov 16, 2007 316
BestWeek: In Louisiana, GOP Hopes to Cruise to Big, Easy Victories. Oct 12, 2007 627
The unavoidable politics of disaster recovery: Hurricane Katrina offers lessons on the interaction of technical matters with decisions that distribute benefits and burdens. Krane, Dale Sep 22, 2007 3748
Aetna Applauds U.S. Senate for Its Unanimous Approval of the Mental Health Parity Act of 2007; Urges the House of Representatives to Approve the Legislation. Sep 19, 2007 385
Terrorism risk insurance extension crosses first hurdle, faces many more. Aug 22, 2007 694
USAA Endorses House Legislation to Modernize Insurance for Consumers. Jul 25, 2007 339
BestWeek: Romney, Dodd Lead White House Contenders in Insurance Contributions. May 4, 2007 357
A new law for the bond rating industry: will recent reform increase competition? White, Lawrence J. Mar 22, 2007 3699
Laying down new rules of engagement: a new leader in Bermuda promises to tackle the issue of the rising cost of doing business by implementing labor reform. Crombie, Roger Cover story Mar 1, 2007 1832
'Silent tort reform: federal agencies, not Congress, are capping liability for business. Grier, Chris Mar 1, 2007 1588
2007 legislative & regulatory priorities. Mar 1, 2007 11243
PMI Mortgage Insurance Co. Heralds Congressional Passage of Tax Deductibility of Mortgage Insurance Premiums. Dec 11, 2006 475
Industry sees Dems storm U.S. House. Lehmann, R.J. Dec 1, 2006 883
POLITICS: Greedy companies slammed by MP. Oct 14, 2006 263
A catastrophic battle: some major players in the insurance industry say it's time the federal government provides protection against 'mega-catastrophes.' But a plan in Congress to create a federal backstop to state catastrophe funds continues to face an uphill climb. Lehmann, R.J. Oct 1, 2006 2274 fraudsters--especially the new breed of criminal that's exploiting web technology--have largely kept one step ahead of the UK's antiquated legislation, but it's about to be upgraded. Neil Hodge asks the lawyers whether the fraud bill will close all the loopholes. Hodge, Neil Cover story Oct 1, 2006 2877
The Hartford's CEO Testifies Before Congress on the Importance of Protecting Americans from Catastrophic Terrorism Risk. Sep 27, 2006 892
The Hartford's Ramani Ayer to Testify Before Congress on 'Protecting Americans from Catastrophic Terrorism Risk'. Sep 25, 2006 363
Sneaky Taxes: auto insurance and credit scoring provide a useful economics lesson that pits the majority against the minority. Andrews, Marcellus Jul 1, 2006 746
MetLife Chairman, President and CEO Rob Henrikson Testifies about the Importance of Managing Longevity Risk before the U. S. Senate's Special Committee on Aging. Jun 21, 2006 608
House passes TRIA extension. Razzano, Tiffany Dec 14, 2005 897
Renew and modify TRIA now, draft long-term fix later. Oct 1, 2005 645
Industry is getting jittery as TRIA deadline approaches. Geiger, Daniel Jul 27, 2005 755
European Parliament cases. Nuthall, Keith Jun 1, 2005 304
M+C plan county exit decisions 1999-2001: implications for payment policy. Halpern, Rachel Mar 22, 2005 9681
Advisory group gives up push for Uniform Software licensing law. Chordas, Lori Nov 1, 2003 327
Tapping into the source. (Editor's Prologue). Whitney, Sally Mar 1, 2003 371
Protect access to health care. (Commentary). Chambers, Dr. Carlton Column Feb 3, 2003 727
NAIC wants writers to expand privacy notice. (Briefing). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 112
Health insurance industry looks to Hollywood to improve image. (Life/Health: Marketplace). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 153
Insurance `crippling'. (Republic Of Ireland). Brief Article May 4, 2002 113

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